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July 17, 2008


  1. Jeezo, you don’t waste time! It’s only Friday on a technicality, you know. :)

  2. Looking good on Boom Boom today! Good program actually, especially considering it was an rte effort. Anyway.

    Was just wondering, have you ever considered starting up a tumblelog? They’re really quick and easy and it seems like it would really suit your kind of rapid fire tidbit posting.

    Tumblr.com is a great tumblelog service if you’re interested. No I don’t work for them :)

  3. Graham, if you want more dirt on William Friedkin, I highly recommend Peter Biskind’s excellent “Easy Riders, Raging Bulls.” Ironically the only director who comes out relatively unscathed is the one who has the least respect today: Brian DePalma.

  4. Noah,
    How can you not respect the director of ‘Phantom of the Paradise’?
    Best movie of a Faust rock opera Paul Williams ever made.

  5. Not relevant to anything here at all… merely interesting! But here’s a wee article of a microbiologist taking down a creationist a peg or two. Quite a brilliant little put-down as well:


  6. Haha never saw that one. Well I personally don’t mind DePalma (even though he hasn’t made a good film in years) but the rest of the film community really has it in for him. Don’t ask me why. He should’ve been there to present Scorsese his Oscar with Spielberg and Coppola, not Lucas.

  7. I actually do think DePalma is pretty awful. I honestly do like ‘Phantom’ in that kitschy ‘Rocky Horror’ sort of way, but he does have a pretty bad track record. He should have gone in a more fantasy Henson type direction.

    So what does everyone think of the ‘Watchmen’ trailer?

  8. “war…I never expected those Tiger-men to attack Earth..” (well it could have been guessed from there species name what are tigers on their planet anyway?

    lovely clip and great link from the shadowplay blog

    agree totally with your bbc 3 criticisms long may it continue, the various papers seem to want to make a crazy fight out of everything yet most broadsheet reviewers of scallywagga and the like say more critical things yet every time they open their gobs there isn’t a blogfracas

    my only thoughts open seeing scallywagga were ‘surely it wasn’t the programme-makers intention to make me want to kill myself?’, you know a comedy programme had succeeded when it engenders thoughts of total self-destruction. Ah man if some guy came up to me looking like Dennis Pennis in a hat and said he knew my pin number that would be soooo funny…

  9. Linkitude to one of my favourite art-type sites, now sadly no longer updated. I recommend scrolling all the way down to the bottom and working up in chronological order as there are some running themes.


    Hve a lovely weekend, all. I’m now off to (after a full day’s work) be on call in a big hospital on a Friday night. No sleep for me then. No pub either. Boo.

  10. >‘Phantom of the Paradise’?

    Woah. Never heard anyone mention that before. I saw it late at night when I was very young. You know those perfect moments when you really should be in bed but can’t tear yourself away from watching some weird late-night movie? It always stuck with me and I eventually found out the name and bought the DVD recently. I’m surprised it didn’t get a cult following. The bad parts (acting etc) are pretty bad but there’s some dark and wonderful about it too.

    I just checked, and the whole thing seems to be Tubed. Have to admit, this scene always stuck with me as a young teenage boy:

  11. Thanks for putting the link up for the Watchmen trailer Adrianne, I’m definitely going to see it as I lived with the girl playing Janey Slater! My small claim to fame :D

  12. DePalma is a slightly strange man. My friend Niall drove him from the airport to the Edinburgh Film Festival. In silence. Then: “You got a lighter?”
    Niall hands The Great Man a lighter. Which he puts in his pocket.
    Conclusion: to BDP, other people are just walking dispensers of stuff.

    PS watched episode 2 of Lab Rats, curious after all the controversy. Bits are good, bits not good, it definitely deserves a chance. If it was on BBC1 I’d say “This is more imaginative and fun than the stuff they usually show.”

  13. Here’s a trailer for the short film “Spacemen Three” with Pat Shortt. I wrote it with Hugh O’Conor, who directed (and who posted a still from it here a while back).

    It played in the Galway Fleadh last weekend. Will post a full length version whenever “they” allow it…

  14. shite

  15. Brian De Palma awful?

    Untouchables, Mission Impossible and Scarface.

    Hit and miss but great when he gets it right

  16. Re: Watchmen Trailer

    I’m as squeamish and concerned about the Watchmen movie as any other fan of the Graphic novel (as in, will it be dumbed down? will it lose the politics? will it just look downright silly), but I have to give it to Zack Snyder, he sure know’s how to produce an exciting trailer. Even if he does have the most annoyingly ‘Surf California’ sounding name.

    Funny how they use a song from the disastrous Batman and Robin movie. It really works though, like that 300 trailer that used the Nine Inch Nails track, despite the anachronism.

  17. I haven’t even read Watchmen, and that trailer gets me very excited indeed.

    Btw Graham, I was wondering is this move to London just until filming of The IT Crowd is finished, or is it a permanent one?

  18. don’t forget BLOW OUT.

    amazing flick. such a weird and hilarious ending ‘yeah that’s it… that’s the scream…’

  19. Anyone seen this disturbing oddity?

    Aired on Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas/Gaza) – July 11, 2008 – 00:03:12 : Hamas TV Bunny Assud Is Tempted by Satan to Steal and Is Sentenced by Children Viewers to Have His Hand Chopped Off :


  20. As an antidote and companion piece, I would recommend the superb 2-hour documentary, The Qur’an shown this week on Channel 4 and now available to view on 4OD, which thankfully shows how peacful and moderate most Muslims who properly follow the Qur’an are.

  21. I’m tired of secular liberal democrat thinking making allowances for religion, moderate or extreme. They are all basically belief systems that have at their core discrimination. Basically they believe it’s OK for them to judge condemn (and persecute in some cases) a minority or members of another religion, because their particular supreme being dictates that it’s OK to do so. The registrar that refused to marry a same sex couple and won her case for unfair dismissal in London this week wouldn’t count herself as extreme but the judgment she achieved I would say was. The tolerance we display towards the religious is always going to be one way.

  22. Hi Graham,

    If you have not already seen this, you might find this enjoyable:

    Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog


  23. This is 47 mins long, but well worth it – Naomi Wolf on the End of America:

  24. Graham you might have heard of the controversy going on in the states right now, either way, I thought you’d enjoy it.



  25. Rick, I just checked out that Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog you mentioned. Some good bits (the main guy’s a good comic actor, given some choice lines, and it’s nice to see Wolowitz make an appearance) and some truly awful bits (every second that features sung dialogue). I was enjoying his monologue, but eventually something started to stink and I should have known Joss bloody Whedon was responsible. Can anyone tell me what the singing adds to the film? What is the point of it? Plus I hate the music itself, just like that terrible muck he put in the musical Buffy episode. It would have been a perfectly funny short film without the songs…

  26. Re: the “body of Christ” shite

    They’re communion wafers, not “crackers”! Grrr…terminology! Anyway, whichever way you slice it, I can’t blame the guy for wanting to savour the taste. I haven’t gone to Mass in a decade, but I’ll never forget the sweet film on the roof of my mouth. Sometimes – and I’m grown-up enough to admit this now – I pretended to say my prayers after communion but I was actually just thinking, “Mmmm…that’s some tasty bread!”

  27. Have to say that I’ve hitherto stayed away from Watchmen trailers for fear of what they’ll do to it. As a callow youth in my mid-teens Watchmen completely blew my mind. This time curiosity got the better of me… and I hope I’m not being set up for a fall. It appears from the trailer (and I realise it is ONLY a trailer) that the movie retains much of the visual style which made the book so great. Now if they can just avoid mangling the story to much in order to shoehorn it into the form…

  28. Feist on Sesame St. = Happy!

  29. Brendan,

    Yeah. Heaven forfend that human beings makes allowances for other human beings with whom they disagree. Where would we be if everyone carried on like that, eh?

  30. Was reading a recent chortle article about you, I agree; BBC Three is terrible…. that’s not exactly what you said but I’ll interpret it that way.

    What do you think of Chris Addison’s first foray into the world of writing television sitcoms? Some people were comparing it to The IT Crowd… I got more of a When The Whistle Blows vibe myself unfortunately.

  31. B’dum your coming to the party late on this one! :)

  32. But what a party!

  33. You know what this party needs? Mr. T singing about mothers in camo hot pants.

    (huge-mongous apologies if this thing’s already been posted on this blog millions of times. I’m new!)

  34. I don’t know about you but ‘The Watchmen’ trailer looks amazing. Is this the first film of his comic creations Alan Moore will be happy with?

  35. That’s my point, you’re not making “making allowances” for people that want to spread hate and embed that in legal decisions, you’re appeasing their fascist mumbo jumbo. If what they thought was harmless I’m all for toleration, but the religious want their prehistoric supernatural bigotry to become acceptable and for it to be the basis for legal discrimination in the 21st century. Moderate or extreme, they have as much right to influence modern democratic life as flat earthers have the right to redraw our maps.

  36. ah crap I missed those when I looked back through the pages earlier this week.

    I was too busy at REM, Ben Folds, The National, dEUS, RATM, Stranglers… Sugababes, Aphex Twin… etc to get a chance to read any of my subscribed blogs last week… hopefully thats good enough of an excuse.

  37. I don’t want your toleration!! Too much monkey business! (please someone get that, there’s two bad jokes in it!)

  38. I hope people don’t mind me posting this twice; it was buried near the end of last week’s comments, and it’s great!

    Here’s a link to the full text of Stephen Fry’s new podcast, “Broadcasting”, including his recent speech about the BBC and license fees. It’s a tour-de-force, as ever. Halfway down the page:


  39. Having been a long time fan of the book, I’m as excited about Watchmen as I used to be about Christmas. Love the fact that comics are getting some justice in the movies now. Would love to see ‘Gutsville’ on screen. Or ‘The Boys’.

    Can’t see ‘Snake ‘n Bacon’ making it out there, though.

    (Bought the Vampire Weekend album last week and love it. Ta Graham for that steer.)

  40. Holy crap, The Boys is Garth Ennis at his best (barring Preacher, of course!) Can’t wait for vol.3 – have you read The Pro? It’s about a prostitute that gains superhero powers and I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard at a comic, Ennis’ take on superheroes always makes me laugh because, well, I just don’t get the appeal of those kind of comics. His piss-take of Batman (“The Knight” in The Pro) is particularly funny.

  41. Sorry to pee on the parade, but I always thought ‘Watchmen’ was a bit of a weird one to WANT to film. I don’t quite see the point. So it’s going to have the story of ‘Watchmen’ with 15% of the textural complexity? (Necessarily, a film doesn’t seem to be able to cope with any more). What was ‘From Hell’, (the film) without this complexity except a bog-standard ‘Jack the Ripper’ story?

  42. Don’t know about a Snake’n’Bacon movie… but a TV pilot’s coming soon…!

  43. Wow! that’s great!

  44. any more details, Michael?

  45. the dark knight is currently number one on the imdb top 250!

  46. I can’t see Watchmen the movie being too close to the book either, but if they hit half of what the book did for me, I’ll be a happy chappy. Hell, I’d probably settle for a tenth. Maybe a twentieth.

    Snake’n’Bacon going into pilot? I’d love to see the target demographic for that. I bet it isn’t girls who smoke Marlboro Lights.

  47. It’s for Adult Swim/Cartoon Network… It was completed months ago and we’re all quite happy with it. There’s some promotional deal going on with Verizon, though, which means they show it first for 3 months on their “V-Cast” network as mobisodes… then, and only then, can it be broadcast. Which means end of the year, probably…

    Snake and Bacon are puppets in live action sequences, featuring Kristin Schaal, Dan Bakkedahl and David Rakoff; the animation boasts the voices of Bill Hader, Brian Stack, James Urbaniak, and the amazing Peter Serafinowicz.

  48. Okay, I think it’s possible to make an extraordinary film from textually complex book. “Orlando” would be one example I’d choose. David Lean’s “Great Expectations” is a safer example. But it can’t be done by a hack, you need to make changes, and have your own idea of what’s important and what story is actually being told. I was incredibly excited by some footage of the sets they were building for Watchmen (there’s so many behind-the-scenes things out on youtube now I can’t find the one I’m thinking of) it really did look like an alternative 1986. It was gritty, incredibly detailed, and everything seemed to have come to perfect life. I thought, when are they going to fuck it up?
    And now I’ve seen the trailer, and no I can’t say I’m excited. It looks like a bloody video game. These were tubby superheroes. Dr. Manhattan makes sense as CGI but the very fact that they’ve gone for making EVERYTHING in the film look like a super-hero comic when THE MOST IMMEDIATELY STRIKING THING about the comic was that it looked nothing like a super-hero comic, has rather killed my curiosity. Here:


    I found this ages ago and I post it not entirely out of mockery. It’s cheap and looks silly, but it’s also arguably the best piece of filmed Moore going. Because human beings just come on and say his words like they mean it and make you realize once again just what a writer he is and what scenes he could produce. This has always been a scene from the book that stuck in my mind (I’ve dreamt of seeing it re-enacted in Peepshow) and seeing it am-dram-ed like this, it’s definitely a beaut’. The movie will have no moment in it as affecting as these guys. Betcha.

  49. The real David Brent?

  50. I agree with Graham, do we really NEED a Watchmen movie? How can you fit the book, with all it’s character developement and layers of storytelling, into two hours?
    The trailer looks good but I’m on the fence.
    I’m not trying to be pretencious but the book is RIGHT THERE, if you want others to experience Watchmen, tell them to read it or buy it as a gift.
    Calling for comics to be made into film sort of undermines the medium they were created for, doesn’t it?
    Also, what’s going on with Rorschach’s mask – it looks static. Hmph!

  51. While I’m on my soap box, they can stop making movies of games too. Prince of Persia starring Donnie Darko? He isn’t ethnic for a start. Hitman starring Baby-Face Olyphant? What next next – ICO the Movie with Paris Hilton as Yorda? HARUMPH!

  52. Stuck for a baby name? You could do worse than “Olympic Games”!


  53. I, for one, would like to see Tetris: The Movie starring Shelly Duvall as the straight up and down piece.

  54. So..who will be watching the Watchmen?

  55. I wasn’t looking forward to Watchmen too much after reading that the director of 300 was making it but that trailer looks phenomenal.

    To Graham in particular: I understand your point that the film won’t have the depth of the original text but I feel that it’s definitely worthwhile making a film of some novels and comics because you obviously achieve so much more visually on the big screen that can’t be done on the page. Clearly with a novel the visualisation is done in your mind and you might not be happy with what the film produces but when you have someone like Zack Snyder in charge then it is at the very least interesting to see what their vision produces. I haven’t read Watchmen so I don’t know how much is in there but I’ve never been a fan of line for line adaptations, I’d rather they kept the core story or whichever is the most dramatic, and focused on that. You’ll have to tell me whether or not you think that is possible with Watchmen. I suspect it is and that they’d be better off going down that path rather than having a visually painful and narratively garbled film like Sin City.

  56. In my opinion, comparing Sin City to Watchmen is a bit like comparing Hairspray to Hamlet.

  57. RE Snake’n’ Bacon- is Kristin Schaal the lady from Flight of the Conchords tv show??

  58. Intellectually, I completely agree with Graham. Part of what makes Watchmen great is its impact as a graphic novel. Showing the story telling ability of medium.
    I also can not stop myself from wanting to see this movie. I love that the movie is reviving the excitement that people feel about Watchmen.
    I think it’s more about the experience of celebrating Watchmen with the rush and intensity of film, not about replacing it.
    Hopefully they will make something that is worth watching as a film and not just a geek love fest.

  59. “I think it’s more about the experience of celebrating Watchmen with the rush and intensity of film, not about replacing it.”

    truer than the trueist thing that’s ever been said on this site, Adrianne. I completely take back what I said.

    If they manage to recreate, for a cinema audience, the excitement of reading Alan Moore at his best (although I personally prefer ‘V’ from that ‘period’…sorry to be arsey) then yes, it has every reason to exist. Sorry. I sound like Frasier. But it does.

  60. Best convert I’ve made all day:)

  61. Re: Kristin Schaal: Yes, it is!

  62. She’s wonderful.

  63. http://dcairns.wordpress.com/2008/07/21/mad-bastard-ii-madder-bastard/

    Sequel to my William Friedkin thing. Thanks for linking to that, Graham.

  64. I flipping LOVE ‘V For Vendetta’, me. That’s the one I would recommend should anyone ever say “so, this Alan Moore guy…good, is he?”.

    To me, it’s up there with Maus as being the comic you can give to your friends who don’t read comics without feeling like you never grew up.

    I love the washed-out, furiously-scrubbed artwork too. That’s the main reason I haven’t ever seen the film version, cos I don’t really want all the colour putting back in. Plus it got bad reviews!

    I don’t have that feeling about Watchmen though, much as I love it. It is plenty colourful enough.

  65. @ Wrong Headed & Countess Duckula, Moore himself is thinking along the same lines, though he reckons that after computer games and theme park rides, breakfast cereal mascots will be the next to be plundered for cinema: The Tony the Tiger Movie, or one telling the story of how Snap, Crackle and Pop first got together.

  66. If you think movies based on theme park rides are bad, how about this?

    Ridley Scott to make Monopoly movie


  67. Hot Chip covered by Little Boots using a Tenori-on!


  68. I don’t think adapting things (be it comics or games) to the big screen is necesserally a bad thing – I just don’t see the incentive as far as Watchmen is concerned. The outcome is likely to be the masses viewing a watered down version of the original concept and story. Watchmen isn’t just a comic, it’s a comic ABOUT comics and then some.

    Adrianne says, “Hopefully they will make something that is worth watching as a film and not just a geek love fest.”

    The trailer seems aimed for the latter, as there’s no hint of plot for the uninitiated.

    My point is: yeah, it’ll be cool seeing a “celebration” of Watchmen in motion on the big screen but will it worth it? I don’t know…
    I’m apprehensive because it’ll be frustrating to hear somone say, at the mention of Watchmen, “Oh, that movie sucked!”
    I’ve seen the movie V For Vendetta, is it worth reading the book? I feel like I’ve lost out on something special because I saw the film first.

  69. graham have you heard the band fleet foxes yet? you’d probably love them (given what you seem to listen to, as evidenced by the stuff that comes up on your mix tapes etc.)

  70. Why no comments allowed on Feist on Sesame St?
    I had never heard of her, so I looked her up on youtube and found the song “1 2 3 4 ” – now I get it! Great post, and she is cool!

  71. Uh, Money Mark?

    That was the first time I heard that for about ten years. It stands up.

  72. Generation Kill from our friends at The Wire.


  73. Worst attempt at asking a woman on a date ever:


  74. Rachel, that really is the worst by a long long way. Scary.

  75. Oh, I’m familiar with Mister Movie Script.

  76. Rachel, thanks. Too many amazing lines. I love the slow reveal that he only has her work number.

  77. Here’s the bio for a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives. He’s from Florida (of course).


    My favorite factoid: “Watches a lot of shows.”

    I’d vote for him.

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