Play ‘War On Terror’ for free!

August 18, 2008

This should be fun! Friend of the site, Andrew Sheerin, and the boys behind the War On Terror boardgame are giving away free copies outside Zavvi tomorrow! Woot!

” Banned from Toy Fairs, barred from the High Street, seized by the Police and recently recalled from 130 shops nationwide, is War on Terror, the boardgame really too dangerous for public consumption?
When Zavvi ordered 5,000 copies of War on Terror, independent publishers, TerrorBull Games, thought their luck had changed. After a year of obstruction and rejection, they finally had a high street outlet.  However, the celebrations were short-lived when the games were recalled the very day they went on sale. A Zavvi spokesman strangely claimed that “poor sales” lay behind the same-day recall, but TerrorBull Games suspect differently. Apparently, while many at Zavvi were backing the game, MD, Simon Douglas, was unaware of the deal until the moment he saw War on Terror on the shelves of his own shop. Douglas reportedly “kicked off” and the games were promptly pulled.
Zavvi then refused further delivery and became reluctant to pay for
games they suddenly decided they didn’t want. A protracted legal battle ensued that, while almost bankrupting TerrorBull Games, ended in victory for TerrorBull as they got to keep half the games as well as getting paid in full.
Now, tired of being censored and side-lined, War on Terror’s creators are hitting back … by giving the game away for free. Or to be more precise, giving the games Zavvi paid for away for free. And what better place to hand them out than right in front of Zavvi’s flagship store on Oxford Street? Inventors, Andrew Sheerin, Andy Tompkins and illustrator Tom Morgan-Jones will be doing just that at 12.30pm on Tuesday 19 August

(p.s. don’t forget to bring your cameras!)

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