May 16, 2008


  1. woo! first in. Nothing useful to say though, so please feel free to carry on with you day!

  2. Here’s an ace clip of Olbermann taking nutbar O’Reilly to pieces.

  3. Loved the Olbermann clip, Graham. I ended up watching quite a few of those clips and I’ve come to the conclusion that he’s a very cool gent.

  4. I am also Irish. Just so you know. Plus it’s my birthday soon. That’s probably good to know also.

    And oh – go Graham!

  5. Hi Graham,

    I saw you in Dublin airport a few weeks ago but couldn’t work up the guts to ask for your autograph. If I had of done would you have signed or told me to get away and stop being such a creepy weirdo nerd freak?!


  6. I’d like to point out that Adam Buxton is a very funny man; I found this yesterday:

  7. That Chris Matthews clip is bloody brilliant, although it did make me laugh out loud at my desk which revealed to my boss that I wasn’t actually doing any work. Oops.

  8. Just to let you know, I’m dating a girl because of your work.
    “Oh, really? Big Train, really? Father Ted, you know?”
    And then there were panties all over the walls.
    Well, to be honest I’m dating a girl because of your work, and four Vodka lemon.
    And for panties I mean vomit.
    But still.

    By the way, please, hurry up with season 3!
    This wait is giving me the itches.


  9. Regarding Bush’s self-imposed golfing-fast, aren’t we all doing what we criticise Fox News, The Daily Mail etc for doing? Bush didn’t choose to give up golf as a hair-shirt gesture and then publicise it – “Lo! See how I give up golf to honour the dead!”.

    He was asked why he didn’t seem to be playing golf as much these days, and he replied that it would have been inappropriate for a Commander In Chief to be seen having fun when troops were in action. Any president of *any* stripe would have done the same. The issue here is why the journalist didn’t then press him over why he started the war in the first place, and why it is still continuing, and what he plans to do to *actually* honour the dead, and their relatives.

    I just think “we” have to be careful about our own rhetoric when throwing stones at “them”. This looks like a case of distorting the situation to make an easy target even easier – something that we can all agree is what bad commentators do.

    Over and out

  10. re: Chris Matthews and the radio host with no understanding of history:

    The fundamental problem with a reactionary is that they are programmed to only see things from 1 point of view. There’s something wrong with their brains. If you try to bring any other opinions to the floor, because as a liberal, you have been programmed to look at at least 2 sides to the debate, and then tend toward the one with the word “reasonable” above it, you are perceived as being weak, and therefore irrelevent.

    That Kevin Twat will have walked away from the studio, livid with rage that a bunch of pansy wet liberals, who would sell out America to the Ayrabs for ten cents… who may as well stand up and call themselves Terrorists! Like Obama! They DARED to try tell me about history? *Me*?

    No amount of evidence on any topic, will ever make him change his mind. He knows the TRUTH!

  11. Travors, what kind of monster do you think I am???

  12. I just downloaded the original ‘Knowing Me Knowing You’ Alan Partridge radio show. Funny funny stuff! I love when he hits the child…priceless!

    Although I don’t quite understand the structure of the studio audience on it. It’s supposed to be a mock proper chat show but the audience act as if they are a sitcom studio audience and laugh at the moments we’re supposed to laugh at. So are they supposed to be a mock audience or are they there to provide a laughter track? Seems like both to me. Any idea??

  13. I don’t understand the confusion. What do you mean by ‘the structure’ of the audience?

  14. (to Brendan Canty) I agree…I think there was something weird about the laughter. But surely the mechanics of “I’m Alan Partridge”, hilarious as it always was, were kinda weird? I mean, the “documentary” camera was invisible to the cast…if you thought about things like that too much, it could diminish your enjoyment of what I still think is a great show. Unlike the guy who wrote this vicious piece:


  15. graham,
    this too is ball-deep amazing…
    book launch 2.0 http://www.youtube.com/cass2541

  16. graham,
    this too is balls-deep amazing…
    book launch 2.0 http://www.youtube.com/cass2541

  17. I still don’t understand the problem. It was an audience, laughing at the jokes. And Ape, ‘Partridge’ was not supposed to be a documentary–it was just filmed with a hand-held camera.

  18. The Ghostbusters question in previous stream. Yes the show was broadcast in Ireland, late 70s or so. I loved it. Though it probably was shite. The two guys were also in ‘F-Troop’. Not just shite but also a bit racist that time.

  19. Well the audience was supposed to be a mock serious audience, as in they weren’t supposed to be a laughter track; they were supposed to be the mock audience for the program which wasn’t supposed to be a comedy chat show.But they laughed at the stuff that was supposed to be funny to us. I hope I’m not confusing anyone! I’m not saying it’s bad or anything. Just unusual. I think the show itself is hilarious!

    Looking forward to seeing Hamlet 2. You seen it Graham?

  20. They were just an audience, enjoying the show. They weren’t actors, they’re just members of the public, laughing at what they found funny. Verisimilitude is all very well, but it’s a bit much to expect an entire audience to play the part of a chatshow audience by laughing/not laughing at specific moments.

    Haven’t seen ‘Hamlet 2’ yet, no.

  21. I see now. I was watching Ted the other day actually. One of the most funny moments in the entire series has to be from ‘Flight in to Terror’, when the priest presents the drawing of him pissing on a dog for the essay competition! It’s so out of the blue and silly! Quality stuff!

  22. Proof of God:

    A long time ago, when the Earth was green
    There was more kinds of animals than you’ve ever seen
    They’d run around free while the Earth was being born
    And the loveliest of all was the unicorn

    There was green alligators and long-necked geese
    Some humpty backed camels and some chimpanzees
    Some cats and rats and elephants, but sure as you’re born
    The loveliest of all was the unicorn

    The Lord seen some sinning and it gave Him pain
    And He says, “Stand back, I’m going to make it rain”
    He says, “Hey Noah, I’ll tell you what to do
    Build me a floating zoo,
    and take some of those…

    Green alligators and long-necked geese
    Some humpty backed camels and some chimpanzees
    Some cats and rats and elephants, but sure as you’re born
    Don’t you forget My unicorns

    Old Noah was there to answer the call
    He finished up making the ark just as the rain started to fall
    He marched the animals two by two
    And he called out as they came through
    Hey Lord,

    I’ve got green alligators and long-necked geese
    Some humpty backed camels and some chimpanzees
    Some cats and rats and elephants, but Lord, I’m so forlorn
    I just can’t find no unicorns”

    And Noah looked out through the driving rain
    Them unicorns were hiding, playing silly games
    Kicking and splashing while the rain was falling
    Oh, them silly unicorns

    There was green alligators and long-necked geese
    Some humpty backed camels and some chimpanzees
    Noah cried, “Close the door because the rain is falling
    And we just can’t wait for no unicorns”

    The ark started moving, it drifted with the tide
    The unicorns looked up from the rocks and they cried
    And the waters came down and sort of floated them away
    That’s why you never see unicorns to this very day

    You’ll see green alligators and long-necked geese
    Some humpty backed camels and some chimpanzees
    Some cats and rats and elephants, but sure as you’re born
    You’re never gonna see no unicorns

    Feckin’ Feck! Also, Begorrah!

  23. I think the latest special comment was Olbermann’s best yet. In 12 minutes or so, he sums up everything that is corrupt and loathable about the Bush administration. I say that as a conservative. A real conservative, not these neocons we have running amock.

    Too bad Hitchens has such a big ego that he can NEVER admit he’s wrong. I think that’s the real reason he still stands by the war, even though it bears no resemblance to the views Hitch has had on Reagan and Nixon.

  24. Liked the link to the Bill O’Reilly clip (appropriately labelled under “arseholes”).

    Here is the Dance Remix….yes, the Dance Remix!


  25. there doesn’t tend to be audiences at radio chat shows anyway, do there? no point thinking about it that much anyways.

    …I just discovered One Foot in the Grave has 4 radio episodes, brilliant!

  26. AstonishingSodApe: The person who wrote that rather long article seems to have wasted their time, as they have COMPLETELY missed the point of the “I’m Alan Partridge” shows.

    As Graham says, it wasn’t meant to be a documentary, in the style of the office or something. The whole point is that in the show, and as far as Alan is concerned, there are no cameras. This is how Alan behaves when not on TV/Radio. How he interacts with normal people. Personally I don’t see any inconsistencies with the Partridge character on any of his shows. Without meaning to be sycophantic about it, I think it’s a near-perfect comedy show surpassed only by Ted.

  27. Absolutely Graham, I understand that it wasn’t supposed to be a “documentary”, but the camera pursued Alan in the same way as those “a day in the life of an airport” shows are filmed. It comes across neither as a true sitcom or a straight-faced McKean & Guest-style improv exercise. If they’d gone the way of the mockumentary, Coogan could have remained immersed in the character and the setup would have provided numerous oportunities for him to display both Partridge’s monstrosity and his attempts to conceal it from the crew; as it turned out, Ricky Gervais ended up going stratospheric when he made The Office in that way. Anyway, who am I to argue about format with the likes of Iannucci? (He saw fit to go hand-held with The Thick Of It, and it worked wonders for that show.) It’s a minor quibble about what’s still a great show, with a fantastic cast and plenty of top-drawer material.

  28. Totally disagree, Ape. ‘The Office’=success, therefore everything must be like ‘The Office’? As far as I’m concerned, Steve does his very best work in front of studio audiences.

  29. No no no! Clearly not! The best comedies ever, in my opinion, are Ted, Frasier, Seinfeld, Cheers, Black Books and IT Crowd (traditional sitcom style), and Peep Show and The Young Ones are the exceptions. I was only saying that there are plenty of unique opportunities for fun-poking if you go down the documentary route. And one “Office” is enough for one lifetime! The only reason Gervais and Merchant got away with the thin-worn novelty by the time the Christmas specials came around was that those episodes were so brilliantly written. Same with Thick Of It – the hyperkinetic camerawork was only made tolerable by the sheer class of the writing. I think it’s fair to say that great comedy transcends the limitations of its format.

  30. Right. I’ve got you now.

    Basically, my argument is, some shows work great in front of audiences, and some don’t, and each particular case must be considered individually.

  31. I agree. Imagine something like Spaced with a laughter track? It’d just be awful.

    Whereas the likes of Ted and IT Crowd, being more light hearted and less “cinematic” comedy, whilst not being any less funny, perfectly suit a live audience.

  32. Never a truer word spoken! Incidentally, I was wondering what you think of The Big Bang Theory and Back To You (Kelsey Grammer’s new sitcom)? I’m really enjoying Big Bang. It’s weird to see Grammer as anything other than Frasier Crane, though I’m not entirely sure what to think of his real-life Republican leanings. Actually I do, and I’m disappointed.

  33. Big Bang…man, I had high hopes for it but I’ve seen quite a few now and they’re really, really bland. Nothing wrong with the actors, but the ideas are too thin.

  34. Hey Graham,

    I was just wonderin, when you lived in Dublin and where writing Father Ted, Did you live with Francis Foyle??…He used to be my history teacher and i never knew if he was telling truth.

  35. I know what you mean about Big Bang – Sheldon’s a great character but the schtick can wear. Plenty of fine moments but it does need a shakeup; the stairs-climbing device is useful but maybe they need road trips or something to keep it fresh.

    I think the overlong US series thing is a factor though; there’s definitely six good episodes’ worth in there. The “will they? won’t they?” question, too – it’s got a bit meh. But I still enjoy it – anything to tide me over before series 3 comes out! Hope you’re enjoying writing it by the way! I’d imagine the first episode was tough, resolving the end of the last series.

  36. I don’t know about anyone else, but I prefer to enjoy comedy, you know, so I laugh at it.
    Mabye I’m just shallow.

    Yes I’m definitely shallow.

  37. Sure thing Dorothy. Thanks for that.

  38. I loved the Keith Olbermann video, he really does tear the dastard Bush a new cornhole, but did anyone else get a bit put off by the whole ‘looking in different angled cameras’ thing?

    Watch it again to see what I mean.

    I found it a bit parodic as to be actually hugely distracting.

    Just me then?

  39. No offense, I was being glib. I’m Glibby Kennedy.

  40. clip about the nice/lisbon treaty but inspired by the lovely girls comp

  41. don’t think that worked sorry.
    here’s the correct link.

  42. me thinks Kevin has some issues.. like having a sandwich for a neck.
    Graham, I’ve got Portal & the whole shebang! dad just paid for the setup, god I’m happy..!

  43. Ooh, answer Zwem’s question Graham. I’m all of a sudden quite interested in hearing the answer!

    I understand the whole Partridge vs Audience thing. It must have made it difficult for Coogan to get the timing and reactions right when doing the radio show. He’s saying something “in character” and the audience (which is actually a sort of character in the show) is out of character. Of course it couldn’t have been done in a different way, and it’s still brilliant.

    Some weird moments in the radio show that always bug me:

    Firstly, When Partridge sniffs the coke, he bizarrely starts acting more like he’s stoned. Surely some good humour could have been mined from Partridge freaking out a lot more? I guess it was tough to do.

    Secondly, it’s so peculiar that Alan should make the mistake that Sherlock Holmes was real, because “he’d solve a crime and go home and write about it”. It’s just a bit odd that, of course, Watson very famously narrates all of the Holmes stories (with one exception, I think), — which is why Watson is often reduced to a pointless and flabby character in TV/film adaptations.

    I’m sure Graham will tell me to get a life, so I must add that I’m really not losing any sleep over these things!

  44. :)
    Was just checking!

  45. “I don’t know about anyone else, but I prefer to enjoy comedy, you know, so I laugh at it.
    Mabye I’m just shallow.

    Yes I’m definitely shallow.”

    It’s not shallow to like something without picking it to death. I’m on your side here, Dorothy.

  46. Graham! Thanks for the Bill O’Reilly link the other day. It was taken down from youtube a few times but I think CBS has given up. By unbelievable coincidence I actually flipped a channel in time to see O’Reilly making light of the video just the other day (not that I watch FOX).

    Anyway, there’s a hilarious dance remix that’s just gone up. Half million views already.. sorry if it’s already been mentioned/posted here:


  47. There’s nothing with comedy for comedy’s sake. Not everything has to have something going on under the surface. If anyone hasn’t seen Iron Man, I heartily recommend it; and it’s just a fun, well written, well acted, well directed super-hero movie… that doesn’t have a deeper message. You could pick it to pieces if you wanted to, but it’s much more fun to just sit back and enjoy the ride :)

  48. Dear Graham,

    If you could travel to dinosaur times without any unforeseen, horrible repercussions messing up the time line, what would you bring for lunch? It’d be a whole day, like as long as a work day.


  49. new sitcom idea….. “murder she writ.” its about a remedial english teacher who solves crimes in her spare time..

  50. I like nothing better than to laugh at something that’s just plain funny, without feeling the need to ruin it by analysing it to death. But on the other hand, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a serious discussion about what might and might not work in comedy. Unless I missed a memo, it’s not a bad thing to occasionally discuss comedy beyond simply saying, “Did you see that bit? It was funny.”

    Note: I said “occasionally”.

  51. There’s room everywhere for everything Sod.

    How about a shitcom about a washing machine that’s a twat.
    Or a lime with a story to tell.
    A flightless bear.

    Glibby’s on a roll.

  52. Sorry about using the word “shitcom”
    No exuse.

  53. SodApe, fair enough, but people who write pieces with titles like ‘Why Alan Partridge isn’t funny’, or whatever, are the bottom row of bricks on the tosser pyramid, as far as I’m concerned.

  54. there was just a guy on bbc talking about how alan partridge “missed a great opportunity to promote Norwich.” lawl

    lynne! you couldn’t present a…cat!!

  55. That Alan Partridge article was lame. At absolutely no point was it suggested he was being followed by a camera crew.
    I have to say I like Keith Olbermann’s presenting style. How many times would you say he’s watched Good Night and Good Luck?
    A million?

  56. That Nice Treaty/Father Ted/Copyright Infringement video is amazing. What an extraordinarily fresh take on the the political process.
    Man it chimed with me like ol Big Ben. How I hate the EU. Some nights I wake up screaming and also rhyming “Damn you EU”. How people have not realised that they are a SMERSH type cabal of supervillany amazes me.
    We should really clog up this blog with more mental Republican content like this from Nice Treaty man’s sole Youtube subscriber..
    And of course, this..
    It’s all the damage the EU has clearly done to Ireland that really hurts me the most.

  57. Just after reading the start of the article and had to stop so I could beat my brother in order to reduce how much it had annoyed me.

  58. The commentary on the partridge DVDs reveals that it was originally intended as a documentary format, but clearly as soon as they began filming realised it was unworkable. Some of the best and most hilarious scene just couldn’t have been done, so they dropped the idea. Now, an essay on why Catherine Tate is shit… I’d read that and cheer along.

    “the bottom row of bricks on the tosser pyramid, as far as I’m concerned.”

    My god that is good. I’m going to have to use that and pass it off as my own. Although hopefully I won’t have “I HATE YOU!!” screamed at me by Arthur. On the other hand…

  59. “SodApe, fair enough, but people who write pieces with titles like ‘Why Alan Partridge isn’t funny’, or whatever, are the bottom row of bricks on the tosser pyramid, as far as I’m concerned.”

    Damn straight. I reckon the people who write essays on those sites (“Some Of The Corpses Are Amusing” and “Cook’d and Bomb’d”) have gone WAY past the point at which they can even enjoy comedy anymore – I don’t see why they’re so anal about it all. As though every time a great writer makes a second series, he’s suddenly shite by default. Those forums are sordid dens of pointless misery. Their barometer of cool is how much better than Chris Morris they somehow believe they’d be if they ever got off their holes and wrote something. Gimps.

    Whereas Alan Partridge will always be funny, and I can always snuggle up with the DVDs. Just had a flashback to that line “she committed an act upon his person that was tantamount to vandalism” – glorious!

  60. I guess we have to accept that some people get a perverse sort of enjoyment out of pulling apart other people’s hard work. Whatever rocks your socks, I suppose. Meanwhile, we will all continue to laugh at stuff we find funny. And laughing is good for your heart (and various other things, like your immune system and hayfever. Seriously.). Trust me, I’m a… well actually I’m a pharmacist, but close enough.

  61. The worst is when people say they “hate something”, or “something is shit” without ever watching it properly. My friend does that with Seinfeld, it pisses me off cause I know he’d love it! My girlfriend does the same thing with coleslaw(the food).

  62. This is hilarious!

  63. Brendan, I think Alan Partridge gets that problem of people hating it without ever seeing it more than any other show.

    and Darren, shhh! didn’t graham play some part in getting Catherine Tate a career.

  64. Coleslaw IS shit.

  65. I like Seinfeld AND coleslaw, for what it’s worth. Although I’ve never experienced the two together.

    Well, that’s my Sunday night planned.

  66. Coleslaw can be epic, JohnnyW. Although like everything, it’s all down to opinion. Some like it, some don’t. But the moral of my fairytale is; don’t make your decision until you’ve tried it.

    That does sound like a plan Kathryn! In fact I might throw in some pizza too. MMM…

  67. Coleslaw AND pizza? AND Seinfeld? Wow, Brendan, you’re wild.

    Not even an article (possibly penned by JohnnyW) entitled “Why coleslaw isn’t funny/tasy/useful to society” could ruin that evening.

  68. (I meant ‘tasty’. Although tasy sounds fun – kinda zingy. Like a tazer. I’ll shut up now.)

  69. Nothing in the world could ruin an evening as special as that.

    Am I wild, or am I just so calm I just blew your mind?!

    (that was a re-adjusted Kramer quote by the way)

  70. (I like tasy and tazer for that matter. Rhymes with laser. Which should be spelled lazer, cause z is the coolest letter ever! And begins words like Zapp…which is associated with laser. I’ll shut up now too.)

  71. Graham!! I really would love to know, school finishes in three days…shit i should be studing for my LC…

    scrubs announces season 8..whos with me in a Todd style high 5!!!

  72. “and Darren, shhh! didn’t graham play some part in getting Catherine Tate a career.”…

    Er, did I? (I think you may be thinking of Arthur)

  73. Brendy and Kathryny are sparking all over the page. If I say something about laughter tracks or editing, neither of you will be able to perform.

    Graham, how on earth do you rely on a career that is dependant on whether fickle people find you funny?
    I literally wouldn’t have the balls.

  74. oh… sorry, very sorry. I don’t know much about Big Train, wasn’t a fan.

    What’s Peter Baynham up to these days?

    and Darren, shhh! didn’t graham’s friend arthur play some part in getting Catherine Tate a career.

  75. Enough with the foreplay, when are we going to see IT Crowd S3?

  76. Luckily, there was a camera on Bill O’Reilly’s producer as well:

  77. I think George Romero used these to get the zombie movements just right.

  78. Don’t worry, B’dum. I’m not a fan of your comments so it evens out.

  79. graham! hello there, Did you hear about this audience without Dermot Morgan event thing? sounds cool but…..Chris De Burgh? ….whats going on there?

  80. phew… thanks!

  81. Poor Arthur. Series 2 Big Train just wasn’t the same. Better than I could do of course. “Hippies”, however, was excellent. So feckin happy it finally came out on DVD

  82. i second that Mr. Darren. Pegg falling down the stairs and his other physical comedy hits the spot alright.

  83. Don’t be dissing any Big Trains. I fucking love them both.

  84. Isn’t that mugshot the spit of Beavis?

  85. If you Google ‘Beavis’, that guy comes up before the other two.

  86. Wahaha. On the mugshot site, where there’s a guy wearing a T-shirt that says “I’m Rick James Bitch”, I’m afraid I misread it as “I’m Rick James’ Bitch.” That additional apostrophe makes all the difference.

  87. I thought S2 Big Train was wonderful, myself. But my favourite moment from the whole thing is still Graham shouting “WHAT DO THEY DO?!”. Except for possibly “don’t go on fire”, which is pure genius.

    I actually did like ‘Knowing Me, Knowing You’ better than ‘I’m Alan Partridge’, and for a lot of the reasons detailed in that article, but that’s just me. I didn’t see a huge amount of either of them so I’m not really in the best position to judge.

  88. Ha!

  89. sorry, that ha was for the apostrophe remark.

  90. Hey Graham, check out a band called Kyte.


    There’s a great non-official video of their best song(in my opinion) ‘planet’ mixed with clips from Planet Earth and other BBC nature docs on my blog http://brendancanty.wordpress.com/ . Check them out!

    They are superb! Sound like a more indie Sigur ros. A Sweeping Orchestral, Melancholic and Epic sound!

  91. *cough* James’s *cough*


  92. “What do they do?” cracked me up as well.

  93. graham, what do you think of ben keaton at the eurovision?

  94. Jon Ronson. Reverend Death. Most terrifying thing I’ve seen in years. My heart was hammering. More intense than any horror movie since ‘lambs’.
    Graham, unless you knew the full score beforehand, did you not find it ‘climb all over the couch’ scary?

  95. Can I just say:



  96. I’ve recently started laughing at the repeats of the IT Crowd.

    It’s actually quite good.

    Well done.

  97. No, it was all new to me, Flann.

  98. Am I too late to post footage of a Russian ex-chess champion being interrupted by a flying cocksack? Is it old news?

  99. Graham, Can you give us an update on how series 3 of the IT Crowd is coming? We continue to re watch series 1 and 2 but we are dying for some new material.

  100. Hello Graham

    As a keen admirer of your work and a recent convert to your blog, I was wondering if you would do me the honour of being the first celebrity respondent of my modest Blog Survey.

    I expect you’re probably overly time-strapped, but it’d be madness not to ask. It’s here:


    This invitation obviously extends to your witty and erudite readers.

    Does this constitute comment spam by the way? I do hope not.

    Much love,


  101. test

  102. To answer Troy and Bete at the same time, I’ve written four episodes. Three are in all right shape. One I’m wrestling with at the moment. The last two I’m going to have to write very quickly, and I’m bricking it. So surveys and such will have to wait, I’m afraid.

  103. Fair enough. Thanks for getting back to me anyway. And good luck!

  104. That Alice in Wonderland clip is bangin’

  105. “Irish advertising”. “Bog” standard bloke. I get it.

    I know you disagree but the thought of that guy spooning my froth AND a reward card? I’m getting quite steamed up. Boom tish.

    We’re only just getting ‘The IT Crowd’ on free to air in Australia. Thanks for that – a vintage sloop sailing on a sea of poop.

    Seen “Summer Heights High” by Aussie Chris Lilley by the way? Also very good.

  106. I actually love comedies, even “bad” comedies. To me, comedy is like chocolate and a handful of other pleasures in life; even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good. I can tell when I’m watching a poorly written sitcom (such as certain kids’ shows) versus a well-written sitcom (such as anything Mr. Linehan has ever written), but I enjoy watching it all. Life could be easier and less stressful, so I’m grateful to have the opportunity to relax in front of the television and watch something fun, even if it isn’t BAFTA-winning stuff. I tip my hat to all the creative people who make that possible. Sorry to get up on my soapbox, and I hope I didn’t offend.

    In other news, my 7-year-old keeps doing his Father Jack impersonation at inappropriate times. When he barks “Drink! Woman! Nun!” in line at the grocery store, I’m not sure if I should laugh or ground him for a week.

  107. I’m impressed at your kid’s recital of the “nun” line, not one of the more common lines. You have him trained well!

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