May 23, 2008


  1. Hi Graham,
    that wonderland vid you posted was excellent.
    I like that fact that someone with too much time on their hands has done something creative that doesn’t involve kittens or badly drawn cocks.

    Quick question while i am here, i know there is a lot of discussion about graphic novels on here. I have read a couple of Alan Moore ones, and the early Frank Miller Sin City ones.
    Anyone care to offer a suggestion on some good ones to pick up?

    I’m now off back to Extreme Listening Mode to continue in the argument about whether Rap music is all crap, the Beatles are over rated and whether Amy Winehouses voice is as good as everyone says it it.



    p.s. http://extremelisteningmode.com

    p.p.s Sorry for the shameless plug at the end there ;-)

  2. Does anyone else think that this guy bears a striking resemblance to Douglas Renholm?


  3. I won’t hear anything against drawing cocks! Badly or otherwise.

    Rap music is mostly crap, not entirely. It’s not possible to overrate the Beatles. Winehouse is pretty mediocre really.

    Fact me til I fart.

  4. https://whythatsdelightful.wordpress.com/2008/03/04/help-johnny-the-lurker/

    comics thread you might find useful.

  5. That Wonderland thing was lovely, really lovely. Listened to it twice now and I’m still not tired of it.

    I watched “Reverend Death” too, thought it was brilliant – bit surprised though that Jon began to like the guy, he seemed creepy as hell to me.

    I am currently in the middle of Series 4 of The Wire, and it is balls-deep awesome.

    That is all. x

  6. word to that Paddy..The Wire is outstanding, it will however haunt you for a long time to come. I thought i was cynical before The Wire but now woah nelly! Tis a healthy cynicism though. i hope.

  7. So, the turkey got stuffed in the run up to final at Eurovision. Still, it’s not a great shame. Most of the other contestants are complete muppets with their hands up their own arses. At least Sir Terry Wogan’s still about to liven things up a bit.

    Westendwookie – I’d highly recommend Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series. Beautiful artwork and wonderful stories all of them. And I recently read a compendium of Alan Moore’s work from 2000AD – brought back so many happy childhood memories.

  8. I saw Edwyn Collins at Oran Mor in Glasgow last month and he really was excellent.

    This is a link to my review.


  9. I was just checking if anyone had suggested Sandman! nice one Martyn, it’s one of my favorites, well worth it. Preacher is also great, not for the weak hearted as it’s pretty gruesome in parts.

  10. Just thought I’d unlurk for a second to say that I’ve just had ‘Jimmy Corrigan’ delivered to my door after I read a recommendation for it somewhere on this site. Didn’t expect it to be quite such a mini-behemoth, but I’m smothered in glee. Thanks.

  11. @westendwookie

    Maus by Art Spiegelman – incredible stuff. I’m hungover and can’t really articulate how good it is, can anyone help?

  12. I’ll give it a go…ready?

    *rustles paper*

    *sip of water*


    Maus by Art Spiegelman is very very good.

    How was that?

  13. Ages ago you recommended “Snake ‘n’ Bacon’s Cartoon Cabaret” – good call, thank you. It’s brilliant. I’ve been looking for Tales Designed to Thrizzle but haven’t found any copies yet. I’ll keep looking.

    In return I offer you a 1 minute film about the first UK moon landing…

    Fair trade? Probably not…

  14. Cheers for that link Graham, and everyone else for the recommendations. Roll on pay day and a session of buying stuff from amazon.

  15. Have you checked out that band Kyte yet Graham? They really are superb!

  16. http://www.myspace.com/kyteband

  17. Yep, looks like I am addicted to that Wonderland clip!

    Anyone else have this problem by any chance?

  18. Check out this great band, if you dont already know them; theyre called Fleet Foxes:


    White Winter Hymnal has to be one of the songs of the year.

  19. Hello Graham –

    Thanks to this blog, I’ve spent a great afternoon checking out all sorts of diverting stuff and generally procrastinating.

    One of the things which I found most notable is the strange knitwear catalogue shot – the guy’s “painting” is obviously fantastic, but have you noticed what the choirboy in the painting in the background seems to be doing?

  20. It’s funny you should post a link to the comics thread because I want to thank the person who recommended ‘The Boys’ by Garth Ennis, it’s just as funny, brutal and engaging as Preacher was – I’m loving every page!
    So, whoever you were, cheers :)

    Have you seen ‘Walk Hard’ yet? I remember you posted a video of Jack White doing a mean Elvis Presley. I watched it the other day and I found it hilarious!
    Go rent it people!

  21. What is the music on the Wonderland clip? I realise I should probably know but I don’t.

  22. That Wonderland clip is a wonder.It’s a wonder nobody did that before and so wonderfully.Really!Gave me a feeling of utter joy, a wondrous feeling in fact.So wonderful that I’ve linked to it on every bloody blog I’ve been on today so maybe this guy Pogo or whatever his name is will split the profits with me and you when he’s raking in the dough.Right.I’m off to finish my tequila! and to see the wizard.

  23. That Alice tune was BA… reference Dane Cook.

    For the fist poster looking for a good graphic novel (take into account that I didn’t read the other posts) read watchmen, make sure you read it before the movie is released. Crap reading back on your post you’ve probably read it. Check out wanted by Mark miller, they’re making a movie based on it… but to be honest they’re is no way a film will ever be allowed into the main stream that truly represents this novel. Anything by Vaughan (one of the writers if lost) especially Y:the last man. I’m huge a fan of Robert Kirkman… read the walking dead and Marvel zombies… if those two words … Marvel & Zombies don’t get you excited you might as well go home now. seriously.

  24. “I’m huge a fan of Robert Kirkman… ” I swear I’m not Italian.

    take care of Bas, He’s one of my new loves (not sure if you’ve highlighted his joy of “kicking to the groin”)

  25. Well I made a balls of the link.

  26. Hi Graham,

    I’m a mystery writer who spends too much time surfing literary sites, but have become completely addicted to your site. I should direct your attention to some CDs as strange as Pogo’s ‘Alice’ – they’re by DJ Jay Martin, and feature mash-ups of Lon Chaney’s ‘The Wolfman’ on his disc ‘Lycanthropy’ and what I assume to be Spencer Tracy’s ‘Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde’ on ‘Priapism’, all complete with sampled dialogue and breakbeats – wonderful and almost as bloody hard to track down as some of your bands/ clips!

    Thanks for the site.

  27. http://www.amazon.co.uk/What-Id-Say-Martians-Threats/dp/1401322662/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1211637967&sr=1-1

    Reading age 9-12!!!!!!!
    It’s amazing!

  28. I can’t post the link to Jack Handey’s new book (Reading age 9-12!!!!!!) “What I’d say to the martians: and other veiled threats”
    So there were some old fashioned words for you.

  29. Comics: can’t believe no-one’s mentioned the Hernandez brothers yet! Go with “Heartbreak Soup” by Gilbert, which is the first installment of the collected ‘Palomar’ strips from their brilliant eighties ‘Love & Rockets’ comics. (Palomar being a fictional small town in Mexico, populated by gloriously feisty, big-titted women, men who don’t deserve them and the odd little kids they produce. Funny, everyday human shit mixed with a bit of magical realism. Great stuff.) Jamie’s ‘Maggie the Mechanic’ series is worth reading too.

    Best British comic of recent years is the “Strangehaven” series by Gary Spencer Millidge. Crap capsule description: Twin Peaks in the West Country. Beautiful photo-realistic drawing, dark, twisty-turny plot, lots of lovely little British details – who couldn’t love a comic where a drunken adulterer hallucinates Basil Fawlty telling him what a massive fuck-up he is, through the telly?

    Buy it now. Here: http://www.millidge.com/home/home-index-frameset.htm Or on Amazon. The final installment is planned but not yet written, I think. Can’t wait.

  30. Graham, I’ve got to make a flying visit to Dublin next week.
    1 or maybe 2 days – any must-see sights?

  31. Hi Graham
    I don’t know anything about comics, but anyone looking for a seriously alternative view of the world could do worse than looking through the eyes of Anthony Weir:

  32. Hey, thanks for all the tips/links etc, everyone! I’ll spend some time exploring tomorrow. xxx

  33. Just found this on Digg. This guy is pretty damn good at what he does. The wonders of the human body!

  34. Hi Graham

    just wondering if you have seen “The defenders of Stan”


    I think you might like it – some of the episodes are really funny

    about a guy called Stan who is the only normal human left in a world inhabited by superheroes


  35. Hi Graham

    just wondering if you have seen “The defenders of Stan”


    I think you might like it – some of the episodes are really funny

    about a guy called Stan who is the only normal human left in a world inhabited by superheroes

    (apologies if this get’s double posted, it kept not working)

  36. Wow..in that Larry David act you can really see how he based George on himself. You could just picture Jason Alexander doing the exact same speech!

  37. Vlad–Trinity College is nice. That’s about it.

  38. @ Gearoid

    I must repectfully disagree, Mark Millar’s ‘Wanted’ is a complete load of fart. I’m far from easily offended but his purile writing and racist undertones really got up my nose. It was like reading something written by an thirteen year old with behavioural problems.
    And THAT ending is the equivelant of being spat in the face at the end of a bad campfire story – I really hate when writers insult their readers/viewers.

    “…they’re is no way a film will ever be allowed into the main stream that truly represents this novel.”

    That can only be a good thing…

  39. Have to agree with you there, WH. I hated it too.

  40. http://dcairns.wordpress.com/2008/05/25/when-lands-the-saucer/

    I don’t usually like to self-promote like this, but this post has a slightly Linehanian connection. Is a 1950s sci-fi B-picture really a lost episode of Father Ted?

  41. “‘When Lands the Saucer’–I’m indebted to Stan Lee and Jack Kirby for the title of this post. I think it comes from an old copy of The Demon, and it stuck in my mind because I thought it was amusing. Any title that seeks grandeur by shuffling the words around (THE RIVER WILD) makes me think of that Dorothy Parker line about “The Play Terrible.”

    You had me at “indebted”.

  42. “She (talks).. while ceaselessly, pointlessly walking up and down, like Hamlet’s father’s ghost, which is mildly freaky and kind of effective.”

  43. “Fiona and I were delighted by the robot’s design, pure Japanese tin toy. And his impressive HEFT. “That terrible robot!” cries Corri. “He’s not, he’s smashing!” shouted Fiona back at her.”

  44. That girl’s a keeper, Cairns! Don’t fuck it up!

  45. I’ve been listening to No Age lately. Not sure if it’s your cup of tea or not. They remind me of MGMT a bit.


  46. Saw the very funny Hardall video.
    You want some truely funny punditry go find Jon Stewart on Crossfire. He basically got the show cancelled he nailed them that bad.
    Also anything involving Stephen Colbert is basically a winner.

    Huge fan and I bow to your awesomeness (if that is a word).

    Le Grá,

  47. Thanks, Graham, I got a kiss from Fiona for that! A girl who can appreciate a good robot is a wondrous thing.

  48. Stupid non working b. That should be HardBall video.
    I imagine Hardall is a completely different show all together and not something I want to see Chris Matthews in.

  49. MGMT are awesome, I must give No Age a listen!

    I heard a great story about MGMT’s first ever gig. Apparently, as a piss-take, they took part in a talent show and preformed the Ghostbusters theme song for 20 minutes straight. There mission was to keep playing until everyone left, but one person wouldn’t leave and they ended up just annoying themselves and leaving!

    I love that story!

    Me and my friends on the bus on our way back from a Bloc Party gig in Dublin looped the chorus “There ain’t no party like an S Club Party, are going to show you how, There ain’t no party like and S Club Party” for about 30 minutes. There was a girl two rows in front of me banging her head against the seat repetitively. That just spurred us on really.

    It would work very well if interrogating someone. The Barber Shop Interrogation Squad.

    Oh how to annoy people!

  50. Any view on the vicar who tore all the playboy stationery of the shelves in front of his 7 year old girl?


    True man, or religious nut?

    Just wondrin’

  51. I don’t know what the etiquette is with this sort of thing, so I will post about Jack Handey’s new book again:

    “When we would go for a drive in the family car, I used to love to stick my head out the window, until one time we passed an oncoming car and my head knocked off a dog’s head”

  52. sorry, I actually meant to thank you for reminding me to buy that one, Dorothy!

  53. Yeah, Fonejacker’s generally uproarious. Just realised that Kayvan Novak was in Syriana! Unlike the horrible Balls of Steel, some of Fonejacker is quite sweet, like the mouse. The Nigerian scammer is tremendous fun, particularly the one with the banknote steamer who works in the bank vault!
    And his range of voices is staggering. He did a superb Irish one at some stage, and I mean Meath or Cavan, not the standard Oirish.

    Here’s the mouse calling the pet shop:

    and the Middle Eastern gentleman calling the electronics shop:

  54. It was a gentle reminder, and demand.
    I will accept your apology only after you have done a funny cowboy dance.

  55. http://www.theonion.com/content/video/child_bankrupts_make_a_wish_0

    A hilarious fake news station! Would remind you of some of the Brass Eye Stuff. Quality!

    Also here’s the site of the American radio DJ Lazlow. If any of ye play the GTA games…he is responsible for the hilariously witty and satirical Radio Stations. A genius! You can download some of his shows from the site – http://www.lazlow.com/

  56. hello there, god I love the Wire. Do you watch it Grahem? I’m watching it again and it hits the spot even more. Wonder when the big feck off box set will appear in all it’s loveliness. I’m getting a spekking check for feck…..how dare they….COWBOYS!

  57. That quote made me laugh out loud. Damn, I need that book.

  58. Anyone seen the film “Hidden Fortress”?

  59. Rae says : I absolutely agree with this !

  60. Indiana Jones 4…man such a let-down. With Lucas being involved i was somewhat anxious but thought Spielbergs involvement would be a sure sign of quality. Silly story, drab script, dodgy cgi ( i hate cgi!!!) and just too unrealistic. I know that the previous Indys were outlandish but somehow they seemed grounded , there was some boundaries it seemed. This movie done away with that..and about 10 mins or so in i got this awful feeling that this movie was gonna be crap. Lucas may as well just make computer games from now in because this was more computer game than film. I really wanted to like this movie, when i see the words ” A Steven Spielberg Film” pop up on screen i know my moneys well spent. And i dont think my expectations were too high. Spielberg sets the bar and i expected a lot more than this mediocre mess. The best part about Indy 4 was the teaser trailer they released a few months back.. I should have left it at that. They should have left us with our memories…

  61. Aww, I actually liked Indiana Jones.

  62. it wasn’t amazing, but who thought it would be?!! and FYI Lucas was involved in all of the indiana jones films, he wrote them!

  63. eh FYI cc i know George Lucas was involved in all the Indiana Jones films but NO he didnt write them…He came up with the story but wrote none of the screenplays.. All im saying is because of the mess Lucas made of the Star Wars prequels the thought of him being heavily involved in Indy 4 didnt instill confidence in me. And unfortunately i think my fears werent unfounded. You say “it wasn’t amazing, but who thought it would be?!!”.. I didnt go in expecting it to change my life no, but i still had some expectations.

  64. no bady quite does what david does.

  65. Sorry if i offended you fergal, wasn’t looking to start a fight, just saw on imdb that lucas was listed as the writer and producer of all four films.

  66. there be no fighting here cc! sorry if my reply came off sounding aggressive…I just felt let down by the movie. Course in a bout a weeks time i’ll look back and think ” jeez i got a bit carried away over a silly movie!”.

  67. A lesson for us all! Always Be Delightful.

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