Reaping the whirlwind

April 29, 2008

If you really want to attack a ridiculous Conservative idea, ask a Conservative. Link

And now here is Ben Stein, sneering and scoffing at Darwin, a man who
spent decades observing and pondering the natural world — that world
Stein glimpses through the window of his automobile now and then, when
he’s not chattering into his cell phone. Stein claims to be doing it in
the name of an alternative theory of the origin of species: Yet no such
alternative theory has ever been presented, nor is one presented in the
movie, nor even hinted at. There is only a gaggle of fools and
fraudsters, gaping and pointing like Apaches on seeing their first
locomotive: “Look! It moves! There must be a ghost inside making it

It has to be said, though… if Conservatives like Derbyshire hadn’t thrown in their lot with religious wackjobs in order to get a semi-retarded man elected President, then maybe articles like this one wouldn’t be necessary.

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