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April 18, 2008


  1. First!!!!- nah only messing. This is a brilliant sketch from the (sometimes) brilliant man stroke woman. http://jack-dev.blogspot.com/ It’s the 5th video down. Enjoy.

  2. howdy graham,
    errol morris + werner herzog on abu ghraib and other horror shows…

  3. So you can crash the Internet…

    Full story over on The Onion:

  4. Has anyone else been following the marvelous debate betweem Stuart Campbell and Bruce Everiss?

    It all kicks off in the comments section:

  5. i guess lots of you may already be familiar with Demetri Martins standup. I think hes just brilliant..For anyone whos not aware of him heres a link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcwfdFT1ohE&feature=related

    plus theres plenty more on Youtube!

    Lozenge have you ever checked out Errol Morris’s website? Hes got some pretty interesting essays up there too..

  6. Graham, do you like dinosaurs?

  7. Fergal D, have you ever seen Demetri’s stuff for the Daily Show? Well worth checking out.

  8. Ah Deadwood. When it was good, it was very very good. They should use these clips to teach artful swearing in school.

  9. Hey Graham,
    Have you seen this flick?

    Defo worth a watch and stars Jermaine Clement from Flight Of The Conchords:)

  10. yeah green ink i have. He does a great wee piece on social networking sites like facebook, myspace etc
    ” Social networking sites are loaded with sexual predators; more importantly they’re loaded with sexual prey”
    Though i havent seen him featured on the show in a while though. Ive gotta catch his standup the next time he visits these shores..

  11. That’s a brlliant skit, I saw him in the Cats Laugh a few years ago and he was a wonderful advance antidote to what was to follow in the form of Deirdre O’Kane.

  12. Graham, I know you’re a Talking Heads fan and a reader of BoingBoing, so you probably already know that Byrne and Eno are planning to tour N.America, playing a lot of old Heads tunes too.
    I was overcome with a wave of excitment/nostalgia/more excitment and mostly just hoping they bring it over to this side of the Atlantic

  13. yeah deirdre o kane. man is she ever off the radio? Her and ed byrne..Every second commercial it seems!

  14. Someone sent me this link recently.

    Jeff Ross on one of Comedy Central’s roasts.
    This is for William Shatner.
    the Pamela Anderson one is funny as well.

  15. hey Graham,
    The Tim Robbins link reminded me of a similiar speech given by Bill Moyers.Worth a gander..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1oihdDe7ZI

  16. sorry heres the link again..

  17. How many more names do you think you can come up with for Friday’s comments? My favourite was “surrender to terror” Also, do you agree that Flight of the Conchords is the funniest thing since ever?

    I like pie! I wear ties!

  18. Lozenge, great interview with Morris and Herzog. Thanks for posting.

  19. mcatilla thats the best news i’ve heard all year!

    demetri martin seems like a p!ss-poor mitch hedberg to me, and i wasn’t too keen on him either. steven wright and rodney dangerfield are the only one-liners i can stand really.
    …I’m a comedy snob.

  20. If you know a blind guy with a seeing-eye dog, and the dog had an erection, is it impolite to mention it?

  21. […] Fire away [image] […]

  22. A bit of music for your perusal. Don’t know whether it’ll float your boat, but I thought it was astonishing enough to share.

  23. hi graham, you’ve probably heard it all before, but just in case:
    i really love Bob Newhart, I think this one is amazing:

    “hi walt baby, how are you guy?”

  24. :D !!

  25. I get the feeling I might be the last person in the world to see this, but:

    Grape stomp.

  26. my favourite comedians: shelley berman, ROBERT KLEIN, eddie izzard, chris rock, george carlin, dylan moran, (80s) dennis miller, woody allen, steven wright, tommy tiernan(older stuff), bill hicks, lewis black and someone else.

    bob newhart would’ve been great at the time, just aged very badly, great simpsons cameo too.

  27. Hi Graham
    I just have to drop by and make a post to give you a big boost and give you some nice praise to warm you while you write S3 of IT Crowd.

    The “GAY the musical” episode just aired here in Australia and even though I had a copy and had already seen it, I watched it again on TV with my partner and both of us could not breathe from laughing. Then we both watched it again with a friend only 3 days later and it still had exactly the same effect. There are not many episodes of many shows that can have that effect so powerfully watching it so close together. Really well done mate, that episode is truly a comic masterpiece and deserves it’s place among the greatest of all time, easily with Fawlty towers. That episode just flowed so brilliantly. I love all of your work, but that one episode is I think one of your finest moments.

  28. sorry I’m drunk 2.28 am saturday night so forgive the gushing – but I forgot to say thanks – it sounds mad, but it is a rare special experience to be able to just escape reality for half an hour and laugh to that incredible extent, and like I said it doesnt happen often – so I jusst wanted to emphasise just how good it was – i mean sure we watch shows that make us laugh, but to be lterally fighting for air is something else and leaves you feeling like you have experienced something wonderful

  29. roy going up in the wheelchair on the tail lift hurt so much. One of the few other times I felt like that was in Bowfinger when they made the dog walk in high heels to scare Eddie murphy

  30. Anyone know of a link to watch the RTE Graham Linehan doc from a couple of months ago?

  31. sorry, people keep asking about the doc, and I never reply simply because I don’t know of any way you can see it other than happening upon it when RTE decide to repeat. As soon as I find an online answer, i’ll post it.

  32. In IT crowd series 2 episode 5(The bra one), why does Jen get Roy to sing locomotion? It’s probably really obvious but I don’t get it. Is it just that Roy singing Kylie with lipstick on is funny?

  33. Yes. Supposedly.

  34. Graham – I’ve just seen you on Tapping the Wire. The Wire itself is a fantastic series, but a programme about it featuring you and Charlie Brooker made my day! Glad you are a fan too.

  35. Does anyone know where I can watch Tapping the Wire on the Internet?
    I haven’t started watching season 3 yet, are there spoilers in the doc?

  36. were you involved in writing blue jam or jam?
    i just started listening and it’s pretty bizarre, perfect for sleep though.

    recommend some bbc radio comedy please, asides from the armando ianucci stuff.

  37. Peep Show is awesome admittedly, but The IT Crowd had the sitcom BAFTA written all over it… where’s the justice? you deserved that one Graham!

  38. From nerve.com a list of ‘the 50 greatest comedy sketches’ complete with video clips. A lot of good stuff. The majority of the sketches are from US TV with SNL featuring heavily.


    Like a few others on here I’ve dipped into Guided By Voices recently and I’m really enjoying them.

  39. Cheers Graham, It was funny btw. Just making sure I wasn’t missing the joke.

  40. Ah, well…much as I would have loved another one of those heavy duty bastards on my mantlepiece, Peep Show has never won a BAFTA, and I would have been embarrassed if I had won before they did. It is, after all, one of the greatest sitcoms ever made.

  41. I just wish the guy from ‘Gavin and Stacey’ hadn’t put a stink on it with his comments. He was, after all, holding TWO awards as he said it.

  42. I didn’t watch the BAFTAs, what did he say?
    I have to agree, as much as I like IT Crowd, Peep Show deserved to win.

  43. Graham Linehan you are a diamond. Commiserations.
    But anyway, comics, are you familiar with Fletcher Hanks? The absurdly gifted 1940s hack Fletcher Hanks? I’ve just picked up “I shall destroy all civilised planets” from GOSH on a whim. It is extraordinary. “Listen, you punks ! This is a scientific grift, and everything must be accurate! We’re taking over the USA first, on account of its wealth! Now here’s the way we’ll pull the trick…” That kind of thing. “We’ll catch a sacred mandrilll and inject the animal with germs.” You know. It is hilarious and beautiful.
    I think you’d like it.

  44. Hi Graham, I’m harping on about the genius Fred Armisen again.. NBC finally put up a video of his Nicholas Fehn political comedian character, who can’t finish his


  45. @wrong headed – there’s heaps of Charlie Brooker on youtube

  46. Thanks for the Armisen clip, Lemmi. And to Simon for the comic tip– I had my eye on that one and now I’m definitely on it.

    Wrong H, he just talked about how his show hadn’t been nominated in the sitcom category, which was fair enough, but he did it right before ‘Peep Show’ got its award, and that sucked balls because as I say, ‘Peep Show’ was long overdue for recognition from BAFTA, and they didn’t deserve to have the experience uglified.

    Rush of blood to the head on the guy’s part, I imagine. Just a bit of a pity.

  47. Wrong headed, you can watch Tapping the Wire here


    There is a drop down menu for shows and it’s under the Wire, unsurprisingly.

    It does show clips from all four series, but as far as I can remember doesn’t really give anything major away.

  48. This is a month old now, but I just came across this real life ‘Brass Eye moment’: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/news/news.html?in_article_id=526710&in_page_id=1770


    Also, Graham (and everyone else), I have a feeling that you would delight in this documentary about Chinese primary school kids holding their first election for class monitor. Cheng Cheng does it for me – he is a brilliantly charismatic dictator in the making. Great stuff: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89VdDDIvihM

  49. I have a feeling that you would delight in this documentary about Chinese primary school kids holding their first election

    “Honestly, officer, it’s all an innocent misunderstanding, I was looking for videos of Chinese schoolkids holding their first elections…”

  50. ugh.

  51. I thought it was funny…

  52. i got a copy of the Arts Lives documentary on dvd if anybody wants it..

  53. For the fans of the Wire out there (in other words, anyone who’s ever watched an episode), here’s a juicy trailer for David Simon’s next show…


    God bless HBO!

    or, to put it in HBO speak:

    God motherfuckin bless that God damn motherfuckin H B sonofabitch O!

  54. Sorry to hijack this thread Graham, but I wanted to try and get hold of you without the hassle of dealing with PRs. Anyway we were in contact when I was at gamesTM (you wrote in to clear up a Street Fighter II issue) and I’ve managed to lose your address. If you could get in touch I’d really appreciate it.


  55. Yay! I finally have Ted in my life. Bernard too! All encased in cardboard and adorned with extras. I’ll be buying the i.t. Crowd next!
    (I WILL do if Matt Berry’s in series 3)!!
    Thanks & peace G

  56. Hi Graham

    I was just wondering (it’s quite trivial, I know) if you could divulge how you pronounce your second name – because I have always pronounced it “Lin-neh-han”, while a friend recently said “Line-a-han”. Could you clear it up?

    I’ve had similar problems with Dylan Moh-RAN and Dylan MOH-run.


  57. darran! retro editor of gamesTM?!

  58. Hello! I’ve stolen your word funography as a category for my blog which is all about funography in the newsagents. Hope this doesn’t displease you too much!

    Oh and I’ve linked to you too! Not that you have to return the favour or anything but I wouldn’t mind! I’m not pushing you, I SAID I’M NOT PUSHING YOU!

  59. I’m a PC nightmare G-Dog (G-Lin?)
    It would look fantastic in credits.

  60. Funography is open source. And you’re right, Paddy, it’s Linehan with a soft E.

  61. Hiyas Graham, just wondering if you’ve seen the latest South Park? Turning it off & on again joke taken to a Steinbeckian-7Close-Encounters-zombie extreme.

  62. Really? Damn. I was going to do that.

  63. Hi Graham,

    In reference to “The Daphne Effect”, while you might find John Oliver’s British accent a little annoying, it isn’t NEARLY as terrifying as CNN’s Richard Quest. Here is a May, 2007 clip of Jon Stewart threatening Oliver with clips of Quest’s coverage of the Queen’s visit to Washington D.C.:


    I had desperately wanted to find that link when I read your post, but couldn’t remember enough details for it to turn up. This story about Richard Quest’s arrest the other day allowed me to find it:


    with a slightly more lurid version of the story here:


    As for you, Graham…

    In recent years, my wife and I have had to strictly limit our DVD purchases, making do with television, the internet, and rentals (and *ahem* the occasional blank DVD) to satisfy our viewing needs. But then, we had to purchase The Holy Trilogy of Father Ted, followed by Black Books. Recently, I downloaded The IT Crowd. Now we’re having to order that, too!

    What I’m saying is, we love you. You utter bastard.

  64. Here’s the South Park episode mentioned by Catharine above..

  65. you couldn’t write this if you tried http://www.rte.ie/news/2008/0422/brazil.html

    I love the first line of the article “A Catholic priest is missing off the coast of Brazil after floating off while strapped to hundreds of helium balloons.”

  66. sounds like an episode of mr bean declan

  67. I think people in the clergy clearly must have more fun than us “normal” people

  68. Love the mixtape. Esp the David Kitt track. If only it was a real tape. And it was still the 80’s and I had something to play it on.

  69. Thanks for the link, Andrew!

  70. I’m related to several priests and nuns, not that fun of people for the most part.

    some priests are fascinating though to talk to in like a religious argument or something.

  71. Life imitates art in the most hilarious way possible…


  72. Graham, I share your frustration and amazement. It’s not that *no one* gives a shit about a potential one million Iraqi excess deaths, it’s just that those who have the ability (and responsibility) to talk about it usually fail to do so. What’s ridiculous is that the exact number has become such a political wrangling point, when, whether 100,000 or a million (and it looks like best estimates clearly correlate on the latter), both these figures are unspeakably horrendous and unimaginable for us. Of course, the REAL unmentionable are the million deaths caused by sanctions prior to the invasion. And before that, it was the supply of WMD and tacit endorsement of their use against the Kurds in the 80s. Before that it was massive military aid to suppress uprisings. Before that …. and so it goes on. Reading our media, you’d think that journalists’ history books start in 2004.

  73. david simon is right on!

    “We are of the other America or the America that has been left behind in the postindustrial age. We don’t live in L.A. or go to their parties; we don’t do what we do to try to triumph in the world of television entertainment by having a bona fide hit, and meeting the pretty people and getting the best table at the Ivy. Shit, the last time George and I went to the Ivy on a road trip, we waited forty-five minutes for a table and then were announced as “The Pelican party.” We don’t belong there and we don’t need the kind of money or the level of zeitgeist required to belong there. We hang out in the Baltimores of the world, writing what we want to write about and never keeping one eye on whether or not it could sell as much as a drama that had, say, more white faces, more women with big tits, and more stuff that blows up or squirts blood real good.”


  74. if it makes you feel better EMI wont last much longer., you can dance on their grave then.

  75. Thank you thank you thank you for posting the ‘Hulk Vs. The Phone Company’ clip. I don’t much do nostalgia but when I was a kid, I loved that show like it was a woman. Haven’t seen it since. ….Oh and very sorry to hear about your music and ’empty threes’ going to jail too.

  76. Forget EMI, Sony is the progressive record label in touch with the kids these days


  77. From the beautifully black-humoured (for americans) people at http://www.despair.com ….


    I’m sure it’s not true, Graham!


  78. US Politics finally gets an honest slant


  79. Fergal D, that David Simon interview is amazing. He is one articulate young man.

    And by my count, in that inspiration clip at least 2 reporters seem to have been killed on camera. Am I close? Maybe 3, but the third guy was still twitching when they stopped rolling. And Anthea Turner gets away with just a singed hair do…it truly is a godless universe we live in.

  80. Hi Graham,

    I was just wondering if you’d heard of Lykke Li. She’s a Swedish singer I just came across this morning but her live performance on Later with Jools Holland reminded me a little of Jen. Do you see it?


  81. I don’t know if anyone has pointed you to this marvelous new product to help protect our children – Priest Off – if only it were so….


  82. Finished season 5 of The Wire last night…. I feel what the f***k do i do now?

  83. the above post doesnt read correctly..Im suffering Wire-withdrawal thats why..So i bought Gregorys Girl today for just 6 euro. Forgot how good that film was…

  84. cheers for the inspiration, I actually Gfawr’ed!

    What with you being in Darkplace, do you know what Holness & Ayoade are doing together next?

  85. love the blog and couldn’t agree more about the wire (currently watching it on FX so start of series 4).
    as part of mid-life crisis I have got a band together with some mates from work and while trying to put together a video for one of our rather crappy demos, none other than bruce lee decided to come back from the dead and pull some moves for us
    strange that way vs enter the dragon with “dum rok song” link [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJGXzQnIuRI]here[/url]

  86. strange that way vs enter the dragon “dum rok song”

  87. ps if it’s not playing properly, try turning it off then turning it back on again


  88. fergal d, I know exactly what you mean about Wire-withdrawal. Don’t jump down my throat now, but trust me, check out The Shield. It’s a very different type of show, white-knuckled intensity as opposed to te slow burning intrigue of The Wire. Give it a few episodes though and you’ll be hooked – don’t let the fact that it’s carried by TV3 and Channel 5 put you off.

  89. Homicide: Life on the streets and The Corner are David Simons and worth checking out. And Ulysses 31.

    Of course, being in europe, I have S5 to look forward to ! Sorry ;)

    (it has been an epic struggle of will to avoid spoilers and not torrent it, but GTA IV is out soon and should keep me on the narrow till September)

  90. I’ve been playing GTAIV none-stop since midnight Monday (well I slept for 4 hours) and I’m loving every second, took a while to get used to the new controls and physics though. And Ricky Gervais is in it! How cool is that?!
    I had to take a break because I don’t want the Red Ring Of Death! Dun-Dun-DUN!

  91. Every now and again newspapers demonstrate why they shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near science stories. Yesterday’s Scotsman has one example at http://thescotsman.scotsman.com/uk/Exclusive-Half-man-half-chimp.4028970.jp under the headline

    “Half man, half chimp – should we beware the apeman’s coming?”

    where a member of an “independent non-religious” research body the Scottish Council on Human Bioethics (who happens to be an elder in the Church of Scotland, a man that has published an article on the medical aspects of homosexuality (at http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=fr&u=http://vbru.club.fr/src/ethique/homosexuel.htm&sa=X&oi=translate&resnum=2&ct=result&prev=/search%3Fq%3DOrientation%2Bhomosexuelle:%2Baspects%2Bm%25C3%25A9dicaux%26hl%3Den%26safe%3Doff%26rlz%3D1B3GGGL_enGB249GB249 ) which includes the delights (including Google translations)

    ” For homosexuals who are not Christians, only a recognition of their physical acts as a sin before God can help them understand and accept their imbalances. They then learn that God does not regard them as homosexual, but as human beings he loves in spite of their sexual orientation.

    For Christians afflicted with homosexuality, the medical evidence, though still complex, may provide an opportunity for some to accept their situation as a physiological disorder comparable to other operations that are not defective always possible to treat successfully. The fact that immorality is not among the causes of their homosexuality may encourage some to fight against their autocondamnation. However, morality is involved in what gay people did with his burden. ”

    Well, yesterday this “Leading scientist” warned that humans might impregnate chimps and create humanzees. And this warranted a full page in The Scotsman.



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