Say you, say me, something, something, naturally

April 25, 2008

By the by, thanks to everyone for some very interesting links last week. If I don’t appear to be paying attention, it’s an illusion. I just don’t have time to talk about individual items. But please keep ’em coming.


  1. how many people died in that reporters compilation? 2 by my count. i actually found it a little upsetting. but there you go.

  2. This may not be the place to ask, and I may not get an answer, but I was wondering…

    I was watching To Kill a Mockingbird last night, and I noticed that the stance Bob Ewell adopts, as he shouts his drunken racist bile at the Finch family driving away from him, is very similar to the old lady that yells “GOOD FOR YOUR FATHER!” when Ted is accused of being a racist. The weird collapsing legs, the arm in the air (with a shopping back in the case of Father Ted)… Is it a deliberate reference? Or am I reading too much into this?

  3. Nice one for all the GBV plugging that’s been going on here for a while. I thought I would leave a quick note here to alert Dublin/Ireland based readers and GBV fans of the imminent arrival of Voided By Ponces, the country’s first GBV covers act.

    In fact, we’re currently looking for a singer. Someone who can sing, do high kicks etc. We’re really looking at you here Graham. You know you want to …

  4. Good god that reporter compilation was brutal… and tragically funny.

    /email address book/

  5. Hey Graham, spotted this little snippet on the web. You get referenced twice so thought you’d like to know :)

    “James Cordon, who plays Smithy in the multi-award winning sitcom Gavin and Stacey, has been given the starring role in a new BBC Two sitcom pilot.

    Hey Hey We’re the Monks stars Cordon as Gary Woodcroft, a 31-year-old layabout who is given a position in a monastery. The BBC has said the show is: ‘Father Ted meets Men Behaving Badly – with a cheeky Black Books chaser’.”

  6. You may have already seen this, as it was featured on YouTube, but I certainly enjoyed it and suspect you might too:

  7. a guided by voices cover band? i think thats the weirdest thing i ever heard.

    were you and arthur writers on on the hour?

  8. Another designer having a laugh I think.


  9. It amazes me that American reporters let the government get away with such crap. At least Helen Thomas tries. Watch this;


  10. Hey Big G ! how’s IT3 coming ?? x

  11. terrific interview with ira glass of “this american life” http://www.current.org/people/p809i1.html

  12. A bit out there… my friend, and Irishman, is about to embark on a fixed-gear bicycle from Melbourne to Darwin, Australia… Last year he rode a bicycle around Australia…
    his website:


    a bit random, but a mammoth effort, and he needs all the suport he can.

  13. I don’t think there was any deaths in that clip Shane. Anthea Turner is indestructible.

  14. I noticed that the accountant hopped out the Window in episode 1 of Black Books. It reminded me that Reynholm jumped out the window in The IT Crowd, and I think someone leaped through a window in Father Ted at some point as well.

    Is this meant to be a recurring element in your work, or just a comedic device that you consider funny?

  15. Oh Mr Linehan – some great blogging.

    Know what we should do with EMI and the music industry in general? They should all be placed in little non-tearable plastic bags and zipped shut. Slow but sure.

    It’s the way that they’re stifling art with their commercialised, industrialised pap; their pop idols and X factors and sure-fire one-hit wonders. This week’s pop star in next week’s till totty at Argos. And yet I see so many great live acts in pubs and clubs every week. All unsigned of course because most of them have been pubic for a while and aren’t so young/naive/desperate/fame hungry to just sign it all away. Sorry. Choking on my own vitriol there. Cheers m’dear and keep a-blogging. Stevyn.

  16. I saw the exploding Anthea Turner clip in a health and safety film directors at the BBC have to watch. Also included was Dave Allen shooting a naked man in the chest (with blanks, but the flash scorched the poor bastard) and Ace from Dr. Who being put in a perspex tank that was being slowly filled with water — until it ruptured and nearly electrocuted everybody in the studio.

    I’m still worried about that guy who gets HIT BY THE PLANE. That’s gotta hurt.

  17. well thanks to you people I just discovered Gavin and Stacey – cunning buggers only put episodes 5 and 6 on youtube then the BBC do this weird thing all of a sudden ‘not available in your country’ – quite sad I thought Youtube would be my saving grace in Australia because the telly is largely rubbish here and that is one thing I very much miss about the UK. Actually I used to live right near Billericay where Gavin is supposed to be from – and it just suddenly dawned on me that they are based on those 2 big brother ones where he was from Wickford (right next to Billericay) and she was welsh and she said “I like blinking I do”

  18. People might have already seen this, but god, it’s good. It carries on the baby theme too.

  19. Old but:


    Find out whether you’re a big ol’ racist (and other things). Apparently 80% of white people are.


  20. Hi Graham,

    I was wondering if it was your idea to have Jen’s character in The IT Crowd occasionally shout in a really deep voice (e.g. “Just tell him I’m busy!”) or was it something that Katherine Parkinson came up with herself? Either way, it’s really funny.

  21. Hey Graham, did you hear about this?

  22. Long time listener, first time caller.
    Lately every video you post appears in my browser to be blank. Nada. Nothing there.
    Otherwise, keep up the good work!

  23. Hey Graham, I had a dream I had an awesome dream: of people in the park, playing games in the dark.

    (Still not as much fun/creepy as the “Hello” video)

  24. Graham – a T-Shirt for you…..


    Nice to see a darkly humourous american site…


  25. The reporter that got hit by the plane’s wing survived but was badly injured and hospitalized.
    I remember I saw it on TV once…probably on It Shouldn’t Happen to a TV Reporter or some balls.

    I watched some of Gavin & Stacey and I didn’t think much of it, I’ll give it another chance when I get time.

  26. Hi Graham!

    Just wondering if you caught the Father Ted play at Tedfest at all? I think you’d be proud of the writing! It was amazing. Whoever wrote it kept the spirit of the comedy.

  27. Tell Candy What’s what alright.

  28. May well have been mentioned elsewhere on your lovely lovely lovely site but as it’s only up on BBC IPlayer for another day (& I’m the middle of watching it) thought I’d hastily add it. Documentary on Father Michael Cleary, THE celebrity priest of all time, first saw him in ‘Rocky Road To Dublin’ film doc. Can be downloaded- http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/page/item/b00b0dj4.shtml?order=aztitle%3Aalphabetical&filter=category%3A200045&scope=iplayercategories&start=1&version_pid=b00b0dgy

  29. Thanks for that, Mary–amazing documentary. You don’t know if that’s the one they were thinking of calling ‘The Real Father Ted’ do you?

  30. rocky road to dublin was great. he had a secret wife or something at the end.

  31. http://www.dothetest.co.uk/

  32. In Scotland in the mid 90s there was a Bishop Brennan-like scandal involving The Rt Rev Roderick Wright, or more commonly known by the tabloids as Father Starsky, due to his supposed similarity to Paul Michael Glaser.

  33. I can’t view Mary’s link (only viewable in the UK) but is Father Michael Cleary the one who narrated “Give up yer auld sins”? Anyone here heard of/heard that? Timeless.. I have it on CD, not sure whether it’s available online though.

    My contribution:

    (turn off the lights, turn up the volume)

  34. Hi Graham- Yes, the ultimate in tragicomedy eh? If I knew enough about Greek drama I might be able to give a suitable classical comparison but…nah. I don’t know about the ‘Real Father Ted’ but I can imagine it to be the case.. although the idea of Dougal finding Ted & Mrs Doyle in bed together doesn’t quite work for me! And Phillips, shame that. Am technically rubbish so don’t know of any other way of you being able to view it. I love ‘Give Up Yer Auld Sins’, they did animated version too. It was recorded by Peig Cunningham, a teacher. Found a short clip on YouTube but worth getting the cd. Beautiful but kinda sad too-

  35. Grand Theft Auto IV is so near to it’s release date I can almost touch it. In fact I have touched it but the guy in the shop wouldn’t sell it to me…

    Here’s Charlie Brooker prank calling Sony to complain about GTA – thought some of you might find it funny too.


  36. I’m an animator by profession and always wanted to do something with ‘Give up yer auld sins’.. so I was half delighted, half disappointed to hear someone else had already done it :D

    A short but hilarious Telegraph article:

  37. stewart lee likes guided by voices too!

  38. A few months ago someone pointed out that Douglas Reynholm was involved in a royal blackmail scandal. It’s now a gay scandal:


  39. Hey Graham. When is the third it crowd series due?
    The second series was really great! The first episode was up along side even the best Father Ted episodes.

    Spotted this last week, it’s great! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ahg6qcgoay4

    Also check out this guy surfing a massive wave…frightening!

  40. Also I’ve been writing a few comedy short films over the past few years including Borro – http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/e2a60b7578

    If you had time maybe I could send you a few of the scripts and you could give me a few tips and see what you think. Seeing as I learned most of my writing skills off your commentaries etc.

    If I’m annoying you by doing this then just say it!!


  41. Hi Graham,

    I saw this article today about the Chelsea groundstaff Vs. Man Utd players brawl that took place after the match at Stamford Bridge on Saturday. In the thrid paragraph, there is an alleged quote from a member of staff at Chelsea who is plainly a fan of Polly Clarke. Well, either Polly or Mrs. Doyle. Thought you’d enjoy it:


  42. Hi Graham,

    Thank you for this blog. You may enjoy the work at , a bit of Art Against Empire from the big, obnoxious brass buckle of the Bible Belt, U.S of A!

  43. Sorry, I’ll try posting that URL again. Otherwise, click on the name below:


  44. dang Ferris Bueller will never be the same again!

  45. Ben Stein doesn’t really believe all that crap about creationism and intelligent design it’s all an act and I can’t believe that any smart person would think he’s being genuine.

    Here he lying through his teeth on a video intended for fundamental christians (He is one now. Yeah right.) http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=ihYq2dGa29M

    Also he’s setting my gaydar off at full alert. All right I don’t have gaydar but since all those Republican ‘toe-tapping’ scandals it’s been a bit more obvious to see who is in the closet.

  46. Does anyone else think this guy who has allegedly been blackmailing a royal is actually Douglas Renholm?


  47. The Florida legislature is considering a ban on plastic testicles, also called Truck Nutz, that people apparently like to hang from the back of their trucks. It looks like those supporting the ban might run into some trouble since one of their own has a set of plastic testicles hanging off the back of his truck:


    This link is a tad NSFW. Here are some pictures of Truck Nutz (my personal favorite is the one covered in American flags):

  48. About WHEEEEEE! Okay those kids are crazy. But that guy, the guy at 0:23, in the car on the left. What, what’s he doing? How does he hope he’s going to prove his point? If they weren’t trying to get themselves killed it would be attempted murder. Now that was terrifying. And closer to the crap I see on Irish roads.

  49. Random. I asked someone in a tech/electronic gadget shop in Copenhagen today where i could find a Mac retail shop. After much complicated scribbling of maps and walking round the city whilst having a coniption fit I finally found the address and the elusive mac shop. He had sent me to a M-A-C shop. All female readers who use makeup will understand.

  50. Graham-

    First, I am American. Second, I think you are the best comedy writer/director living today (this is not an exaggeration). Third, I’m making a documentary on an old GBV labelmate, Silkworm. Here is the trailer:

    If you were to watch it, I would be a very happy man.

  51. Graham I couldn’t watch WHEEEEE! all the way through. I found my adrenaline pumping as I expected to see someone die :(

  52. Man, Silkworm passed me by. I’ll investigate. Thanks, Seth.

  53. Thanks so much for watching the trailer! If you need suggestions I would say “Firewater” or “Lifestyle” are both great places to start.

  54. Did you draw that cartoon header at the top.

  55. hi graham,
    Fr Ted’s line in Bejewelled with kisses , ” i’d be delighteted” ( when Polly Clarke invites him to her house) ; is the inspiration from the horror film, Haunted? Is the picture of Tom sitting on the wall with a shotgun in first episode inspired by the image of David’s sister Juliette sitting on a wall at a distance towards the end of the film? There seemed to be many other indirect links but it could just be the fact that i’m a huge fan of both Fr Ted and Haunted.

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