Feel the awesome!

April 14, 2008

An April mixtape for you! Link


  1. That’s teh awesome sir! What the hell is that fantastic Sonic Youth cover? And… The Lilac Time! Hoo boy.

    And… Clue To Kalo is a mate of mine, although I haven’t seen him for ages. He did a lovely remix of my band, which I hereby donate as a download.

    (If links are stripped:
    http://shop.fourplay.com.au/delightful/ is the link)
    I don’t intend to be spamming my music, just sharing the wonders of our Adelaidean wonder-boy CTK.

    Oh, and big big fan Mr Linehan, although you’ll be surprised to hear that I’m not as yet really familiar with the Father Ted stuff! Love Big Train, and the IT Crowd, and all that stuff with Chris Morris, la la la.
    Clearly I must buy all Father Ted DVDs immediately. It’s about time!

  2. Thanks, matey! I shall explore those links anon. David Kitt is an Irish guy whose ‘Small Moments’ is one of my all-time favourites…his ‘Black and Red Notebook’ is a collection of surprising covers like that one.

  3. I’ll definitely be checking out that album then. Muxtape, how did we ever live without it?

  4. ivor cutler and the lilac time!

    apparently stephen duffy writes for robbie williams now.

  5. Throw some Gomez in there and your list and your life will be complete my friend

  6. Good man yerself. Great muxtape! Some fond favourites in there and some new discoveries for me. My afternoon is mapped out with great tunes.

    I am a massive David Kitt fan myself and always happy to see his music given a shove in the right direction. His “Big Romance” album was instrumental in wooing my lovely wife. That and a nifty spaghetti bolognese.

    Have you heard his new more electronic stuff that he records with his brother under the moniker “Spilly Walker”. Saw them play at Electric Picnic last year and they were brilliant. One of their songs showed up on a Foggy Notions cover disc a while back called “Let the Freak Come Out At Night”. Worth digging out if youre a fan.

  7. Whoah! Thanks for the tip–I had no idea.

  8. David Kitt is great! Have played quite a few gigs with him when we’ve both supported the Magic Numbers and he’s a really nice guy too. My favourite song of his at the moment would be “Don’t Feck With Me”.

  9. Dear Graham,

    I have just realised that the above post makes me look like a name-dropping twat. You wouldn’t mind deleting it would you? I’d be most grateful!

  10. Ah, the Lilac Time. I was lucky enough to see their reunion at Cecil Sharp House a couple of years ago, marred only by the inevitable bell-end who insisted on talking to his mate through the first bit of the set and got all mardy when it was suggested that he might like to consider SHUTTING THE FUCK UP, please.

  11. Wow, just discovered WTD and muxtape (and fourplaystring quartet) all at once! And the sun is splitting the stones (scones) as I look out the window! I hate working! really hate it!
    oh and if you really want to nerd out on David Kitt he also did the jingle for Clonee Motors (wow supernerding – Clonee Motors was purchased by Michael Kelly [my namesake] in 1986). Its really rocking. I haven’t managed to get a copy out of him though.
    That’s my favourite track off The Black and Red Notebook.

  12. Oh, stop it, Andrew, it doesn’t look like name-dropping. But what band are you in?

  13. Graham – thanks for that Bill Maher clip! So glad someone has the marbles to say it publicly.

  14. Another great mix tape, by the way.

  15. Am I the only one who didn’t think much of Bill Maher’s monologue? I’ve never shot fish in a barrel but I’d say it’s actually harder than it sounds. Also, you’re going to end up with a hole in your barrel and soggy ankles.
    Anyway, to my mind his comments were glib, facile and hackneyed.

  16. They look like from 80’s :D

  17. i’m not sure if i’ve got this exactly right but here goes:
    david kitt’s cousin is married to the drummer of a band called wild carnation whose vocalist/bassist, brenda sauter, was/is the bassist in the feelies.

    is that namedropping?

  18. Where am I?


  19. Oh, forgot to mention, ‘Shocker in Gloomtown’ is a Guided By Voices cover.

  20. My band is called Horsebox (www.myspace.com/horsebox if you fancy a listen!)

  21. By the way, you may be pleased, or at the very least interested, to hear that “The Real Father Ted” has dropped out of next week’s schedules.

  22. Great mixtape!

    Ever listen to the band Architecture in Helsinki or Chikita Violenta Graham?

    Also check out this rap battle http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/7abf12bdb4.

    8 mile eat your heart out!

  23. I don’t know Chikita Violenta…

  24. Forgot to say, Horsebox are great!

  25. Great stuff.

    Why that particular Pixies track? I’m intrigued.

    Went to see the Breeders last night. Would recommend if they’re around other people’s parts. So to speak.

  26. Because it’s such an amazing song and at the same time, not what you think of when you think of The Pixies.

  27. I am concerned for you to enjoy yourselves within the limits of British decency.

    Swap you, your boyband for my manband.

  28. Thank you Graham, really appreciate that! If you want to send me an agent address or something I would be more than happy to post you over some free CDs..


  29. cool mixtape, thanks for sharing!

  30. You’re right, goddamit. It’s a lovely track. Just right to finish off a mix such as you have. I wonder what a typical Pixies track is, mind. Debaser? The lyrics. The bass. Kim’s vocals. The loud/quiet dynamic. The shouting.

    I dunno.

    I like Frank Black (or Black Francis)’s new mini-album. That’s worth getting. He seems to be regressing back to Pixies-type stuff.

  31. Anyone else find that muxtape is really, really slow at uploading songs?

  32. Chikita Violenta are a very good Mexican indie band…check out their song ‘War’.

    I went up to see the Foals on Sunday in the Pale…they were awesome! A truly great live band!

    I’ve been listening to Feist a lot lately too, she’s brilliant!

  33. Thanks for the long-awaited introduction to Mr. Ivor Cutler!

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