A mixtape for May

May 8, 2008



  1. Just beautiful

  2. Thanks for another great muxtape. Delighted to see you’ve included my all-time faves SFA. ‘Run! Christian! Run!’ is *the* ultimate penultimate track.
    I noticed in the Ted Xmas special Ed Byrne wears a Fuzzy Logic era SFA T-shirt when he rings Priestchat. Was that your idea?
    There’s a great recent Letterman performance here

  3. rainlollo.muxtape.com – thought you might like this one I made

  4. http://rainlollo.muxtape.com – thought you might like this one I made.

  5. good call on the Chemical Bros track – its enjoyably stoopid.

    In celebration of the (no doubt brief) arrival of summer in Ireland I made a sun-themed mix:


  6. Excellent photo (and muxtape). Have you read his newish autobiography yet? Great book.

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