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September 5, 2008

…haven’t really had time to post much as we’ve been shooting our location stuff (going very well, everything seems to be working, quietly confident we’re on the right track). Back to normal soon.

I just wanted to say that Harry Enfield’s new show tonight (9.00pm) will feature a small tribute to Geoffrey Perkins afterwards. I’ll be watching. Well, I won’t, because we haven’t sorted out the telly in the new house yet. But I’ll be annoyed that I’m not watching.

Also, I wanted to say that the scene in series 3 featuring a pitbull in lipstick was written before the Republicans announced their VP choice. It really is just a coincidence.


  1. LOL at VP joke! Moving into a new house, always a major pain – no cable, no internet, no idea where you packed the iron, its like living in the 80s. Good luck with it.

  2. This article from the Huffington Post sortof sums up my attitude towards this whole Palin story…


  3. caught this last night on more4 ..funny stuff

    i’ll stop with the politics now

  4. Hope the move went smoothly other than the lack of tv and other necessary items!
    Glad that the location filming’s going well too, any news on when studio filming will be?

  5. I find that Palin woman absolutely terrifying. If it emerged that she served up kitten sausages to orphans whose parents she’d killed with her own hands and teeth I wouldn’t be in the slightest bit surprised. In fact I’d be calmed that wasn’t much, much worse.

    I recommend walking up and down your street peering into other people’s windows to see what they’re watching. It’s like a living, illegal advent calendar.

  6. God I love The Daily Show. That was one of the best ever episodes. Everything the Republicans and their media slaves are coming out with at the moment REEKS of hyporcisy and is a GIFT for any satirist worth their pay. I especially loved the report at the beginning with the Daily Show’s Rob Riggle and John Oliver reporting “live” from the aiport toilets. Covering the closeted gay repbublicans meeting up to let off closeted “steam”…in readiness to condemn themselves the next day.

  7. You could always watch “Harry and Paul” on BBC iplayer, Graham – I think it gets uploaded an hour or so after it’s shown on telly.

    Introducing my new favourite stand-up comedian, courtesy of Ricky Gervais: Louis CK! He’s like a more honest, less political Bill Hicks.

    I bet there are loads of married people who can relate to that clip. Watch his set on masturbation, so spot-on it hurts

  8. the above clip is sickening.So simplistic, jingoistic and exploitative. It would be funny if it actually wasnt so serious. Olbermann is spot on. But Jesus do we not want another Republican in charge…

  9. I’ve given up TV (and such no longer pay a license fee) and now watch all non-live broadcasts via iPlayer, 4oD, ITV Catch-Up, etc.

    About the time the BBC went down the PBS route as a source of funding rather than taxing us and then producing crappy shows.. the quality to crap ratio is ever decreasing with the Beeb. Unfortunately.

  10. Speaking of political jokes…


  11. Flights are going up and up by the day, and I have to lie on Monday and tell my new work that I’ve had a weekend away booked for ages; announce the tickets for studio shoots already!

    … Please sir, thank you sir.

  12. The whole Palin story is nuts. I liked this:


  13. Great night for TV. Big Brother final 8-9PM, Harry & Paul at 9PM, Armstrong & Miller 9:30PM then back to BB at 10PM. Awesome.

  14. Hello Graham – saw you on the Comedy Connections show about Little Britain last night. Loved the original pilot of that show, especially the original toy shop sketch before it was done too many times in the 2nd series. Still funny, just made the brilliance of the original sketch seem less special I suppose. I would reckon that you might have issues with some of the material in the third series perhaps but you were far too polite to mention them…

  15. I’m sure even asking this question is daft, and having worked in television I suspect I already know the answer, but: I have an idea for subplot for an episode of The I.T. Crowd; how would I best convey it to you?

  16. Martyn Drake is misguided. Without the BBC we would have dross sandwiched between even bigger advert breaks. I hardly ever watch itv, but watch BBC (+digital) Ch4 (+digital) and sometimes even Five.

    I suspect Ch4 is only good because it has a public service remit like the BBC and ploughs it’s “profits” back into programmes.

    If everyone did as you do, we’d be forced to watch Sky at £600 a year because the basis for paying for the programmes that you watch online for “Free” will have disappeared.

    The Beeb is cheaper than Gas Elec Water and phone. It’s even cheaper than a pint of milk a day. Your broadband is more likely to be more expensive than the licence fee.

    Next you’ll be saying that you tape songs from the radio and download your favourite sitcom series from bit torrent.

  17. Guys, haven’t read all the comments yet, but if the people looking for IT Crowd dates will just do a teensy bit of clicking around this site (try the IT Crowd category link), you’ll find links to Standing Room Only, who are taking care of our studio recordings. xx

  18. Thanks Graham, I gave SRO an email the other day because I’d not heard anything since signing up, so wasn’t sure if I was on the reserve list or not. I’ve not heard back yet though. I think I’m just getting too excited by the fact that I’ll probably manage to make it along!

    Also, found this a while ago and I still feel oddly mesmerised by it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqqu07UPvow

    Take care, x

  19. This sketch cracked me up – The Insane True Story Behind the Birth of the Internet.


  20. Nice tribute at the end of the show.

  21. Does anyone else put copious amounts on the euromillions when it reaches filthy amounts like last nights £96,000,000?

  22. Nah, if 10 million doesnt motivate you, why would 96 million make a difference?

  23. I will be looking forward to that joke immensely. Don’t get me started on Naughty Librarian though. If that woman gets into the White House, I may give up on this country altogether.

  24. nice tribute on Harry and Paul; the show itself was a nice surprise too. loved the ‘landlord and the writer’ sketch.

  25. Forgot to link you to this as well. You’ve probably already seen it, but it’s sweet. The soundtrack is also hilariously fitting…

  26. Hello Graham,
    Heard about the Mechanical Spider in Liverpool?
    It’s called La Machine and is for the Liverpool Capital of Culture celebrations.

    It first “appeared” early last Wednesday. I took some photos of it and uploaded them to create a “Photosynth”. Photosynths are a bit of kit developed by Microsoft to take 2D photos and make a 3D environment in which to view them.

    You have to download a small piece of reader software (8Mb or so) in order to display it. It’s a little like an Apple Quicktime – VR.

    Here is the one I did of the Spider and the Tower.

    Hold down [Ctrl] to hide the photos and see the “point cloud”. Drag the halo to spin around the 3D scene. I think you’ll be impressed.
    Anyhoo – ttfn.

    p.s. Maybe you should get one of the technical bods at Talkback to blanket photo the main set of the ITCrowd and then upload them to create a Photosynth. I’d love to explore the set in detail, especially some of the hidden “objet d’art” you have thought to include. What do you think?

    p.p.s Also… sorry about the post length.

  27. Un Homage fraîche?

  28. I’m not sure if i can find an email link, so i’ll put this here.

    It’s a comedy show on the internet, and it’s actually funny.

    Actually fucking funny.

    It was shown to em by a friend of mine, and I so wanted the creator to get credit I am making it my sole intention to get the writers reknowned.

    I read your post on the state of comedy, and it’s thigns like this the bbc need to comission again.

    Enough blathering:

  29. Hey there Graham.

    I’m Spanish but I recently went to Oxford and bought The IT Crowd DVD’s (1 and 2 series).

    I’m lacking some more “behing the scenes” documentaries in the DVD’s. I’d really like to know more about the making of The IT Crowd.

    Speaking of which, in the “Behind the Scenes” of the first DVD (a very… strange “behind the scenes” btw) the name is often pronounced “The IT Crowd” (saying IT like “it”). Is it the normal pronunciation or is it usually pronounced “The I T Crowd” saying I T separetely?

    Anyway, should we expect more It Crowd episodes?? I love it!!


  30. I think Graham states in one of the IT crowd DVD extras that it’s pronounced either and both ways :)

  31. Hi Graham,

    Sorry if this has been mentioned already in these here comments, but I didn’t realise you’d contributed to the TV Go Home book until I read the inner sleeve notes yesterday! You do get about.

  32. Graham,

    You might enjoy the video that Mitch Benn has posted on his blog, entitled “This is not what happened…”

    I couldn’t find a direct link to the post, but here’s his blog link: http://mitchbenn.com/blog/


  33. Graham,

    I thought you might enjoy the tagline on the cover of this book:


  34. This was on chortle so now doubt you’ve seen it but just in case you missed it:

  35. I think that might actually be a rare, correct use of ‘literally’, Todd.

  36. Heh, yeah I think literally means literally in that case. Funnily enough I was giving off about the misuse of the word just last night.

    Ever heard a footballer say “we literally tore the opposition to pieces” ? I also recall someone saying they were literally over the moon.

    Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear…

  37. This guy thinks the game Spore is an attack on Creationism.


    My favourite post from this load of arse?

    “Someone informed me that an Attorney, Mr. Jack Thompson may be able to help me. As he has had much success in raising awareness about problem video games.

    Does anyone know how I can get in touch with him?

    Update: Turns out that Jack Thompson is a terrible lawyer.
    People are emailing me so much stuff, I don’t know which people are being sincere and which are not.

    For example, I got a message from the supposed mayor of McCamish, KS. Claiming that he will make sure the game is kept out of their store. I have no way to verify the info, though.”

  38. Is there any way to stay on the SRO list for the IT Crowd without getting bombarded by emails about Bradley Walsh and Alan Titchmarsh’s exciting new shows?

  39. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=d-XbjFn3aqE

  40. okay so Bill Mahers view of France may be somewhat rose-tinted but he does make some good points especially about French political life.

    “French candidates are never asked where they stand on evolution, prayer in school, abortion, stem cell research or gay marriage. And if the candidate knows about a character in a book other than Jesus, it’s not a drawback. There is no Pierre Six-pack who can be fooled by childish wedge issues. And the electorate doesn’t vote for the guy they want to have a croissant with.”

    Alas the more i learn about contemporary American politics the more disheartened i become. So it comes as no surprise to see the “pig with lipsick” story fill newspaper columns and air time.

  41. First Palin TV interview. Truly, dumber than the dumbest of stumps…

  42. indded alistair i just watched the Abc interview, it was cringeworthy

  43. I used to work on a website writing daily pop news, and one of our trainee writers had a hell of a time with the word literally.

    Every day her copy had to be edited because she’d written something like “Robbie Williams is literally over the moon today” or “Madonna is literally raising the roof”, and every day her editor would carefully explain that you can’t say literally if the things you are describing don’t actually take place.

    In the end he banned her from using the word, and said that if she ever felt the need, she should substitute the word metaphorically instead. It made for clunkier copy, but at least it wasn’t wrong.

    And this was fine until the breaking news came in that Martine McCutcheon had locked herself out of her flat. Our writer’s first line read “Martine McCutcheon has found herself metaphorically out in the cold today…”

    Thinking he could see light at the end of the tunnel, our editor told her that, actually, this would be a good time to use the word literally, seeing as she was actually, really, y’know, OUT, in THE COLD.

    Sadly, this only served to muddy the waters.

    “WHY CAN’T YOU MAKE UP YOUR MIND?” she raged, storming out for a cigarette.

    To be fair, I think she’s got it now.

  44. What a great story! As I say, I loves peoples!

  45. I have a gripe , which may be very unpopular and petty to many. Am i justified in venting my extreme irritation at those who choose to bring camera’s/video recorders into concerts?

    Last night at Kraftwerk concert in Dublin, I couldnt escape idiots standing around me with arms stretched high recording the show on their cameras. For my money all I saw were glimpses of the stage between long hairy arms.

    After a while on a few livlier numbers I decided to sway a little to the music and then, the idiot in front with his massive canon had the audacity to give me a look of “Do you mind, Im shooting here?”All around me there where plonkers grabbing video footage and crappy mobile phone pictures of ants on stage. Maybe Im being silly but it really got in the way at this particular gig.

    Why cant people just go to concerts and watch and listen instead of turning the occasion into an overt studio recording session? I view it as rather antisocial.

  46. I too get very annoyed at that. I have no problem with people making a 30 second clip as a memento or something, but when half of the crowd seem to stand like that it really winds me up. Apart from anything else, it’s a waste of their own money to miss the gig itself because they’re filming it.

    That guy asking you to stop swaying really takes the cake though… as if you’re the rude one

  47. re: filming at concerts, I never do it myself. Surely if you’re concentrating on filming, it’s almost like watching it on TV or online, which pretty much defeats the whole purpose of going to a live gig. I think I’ve filmed and taken photos once at a gig, and it literally (ha) involved me pointing the camera in the general direction and pressing record. Ah, it seems like only yesterday when you had to use your memory to recall things rather than relying on footage.

  48. Hi Graham. I was walking through Trinity College in Dublin today and noticed the board beside the college chapel: Trinity’s Church of Ireland chaplaincy is running a a series of lectures inspired by popular culture, the first one of which is entitled “The Gospel according to Father Ted”. It’s on the twelfth of October at 10.45 am.

  49. Hi Graham

    I’m trying to get some people to look at my friend’s artwork as I think it’s verging on the phenomenal. He’s had some trouble with a spot of MS and an aneurysm on his brain this year and that’s what made him pull his finger out of his anus and go back to drawing.

    The best of his drawings from the last five months have been collected in one blog post here: http://tinyurl.com/64rmj3

    The best of the lot in my opinion is this one here: http://tinyurl.com/69hmsv It moves me, and I don’t know why.

    Special, huh? Don’t you think?

    I do hope so.

    Not to worry if not. I’ll get over it.

    Keep up the super work.


  50. Yes, the people who film at concerts are idiots.

  51. The whole filming at gigs thing is incredibly irritating, I had the same problem at The Flaming Lips’ Belfast gig recently, every second person was filming the gig rather actually watching it. Pain in the arse.

  52. It seems as though Eoin McLove’s real life counterpart is at it again.What a show he gives though…

  53. Five oh, five oh…
    David Simon and Dominic West were on the BBC breakfast show this morning. Do any of you media types know if Simon’s doing a speaking tour here or is he sticking to that London?

  54. i do know that hes coming to speak in Ireland some time this month, so maybe hes got other talks lined up too…

  55. I’ve discovered that he’s speaking in Glasgow at the GFT but its sold out. Bollocks.

  56. He’s coming to Ireland? Wowza. Any dates or venue info? Are the tickets all gone?

  57. Alistair – that’s great news! Did it say where in London he was speaking?

  58. Andrew:No word where he’s speaking in London, I assume given that he was in London today (Wednesday) that’s it’ll be tonight somewhere- some cultural venue, BFI?

  59. Thanks Alastair. Have since found it on another blog, but of course it’s sold out already! Link here if anyone’s interested in seeing what they’re missing.


  60. Oh well, never mind.

  61. Alright Graham,

    I bought that Shock Doctrine whilst in France, and thinking I was a clued up individual, after getting through about half the book, I found a rather more detailed perspective on things I had my suspicions about, and nuggets, like you have excerpted, that I like to share in conversations as though I found these out through grueling research and dedicated reporting myself. I feel I am not the only one who does this, so I feel no shame. But if pressed I point them to ‘Shock Doctrine’, a well written and researched bit of printed, bound and published sentences and paragraphs.

  62. Blimey but you do get bombarded with comments Graham, ah well, here’s another one!
    I thought some of the more comic collectory of ye would get a kick out of this. Relatively new methinks, aimed at kids and delightfully free of advertising. Going to blog about it myself soon enough…..


  63. Someone has to be seriously mentally ill to spend $1,000 on a bloody belt. Most of us in the west live in a fair amount of decadence compared to the third world, but $1,000 on a belt is just taking the piss.

  64. “earrings priced at $4,000” fruity!
    hmmmm, sounds like an insurance scam to me….

    Shock Doctrine is quality, Stuffed and Starved is also quality. Get marching people!

    but The Wire Season 5 is out on DVD next week, so social justice will have to wait.

  65. Letter from Richard Dawkins to New scientist, just before Reiss resigned:


    It’s clear he made a mistake again, naively giving the press a handy soundbite from information he no doubt received out of context, just like the Peter Kay stuff. His letter seems to make his (very reasonable) position clear.

    Maybe he’ll learn his lesson this time!

  66. Oh, I hate when I get stuck behind someone and make them nervous like that. I always try to overtake them. I wear black too which can make me look a bit ‘stabby’. Once, I was unintentionally stalking a woman and I came close to announcing “I’m not a rapist!” but that would probably have made thing worse.

    I walk fast, so it can be annoying if I get stuck behind someone on a path and even more so if they are going in a zig-zag formation. Who are these people? They must be stopped.

  67. Atheists in ‘quite as capable of idiotic, kneejerk intolerance as the most rabid creationist’ shocker.

    Hardly news is it? Anyone who has been paying attention has noticed this trend developing. It has been sold as a war of ideas. The battle lines have been drawn and the true believers on both sides have taken their sides. And, like the man said, in war, truth is always the first casualty.

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