This is the guy!

September 20, 2008

Remember the guy who had all his jewellry stolen by a hooker at the RNC? (You should–it’s about two posts below this one). Well, this is the guy! And, boy, he doesn’t disappoint! As Sparky, who found the video, says “It took the schadenfreude to near toxic levels for me.” (Thanks, Sparky!)

Update: Bonus! (Thanks, Mike!)

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  1. […] The upcoming meeting (AAA) is in San Francisco. Sex Workers there have been unionizing for years, often quite successfully, and are in the middle of pushing forward an apparently quite popular referendum decriminalizing sex work! I bet that if this passes, what happened to poor mr schwarz (the putz in the video below) won’t happen to anyone in San Francisco for a good long while. (Hint: his paid-for date slipped him a roofie, and then took somewhere between $50,000 – 120,000 worth of jewelry, stuff he hangs around his neck, wrists, and waist. [bonus! gratefully ganked from Why That’s Delightful!] […]

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