June 27, 2008


  1. Graham,

    I’ve got to ask because it’s killing me, when is series three of the IT crowd going to be airing. I’m not sure if I can handle this not knowing any longer. The internets seems unaware of the date at this point, I was wondering if you had any light you could shed upon the matter.

  2. How come everytime I see a battered old caravan, I hope that it bounces around a bit, and Janine Reilly comes falling out.


    Thanks, that made my day.

  4. Not sure if you’ve have seen this amusingly rotund cat…

    I just love the way he tries to lever himself against the brickwork.

  5. As it’s Friday I thought it’d be a good excuse to rock out to the sounds of the Bishop and the Warlord!

    Every time I try and get a friend into a bit of fry and laurie they seem to always say some of the sketches are too long and it’s hit and miss. I think we’ve all been conditioned to sketch shows that are just quick at the expense of the comedy. I’ll take hit and miss over shit but shiny any day of the week.


    Perhaps it’s a lateral thinking puzzle, designed to test your susceptibly to gender stereotypes: phone was girl’s *mother*.

  7. He couldn’t wait
    For the the date
    of the Third IT Crowd
    Who was the Phone?

    Michael 1972-2008

  8. Hello there Graham. Follow the link there to a song about post-modernism that I think you may enjoy:


    Credit must go to a girl named Tess for the find.

  9. Hi Graham. It’s finally friday! Woo!
    Please check out this cartoon strip I made. I hope it brings a smile to your face :)


    + Have a great weekend! :)

  10. IT Crowd 3 will be on screen just before Christmas, with any luck… Thanks for the links…I will explore them presently…

  11. great news, there won’t be any celebrity big brother or anything like that delaying it’s air date?

    and who was phone?

  12. Total agreement on Fry and Laurie, Jimbo. Two of the greatest writers and performers in history. We had to wait for Big Train to see that kind of sketch-writing originality again, and we’ve certainly not seen it since.

  13. What does the “The Greengrocer” turn into when you look at it upside down….? (Keep scrolling…)

  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gz976sCCvkM Hilarious

  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tq_KLI3IBvk – Two minute sketch about yin, yang and making poverty history.

  16. isn’t it funny that george bush and the iraq war keeps bill hicks sounding fresh?

    like the year when we were accused of ripping off the danish eurovision entry. Life finds a way…

  17. Has anyone seen this before? Live action Fantastic Four movie made in 94? I need to get my hands on a copy. It looks brilliant.

  18. I give you Hungarian Peace Rapping.

  19. Christ, I’d forgotten about that Speak video. It’s still powerful, deeply moving stuff. Here’s the wikipedia entry about him:


    Maybe it’s just the fact that I didn’t get very much sleep last night, but I found the wikipedia page to be even funnier than the video. It’s drier than a Dyson hand drier.

  20. Sorry, bum link:

  21. This page maan

  22. @ thecomiccast: I saw a bootleg copy of it once. It’s everything you’d hope a low-budget Roger Corman “Fantastic Four” would be.

  23. What happened to Wes Anderson?? He continued to improve! The Life Aquatic is one of my personal favourite films of all time, and I also loved The Darjeeling Ltd. Never understand why people think he’s lost it. His new films are perhaps just less acessible, but repeated viewings are extremely rewarding.

  24. I’ve heard Oxford Comma somewhere before, think it was used in an advert or trailer for a TV programme, I just can’t place it, which is really bugging me, can anyone put me out of my misery ?

  25. They performed it on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross and you’ve probably heard it on the radio too. That’s a cool video. I also loved the one Richard Ayoade directed for Super Furry Animals, starring Matt Berry, it was excellent.

  26. Oh, God, ‘The Life Aquatic’…the mere IDEA of sitting through it again…

  27. Ever tried The Shortwave Set, Graham? Their debut album, ‘The Debt Collector’, is messy and beautiful.

  28. Aw Graham thats such a shame… I’m confident if you gave it another go your opinion would improve!

  29. Damn that Onion. Why are they so bloody good at everything?


  30. Actually, I’m not even sure the Onion’s piece can be filed under ‘Humour’. Maybe we need a new category: “Depressingly accurate prophetic reportage”

  31. Can’t resist posting this. Complete insanity. A clip-on video camera that lets people film whoever they decide to blow away. Can’t wait for the new strain of YouTube vids this might produce…


  32. The Life Aquatic was amazingly bad. Is it cos Owen Wilson was replaced with Noah Baumbach? Upset the balance or something?

    A lot of its fans are ridiculously defensive of it too.

    Is the Darjeeling Ltd any better? I’m genuinely afraid of watching it.

  33. “This movie is for people who can look somewhat deeper into comedy than someone punching someone else in the face or exposing themselves, which can be funny sometimes, if done right. Think about why it’s funny, and if your smart enough, you’ll laugh for hours. ”
    uzacrazyfoo from The Life Aquatic’s IMDb boards

    IMDb boards are the funniest thing on the internet, fact!

  34. physics fun
    with Chris Morris!

  35. Thanks, Andrew! Good find!

  36. I’m sure there were only three kinds of teeny tiny particle wotsits (quarks?) when I was at school…

    I think I just re-inforced the uselessness of my AS level in physics.

    On a different note, Richard Ayoade’s music vid is very cool. I also love the Arctic Monkeys one he did. With the clowns. And the violence.

  37. B’Dum B’Dum, I mostly agree with that IMDB post, although I wouldn’t say you actually “think” about why it’s funny. It really is a fantastically funny and charming film, and I’m afraid it’s just incredibly frustrating that so few people bother to give it a proper chance. I didnt much enjoy it the first time I saw it either, and most of my friends were the same.

    The best analogy I can think of is comparing it to a really good album. With all the best music, the subtleties and brilliance take repeated listens to come through. Liking an album the first time you hear it can actually be a bad sign because the novelty will probably wear off soon.
    The same is true with a lot of great movies and even some television comedy. The world would be a better place if more people realised the perfection of the Life Aquatic. It seems it might simply stay one of these cult things only adored by people who really appreciate great film-making.

  38. Hmmm…I think I might leave it to those special people to continue watching it for me, Darren.

  39. graham how did you guys get Brian Eno to appear in Father Ted?

  40. I think it’s just me, but any comedy thats meant to be “subtle” comes across more obviously than a joke on When The Whistle Blows to me.
    “Only adored by people who really appreciate great film-making” that’s the sort of talk that makes people change from not liking the film to despising it… best example of this being Tarrantino’s films.

    Graham; if you attack the film to enough Anderson fans, a mob of them will come to your house and make you re-watch it. Happened me with a film whose name I shall not repeat for fear of another mob(clue: stars someone whose catchphrase of sorts is “hoo-ah”).

  41. Haha, fair enough lads. I understand that statement come across as arrogant, B’Dum B’Dum, and given the option I’d revise it.

    Who knows, maybe it’s just a personal thing? I don’t think I’ll boycott series 3 of IT Crowd over it Graham. I bet I had you sweating though. You can now sleep soundly.

  42. Fergal. Just asked him. he was in our minds because we kept seeing him around London (often wearing a fez). He was great about it.

    Darren. Nature of the internet. We all write things we regret at least twice a year.

  43. cool thanks for the info…On another note i just discovered that somebody has uploaded clips episodes of Couched on to Youtube. In my opinion Barry Murphy cannot put a foot wrong. He was in Father Ted wasnt he? I think hes the best comedian we’ve got.

  44. oh and heres a clip i plucked…

  45. and props to mark doherty also. Hes the one on the left..for those who dont know

  46. You may have seen this already, it’s more interesting rather than delightful

  47. post damn you linnnkkk!

  48. You’ve jawboned about your dislike of webcomics before so this might be up your alley, does anybody LIKE them?


  49. Oh, God, it’s so true. I hate gaming webcomics so much, I keep trying to do a post on them, but my contempt is so poisonous, I don’t like inflicting it on innocent bystanders.

  50. I’ve thought about doing an ironic, intentionally terrible gaming webcomic before to vent my distain but I’m not sure people would be able to tell the difference and it would pain me to have actually devoted time to doing it.

  51. I’m looking forward to this documentary on Gaylord Dingler. http://www.workingclassfilms.net/dingler.htm

    He’s supposedly the worst comic in the world. He did open-mike comedy for 27 years, which blows my mind. It’s always sad when somebody winds up missing, though.

  52. I’d not even heard of Couched before. Thanks for introducing me.

    No screenings of that or Soupy Norman on english telly….yet Two Pints of Lager is in it’s 95th series.

    Lord help us.

  53. Was that baby in the Jules video named Xenu? That whole exchange with the baby was so creepy. “You’re a baby now, but I’ll remember you. I’ll find you. I’m under your bed, Xenu. I’m watching you, Xenu.”


  54. I caught all of Soupy Norman on YouTube, it’s amazing.

  55. Hello. Bit of an aside but if you have a mo, peruse this work of genius.


    It’s not a spoof. It’s mighty Russia at her best.
    Cower in fear, world!

  56. Well at least government intelligence has improved …

  57. here Linehan – brazen request, but sure no harm in asking – any chance you would add http://richandcreamy.org to your blog roll (non commercial site, non award winning site). I’ve had WTD on my WordPress blog roll for ages – and you didn’t even have to ask me. Check it out. Go raibh maith agat.

  58. I REALLY like sandwiches.

  59. feelies reunion show-slipping(into something)

  60. What can I say… I found it funny…


    I’ve been in a similar position but I wasn’t playing halo… Think this has been around for awhile but I didn’t know about it so its news to me. enjoy community.

  61. I’m just begging that he uses the old “the money was just resting in my account” defense…


  62. Jules: “I’m afraid I can’t let you do that Dave.”

  63. Sheeeeeeeesus! B’Dum! Thank you for that! How did you know? I loved the Feelies. One of my favourite numbers too.

    By the way, sorry about the paucity of posting this week. Been a bit sicky.

  64. Cos of my endless plugging of them in reality and online, I actually asked you a while back. Part two of that video had me grinning like a gobsh!te with happiness.

    Here’s a report from Stan Demeski’s daughter.

    Not much up about their double header free show with Sonic Youth from last night yet… cept they played some NEW SONGS!

  65. In the unexpected double entendres department:


    Governor funds campaign with cornhole – even plays himself

  66. All together now ” We are The Diamonds, We come from Glasgow..”
    A celebration of mullets from this 1980s no-expense gone to video promoting the deservedly long gone Diamonds American Football Team- they came from Glasgow you know….

  67. Hope you get well soon, Graham.

  68. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=q3mDLsyn6ns&feature=related

    Terrifying. Just terrifying. “Dark-sided”?

    Get well soon, G.

  69. Florida to force Disney to let Mickey pack heat


  70. This left me … um… well, speechless:

    (Gorbachov, the music video)

  71. Here’s a really fun thing to do:

    “List your favourite record from every year you’ve been alive.”


  72. Hope you’re feeling better, Mr. Linehan!

    Somebody did a cross-stitch project featuring “The IT Crowd” (which I think is kind of nifty): http://cloudrat.deviantart.com/art/The-IT-Crowd-72149124

    And over on the disturbing side of the street, somebody did a rendering of “The IT Crowd” cast as furries: http://silvolf.deviantart.com/art/The-IT-Crowd-74876388

    If you’ve ever wondered where the polygamist Fundamentalist Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints gets their snappy clothing from, look no further: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/07/01/polygamist-fashion-heads_n_110292.html

  73. I checked out that Toxic Tech Scientology link yesterday and was about halfways through when my kids started kicking up. Was hoping to resume reading the article today but the article can no longer be found – is it just me or is there a conspiracy of silence afoot here? Love your work Graham.

  74. Ah Graham, I see you’ve been having a go at modern comedy. What made me laugh was the picture they chose of you (apologies if that is your permanent expression).


  75. A general chat about writing turned into a tabloidy rant. You stay classy, The Stage!

  76. The next post was not about kittens!

  77. It’s you and Pike from Dad’s Army now. It’s a revolution, I tell you!

  78. They don’t like it up ’em!

  79. graham im interested to know what your daily writing routine is like? At the moment im trying to do some screenwriting of my own and as inspiration have been reading lots of screenplay know how books..Ive actually found Stephen Kings “On Writing” a particularly informative read even though he isnt technically a screenwriter. Im a year out of college with a History degree but my goal is to make movies. Im currently writing a short film. You have some experience in this field with ” Hello Friend”..Out of interest did it take long to come up with that story?

  80. Not long enough, as in the end I wasn’t happy with it. Read ‘Bird By Bird’ too–it’s my favourite book on writing.

  81. Thanks for the book tip, sorry we can’t hear your proper views on writing – they are always welcome! Maybe we should do an interview here – at least we can’t edit out all the useful bits (without you noticing).

    Glad to hear IT Crowd is coming along. I hope they film it in Pinewood again as it was a great experience to watch it. You can put me on the guest list for that!

  82. B’dum B’dum, your mention of hooha made my head hurt and then I remembered a time of suffering. Is it anything to do with this fella?

    Graham, I watched Alan Partridge last night, loved your bit with “Sunday bloody Sunday.”

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