Overplaying aces in Pot-Limit Omaha. Any thoughts?

June 6, 2008


  1. Burt Lancaster was in Field of Dreams, does James Earl Jones die at the end?

  2. Overplaying AA, so easy to do…so tempting. Even when you flop a set you know some moron is going to call you all the way with a 6 high flush draw.

  3. I thought it said, in my dyslexic mind, Pot-Limit Obama. And so clicking to join the political discussion, I had absolutely no idea how to approach the subject of a “Pot-Limit Obama”

  4. Pot limit Obama!
    Sounds like a college nickname for him if he couldn’t handle his weed.

    “here comes pot limit obama, 2 spliffs and he’s out of it.”

  5. That’s interesting Graham. Even though you explained what Omaha is to me a few weeks ago, I too saw “Obama” when I saw the post in my reader. My brain registered the “Omaha” while Delightful was loading.

    I’m obviously reading way too much political coverage these days …

    As to overplaying Aces in pot-limit or even in no-limit Omaha, sorry big fella, but you’re on your own.

  6. I too saw “Obama” there. I suppose Hopey McHopesalot is on everyone’s mind. (most of us outside the good ole U.S. of A. chanting “please let them do the smart thing for once in their lives and vote for this guy!”)

  7. 6 handed on full tilt poker it seems players go crazy every time with AAxx. People are shoving as hard as they can with them regardless, particularly on the higher stakes tables. Have your full tilt experiences improved since the abuse levels got so high you blogged about it? And, more importantly, are you finished series 3 and rewarding yourself with some PLO?

  8. It’s Friday, apply as required.

  9. Freudian Slip?

    Saw Obama too :)

  10. Off topic for poker, but according to news.bbc.co.uk today, the over-75s all priest football cup is actually a reality:


    Pot limit? Who plays with a limit?!

  11. hang on tightly, let go lightly.

  12. Mornington Crescent!

  13. Sorry if it’s bin dun but here’s a wee compamion piece to the Elmo’s Fire clip from yesterday….


  14. That’s power for you. He’s taken up space in our subconscious….

    I was kicking back after a day on ep 5, and I was the one who overplayed the aces. That said, i let off some Steam on Full Tilt when I got home and won a bit back. (I just turn the chat function off now. Playing much better as a result.)

  15. By the way, good luck to Hopey MacHopesalot!!!

  16. Congrats on finishing/breakinf the back of ep05. Where do you play your live games at? Here’s a quick quote from gordo16’s (a fulltilt player) blog. It’s talk like this that makes PLO too scary for me to make the move from Hold em. I’m pretty sure it’s in some form of English and there’s an AAxx ending to the story so, somehow, I’m still on topic:

    I got in TJ92 for 3.5k on a J98 board vs AQQJ on a 2-flush board and he (who had been 3betting me light all day) got there on the river, then I c/c an under-full on three streets vs him for 5k or so, and then the most frustrating hand of my short stay in Vegas happened: I limped 889T in MP and the fish had straddled the button. I basically asked him to raise, which he did, I called, and saw a dry flop of A83. I c/c flop, c/c a 7 turn, and c/c a brick river only to obviously have him show me AAxx to ruin my brilliant trap. I get snapped, brick out, and finish on the bubble.

  17. I love Will ferrell!!

    The only card game I can play is snap :-(

  18. Sbrugby, don’t be put off by that bit of ju-ju. Omaha is a fantastic game, and really very simple. You get four cards instead of two, and you have to use two cards from your hand and three from the board. That’s it! What could be easier?

  19. Great bit of Will. Thanks for that.

  20. When I read it I saw a giant posh worm eyeing up an apple whilst dothing his top hat and saying ‘Good day to you, Sir’.

  21. ah Bill Haverchuck….http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wV1PFBiFFU0

  22. ah Bill Haverchuck…

  23. Ever had the chance to meet Will Graham??

    He was in Ireland on holidays a few months back…gutted I missed him.

  24. It’s exiting to be able to pick though some of these posts, finding the words or phrases I understand least. Sbrugby’s last post has made go into space.
    I am free of grasping and aversion now, so if anyone needs advice about the nature of reality, please ask.

  25. Graham, you must hate getting this kind of email, but I have written an IT crowd episode and would love for you to read it. I think it is genuinely funny, but that would be for you to decide. PLEASE let me know how I can get the Word document to you.
    I am a script writer in Australia but this would be the first time that I have produced a script for an existing series. I’m sure you would approve of it.
    Warm regards.

  26. Swing em home…one of those moments when I say, “That was funny”, but I don’t laugh. Does that happen to anyone else? It really was very clever. I liked it.

  27. Sorry, Marcus, I never read scripts for ‘The IT Crowd’. If I did, and I read something that was similar to something in one of my scripts for series 3, how could I ever prove that the idea was mine to begin with?

  28. @ Marcus
    Keep it and use it as a spec script (hark at me!) along with others and send them to an agency, then write your own show and your new agent will help set up pitches and stuff.
    Is that how is works, Graham?
    That’s a genuine question.

  29. Oh, wait, he’s already a script writer.
    Shows my attention span for what it is, I didn’t even read his whole post.

  30. Still right, though. Although I would suggest writing an original script. It might even get made!

  31. A funny Scientology bit:


  32. Thanks guys. I just wanted to offer the script for Graham to use. I’ve written plenty of original scripts, this was one that was just inspired by the brilliant level of writing on IT. I actually dreamed a whole original episode one night and it stayed with me the next day, so I wrote it down. Maybe when you’ve finished writing series 3 you may like to take a look at it.
    It may even inspire series four – and the world would love you for it.

  33. PS I’m not an ‘undiscovered talent’ looking for a big break. I’m a writer who had an idea and wanted to present it as a humble offering to a comedic God.
    Just wanted to make that point.
    Tally-ho chaps

  34. He wouldn’t be able to look at it then either, Marcus, for the same reason as before.
    I’d assume, like most writers, Graham notes his ideas for jokes/plot lines all year round, especially while filming a current series (there’s always a chance you’ll take him to court if there was a similarity between what he had written and your submitted work.)
    If I were you, which I’m almost certainly not, I’d take the most applicable/best jokes and ideas then stick ’em in an original piece of work.

    But then again, I work in a video shop so I’d take anything I say with a bag of salt.

  35. If you are starting out writing for tv here is an interesting post from from the guy who wrote Severance and some Dr Who episodes. A list of things he wish he had known in the first five years.

    Omaha for President.

    Klingon for Vice President.

  36. Wrong is right again. But thanks for the offer, Marcus–I do appreciate it.

  37. If you are starting out writing for tv here is an interesting post from from the guy who wrote Severance and some Dr Who episodes. A list of things he wish he had known in the first five years.

    Omaha for President. Klingon for Vice President

  38. Did you know that there’s a Craggy Island in Second Life? There’s even an image of Bishop Brennan in the skirting board.

  39. The AV Club has a lovely feature on some documentaries today and features a film called Project Grizzly, the story of a man attempting to build a bear-proof suit. I haven’t seen the film, but this here clip provided a fine Monday morning laugh.


  40. If any of you are writing scripts the new version of Celtx is out today. It has advantages and disadvantages compared to final draft, but best of all it’s free opensource and works on windows, linux and mac. You can also work online with others (haven’t tried that yet).

    Omaha for President.
    Klingon for Vice President.

  41. duh…link


  42. Why can’t I get IT Crowd without region encoding on DVD? I can get a Region-free Nathan barley, but not IT crowd? it means I’ve had to download them illegally when I’m perfectly willing to buy them as gifts from amazon.co.uk which I’ve done a bunch of times with Nathan Barley.


  43. It’s annoying KK. I hope to make the next series region free.

  44. I recently found assy mcghee.. Heres a link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64oNjcVVMIQ

    Adult swim can be so hit and miss that I usually avoid it, can you or anyone else recommend anything worth watching.. if it’s half as good as assy, “I”m in!”

  45. Sorry if this question has been asked before (or several times before) but Graham, how do you feel about episodes of Ted and IT ending up on the ‘net to be viewed for free? Also, what did you think of the piece in today’s Irish Sun regarding the BBC’s Father Cleary doc and your reaction?

  46. senfeld auditions

    and early Larry David, I love the surreal never getting to see Howdy Doody’s face appeal of this sketch reminds be of a Smith and Jones one? or maybe KYTV about a boy born with a wooden, featureless head that was almost quasi-Jam like

  47. @ Goggarvey

    Check out The Venture Bros and Frisky Dingo, I’d say they’re the best [adult swim] has to offer.


    Is it unbecoming to post a link to your own blog in a desperate attempt to get somebody – anybody – to look at it? I just thought it was relevant.

  48. what did the sun piece say, Rob? (p.s. fine with downloading when people can’t get the show otherwise)

  49. Metalocalypse!

  50. impeachment? what are the chances of this happening? still, nice to see someone with some balls for a change

  51. Here’s The Sun piece in full, written by Barry Moran

    FECK OFF BBC – Linehan: Ted name in film ‘bulls**t’

    Furious Father Ted writers forced BBC chiefs to change a documentary’s name – after kicking up a Jack-like storm.
    The Beeb’s upcoming film about disgraced cleric Fr.Michael Cleary was to be called The Real Father Ted. But the sitcom’s co-creator Graham Linehan, 38, said claims that the late Fr Cleary was the basis for Ted were “bulls**t.”
    And the Beeb backed down after an expletive-filled rant that recalled foul mouthed character Father Jack.
    A spokesman confessed: “We don’t intend to cause offence with the titles of our programmes so we were happy to change it to The Father, the Son and the Housekeeper.” Linehan later conceded that he may have “overreacted”.
    But the relieved Dubliner declared: “I think the BBC changed it because it was inappropriate.”
    Cleary caused a national scandal after his death in 1993 when it emerged he had fathered two children with his housekeeper Phyllis Hamilton.

  52. Typically awful Sun reporting. Shower of bastards

  53. Thanks for the assy mcghee link goggarvey. The robot chicken was pretty good too.

  54. By the way apologies for the double posting earlier. WordPress weirdness.

  55. Cheers for the ideas about adult swim shows.. I’ve actually watched every episode of Frisky Dingo, its good but no assy Mcghee. Recently watched the first episode of Metalocalypse and it wasn’t my thing.

  56. Enjoyniness.

  57. I’m sure you have seen it but it is good for a chuckle,

  58. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=_RyodnisVvU

    You’ll watch it for a while, and think, what the hell is this? Then you’ll see what it can do.

    I want one, now!

  59. love that robot

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