June 13, 2008


  1. That Adult Swim video is genius.

    And yes, your dead-on, it is the breathing.

  2. Sub-budgetless trailer for “Goldfinger”, lovingly crafted by two quite shy-looking young lads:


    It’s a few months old but it made me laugh again just now.

  3. Only just found out – Holy Moly! – which has been kicking popbitch in the snarky gossip stakes for ages now – has a YouTube channel!


    Everything is quite, quite brilliant. Thought I’d share.

  4. Thought Swing Em Home was spot on but not too keen on the Seinfeld auditions. Felt a bit like ‘Mind Your Language’. Happy weekend.

  5. The point of the seinfeld auditions is not the ‘funny’ accents of the people in front of the camera, but the spot-on impression of Seinfeld! Jeez, Bernie!

  6. Oh well, no offence intended. Gotta admit, if Bob Dylan starred in Good Morning Vietnam, the classroom scenes would sound exactly like the Seinfeld clip.

  7. thought you might like to check out Edgar Wright’s blog on Myspace. Robert Popper is an amazing prankster.

  8. Edgar’s blog:

  9. RE: the telemarketer thing.

    Are you familiar with the automated repulsion system called “Telecrapper 2000”
    there’s an animation of the device tormenting a marketer here.


    they have a terrible website here: http://www.pagerealm.com/tc2k/

    it’s well worth listening to the ‘stacks’ of ludicrous conversations, but they are all zipped up wavs.

    there’s a streaming one here though

  10. this guy reads a break up letter in the style of an impassioned Shakespearean monologue.

    it made me laugh anyway….


  11. I don’t suppose you’ve been keeping up with the work of Fred and Sharon Spencer? They’ve found a client. Not Lily Allen – Someone proper. Someone with “a unique idea involving amazingly designed geometry with specific metallurgical substances”. Intrigued? Prepare to be blown away by the Technologies of Peace:
    And thank you for the introduction.

  12. I’d be surprised if you haven’t seen this before but I’d like to share it with my brothers/sisters that visit this site that haven’t … “the best musical appearance on the late late show”…. not only is it a great tune by a great bad but the fact that the front man is clearly off his tits adds to it.

  13. Just checked out the first link Simon, the first sentence made me laugh… its so ridiculous, but so great.

  14. Time is going by really, really slow.

  15. Obscure bible verses with funny commentary:

    Sorry to offend any religious folks reading this, but the verses had me laughing out loud.

  16. heheheh just got Father Ted Definitive Collection Boxset. just wanted to say thankyou. feeling so so giddy now.

  17. Graham!
    We want to send you a copy of this – what’s a stalker-free address that we can have it delivered to?
    “leven years, three convictions, two deportations, ten thousand pints, six barring orders and a legion of leather-clad groupies later, Dave Walsh, Barry Kavanagh and Damien DeBarra (the cheap tarts that brought you Blather.net) bring you their latest labour of love: A Load of Blather: Unreal Reports from Ireland and Beyond, the first book that anyone has been nuts enough to let them publish. Shamelessly re-working articles which have been online for years anyway, this magnificent tome is a veritable smorgasboard of smut; bursting out of its trousers with a great heaving cavalcade of paranormal events, superstitions, mysterious happenings, conspiracy theories, hordes of rampaging kangaroos in the Dublin hills, and the previously untold story of General Michael Collins’ forays into outer space. There’s even a bit about talking cows in there. If the lawyers haven’t cut it out. There’s guest articles too, from the likes of Sue Walsh, Oliver Bayliss and Dr. Stewart Roberts.”

  18. I speakee funi rude bwoy! haw he haw. Och aye, (los)begorrah. Only messing Graham! I think that WAS Jerry Seinfeld! (Who gets a bit of stick for being shticky, I think he’s quite good)

  19. Hi Graham, just to say that I love all your work, and to ask if you have ever seen the Welsh series Satellite City by Boyd Clack? If so what did you think of it?

    Thanks, looking forward to Series 3!

  20. http://russianfun.net/russian-fun/russian-playgrounds-are-special/

    sinister, menacing, disturbing………I don’t think these words come close to describing the horror.

    P.S. I live in Wales and have been subjected to Satellite City for many years now, it’s thoroughly depressing experience (it’s a sit-com by the way)

  21. I think those playgrounds are absolutely brilliant. In the west we subject kids to copyrighted happy happy clown faces and sickly bright colours bereft of any actual imagination. We fill them up with E numbers let them play with violent playstation games then let them loose in the streets tooled up. Which is of course far less “sinister and disturbing”. These play facilities are designed by actual artists unshackled by corporate dictatorship. Anyone watching the current Doctor Who can see that we don’t do fantasy and imagination at all well in the west. Everything is sanitised, slick, facetious, boring and unthreatening, even the Turner Prize has become tedious and castrated.

  22. Sorry to keep posting about IT Crowd and region coding in random places but there’s no “contact me” anywhere.

    anyhow, if you DO strive to make the next series region-free, can you also sell the idea of a “3-series” box set that is region free?

    pretty please? I will buy at least 4 of them from amazon.co.uk and give to people in the states. and I know other people that would purchase.

    why artifically limit the market? it’s not like there’s a plan to sell IT Crowd in the US next year for 2x the price, so why the region encoding?

  23. KK, the ways of these people are a mystery to me, but rest assured I say the same thing every time I meet them.

  24. I also wish that I could download “The IT Crowd” on ITunes. I’d buy it on DVD and download it if that option was available. The weird thing is that the BBC has most of their radio programs on ITunes available to download for free in the U.S. That nutty BBC, not wanting to turn a profit!

  25. Re: the Seinfeld auditions.

    Yup, the quotes that are fed to the auditionees are spot on observations on Jerry Seinfeld’s stand up and delivery. However, all of the hopeful participants speak with strong non-American accents and I feel that it smacks strongly of ‘ha ha – Look at the people who talk funny’.

    I’d expect to see this on Balls of Steel (and if I did I’d be disappointed…..because it would mean that I’d be watching the shower of shite of a programme in the first place).

    And yes, I am a lefty Social Worker.

  26. that Talking Heads clip reminded me of another Jonathan Demme directed promo he made for New Order way back when…

  27. Very much falling into the stereotype yourself, there, Iamsicle.

    Love that new order clip! Had forgotten all about it!

  28. Free the Pandas!

    This is worth a look btw:


  29. glad you enjoyed…

  30. Is Maurice really called Maurice Moss? I just thought it was a nickname.

    Love the Talking Heads clip, I’ve not really got into them properly but definitely will now.

  31. Thanks for the Chavez link, I had been wanting to watch that for ages. Did you notice how much coverage Chavez got yesterday for calling on Farc to cease military operations? Pretty much sweet F A. I guess it doesn’t fit in with the attempts to portray him as a dangerous baby eating dictator. It got about as much coverage as Lloyds suspending accounts of customers dealing with Cuba http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2008/jun/16/lloydstsbgroup.banking

  32. Boris is just the first of many Tories who are going to shit on England once they regain power. What a disgrace; such deja-vu. I guess the novelty’s starting to wear off for all those “ironic” student voters, eh? He’s an unrepentant prick. Like Alan Clark but without any of the redeeming qualities of wit and charm – instead all he’s got is ridiulous hair and a load of tiresome and damaging old Tory prejudices.

    I wonder, Graham, have you reconsidered the move to London since that idiot became mayor?

    By the way, well done Jim Norton and Richard Ayoade! That’s great news. Jim really is one of the best and Richard, well, I think everyone loves Richard!

  33. “And his Scottish and British accents”


  34. Oops. Thanks, Nick. Damage has been done now.

  35. Re: ‘Swing ‘Em Home’
    God, I love that Jon Benjamin. Really, really makes you miss “Home Movies”, no?

  36. Hey AstonishingSodApe, I’m pretty sure Graham’s moved from London to Ireland, in the last year or so (amirite?).

    While I’m fearful of Boris Johnson, I think calling Chavez brilliant is probably too far. I agree the press unfairly paints him as a tyrant, and he has made MANY effective reforms, but there are elements of his regime that are reminiscent of a dictatorship, especially his attacks on his critics and freedom of speech. I just don’t think it’s so black and white.

  37. Wait, Graham’s in Ireland? Giz a job.

  38. Just after reading about the London Mayor being such a dickhead. Great! I’m getting up in a bad mood!

  39. watch the documentary, Paddy.

  40. Paddy, I’m not Chavez’s boyfriend or anything, but I have to take you to task on what looks like careless, ill-founded criticism.

    What “elements of a dictatorship” are there in his regime? The two most-quoted examples are “he wanted to change the constitution to be president for life” (Yeh, but he would have to be constantly *elected* to be president for life. Funny how you never hear that France also have no term limits) and “he shut down TV stations that are critical of him” (He didn’t renew their licence. You may think that’s a moot point, but regardless, RCTV was instrumental in inciting and supporting the (US backed) 2002 coup against Chavez; do you think that Dubya would tolerate for five minutes a private US TV network that constantly incited people to overthrow the president?)

    There’s a tremendous amount of anti-Chavez propaganda around and much of it insidious and relatively subtle. While it’s vital to keep an open mind, the political reasons for criticising Chavez (and, revealingly, sparing others more deserving of criticism) are clear. Namely, being a popular, socialist leader sitting on the world’s 6th largest ready oil reserves is crime enough in this day and age.

    But don’t take my word for it. As Graham says, watch the doc.

  41. Paddy: no and no.

    Great to see “The Revolution…” in full online! Google Videos is the business.

    This is amazing (“The Human Footprint”):

    Like Koyaanisqatsi but with bog roll. It’s even got Au Revoir Simone at 1:13!

  42. sorry this is totally off point..but im heading to brian wilson gig next wekk in london..leaving this last minute but does anybody know of any hostels that youd recommend ?

  43. Woah, okay. I’ll watch the documentary.

  44. Amnesty International aren’t terribly keen on Chavez – read their report on Venezuela if you don’t believe me. He has also organised all media to come under control of the state and various journalistic organisations and NGOs have complained that freedom of the press is under serious threat.

    Plus, it’s interesting how certain people are happy to harp on about irregularities in Bush’s 2000 election, but willing to ignore Chavez’s massive electoral fraud. Chavez also commands the institute that supervises elections, the National Electoral Council, meaning his ‘democracy’ is entirely unsupervised.

    Also, since Chavez took office, The Economist reports that the murder rate has almost tripled, and that Caracas has become South America’s most violent, with police implicated in many of the crimes – 6000 extra-judicial killings there since 2002. Nice.

    And he’s an anti-semite. Here’s a quote from cuddly Uncle Hugo: “the world is for all of us, then, but it so happens that a minority, the descendants of the same ones that crucified Christ, the descendants of the same ones that kicked Bolivar out of here and also crucified him in their own way over there in Santa Marta, in Colombia. A minority has taken possession of all of the wealth of the world.”

    Still, it’s a socialist paradise, innit? Like Cub…oh.

  45. Well, the anti-semitism charge turns into bullshit faster than you can say ‘Google’…


    As for your other arguments… If he has such an iron grip over the electoral process, how come he recently lost a referendum?

    Amnesty…they have problems with a lot of countries, including Ireland…


    …but I bet if you were to ask Amnesty which country was behaving most like a Latin American dictatorship from the nineties, with torture and kidnapping the order of the day, Venezuela is far from the first country they’d be talking about.

    Which country do you think they’d be talking about, Triv? Cuba?

  46. I like “The Gift.” My best friend used to work for the White House. She met Bush and Cheney once. She said Bush was very down-to-earth and personable, but Cheney was straight out of a horror flick. She said that even during that short meeting, she could tell that Cheney was completely in charge. Not that Bush isn’t a dickhead; I’m sure he is. I just wanted to share an anecdote.

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