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August 15, 2008


  1. Stupid Game Show answers:

    every single one of them a classic. I particularly like, however, “the Ace of Kidneys” and “Name a type of rodent” “Er, a saxophone?”

    Makes Father Dougal look intelligent.

  2. I remember that great post you did about what the US IT Crowd version should take note of. Just wondering if you know anything about the newly commissioned one in relation to it. And congrats for creating something that has inspired a US remake.

  3. Why are you so ridiculously left wing? Sure everyone is when they’re young but you don’t seem to have grown out of it.

  4. bloody writers eh?They should string em all up its the only language they understand

  5. I haven’t grown out of it because it was never a pose, as I guess it was for you.

  6. Jesus, Georgie, what a comment!

    Being ‘left-wing’ comes with being both intelligent and a nice person who doesn’t like to see others being fecked over in the name of greed. It’s a bit more complicated, but that’s what it boils down to.

    I’d hate to see a big political debate spring up here though, it just doesn’t seem to be an appropriate place.

  7. I’m 44 and I get more ridiculously left wing every day. I’m hoping to grow less and less out of it til I drop dead. Why are you so ridiculously right wing?

  8. Proof that there is a higher force at work amongst us, constantly trying to weed out the weaker fringes of the species;

  9. I was just trying to remember where I had heard the expression “Its funny how you get more right wing as you get older…” when suddenly…

  10. Graham, why are you so ridiculously Irish? Sure everyone is when they’re young but you don’t seem to have grown out of it.

  11. A good right vs left wing debate

  12. “re: Why are you so ridiculously left wing?”

    Hmm… so, why don’t we say ridiculously right-wing?

    Can we start a list of right-wing adverbs?
    I’ll start them off…

    laughably right-wing
    awkwardly right-wing
    conspicuously right-wing
    carelessly right-wing
    noisily right-wing
    sadly right-wing

  13. pathetically right-wing?

    That Micallef clip was excellent, Jimbo

  14. Quixotically right wing

  15. I don’t think people become less left wing – they just learn their idealist theorising has limits & so moderate what they expect out of life.

    It has been shown recently that political leanings are partially at least genetic. This helps to explain the widespread left/right politics in the world and so can be considered as much of the “human condition” as love, religion, war etc.

  16. I just had a chicken wing.

    A good example of of a couple of old lefties:
    So funny, except when Herring gets stuck on bumming.

  17. You wouldn’t catch Ryan Air getting all right wing.
    If they did, they’d generate too much lift on the right side, more than the left, and go round in circles all the time.

    And who would buy tickets for that?

  18. Hi

    with the talk of idea’s for props t-shirts etc. Was the change of props from S1 to S2 a decison you made or was it someone suggested- they seemed to go from a dingy basement in s1 to a more fancy office in s2?

  19. Left wing, right wing. So long as I remain ridiculous, I’m happy.

  20. “Why are you so ridiculously left wing? Sure everyone is when they’re young but you don’t seem to have grown out of it”

    What an absurdity!

    At what point, in your view, does one become “ridiculously” left-wing? Perhaps if Graham left us to become the official FARC jester or something I could view that as verging on the ridiculous but somehow I can’t picture it.

    EVERYONE is left-wing when they are young!? In many parts of Britain, racist and right-wing attitudes are drilled into children from a very young age. The BNP, for example, have a “youth” program and have their own “Red, White and Blue” family festival aimed at indoctrinating children. Loyalist groups in Ireland attract many young people and young Loyalist sympathisers in Scotland are rife as well.

    Children in middle-class USA? And the children in Hitler Youth? Yeah, really left-wing.

    From what I have seen, I don’t think many people with strongly held opinions truly grow out of their original views, especially in the cases where they have formed their opinions largely by themselves without being told what to think. Some people, as they get older, may not have the time to follow politics or to remain “politically active” if, say, they have kids to look after and a full-time job to endure but I don’t think this means that they become any less sure of their opinions.

    Anyway… I’m hungry. Who’s for toast? :D

  21. Oh and funnily enough, I was watching Mock the Week last night and much of it did seem to have a left-of-centre tone – even more than usual. This got me thinking, why is it that so many comedians have left-wing leanings? If you are funny, are you more likely to be a lefty? Or are lefties just quite often also funny?

    (there are exceptions obviously – Jim Davidson, Bernard Manning etc. – if once chooses to class such bilge as comedy).

  22. I think yir man Gorgie just joking re: father ted getting more right wing as he gets older.

  23. Ha yeah well I wasn’t sure but it gives us a good chance to rant anyway so… ;)

  24. Jesus Graham your caption for The Mister Bean of paramedics had me in tears.

  25. Being left-wing has never hurt anybody.

  26. People who write their own comedy are professional thinkers capable of entertaining hypothetical situations, whereas right wing politics is a championing of a person’s right to take absolutely no interest in their environment backed up by an exciting and jolly culture of ignorance and stale fear. I think that might be the nub.

    Graham, you are too generous in your response to my late-night internet gittishness. Perhaps you might enjoy this in thanks (if you haven’t come across it already). The film is the work of wretches but the trailer has clearly been cut together by a comic visionary. I remain sincerely your peep.


  27. I was quite interested back before I became completely apathetic in what exactly right wing and left wing meant and upon doing some research it turned out that right wing=in favour of the french aristocracy in 18th century france and left wing= anti the french aristocracy in 18th century france.
    since that didn’t seem to apply in any way shape or form to modern day life I thought about it and came up with the idea that right wing people blame poor people for everything and left wing people blame rich people for everything.
    Anyone want to disagree/argue/debate etc

  28. Why are you such a ridiculous troll, Georgie?

    Seriously though. Can we talk about something else now? Howabout Graham’s TV shows, Father Red, or the IT Comrades?

  29. Ok here’s my pitch for a new sitcom. It’s called “The Thinktank” and involves five ridiculously right wing young Conservatives who are tasked by Torie head office to come up with new radical policy proposals.
    First episode… Thinktank newbie “Juniper” writes a paper which advocates young people loving in the miserable “North” abandon their northern roots and come to live and work in the sunny South East.

    Shit. I think this may have already been done.

    Now that’s ridiculously right wing.

  30. Sorry folks… typing on shitty iPhone keyboard. Should read it before posting.
    Torie should be Tory. And loving should be living.
    Loving in the miserable North is a totally different sitcom.

  31. I feel bad everytime I plug my own blog here… but then I feel good when lots of people follow the link…
    What to do?
    Anyhow, giant gorilla fans will be entertained.

  32. You just have to have to have to check out this band Graham ‘White Lies’ – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZ2uJcETFhQ

    The next big thing…mark my words!

  33. I believe idealism is the thing you grow out of.

    …I never grew into all that Che Guevara stuff.

  34. Somon, I was thinking of getting an iPhone. Should I?

  35. Thanks for linking, Graham!

  36. Love the Might Peking Man trailer – I mean, wow, you’d think that a giant ape-man wreaking havoc would be enough to hang a movie on. I can imagine the pitch, delivered to a bank of impervious and unimpressed studio bosses. Everything beyond the opening gambit was inevitably thought up on the spot.

    “It’s about this giant ape-like man – MIGHTY PEKING MAN!”
    “Go on …”
    “And he wreaks havoc!”
    “Go on…”
    “Sea, land and air forces are fully mobilised …”
    “Go on…”
    “And there’s stampeding elephants”
    “Better …”
    “And, and tigers!”
    “Men wrestling tigers”
    “And leopards”
    “The leopard is fighting a snake!”
    “Not bad”
    “And there’s tarzan – a female tarzan, she can speak to all the animals”
    “Well… we’re not sure, there are already a lot of -”
    “- and she gets her norks out. While Might Peking Man watches”.

  37. This is wonderful, and broadcast on FoxNews no less!

  38. As an ape, I am pleased to give that film my own personal (dead) seal of approval.

  39. Oh and by the way. I happened upon this book in the line of duty, looked at the title, looked at the painting and laughed so hard the beer came out me nose.

  40. This picture made me smile:


  41. For sure, Iam completely Dutch, although Iam being ex-England manager Steve Mclaran….

  42. re: iPhone
    Although there a few minor quibbles (battery life, virtual keyboard mistakes, finger-smears on the screen), I would recommend an iPhone.

    I used to be a big fan of Sony Ericsson smart phones until they lost their way trying to emulate Blackberries and becoming very slow and buggy. I ditched an Orange Contract to move to O2 and get the new iPhone 3G and contrary to the problems others have had, it’s been an absolute joy.

    I’m an iPhone convert now. Ok, 3G is nothing to shout about when there are new phones coming out with HSPA, but the set up is so intuitive. And I take it you’re in London so the bundled wifi access via Cloud etc will be extensive and will be just as fast.

    It does take a couple of days to get used to tapping the screen with the pad of your finger instead of a finger nail or “special” stylus (as with SE touch phones) but once you’re used to it, you become quite quick. And although I may have chubby fingers, I can still crack out a fairly accurate bit of text when I need to.

    And there’s no need to Jail-break this one. Developers are releasing great apps for it by the day.

    One word of warning, your productivity will drop to the floor when your start using it. You end up constantly looking for new apps, browsing youtube for tasty treats and leaving spurious comments on sitcom-writer blogs.

    If you’re still undecided, a bunch of nice people have released a free app for the iPhone for “WordPress” that allows you to maintain your blog on the move. http://iphone.wordpress.org/

    Yes, I’d recommend getting one… and maybe a silicone case with screen shield to help protect it. Currently mine lives in a Sony Ericsson “phone-sock” that also doubles as a screen cleaner.

    And no, I don’t work or have any association with Apple.

    Just to clarify, my real name is Simon. The iPhone miss-typed “Somon” the last few times I posted a comment here. Tut Tut. Although, I think I shall keep the nom de plume as there already seems to be a gaggle of Simons who regularly post here.

    Cool Blog by the way, and cool sitcom.

  43. Just come across this. Apparently it was Mel Brooks’ first film.


    “Whatever it is being born, watch out!… Too late, it’s dead.” Gorgeous.

  44. That was right up there with the best party music video ever.

  45. I never tire of that paramedic video. Mr Bean you say? Interesting. I always thought more Chuckle Brothers.

    I’ve just discovered the delights of the “random blog” button you can click on the top right if signed into wordpress. But I feel obliged to comment all the blogs I visit. It’s weird not knowing who reads your blogs… x

  46. hi graham,
    i wonder have you ever heard any soviet era georgian jazz, because this is priceless;

    it really kicks in about 0.57 in

    the drummer is particularly impressive i think.

  47. Blu, probably the best graffiti artist about and not at all up his own arse like most of the London set, has a new short stop-motion video. Pretty sweet.

  48. I have war on terror. Got it as a pres about 18 months ago. Jolly complicated it is, but good fun!

  49. Thesae guys insert themselves into the “classic” movie Teen Wolf. Some pretty good stuff..

    Teen Wolf – watch more funny videos

  50. That “Teen Wolf” thing was really good, apart from the bit with the guy in the wheelchair. There didn’t seem to be a joke, just a good ol’ point and laugh at the funny-looking disabled guy.

    Anyone who knows the trailer for “The Dark Knight” well should enjoy this:

  51. “If you are interested in sharing your story for Rodney’s new book, you must e-mail a description of your story plus any appropriate pictures to…”

    Bishop Brennan! No flyposting! (The noive!)

  52. ‘Teen Wolf’…I dunno. I hate those kind of ‘ha, ha! What if (something like) ‘Teen Wolf’ was real?’-type routines. The internet is full of them…almost every webcomic about computer games, for example.

    Nicely done, though!

  53. Can someone grab me War On Terror tomorrow? Damn my lack of… living in London…ness.

  54. Don’t suppose they’re gonna ditribute it outside Zavvi in Belfast at some point? No? Well, it was a long shot.

    I’m sure the rest of us will have the opportunity to get it sometime!

  55. I’d love a copy of War On Terror too if anyone can find it in their heart (and car boot) to nab a spare one tomorrow! I can have it collected during the week! Pretty please?

  56. Well that’s just great.

    “Muxtape will be unavailable for a brief period while we sort out a problem with the RIAA.”

    I hope brief actually means brief and doesn’t turn out to be indefinite.

  57. D:< I suck for missing out on my chance to post geeky stuff.
    Anyway I saw this sketch* the other day and it made me wonder (esp since so many of my fave comedies are from overseas) do you guys in the UK ever get any Australian comedy?

    *this sketch: http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=zRUJ12ra0Uc

  58. whoaaahhhh that’s so weird! I return some time later to see what people are discussing and discover another Shaun Micallef clip in the exact same post! I guess that means you do get Aus stuff?

  59. emo-kid in a gym:

  60. We used to get Micallef, although to be honest I only ever saw it on a satellite TV comedy channel. I’m not sure if it was ever on mainstream terrestrial TV.

    We currently get Summer Heights High… but that’s all I can think of apart from Neighbours and Home and Away :S

  61. Not sure there’s that much to get! (joke)

  62. um did anyone notice that Neighbours seems to have changed its whole “look”. Its like they revamped the whole style of the show..looks more polished or something. ** I do not watch Neighbours, i was just flicking through**

  63. Yes it’s like someone’s turned the ‘colour’ setting up, so it looks American, and everything seems shinier

  64. East Coast Avengers – “Kill Bill O’Reilly”:


    (he’s not too pleased with this one!)

  65. (just noticed Olbermann sampled around 3:50)

  66. Greatest Cartoon ever!!

    So cheesy and hilarious!

  67. I think the changing of Neighbours’ “colour” is to do with their move to Channel Five. It looked just like any old studio-shot programme on BBC1 and then it changed with the move, probably something to do with the way it’s transmitted. It happened with Home and Away too.

    Should we talk about something more interesting? My eyes were drooping while writing that…

  68. sorry paddy..

  69. Bad luck, Neighbours AND Home and Away?! (believe it or not they aren’t intended to be comedies) hmm Summer Heights High..looks like our tv industry really is failing overseas.

  70. ive always admired Robert Fisk and am reading his Great War for Civilisation at the moment. Its a brilliant book and hes a brillaint journalist. Heres a great talk he gave some years ago..Ive skipped to part 3 cos thats where Chomsky turns it over to Fisk..

  71. I hate to do this, but I’ve started a blog and have no idea how to get anyone to look at it.

    It’s here..



  72. Recording cutting remarks, social commentary and the general dislike of Piers fucking Morgan – http://www.piersmoron.blogspot.com

  73. well it was well worth the look Daniel.. i shall be revisiting

  74. i’m not always big on live recordings, but this FM recording of them Talking Heads live at the Tokyo Sun Plaza in 1981 is pretty damn remarkable.. i was 6. gah.

  75. This is the worst murder case I’ve ever heard of. Just horrible!

    (link deleted. Not the right place for stuff like this, Brendan)

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