“Will there be a Vice Presidential Debate on Thursday?”

September 28, 2008

Cynical C asks a very good question.

“Will there be a Vice Presidential Debate on Thursday?

Last night after the debate, Joe Biden was on CNN for a rebuttal. It’s barely an interview with Wolf Blitzer asking a few softball questions and most of Biden’s speech is of course scripted. When they came back from commercial, Blitzer said that they had received emails asking why CNN wasn’t giving Palin a chance for a rebuttal. The answer was that they had asked the campaign if Palin would be available for the rebuttal and the campaign declined because apparently they are doing everything in their power shy of taking out a restraining order on anybody who could get close enough to aim a microphone at Palin

At this point, I just don’t see how they’re going to let Palin go on a televised debate which has a good chance of being one of the most highly watched debates of all time, when they won’t even turn her loose on a mostly scripted rebuttal for fear that she’ll get tripped up and start spouting nonsensical answers such as what else she can see outside her window. Seriously, has anybody ever seen a campaign treat their Vice Presidential candidate like the Gimp from Pulp Fiction, bound, gagged, and locked in a chest for safe keeping?

I just don’t think that they will let her debate Biden. What do you Cynics think?” Link


  1. Palin’s recent performance in a CBS interview is a perfect example of why the GOP handlers will want to keep her away from all media bar Fox and maybe Wasilla local news. The woman is a incoherent and ill-informed. Given wider exposure, even the so-called “base” might begin to wonder if they are being patronised by McCain’s choice of VP candidate.

  2. Yes, Palin’s recent interview with CBS was excrutiatingly painful to watch. She din’t come across as intelligent or articulate in any way. She was so incoherent she made Bush sould like, well, Obama.

    She was lucky that the interviewer Katue Couric was so soft and patient with her…could you imagine if she was being grilled by Paxman or RTE’s Sean O’Rourke?

  3. I’m curious about this myself. If there is any way to weasel out of a debate, I’m sure the GOP will find it.

    But how? Short of coming down with a six week case of laryngitis, I mean.

  4. Biden must be chomping at the bit to have this debate, whereas the spinmeisters over at Camp McCain must be crapping their political pants at the thought of Palin face to face with an opposing politician who so outranks her in terms of expertise it is beyond a joke.

    This summed it all up and it sadly isn’t funny. Color me a little scared at the prospect: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8__aXxXPVc

  5. Don’t be so sure … The GOP could put up a candidate with cloven feet, horns and a trident and 47% of the populace would faithfully vote for him or her. The only question that matters here is what percentage of undecided voters see this woman as being like them? Because if she is resonating with ANY of them, we are in deeeeep trouble.

    The ‘Low Information Voters’ are going to turn out en masse for her. The religious right are going to turn out en masse for her. It doesn’t matter if she starts spouting Edward Lear (which, come to think of it, would be an improvement) the Base are a shoo-in.

    Biden is going to have to tread very carefully on Thursday so as not to appear ungentlemanly or in any way bullying. Hopefully, the moderator will do her job so he doesn’t have to do anything other than look competent.

    The GOP have done a good job of keeping Palin away from open mics and are obviously praying that they can ram enough information into her skull that she doesn’t make a complete fool of herself in the debate. But I have already heard a significant undercurrent of “Well I wouldn’t be able to do any better. She must be smart – how else could she have become Governor?” The which-candidate-would-I-like-to-have-a-beer-with cohort is a BIG one.

    Scary, scary times …

  6. I’m with Rowan on this one.

    As much as my wife and I both laugh and cry in dismay at the Repub. campaign, we both are scared that if such a debate took place, Palin would only have to answer every question posed with:
    1. Hockey Mom
    2. Tax Cuts
    3. That would be an ecumenical matter *

    and she would easily convince enough of lowest denominator voters for McCain to sail through.

    If it happened in our London Mayoral elections, it could happen there … (again).

    * I apologise to Mr Graham and Mr Arthur for stealing that line.

  7. I am surrounded by rabid Republican rednecks and the fear is upon me.

    They absofuckinglutley LOVE Sarah Palin.

    It is simply not possible to insult the intelligence of these people.

  8. forgive my ignorance, or rather my ignorance in getting an answer out of google, but are the debates not “official”? i.e. they must happen as part of the process, or are they up to both sides to agree on holding?

    I know some educated moderate republicans (college educated, reasonably pro-choice though anti state handouts for single mums….hmmm) who hate hate hate Palin. I (naively perhaps) see american politics through my jaded Irish eyes. No matter how stinkingly awful Fianna Fail treat voters, they keep coming back despite a host of alternatives with the PR system. I like the ancient athenian line of only being allowed to be in politics for 2 years. or was it Rome, can’t remember, but a bloody good idea to stop career politicians, who are good for nothing but winning votes. smile for the cameras.

  9. Saddest thing about it all is they’re going to win.

    Majority rules. And the majority are idiots. Seriously, they’d vote for Bush again if they could.

  10. Tax cuts and tax relief will be needed because to shore up the health care reform, Putin is rearing his head, and where? Alaska, which is also on the border of Canada, so we need the bailout because we are all ill about this Katie In Alaska. I hope I’ve made myself clear.

  11. Putin and I are going to watch this on all the little, glowing TV sets we’ll be able to see once we rear our heads over Alaska. …and we’re going to get drunk and cry together.

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