A July mixtape for you!

July 21, 2008



  1. Wesley Willis! (R.I.P)

  2. Here’s one for you.


  3. Thanks, Flaming!

  4. Although I could have done without the Captain Jack track…

  5. That will be in your head all day for ever and ever.

  6. Ahh Wesley, rock on chicago. I wish he was still here. My friend still has a bump on her head from when she bough a painting off him and Wesley made her bump heads.

  7. Actually, where the hell did that Postal Service track come from, I thought I had heard all their stuff. Are they working again?

  8. Scrap that, I’ve just used the internet.

    Also I’ve just realise my website link has been mistyped since I started posting here. I AM AN IDIOT.
    And I’m going to bed now.

  9. Thanks for the mixtape Graham. Sorry to hear you’ve left Dublin, there was something nice about the thought of you on the other side of the city finding internet nuggets to share with the rest of the world… hope it all goes well for you.

  10. This Muxtape thing is great, just like the good old days but with sparkling new mpeg layer III technology, hurrah for the future. http://goolay.muxtape.com/

  11. The Postal Service track is from an album of Verve remixes (the label, not the band)

  12. Grrrhhh. They’ve got to it.

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