Please, God, not Boris, please!

May 2, 2008


  1. Ah why? I like Boris – he’s funny looking!

  2. Too late, too late.

    Despite my best efforts. I’ll be on the midnight Megabus out of town.

  3. Hahahahahah!!! (lol) I’m sorry, i just laughed out loud when I saw the title.

    Which is funny in itself because I’m in Australia and only now about “Boris” from old Have I Got News For You clips on Youtube.

    And only this morning on the news there was Boris running for the new mayor of London.

    Yeh i agree he is kind of funny looking and well funny alltogether, but is that what you want in a polly??

    cheers for my 2 cents amy xx

  4. I’ve been preaching the 1 can’t win an election. Parties win elections, people don’t have choice, democracy is a sham line, so I didn’t vote. Why!!!!!!!!!!! I like Ken.

  5. Boris is the next Mayor of London. I wonder if he would do a guest spot on series 3. The problem of course would be he is even more bumbling and silly than Douglas.

  6. That’s meant to read ‘1 vote’ not just ‘1’.

  7. Turnout is estimated at 45% – up from 36.95% in 2004.

    Quoted from the BBC site.

    Apathetic Londoners probably support someone nice like Paddick but they were too bone lazy to do anything about it!

  8. But he’s got funny hair Graham.
    Come on.

  9. Are you moving to London, Graham?

    Pat Kenny or Boris Johnson.

  10. If he wins I’m moving to Ireland.

    On a more serious note, has anyone noticed the resemblance between this guy and Douglas Renholm?


  11. I’m moving to Dublin if he wins.

    On a more serious note, has anyone noticed the similarity between this guy and Douglas Renholm?


  12. The Full Boris Johnson show on that HIGNFY dvd is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

    whats with Ken Livingston always walking places in his interviews?

  13. too…depressed…worried…too…type…

    how was this allowed to happen?!

  14. Boris Johnson, among many many other things, is in favour of Section 28. I’m in full agreement with Charlie Brooker here – he’s an awful, incompetent, homophobic, racist, tactless man. If we lived in Sitcom Land, his being made mayor would be, like, well funny. But we live in the real fucking world, and this bigoted floppy-haired arse is almost certainly the new mayor of London, because he’s presented HIGNFY and made a cock of himself and everybody thinks it’s hilarious, and look, isn’t his hair endearing, and he rides a bike, and look at him cheating on his wife, isn’t he sweet?

    Funny does not trump right. Sorry, people.

  15. It was noticed a while ago that Douglas Reynholm was in trouble, on this blog. He won’t be available for series 3 I can confirm:


  16. Not Boris? The who?

    That’s surely been the problem. Ken’s been around for 8 years and transport and crime in London are in serious need of fixing. Ken hasn’t been able to fix it. London needs a new mayor. It’s just a shame Boris was the only alternative.

    I should point out, I didn’t vote for Boris. :)

  17. people who liked him on HIGNFY shouldn’t have voted for him, he wont be on it again if he gets elected.

    BBC’s coverage was f*cking terrible, some odd cowboy thing and constant references to Mr Bean.

  18. I see Brian Blessed is on HIGNFY tonight, maybe he can become mayor next time. He could just laugh maniacally and say “Gordon’s alive!” and the voters would presumably be happy with that.

  19. y’know who was great on HIGNFY? Richard Mr. Richard and Judy… no one knows his surname.

    If he had a policy to bring back yer man doing the weather forecasts on the themes, I’d vote for him.

    Piers Morgan was better than Boris and got nothing though.

  20. I posted that link to David Quantick on facebook.
    (Pretend)Friend of the stars, me.

  21. “I can’t tell you anything you don’t already know”

    Thanks Graham

    GBV on ipod loop for the last 48 hours. A good thing.

    Boris? Well, I live in North County Dublin so what we have here for elected reps does’t count for all that much.

    Looks like things are going to get very ugly though…isn’t it weird when this happens? Who are the people (in London) who vote such a thing in? Is it a protest vote or something even less complex?

  22. Well there we go, he’s won. What a fucking disaster. I’ll be an the 50p megabus out of town then.

  23. After that acceptance speech Boris just might prove to be better than most people think.

  24. I’m flabbergasted.
    Johnson is a bumbling mouth breather.

    This is why democracy doesn’t work.

  25. Well done Boris!

    Great Mayor, or Greatest Mayor ever?

  26. […] Please, God, not Boris, please! [image] […]

  27. link to the acceptance speech?

    was Ken able to keep still when the results were being announced?

  28. The original idea for the dustarack video may come from the artworks of FISCHLI & WEISS. I personnaly recommend the “Lauf der dinge” => 20 minutes of uninterrupted mechanisms.

    Videos here :

  29. Boris! Boris! Boris!

    Boris Johnson as mayor is fantastic!

    It’s proof that sometimes the world is not such a boring place.

  30. I’d be interested to hear the justifications of anyone who is pleased to have the charlatan is mayor.

  31. Terrorists are gay.

  32. Although this isn’t about Boris (I liked the Crikey! column in private eye, a wee bit not much though, it’s no Drunken Bakers) but it is vaguely about London, was there on Wednesday doing my stand up debut and picked up a copy of Shirtlist and they had a bit on Peep Show and this scoop of their next ‘top secret’ project:

    “Speaking about the top-secret project Mitchell said, “We’re still fiddling with it, but it will be similar in style to the IT Crowd, Black Books and Father Ted-a more heightened reality than Peep Show”…

    That’s Linehan-Wang!

  33. Shirtlist?! meant to say Shortlist although Shirtlist might be a good London free magazine with an index of what pink or pale blue shirts are in fashion

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    This is because English language not suitable anymore because the original bible is in Arabic.

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  35. Boris’ Greatest hits:

  36. Is it heartless of people like me to treat the election of someone who many would call a ‘charlatan’ and ‘buffoon’ to Mayor as something whimsical and lighthearted?

    I only do so because Boris as Mayor of London will not directly affect me in anyway since I don’t even live England (Northern Ireland).

    It could be argued that Boris becoming Mayor will tip something or other in the favour of the Tories, thereby making it more likely of them ruling the Goverment and then THAT having some impact on me.

    But until then…. go Boris go!

  37. While Boris may not be the bumbling buffoon he often appears, he IS quite likely to put his foot in it, balls things up, and make the tories look bad. Which is a shame because we probably need the tories to form a credible threat to this awful New labour government, thus forcing them to the left where they belong, giving the voter an actual choice, rather than a labour party which is just Thatcherism lite, and a Conservative party which is New Labour lite.

    And it’s a bad thing because Red Ken was actually a success — he doesn’t deserve to be tainted by Blair and Brown’s foul-ups.

  38. Graham, do you remember Couch? Irish comedy from the 90s?
    I saw a clip, here and I’m wondering if it’s all as good.

  39. Actually, it’s Couched… not Couched.

  40. not Couch rather. 3 in a row!

  41. irish comedy you say? as in rte? stay away!

  42. I’m glad you lot can’t understand why or how Boris has won. Perhaps now you can understand how we’ve felt every time we’ve seen that grubby little scumbag Livingstone elected.

    Don’t let the door hit you on the arse on the way out, Ken. Actually, do. Let it hit you. Hard.

  43. Good one!

  44. I now realise the mistake in giving this section the heading that I did.
    I’m shutting the comments down tomorrow to give anyone else who wants to pitch in a chance; it’d be tiresome continuing it for any longer than that.
    My final thoughts on the matter: Ken did his job brilliantly. And he managed to do so while battling the loathsome Evening Standard, the various forces of New Mordor and various others (my favourite battle, the ‘chiseling crooks’ in the US Embassy who refused to pay the congestion charge). He’s one of the few people to stand up and point out that Hugo Chavez is a democratically elected, hugely popular leader (not, as Max Hastings weirdly said, a ‘dictator’) and he never made any attempt to hide his contempt for Bush.
    However, like everyone else, I was impressed by the warmth of Johnson’s acceptance speech. I just hope he means it.

  45. Love to Arthur for Hippies, what a treat on episode 2 – The ‘Eldon’ator!! I had no idea the Russell Brand looky likey was Rolf Saxon?! He’s an adventure gaming nerd’s hero!


  46. Funny you should say US Embassy… the aforementioned US-born, Alexander Boris de Piffle (sic) Johnson will now be able to pardon the chiselling crooks C-Charge arrears, although I doubt he’ll be able resist the urge to cock it up, by actually saying they remind him of Al Capone or some such. Come on, after all the recent sure footed avoidance of his usual clangers, he must be bursting to let one out.

  47. i’ve read about boris. while it does look a bit… what is the phrase? filled with dread? its not like the man is going to kill the spirit or intelligence of the real london (or at least the london that i knew).

    anyway, like i really have a lot to say about the subject, not having been to the UK for ten years, and living in the middle of bfe/midwestern US….

    i must say, the muxtape thing is so, so great. i can’t wait for your next one! its always so interesting to see what others are listening to. i update mine (not that anyone’s really interested, but jic… http://behka.muxtape.com/) every month now. i’ve listened to yours every time you update!

  48. Boris WAS quite witty on hignfy, which, in a way demonstrates his clever debating skills. However, the answering of random questions on a televised debate shouldn’t be sufficient to get one elected. Unlike in America, where televised debates- like an unfunny hignfy- are hugely significant. And why would you vote for someone because they’re down to earth, “one of us”, salt o’ the earth kinda guys? ” hey , Obama can’t even bowl! He’s such an elitest loser!”

  49. Not updating, Behka. Different Muxtapes created under different e-mail addresses.

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