Canvas Stretching

May 27, 2008

I’ve arrived shamefully late to the Fonejacker party. I have to admit, the reason I held out this long is that I got that stinky ‘Balls Of Steel’ smell off of it (funny how balls of steel just smell like regular balls) because of the in-yr-face balaclava and editing style…oh, and the way they spell ‘Fonejacker’ …and I only came round when it started winning loads of awards. Oh, that’s right, baby–I’ve got all the shallow you need right here.

When it’s bad, it’s only bad for a few seconds (asking old ladies if they use lube wasn’t funny when they did it on ‘Something For The Weekend’) but when it’s good, it’s good for a good long time and there were moments when I had to stop the DVD in order to catch my breath. I picked the above clip partly because he found such a star at the other end of the line.


  1. Love Fonejacker alright. ‘We just require your bank account number and sort code’.

  2. This Fonejacker is by far my favourite. The fact that the guy thinks he needs to speak like the automatic voice is too funny. Booop.

  3. Even if shows like Fonejacker are done cleverly, do you not think prank phone calls are a pretty low form of humour though? Confusing or humiliating involuntary participants for fun? *Doffs conical hat, exits Quaker meeting house and sails off in the Mayflower*

  4. Fireplace. Talk to me.

    I think he generally let’s his participants retain their dignity and most often they come out on top.

  5. What Steve said. I don’t think there’s any nastiness there, and it’s SO visually inventive.

  6. hey graham. Dont know whether youve ever heard of these guys..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwMj3PJDxuo They call themselves Improv Everywhere. Some of their stuff is pretty inventive

  7. agh link didnt work..

  8. actually this is pretty great..!

  9. there’s irish guys who do this as good and better. they are the rubber bandits, and they are from limerick.

  10. Seen em, but thanks! x

  11. darn guess im late to the improv party..

  12. ‘There is a pigeon in your bank account’

    Another example of it’s non-nastiness and visual tomfoolery.

  13. Uh-oh. Just saw episode 2 and it’s basically exactly the same as episode one…

  14. So, do they thank Chris Morris in the credits? It seems like they should.

  15. How do you suppose they manage clearance for these? Do you have to sign a release form to show up in programs like these in the UK?

  16. Hmmm…watched quite a few now and, eh…it is the same five jokes every week. What’s up with that?

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