August 29, 2008


  1. Wow Graham, you seem to have become a champion for truth, justice and consumer rights recently.

    Can we have more of the tasteless humour please?

  2. Loved the Lloyds customer service piece, but they did something even better in Januray last year…


  3. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2008/jul/30/chinaearthquake.china?gusrc=rss&feed=networkfront

    …although I admit, it’s not laugh-out-loud funny.

  4. Thanks, that was wryly amusing.

    Ever thought of renaming your blog to “Why, That’s Life!” and featuring priapic vegetables?


  5. This Nike personalised-branding article is very similar to that great Lloyds one:


  6. Graham, is it always best to work backwards when writing? Or just dabble from page to page when something comes to mind?

  7. Not only can British Airways run a shoddy, badly organised and substandard airline staffed by pinch-faced misanthropes, they’re also colluding with the fascist government we currently have “elected” on both sides of the Atlantic. Some achievement. Somehow I think they’ll get that third runway.

  8. Mark, you can write backwards from a great ending, forwards from a great start, or both ways from a great middle. It’s having that great scene that matters, because it provides the impetus to keep going.

    Best of all is having two or three great scenes, so that you’re always writing towards or away from one of them.

    …and now over to Cyril…

  9. Here’s a site I have grown to love for collecting nonsensical rants from news websites.


    The link best describes what the website is about, then hit “home” and maybe search for “Solve Global Warming… With Global Poverty!”
    …which made me laugh a lot.

    Have a good weekend.

  10. Graham, I come here to annoy… Apologies in advance:
    -Do you have any more info on when the IT Crowd studio filming might be? A friend of mine bumped into Richard the other day and he thought maybe the end of September. If this is true, I’m there! Via Megabus… for 11 hours. Hurrah!
    -How did the Edinburgh Masterclass go?
    -I’ve just been listening to the Big Train commentaries. It’s nice hearing about influences and stuff, I’m presuming that if I’m ever fortunate enough to be allowed my own show, the influences I’ll talk about in the commentaries will mainly be programmes made by Chris Morris and your shows, which sounds sychophantic and horrible, but it’s true.
    -Did the laptop competition eventually close? I was tempted to put “Did you try turning it off and on again?” for every answer, but resisted.

  11. This is rating fairly high on the delightful scale for me:


    Apologies if this has already been posted.

  12. Snaz,
    very funny link but you missed a mark – click the link at the top of the page “Matching Faces” which goes to…


    Very similar to satirical magazine Private Eye’s “Separated at Birth/Lookalike” series.

  13. I can’t help but think that this headline isn’t entirely appropriate considering the subject:


  14. Good afternoon, all. And happy weekend to you. A quick link to something which has become one of my favourite sites ever…

    ‘A celebration of the perfect portrait’

    I particularly like ‘Jakob’ and ‘Policeman’.

  15. May I introduce you to the delights of the wonderful Thomas Tantrum. My favourite band of the year so far.


  16. hello graham, I was wondering if you saw anything good in edinburgh when you were here. personally I think this guy was my treat of the fest.


  17. I have seen the future of music.


  18. Today has been my last day as a ‘journalist’.
    I now do not have a job and am moving 240 miles north (ARGH MOVING I MUST PACK, ARGH ARGH), do you want to employ me as an internet skivvy? I can make great virtual tea/coffee.

  19. Is it just me or does anyone else think that putting 3 star reviews of your album on your website is a bit stupid?

    Hey! You! Look how average we are!

  20. Is it just me? Yes it probably is. Ok I’ll say it anyway. Does it make a Presidential Candidate more popular if a couple of backward hicks are caught trying, to try to attempt an assassination? (That’s what I meant)

    It seems very convenient that they were both easy to ridicule and nowhere near successful.

  21. America is full of easy to ridicule hicks with guns who have no wish for Obama to be President. I think politically motivated media manipulation is unlikely given this fact. The West Wing flatters American politicians, they’re no way near as smart as they’re painted by Aaron Sorkin.

  22. I have seen the future of poodles


  23. Graham,

    I love your work and this blog. But I’ve been moved to comment for the first time having been a bit put off by two recent posts – those two highly personal, totally uncorroborated, largely anonymous accounts of negative airline/airport experiences at the nefarious hands of US customs/BA, the point of which seems to be that we are headed towards a proto-fascist state, blah blah. I’m not questioning their veracity per se, but rather the wisdom of using such subjective and unreliable links (as opposed to actual news stories) to support and illustrate your point of view.

    Anyway, just got under my skin a bit – largely because your arguments would be more convincing if backed by weightier evidence. I’ll go and watch your “How to get rid of a dead body” video from The Day Today now. It’s HYPERLOLZ as they say.

  24. Tim, I know what you mean, but I think it’s the accumulated weight of all these stories that’s important…there are simply too many tales like these ones circulating; authority figures all over the West (especially in airports) are starting to act like psychotics. And most people have no way of fighting back except through posting these anonymous, uncorroborated accounts. They certainly can’t get any justice through official channels, so I don’t have any qualms about publishing the stories. If people were attacked by name, I’d be more careful, but as it is, these letters have the ring of truth to me (my sister worked in Dublin Airport, and the stories she told me of the racism among some security staff there would make your hair curl), and I’m happy to link to them.

    And seriously, BA ARE scumbags.

  25. Tim – a quick Google search for Ayo Omotade will give you plenty of (corroborated) media accounts of his story. (try these: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/nigerians-call-for-boycott-of-ba-after-deportation-812649.html or http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/top-stories/2008/04/07/136-ba-passengers-removed-from-jet-over-deportee-row-115875-20375182/)

    The link I posted was interesting because it was Mr Omotade’s story in his own words – one man’s truth is another man’s ‘subjective and unreliable’. More convinced now you’ve read it in the Mirror?

  26. BA tried to infiltrate an environmental protest group by hiring a pretty useless “spy” from a surveillance oompany. He was quickly rumbled. They will do anything to get their third runway including influencing the wording of government “consultation” documents regarding the Heathrow expansion and lying about new generations of green aircraft that don’t exist. They ARE scumbags.

  27. Well, sneering aside Matt, it IS more convincing now I’ve read it in The Mirror, so thanks. The question of that organ’s moral weight aside, the story takes on a greater degree of plausibility by being properly reported. I stand corrected on that one.

    Graham, I’m uneasy with blanket statements like “they can’t get any justice through official channels” – and after all, the Independent and Mirror gave Omotade’s story an official platform at least, but it’s silly to demand Edward R. Murrow-levels of journalistic integrity and sourcing even from a blog as good as yours. (fawn fawn)

    What I will say is I loved that “You wouldn’t shoot a policeman” IT Crowd spoof anti-piracy ad. May I request a similar authority-mocking set-piece featuring Moss, Roy and some overzealous customs officers in a future episode? I can see it now…

  28. RIP


  29. Wow that’s the bloke from KYTV. Who remembers KYTV? It was like a forerunner to The Day Today.

  30. Very sad news. (He invented Mornington Crescent, too.)

  31. Really sorry to hear about Geoffrey Perkins. A very sad loss.

  32. Terrible terrible news. I’m so sorry.

  33. I remember him very fondly from KYTV! Used to watch that at school and loved it. Very sad news.

  34. The English vo translation of Father Hernandez in Ted. Brilliant. So understated.
    Saw him recently on Catharine Tate.
    A great loss to comedy. RIP.

  35. Stunned at the news about Geoffrey Perkins. I didn’t “meet” him but he was right there in the room with me at the TV festival, and you were paying tribute to his contribution to Ted. A great loss.

  36. A comedy pioneer. He will be sorely missed.

  37. Thank you for your words on the loss of Geoffrey Perkins. A fitting tribute.

  38. Not much to say really, I hope his family knows how much we cared about everything was involved in, and how much we will miss him.

  39. I have never felt moved to comment on the death of someone I haven’t known personally. However, Geoffrey Perkins has been responsible for so much of the delight in my life; it would be unseemly not to add to the other comments that have been made. I was aware of and enjoyed Geoffrey’s work as a performer and producer. I had seen his name in the credits of so many of my favorite programmes, but reading the full list of his contribution to comedy over the years has made me realise just how much of an influence he has been. I’m pondering the shows we will not now see. The future Father Ted’s are lost for ever.

  40. What a terrible loss to the television and radio world. Geoffrey Perkins’ CV has no blemishes or embarrassments. I suspect he was much loved by everyone he worked with leaving aside the quality of the work that was produced. I certainly knew him because of his on and off screen presence, it was always a guarantee of high quality comedy. My condolences go to his family and everyone that really knew him and loved him as a person.

  41. Oh, that’s really sad Graham. As you know, there are very few genuinely talented people in comedy and Geoffrey Perkins was involved in so many good projects. I’ve read before how you and Arthur found him a great inspiration and I’m sure many other writers and performers feel the same. Very sad news. All my condolences to his friends and family.

  42. Awful news about Geoffrey Perkins, it has always been a joy seeing him pop up as a producer and writer on so many wonderful comedy programmes through the years. To think one of the projects he started out with was the first, radio incarnation of Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy and that was only the beginning. Very sad.

  43. Sad news about Geoffrey Perkins. I first saw him on the (still) brilliant KYTV. Must dig ’em out for another watch…


  44. The new sketch I wrote and directed…

    The Shift Squadron’s Guide to Soviet Exercise

    Please tell me what you think Graham…

  45. Terrible news about Geoffrey Perkins. I’m deeply sorry for your loss, Graham.

  46. Firstly, I’d like to join all those expressing sympathy of the loss of Geoffrey Perkins. I’m in my mid 30s, and it’s amazing how much his name crops up through the most terrific comedy on TV and Radio I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying from being a kid onwards – Hitchhikers…, KYTV, Ted & Big Train, Fast Show, Coupling, Royle Family, League of Gentlemen, and lots more from when he spent more time in front of the camera in the 80s/early 90s. Very sad.

    On a brighter note, my favourite moment from last week’s DNC, during a roll call of ordinary citizens giving testimony to Bush’s broken America. A little knowledge of US Financial behomeths is required, but after moments like this, how can Obama not win now?

    And since there’s been no Diet of Worms mention on here in a while, I’d like to happily report that their show at Edinburgh this year was a bewitchingly mental and nonsenical hour of fun. And they’ve put some of their very strange ‘animation’ from the show on YouTube:

  47. RIP Geoffrey Perkins. A true legend! Sorry for your loss Graham.

  48. Sorry for your loss Graham. I think all of us who visit this site are richer for Geoffrey’s work and contributions to comedy over the years.

  49. silly americans

  50. most people have probably seen this but it’s a great talk by one of my all time favourite people, Jello Biafra

  51. damn…

  52. Sad news about Geoffrey Perkins. Sorry, Graham.

    To wade in late on the Tim C debate – Tim, you do have a point, but in refusing to acknowledge anything unless it appears in a newspaper instantly undermines the point you had. The mass media are as unreliable as anyone – and in fact, I would claim they are more deceiving than these independent accounts since they have an air of respectability and trustworthiness that is rarely earnt. If you’re about to question my own “blanket statements” then I’d suggest reading ‘Guardians of Power’ by David Edwards and David Cromwell or the old classic, ‘Manufacturing Consent’ by Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky. These are two exhaustive and thorough studies on how commercial media works. You’ll never read a newspaper the same way again, I promise.

  53. The superficiality of American politics ie the presidential debate maddens me. What with McCains “maverick” choice of a female VP canditate and its supposed effect on disenfranchised Hillary Clinton supporters and now the hooplah about a 17 yr old pregnancy. Really? Its that important is is. I am aware of how conservative mainstream American politics is but really it wouldve been nice to see some real politics being discussed by real politicians like this guy…But alas no.

    Clintons reaction says it all really…

  54. sorry about typos above

  55. Reality TV, that might be worth watching! Not really of course.


  56. Trailer for the long-awaited Flaming Lips movie… Christmas on Mars! :)

  57. I see Sarah Palin’s daughter has set up a wedding gift registery at JC Penney…




    LOL funny: thank you John McCain

  58. Just saw that my dear friend Ms. Amiee Rickards is doing something for “the IT Crowd”. She’s a doll, but curses up a storm.

  59. Graham, to answer your question of a few weeks ago:


  60. OKTAPODI! I saw this at an animation festival last month, and I’ve been a little obsessed with it ever since. Thanks for posting, Graham! It brightened my night a little.

  61. A brilliant animation piece I saw on the BBC Culture Show. A young Irish lad’s thesis film. Ties in nicely with some of Graham’s advice on writing. Embrace procrastination!

  62. Beautiful animation, they’ve captured that translucent mediterranean light perfectly. Superb.

  63. When wind turbines go bad:

    (seen this going around recently, it’s a doozie, whatever a doozie is)./

  64. A silly job interview:



    The child’s crying makes it.

  66. As always, lovely stuff. Thanks, all!

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