Jesus, Friday already.

June 20, 2008


  1. Well you get want you ask for, as long as you ask a year in advance:

  2. Wheres Wilbur..


  3. A Guide to Sex –

  4. I’m pretty sure this has been posted before but in case anyone hasn’t seen it before it’s top brass feel-good lump-in-throat stuff.

  5. Graham, that story about Melvyn Bragg has the real ring of truth about it. Do you think he was embarassed for you – or is he just, as I suspect, a bit of a sneering elitist cunt?

    It’s a shame, because I really enjoy In Our Time which is superb.

    This week’s favourite quote from it comes from Otto Von Bismark who described a Bavarian as ‘a cross between an Austrian and a human being’

    Funny until you realise he was probably serious.

  6. Hi Graham,

    I was thinking of introducing a range of ironic ‘ironic’ T-Shirts with slogans such as ~

    ~ 80’s Pop Culture Catchphrase!

    ~ Hilarious Slogan!

    ~ Obscure 70’s Sporting Event!

    ~ Inspirational Speech Taken Out of Context!

    ~ Small American Mid-West Business!

    And so on…

    Your thoughts?

  7. hi graham, i’m new to this here blog so don’t want to be the idiot who sends you a forward you’ve seen 100 times already even though it was patently unfunny the first time….but it’s a risk i’m willing to take. its a wonderful commercial which does have the luxury of being 2 mins long (as one hack said, “i’d like to see the 30sec cut”), but i think they’re missing the point, the concept is great to begin with.

    on a separate/pseudo stalker note, you were actually at a party in my old house in rathmines about 4-5 years back with your sister – i believe you were holed up in the kitchen while i was playing records in the main room, oblivious that we had such illustrious company. i was told you enjoyed the party anyway which made me feel a little better about not having met you. just a little mind…..

  8. I posted this last week…..but very late on.
    It’s a friends band called ‘The Bleeps’.

    Would love some feedback on the music and video.

    (Sorry for using your forum for my interest Graham).
    I’ll let you give me a chinese burn.

  9. Gah.


  10. Wearing a balaclava is a bit 2007, but it’s a nice, simple video. Well done!

  11. Hey Ho Folks.

    After seeing Graham’s ‘Guided by voices’ mixtape a wee while back, i nicked the mixtape idea for my blog.

    thing is, muxtape is causing me some grief, so can any of you chaps, or chapesses, recommend an alternative.

    Our mixtapes are without a doubt, excellent.

    I won’t post links and take the piss out of Graham’s hospitality…

    *cough* click my username *cough*

    have a good weekend folks.


  12. Videos from Adam Buxton’s heelarious Youtube channel are presented in a new half-hour pilot he’s done called MeeBOX which is on BBC3 this Sunday at 2345. Might be worth a look.

  13. Thanks for the reminder, Olly! I hope Adam includes some of his Radiohead stuff, like this piece of genius:

    Yay Friday!

  14. Saw Adam Buxton MC-ing a comedy night at the 100 club a few weekends ago and he had some hilarious new clips. Not sure if it’ll be on MeeBox but look out for Baaad Dad’s generic punk documentary. Terrific stuff.

  15. Sigur Ros album out monday….yessss!!!

  16. Jesus friday only comes once a year and is good. I chose not to regard your comma. I didn’t even heed or attend it.

  17. Thanks for posting the link to the Chavez film. That was so exciting and heart-warming. I already knew about the coup and TV station thing but that really brought it home. About the only sane world leader out there, in my opinion. (Don’t shoot me down please)

  18. Started watching Austin Powers, but had to give up with the Rocket seen. Laid on much too thick.

    As to Shreck, well his voice didn’t ruin it, because funny uk accents all sound the same to us aussies.

  19. I dunno about the Mike Myers thing. Not because I’m a rabid fan or anti the other fella. It just seems a shame that a quote from someone who is largely irrelevant to either gentleman should cause a debate of which of the two is better.

    I mean if Simon Pegg said the Father Ted scripts were as good as anything by Billy Wilder (for example), and then bloggers started going “FATHER TED!? BILLY WILDER!?” in an outraged/quizzical tone and then claiming that there are Father Ted episodes that aren’t all that, really…

    …actually, forget it, I can’t think of a good analogy which doesn’t sound like I’m having a pop, and that’s not nice, given that it’s your blog and all.

    So, in summary, screw you, Myers!

    (I also don’t really get the Shrek films, by the way, but only because they seem to be pitched at adults who are also children…and there’s not enough funny.)

  20. No, I know what you mean, Frazer, and I agree that it’s unfair. I really should sit on pieces like that before I post them because my central point got lost in the why-I-don’t-like-him stuff. It’s the hyperbole I have a problem with.

  21. Exactly. It’s Michael De Luca’s fault for talking bollocks. As a hyperbolist, he’s up there with the greats! ;-)

  22. Yoink!

  23. I thought you were really having a bigger go at the exec, rather than at Myers (who I don’t find particularly funny anyway).

    Looking forward to Adam’s show; it’s about time he had one. Here’s a really helpful public information song from his and Joe’s BBC 6 show.

  24. Well Mike DeLuca is the reason that P.T. Anderson made Boogie Nights and Magnolia for New Line. He was the blank check guy for him, much to the studio’s chagrin. So it’s not surprising that DeLuca would invoke PTA to defend his artistic credibility. But I, too, thought the comparison was ridiculous. Myers is a great performer in my opinion, but with the exception of Wayne’s World, none of his films hold up. I tried watching the first Austin Powers recently and could only get through 20 minutes.

    BTW I saw Jim Norton win his Tony by chance and totally drew a blank at first. When he realized who it was, all I could think of was rabbits and being kicked up the arse. I really don’t know if I could see The Seafarers without Len on my mind. Thanks Graham. :-P

  25. Woohoo! Friday has arrived, and for me school is finished – I did my last A-Level today, so now I can finally while away the lovely summer months listening to admittedly old but undeniably summery songs like this:

    Watched The Father, The Son and The Housekeeper btw. Great documentary, although I didn’t see the connection to the character of Father Ted – perhaps “The Real Bishop Brennan” would have been more apt. Now for that Chavez one…

  26. Funny you should mention that. I just saw ‘The Weir’ at the Gate, Dublin last night (brilliant production, try and see it). I had first seen the play nearly ten years ago with Jim Norton in the central role and met him after the show. He said that he and the cast were having terrible problems getting people to stop laughing for the play’s serious bits.
    I did feel semi-responsible, as ‘Ted’ was still fresh in people’s minds. Luckily the show isn’t big in America and everyone can see him for the great actor he is.

  27. Great clips Graham. Perfect end to the week. Cheers.

  28. Adam Buxton’s videos are hilarious. My two favourites are his re-dub of “You Say We Pay” with Richard and Judy and “Tiny TV Boss” (both on youtube).

    He is also a fellow fan of the band Spoon – anyone heard of them? I can’t recommend them highly enough and you can check out a couple of videos Mr Buxton made for them on his youtube channel.

  29. I’ve got their latest album, Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga. And it’s Ga-reat.

  30. Celestial crabs ascending! Arrgh!

  31. I mean “aargh” it’s really funny, not aargh it’s venereal. I just don’t think.

  32. “Sausages” cracks me up. Thanks for turning me on to the Buxton You Tube channel. “Help the police” is class also. It cheered me up after a week of people calling me an idiot for missing Leonard Cohen.

  33. sorry just noticed this resemblence between Adam Buxton +Beard and Saddam Hussein circa cave hiding time…

  34. That Songs of Praise clip was brilliant!

  35. Ryan Air CEO being a toolbag: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfIY24BErBE

  36. From the Daily Mail: “Wind takes off with Helen Mirren’s hat”

    (sigh).. jesus christ.

  37. I love Adam Buxton’s Captain Birdseye, it makes me laugh every time.

    As I am the owner of a Scottish accent, I’m a good judge on Myer’s Shrek voice and I’d say it’s passable (I mean it’s no Groundskeeper Willie in terms of Och-ing and R-rolling). Although I reckon it jarrs because every other character in the film has an American accent so Shrek suffers from what you have called one time “The Daphne Effect”.

  38. I’m trying to think of a bad Irish performance, I’m sure there’s loads but none spring to mind… probably because it’s 03.38 am.

  39. Brad Pitt had a depth-plumbing Northern Irish accent in ‘The Devil’s Own’. The film was also terrible. I wonder if there is a correlation between accent quality and film quality?

  40. Don’t forget Michael J Fox in Back To The Future III and, the classic one, Tom Cruise in whatever shitbone awful film he was in years ago. He was one step away from riverdancing whilst shouting ‘I just love the fucking craic’.

    The buffoon.

  41. Ooh! I have one! Colin Farrell.

  42. Sorry if this has come up here before Graham… (don’t a lot of us seem to say that?), but just wondering about your views are on the “Lost Episode” of Ted that the Trinity drama people put together?

    I was lucky enough to catch it in Galway a few months ago and thought it was truly excellent. I, being a huge Ted fan and a cynical bastard, was expecting sacrilege. However in my opinion it could only have been better if it was done by Arthur and yourself with the original cast. The actors were fantastic, particularly Len and Ted, and really accurately caught the original style of the show. If anyone in Ireland hears of this production near (or even far) from you I urge you to go along. You won’t be disappointed!

  43. It’s very flattering, of course, but I don’t really like revisiting the past for all sorts of reasons. It’s great they’ve turned out a good show, but I’d love to see what they’d do with one of their own ideas.

  44. You might have seen this during the week, but if not here it is anyway…

    Taken at the Spencer Tunick naked photoshoot in Blarney the other day.

  45. You mentioned Ryanair and their terrible service a while ago, apparently this is what you get while you’re waiting (provided you pay business class, of course)

  46. Adam Sandler is being touted as the star of a biopic about Piers Morgan. Paul Thomas Anderson is helming it. Working title? “There Will Be Twats”.

  47. I completely agree Graham, I’m sure they can now turn their hands to other things with confidence. I can understand your reservations, but from a fan’s point of view it’s great for nostalgia plus the novelty of some “new” Ted stuff. I suppose it’s sort of like a band who start out by doing cover versions before getting to grips with their own writing.

  48. Hmmmmmmmm.

  49. Thought you might like this….


    …But he probably did!

  50. Just saw Adam Buxton’s “MeeBOX” pilot on BBC3, very impressed, excellent stuff.

  51. Mr. Linehan, I’m sorry. This might make your skin jump clean off your bones in a sudden spasm of disgust. It involves a certain smug Irish airline owner and an attempt at sexual comedy. (Please watch before reading my remarks below. Thanks)

    For what it’s worth. My observations. Sorry they’re not super-succinct:
    1. His bully humour. The joke as a slap. Shock value only. No reward for the recipient. See also, the retarded adolescence of a man who has devoted his life entirely to the accumulation of mammon. Be warned, boys. This is what you sound like after a few jars when you think you’re Bill Hicks. The wit is more rapist than rapier.
    2. In this clip, O’Leary is stone cold fucking sober.
    3. Is it possible that the politely translating woman to his left is not suing him for sexual harrassment? Really. And the German ‘Sex Life’ remarks. From an IRISH man?
    3. How come nobody ‘on the floor’ thought to ask him:
    “Mr. O’Leary, given your track record with customer care, will the passengers be required to give or receive these blowjobs?”
    4. I will someday write a treatise on the differences between bawdiness and vulgarity. it’s a surprisingly delicate matter.
    5. Me. I’m all for bawdy. See 6.
    6. He doesn’t mention the availability of cunnilingus. Obviously there’s another Irish airline who can etc etc.
    6. Doesn’t he put his pen in his mouth a lot? A smoker perhaps. Or….And I take back the ‘sober’ remark.

  52. I just saw that the clip was previously posted by bry. Still though. Fucksake.

  53. Just heard that the great George Carlin has died. I had noticed he was looking pretty frail in recent interviews..Well in honour of the man heres a great clip from years back

  54. Did it sound to anyone else like the guy who won $250,000 on the scratchcard is saying “Please don’t kill me” right at the end of that clip? I’ve listened to it a couple of times and that’s a pretty weird thing to say, even if you are about to buckle over from being the jammiest bastard alive.

  55. “Please don’t film me!” Why would they kill him??!!!

  56. Fether Ted made the New York Times Sunday Crossword puzzle. Clue: 1990’s British Comedy “Father ____”

    Thought you’d want to know.

  57. I mean Father Ted obviously.

  58. When I imagine winning the lottery I picture myself pretending I didn’t so nobody tries to steal the ticket, then I’d have to check it about 30 times – it’s only when the money’s in the bank I would celebrate. Anyone else think like that?

  59. Hey Graham,
    I used to live around the corner from you and used to see you around a lot when I’d be coming or going to work, I was always too shy to say hello and I didn’t know what the etiquette was (still don’t) when you see comedy writers on their time off. Just said I’d say hello here!

  60. http://raymcgrath.wordpress.com/2008/06/23/we-made-these-people-happy/

    This guy has a go at the UKIP in a Lisbon treaty related article and the sad tools actually had the nerve to leave him threatening comments. Worth a look.

  61. Thought I’d have another go at commenting, but on a slightly less contentious issue this time….

    As a long time fan of Adam Buxton (with and without Joe) my hopes weren’t high for MeeBox. I foolishly though it must have been in limbo for so long with good reason. Happily it appears to be one of the best things he’s done. I absolutely LOVE ‘Famous Guy’ and the YouTube alien. I’d be interested to know how well it works for people not already on the right wavelength through listening to the podcast etc.

    On the subject of Mike Myers Shrek voice…. it was fucking dismal when he did it for ‘Fat Bastard’ but at least it had some point there because that character was supposed to be Scots. With Shrek it’s just grating and pointless.

    Oh and keep up the good work all. This blog is still my favourite waste of time!

  62. Snowcherry, where was I living at the time? I can pretty much guarantee you that I was dying for someone to say hello to me.

  63. Hello Graham !
    Don’t know if this is the right place to let you these words; but I didn’t find anywhere else on your blog to write you…

    Anyway; I just finished the IT’s last episode (started the first one some hours ago); maybe I’ll not be very original, but I HAVE to tell you all my admiration for this !
    Incredible show, really good humor, direction and acting !
    Congratulation. It’s been a long time I’ve not enjoyed a TV show like that one.
    Don’t know if you’ll take it as a compliment (it is :)), but your humor reminded me “Parker Lewis” in some way; or some goods (because there were also bad ones) episodes of “Weird Science”.

    Maybe you’re the kind of person that will like that incredible movie that I just found randomely some days ago and seems to be unfairly quite unknow : “It’s all gone Pete Tong”. You should watch it ! Do not rely to the trailer, the movie is impossible to summarize…

    One last thing; I see that you seems to enjoy good music, and animation too.
    I made a little videoclip some time ago; if you want you could find the video on this page : http://snipurl.com/2nrk3

    …keep making that amazing work !


  64. Hi Graham, unrelated to anything else on here but on account of alot of the music you post, I wondered if you’ve read Simon Reynolds’ brilliant Rip it Up & Start Again? Also, saw Tapping The Wire last night, always good to hear the opinions of other addicts.

  65. George Carlin is dead:


  66. Ooops…I see someone already posted about Carlin. Ah well.

    *raises glass*

  67. Used to live near you in Terenure, have since moved on, I miss it a lot though it is a good spot.

    Also while I’m here something I’ve been wanting to know the answer to for a while. How on earth was the parochial house located for Ted? I’ve been down there on two occasions in the last few weeks and it really is in the arse end of nowhere. Who found it?

  68. I presume our locations guy, though I can definitely tell you that it was our producer, Geoffrey Perkins, who said “That’s the house.”

  69. …when he saw the photo, that is.

  70. Yeah I’ve been there a couple of times as I was studying in Galway for a while. Caves and cliffs as well of course! Arse end of nowhere really is an understatement though, the first time I tried to find it I was certain I was completely lost, heading down this tiny road for bloody ages. It’s odd imagining cast and crew travelling out there to film the outdoor scenes alright

  71. Just watched Speed 3 for the first time in months last night – what an episode! It’s just relentless!

    It’s easy to forget how brilliantly some of those Ted episodes were structured. Speed 3 had joke upon joke, piled high until there was nowhere left to go – and then another punchline or visual gig is thrown onto the heap and your face starts to hurt. The pile of boxes in the road, the surveillance scene and the final gag with Ted and the brick – all perfect.

    Series 3 was tremendous. Ah, they all had lovely bottoms so to speak.

  72. “Visual gig”? The keyboard’s been drinking, not me.

  73. Hi Graham.

    Do you like My Bloody Valentine? I went to see them in the Roundhouse on Tuesday and it was an incredible gig!
    Just thought I would recommend otherwise!

  74. Great band, their album Loveless is being remastered and reissued soon, excellent!

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