Hit me

April 11, 2008

(Not much to talk about, I realise–as it’s only been two posts since the last one. Ah, well…it’s traditional now.)


  1. I’d just like to say that I think you’re great.

  2. Hi Graham

    I’m hoping to talk some business with you… However not through the means of a comment board! Hopefully your curiosity will get you to email me.

    If not, then ho-hum. Love the blog.


  3. I’d just like to say that I think Ciaran is great for posting a lovely comment. Well said Ciaran.

  4. I wish people would stop leaving silly messages in comment boxes.

  5. What a charming post from Daire, congratulating Ciaran on his post.

  6. Can I be the first to congratulate Graham on commending Daire for giving Ciaran a pat on the back? No?

    Ok, here’s something (with a tenous Ted link) that makes me happy – Divine Comedy sining QOTSA’s Noone Knows:

  7. I’d like to congratulate myself for being great.

    I’d also like to give Peter Sutcliffe a big pat on the back for not killing anyone recently.

    Well done Pete!

  8. I’d like to congratulate George Lucas in managing to have such a great career despite that questionable beard.
    Oh, and Graham for his Mixtape which helped pass a rather dreary morning when my i realised my mp3 player was in my other jacket.

    And, finally, the Sun, for shining on scotland today, and cheering me up.

    Yay, for our local main sequence star!!

  9. Wow, recognition from the top. Now I’m glad I didn’t post a link to a nudie website. It probably wouldn’t have gotten such a warm response as the other one.

  10. …with your rhythm stick
    Hit me, hit me
    Das ist gute, ce fantastique
    Hit me, hit me, hit me

  11. I’d like to congratulate myself on not joining in with the gratuitous congratulations of everbody else. Then I’d like to nominate this as the greatest record ever made:

    [audio src="http://monkey.org/~pheezy/audio/00-misc/Legendary_Stardust_Cowboy-Paralyzed.mp3" /]

  12. Didn’t get a chance to say how much I enjoyed the GBV muxtape. I’m a little ashamed to say I’ve only got a ‘best of’. Needless to say your compilation persuded me to explore further afield.

    In other news, please could I ask everyone to give my new blog some love? I’m only getting insults and death threats at the moment. I’m doing an experiment to try and understand football by only ever supporting the winning team … until it loses, then supporting the next:



  13. Eds, there’s some serious hollering and whooping going on in that record. It made me tired just listening to it.

  14. I’d like to please ask Graham to not post about so many excellent new (and not-so new) bands any more as my wife – who is a big, big fan – is getting sick of me turning up every other day with a new CD and justifying it by saying “But! Graham Linehan likes it! So that’s okay”.

    Actually, no, don’t stop, because there’s so much truly awful music around at the moment, it’s cheering and reassuring to hear about that which is good.

    (did anyone plug School of Language after the post on Field Music?)

  15. That laser beam instrument…a rip off of Jean Michel Jarre much, only, nearly 30 years too late.


  16. I’m going to hold my breath until the next comment.


  17. Now breathe

  18. Energy drink makers become nasty corporate cliches.

  19. Faith and Begorrah! Ye do our people proud. Feck!

  20. More cowbell!

    That beam instrument is retarded.

  21. You can never have too much cowbell.

    I had a fever recently, and the only prescription…

    …was more cowbell.

  22. you said hit me..

    (a funny)

  23. Howya Graham,

    Love the blog. Always a regular stop for me on my daily travels across the web.

    Take two geeky guys, and a desire to create advertisements for non existent sequels to action classic Point Break, coupled with a theory that all good sequels ultimately have to end up with a final chapter set in space, and you get these yokes myself and my friend Dave created —


    Take the same two guys, mix in their almost unhealthy love for music, add a dash of graphic design skills, a smidgen of satire, shook up with very rudimentary html skills and you get these forgotten classics —


    Hope you get a kick out of the links. Forgive the shameless self promotion.

    Have a good weekend Graham and everyone else!

  24. Kalle,
    I really liked some of those song titles. Among my favourites:

    – Reason of Tides
    – Fall Over Me
    – Lines of Lines of Lines

  25. Your Miyazaki post reminded me of something I saw this week which you all may, or may not, appreciate. Pixar did a presentation earlier in the week about their next raft of projects; here’s the report care of the uber-geeks at Aint It Cool News, and I’d recommend taking a moment to read the piece on ‘Up’ which promises not a dry eye in the house.


  26. I was not convinced by the merits of the beam music contraption until I realised it featured more cowbells. Now I’ve ordered several for all of my appendages to play.
    The one man band is about to get weird.

  27. I don’t know what all this nay-saying is about the Beamz instrument is. It has brought the theremin explosively back into the 21st century! Can you watch that jam session and still have doubts? I myself will eagerly be awaiting the next opportunity to fly somewhere so I can order it from Skymall. Along with those helpful light-up bedroom slippers.

  28. EaLa, with your illuminous slippers and my (assured) mastery of the Beamz instrument, we should prepare ourselves for the world domination that will inevitably be ours when we unleash ourselves onto the World!

  29. I’m already preparing, mcatilla. I can hear those cowbells now…

  30. derek mooney didn’t even link his name to the mooney goes wild website.

    the matchmaker gets it’s network tv premier on tv3 here on sunday(they are crap aren’t they), imdb credits it as your big thing beside your name0… why?

  31. @ B’dum B’dum: Have you come across my tits lately? They’re looking especially healthy and robust this year.

  32. Hi Graham,

    just to say thanks for the GBV primer. As usual, the passion you show for this kind of music always leads it to some kind of audience who may (for various reasons) have let it slip by them. For anyone out there who gave up on the compilation, just keep it on loop for a while in the background…

    Within a few hours those songs will be a part of you.

    By the way, listening lately to a Denver band called Devotchka. Their gypsy bit doesn’t really do it for me (Tom Waits had that down on “The Black Rider”) but the vocals on their ‘regular’ songs kind of creep up on you before you know what’s going on…

  33. Ken Smith, I don’t know what Graham thinks, but you have MY unending loyalty for mentioning The Black Rider–a most excellent album.

    That was what you were looking for, right?

  34. they certainly are derek, rte have had you in a cage a little too long i reckon.

    i feel pretty uncool here listening to judas priest right now.

  35. Thanks EaLaSpada,

    I guess if you love Black Rider then you also have Bone Machine. This, for me, is his masterpiece. Who knows what kind of crazy demons were running through him when he came up with it…

    As tough and uncompromising a record as you’re ever going to hear.

    Enough of that though, it IS Friday night after all…

  36. God… The Matchmaker…I only did it cause Jeneane Garafolo was in it and I thought it’d be cool. Then I stupidly thought my script editing job was good enough t to cure all the diddly-I bollocks in it. Wrrrrrrrong! To this day I’ve only seen ten minutes of it…all I could stand.

  37. Also, my credit comes up over a shot of some sheep.

  38. I wonder if you can play Bone Machine on the Beamz thing?

  39. janeane garafolo’s a good reason. but did you know denis leary’s also in it? hate him.
    and as much as i love him, you cant put david kelly in anything without it overloading with diddly-i.
    i was wondering why there wasn’t a “did graham linehan seriously write this?” thread in its message board.
    you really should get imdb to change it from being your key work.

    so you watched til your name appeared and turned it off? for all you know it could be okay.

  40. This Interpol video is hilarious and whoever made it deserves a medal.

  41. FYI, The Big Bang Theory is going to be put on Joost if you want to check out more episodes.

  42. Every saturday morning can be greatly enhanced with Najar cardamon coffee and this video. http://youtube.com/watch?v=4p6_WZJJNBw&feature=related

  43. Thank you for the Guided by Voices mixtape. I’m actually really excited because Superchunk has been one of my favorite bands since the 6th grade, and Guided by Voices has a similar sound. I wasn’t surprised to see that both bands were signed by Matador. I’m afraid I’m going to have to buy up all of their music now.

    I’m slow to find links this week.
    Here is a gallery of the World Beard Championship winners: http://www.worldbeardchampionships.com/Gallery/gallery.html

    Here’s the UK chapter, the Handlebar Club:

  44. Graham! for years i’ve been talking about a film i saw as a child which involved a boy getting into an elevator and traveling to another world, no one had heard of it, and while looking up little nemo i discovered there was a loose film adaptation of the comic strip called “nemo” !! i’m just so happy the mystery has been solved for me and you’re partially the reason! so thank you!

  45. cast iron by superchunk is a fantastic song.

    i just watched hippies for the first time ever, not as awfully crap as i was expecting.

  46. I’m a huge fan of the Father Ted series and some of your other work. I used to do some acting and improv comedy and I also write a blog that has some humorous posts on it. Here’s a favorite joke of mine that I wrote a few years back. I love the blank expressions I get from people who don’t “get” the joke and I love the forced laughter that some people give when they hear it:

    Two Irishmen were arguing in a pub over who had the better dentist. O’Malley said, “Mine’s better.” His friend scoffed and said, “Ah but yer wrong, mines the best.” O’Malley then finished his pint, walked out of the pub, and he went to his local IRA office and turned in his friend for being an informer.

  47. Hey, I just sent off for the Definitive Ted Box.
    If it doesn’t truly definte Ted, then I’ll mad.! thanks for making the best show ever.. I’m also getting a beautifully fast PC for gaming. T’was recently my 21st see. Ohh orange box.. Do you have any favorite aspects of HaLF-life2?

  48. I spent five years avoiding ted on television cos it was overplayed so much, so it’s great now re-watching.
    done the same thing with the simpsons, fawlty towers and nirvana.

    currently doing it with frasier after watching 110 episodes in a week.

  49. just posted this on my own blog,
    fonzy talks about paedophiles: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agK2uZBNbnU

  50. Monkey, thanks for the funniest comment I’ve had this week. I’m referring specifically to the line “I’m a huge fan of the Father Ted series and some of your other work.”

  51. Is Arthur doing anymore television himself soon? I heard he was doing a musical based on the Irish football team which ive heard great things about but it would be cool to see some of his stuff on the box, maybe something with you Graham?

  52. Reads Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein’s joke… ~blank expression~

    I did enjoy imagining the Irish accents if that helps.

  53. Artie’s musical was called ‘I Keano’ and was a huge hit in Ireland….

  54. FUGGER COMIC ANNOUCEMENT (fugtheworld@gmail.com):

    Some nice remarks were left on this site in Feb about the free comic FUGGER (why thank you).For those interested (the malcontents and nap partial revolutionaries amongst you and hopefully the Linehan fella himself)the final few hundred copies of FUGGER will be distributed to various Dublin city outlets (such as Tower Records, Road Records, Crow Corner Comics, The Winding Stair, The Secret Book and Record Store and Forbidden Planet etc.) by late Wednesday 16th of April, 2008.

    Alternatively, you can download a PDF of FUGGER from FUGGER’s good friends at O’Shea Media here:


    All the best,


  55. Thanks for that Bill Maher link. The attitude in the Catholic Church seems to be that child molestation is a thing of the past, yet new evidence of cover-ups keeps emerging. Due to the shortage of priests, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Church continues to be lazy about screening out pedophiles or turns a blind eye to allegations of abuse.

    Here’s an article about the priest shortage:

  56. Looks like “Father Bob” has been watching too much “Father Ted.”


    From the article:

    “Ascolese admitted to stealing money from the parish’s annual raffle and diverting that money back to the church and its related services. He also pleaded guilty to stealing $200,000 from a Merck charitable institution and an amount less than $75,000 from the Johnson & Johnson foundation.”

  57. Beamz Meanz Shitez.
    Do you think the music is actually controlled by their hands or is it in fact manipulated by the varying degree of stupid grimace on their faces?

  58. hi,

    not only funny, but also an excellent article.


    “I hated my new car. I hated Japan. I wanted a gas-guzzler. I wanted a car with negative miles per gallon. I wanted a Ford F-150. I wanted a Ford F-350. I wanted a Ford F-550, with an extra engine strapped to the top that didn’t even attach to anything, it just ran continuously, all day and all night, doing nothing but spreading toxins and poison into the atmosphere of a planet full of people I loathed. I wanted a car that ran on CFCs, and I wanted to drive it across the planet with “Bite me, mankind,” written across the back window. And when, a few weeks later, I returned home, all mankind would be gone and I would laugh and laugh and choke and die. Happily.”

  59. Mr. Linehan,

    This has perhaps been asked before, but have you considered doing a podcast? I’ve been collecting podcasts on CD for someone who is very ill, and I noticed that your impeccable taste in music and insightful commentary is absent from the vast amount of podcasts out there. I’m otherwise not that familiar with the world of podcasts, so forgive me if you have one out there that I missed.

  60. Time, as always, is the enemy, Rachel. I’m so behind on IT Crowd 3, the only podcast I could possibly do would be forty five minutes of panicky crying.

  61. Dude, WTF?
    Where’s Gordon Freeman when you need him?
    If this robot thing hasn’t escaped from HL2 I’ll eat my hazard suit…

  62. Mr. Linehan,

    Thank you for responding to my question. I was just curious if you’d considered it, or if perhaps there was one out there hiding somewhere. I imagine writing an internationally renown sitcom all by yourself is hard enough!

  63. This makes me laugh anyway…

  64. Matt Berry was once on Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLuW2y7skj8 ) saying Lost should have a theme tune.

    Well someone has made one: http://www.weebls-stuff.com/toons/Lost+Titles/

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