Ryanair–London to Dublin in 20 hours

May 27, 2008

A friend of mine recently had the classic Ryanair experience–leaving the line to board the plane because her three year old kid had to go to the toilet, she first got assurances that she had time to go, and the plane would not leave without her. When she got back, the plane was gone. Then, the wait began. Other Ryanair flights to her destination left, and she was kept waiting. In the end, exhausted mother and child boarded a flight nineteen hours later.

The classic Ryanair experience always involves one of their representatives basically calling you a scumbag for flying with them, and a stewardess did indeed say “You shouldn’t have bought the flight, should you?” Things like this make me wish we were still doing ‘Father Ted’–we would definitely do a Ryainair storyline; turning Michael O’Leary into a professional Paddy who is forever laughing at his own weak jokes while shitting on his customers wouldn’t be much of a stretch.

Anyway, Lou, as you know, Ryanair do their best to make it impossible for their customers to have any means of contacting them or having their complaints heard, but this site tries to redress the balance. Maybe other Ryanair victims can benefit from it too.


  1. That’s really nice to see someone doing something to try and help everyone else.

  2. Ugh, don’t get me started on Michael O’Leary.

    Exorcised my hatred this way:


  3. I asked for a whiskey a few weeks ago on a Ryanair flight from Bournemouth to Dublin and they handed me a sachet, they dont even have those cool little bottles anymore. And no it wasn’t any kind of brand whiskey, it was called gluin whiskey. £4.50 a sachet.

  4. I flew Ryanair from Blackpool Airfield to London Stansted a few years ago. The pilot flew like needed a dump and the only toilet he was allowed to use was in arrivals at Stansted. He treated the plane with utter contempt as he ragged it up into the sky at Blackpool and smashed it down onto the runway in London. All-in-all i’d say It was an enjoyable experience. So there is something positive about Ryanair. Some of their pilots fly in a kamikaze style.

  5. I’ve read some of the complaints on the site you’ve linked to. Almost all of them deal with issues that the people complaining about would have known about had they read the information given to them when booking. I’ve travelled with most of the major airlines and a couple of the budget airlines. Ryanair is no better or worse than Aer Lingus or any other low cost airline.

    Their bloody in-flight ads are annoying though… I’ll give you that.

  6. Flew Ryanair to Luton for the first time in years the other week, weighed my luggage before I left. 12.7kg. Got to the airport, it weight at 17.6kg, I think it was. The bag wasn’t even full. Took stuff out (because it can only weigh 15kg), brought it in my hand luggage. Filled checkin luggage to capicity on the way back. 17.9kg. Took out a pair of shoes and a few cardigans, and it was good to go. Moral of the story is the scales in Dublin airport is ever so slightly illegally set.

  7. Oh how I laughed after one mad experience on Ryanair (they must train staff to be aggressive) and phoned to find out details of their complaints dept, they don’t have one.

    I was travelling with my daughter back to Dublin after a weekend with friends in Liverpool and she was in her school uniform. We had two minutes to spare and the staff member wasn’t going to let us check in. She relented (it was still within time, not much but still) and then she threw a wobbly because I had packed one bag, not two. We were not allowed to completely sign in until I had our baggage allowance spread over two bags.

    Will definitely be checking out that site :)

  8. Interesting to note that O’Leary’s hobby is breeding a herd of cows, which would involve herding the dumb animals around aimlessly, milking them, and shoving your arm up their arses to your shoulder to ensure they are behaving themselves. Hmmm….just like Ryanair passengers.

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