Friday gabfest

April 4, 2008

Forgive me if I don’t join in a lot today–I’ll catch up over the weekend.


  1. yay. First in I think.

    I see the connect festival tickets have gone on sale today. Annoyingly there are some terrible bands headlining this year, more T in the Park fodder than Connect.


  2. hello?
    why does everyone know who jeff goldblum is?

    today i shall be flirting with old women as i carry out their bags to get big tips, what about everyone else?

  3. damn, second.

    connects lineup is pretty p!ss poor imo, continuing it’s standard of a crappy electric picnic.

  4. Hi Graham! We’re a new comedy group from Cork called the Shift Squadron. We’re currently making a series for online called Borro. Check out a preview for it here http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/d628441e28 .

    Notice the resemblance between Borro’s “Stop” line and Douglas from the it crowd’s “Father”! I learned how to write comedy from you!


  5. My wife insist to this day that we seen Jeff Goldblum on a plane from Miami to London. the guy looked more like Geoff Capes than Jeff Goldblum, but this, along with the fact that we were stuck in the crappest seats on the plane and he was only just across the aisle have failed to convince her that it was anyone other than the man himself.

    I am at work, doing stuff on my blog, rather than working.

    Click my name to see the fruits of our bloggy labours.
    I won’t put a direct link as I’ve posted before and I don’t want Graham getting mad at me. ;-)

  6. Got my Electric picnic tickets anyway…can’t miss out on Sigur Ros and Foals. Also rumours are circlating that The Postal Service will be playing! Now that would be savage!

  7. I was at Connect last year and had a great time. I was also at T in the Park. Frankly, i’d rather spend a weekend in the pissing rain seeing bands i’d never heard of that might be good, rather than a weekend in teh pissing rain watching overrated bands that i know are crap.

    I spend most of my time at festivals at the small stages if i’m honest. IN fact, if i’m completely honest, i’m really just there so i can drink beer for breakfast without anyone telling me i shouldn’t

  8. I saw foals at the QMU in Glasgow. they were Ok, i saw them suporting Bloc Party and The cribs at the SECC and thought they were better. Sigur Ros are fooking excellent live. They are one of the main reasons i bought my tickets this year.

  9. aren’t death cab touring all this summer, therefore postal service definitely wont be playing.

    the bands at connect that aren’t at ep probably will though, cept maybe the ones that were there last year.

    i dont think i’ve seen any famous non irish people ever, living in longford will do that. i did see brian kennedy walking around dublin airport waiting for people to recognise him.

  10. Graham, who do YOU prefer? Oasis, or Blur?

  11. Electric Picnic in their latest blog said that they’re in talks with the Postal Service. So fingers crossed!

    Wasn’t Will Ferrell in Longford!

    You missed your chance!!

  12. everyone prefers blur now? dont they?

    the electric picnic doesn’t have a blog, link me to where you read it.

    will ferrell was in the far side of longford though, plus I’m not a fan.
    could be worse, could be roscommon or offaly.

  13. Sorry I meant a press release.

    It was on one last week, they may have changed it since. Says it here too – http://www.electric-circus.net/content/view/15/26/

    Man it would be amazing! I can’t get enough of that band!!

  14. The Korean drummer was simply sensational. It’s my “start of the day, get up and get going” YouTube video of the week.

  15. “there are talks with Postal Service, The Knife and Kings of Convenience so far.”

    that was a rumour on the official forums back directly after the end of ep07.

    ever hear the american analog set brendan?

  16. Hello Graham, liked the mixtape especially the Dead Can Dance track. I noticed a Guided By Voices tune at the the end of an IT Crowd episode the other day, at which point I blurted out “Game Of Pricks!” which alarmed my girlfriend’s parents a bit.

  17. Of course people know Jeff Goldblum:

    * Invasion of the Bodysnatchers

    * Annie Hall

    * The Fly

    * Jurassic Park

    He’s been in a lot of culturally significant films.

  18. Link to Goldblum appears to have gone…? This link works, though:

  19. Loved the Korean drummer too … possessed by the muppet spirit of Animal.

    The non-alcoholic teenage root beer fest video had me chuckling at the memory of the late great “Freaks and Geeks”. One of the early episodes I think, where Sam and his friends get scared by a lecture on alcohol related death and swap the beer keg at Lyndsay’s party with that of a non-alcoholic beer … bizarre events ensue.

    If any of you have never seen “Freaks and Geeks” then you really do owe it to yourself to get hold of a copy:-


  20. My ma wouldn’t normally be a fan of sit-coms but she sat down and watched a full season of the IT Crowd the other night. Now she can’t wait for season 3 and is constantly telling her friends to watch ‘The IT Department’.

  21. Love ‘Freaks and Geeks’. ‘Undeclared’, the follow-up is pretty good too, apart from the annoying English bloke.

  22. Hi Graham, just wanted to let you know that clip with the Korean drummer is even funnier with the sound turned off.

  23. Hello Graham

    Great blog. Have you seen Roy Andersson’s new film ‘You, The Living’? I saw it last weekend and it knocked me sideways.

    If you haven’t then he’s a little clip- its a man at a posh dinner party about to attempting the always tricky ‘tablecloth trick’

  24. I’ve just reread that and I’d like to make clear that there are no little clips in the film.

    Also managed to get my tenses muddled up.

    Must remember to always read what I’ve just typopped

  25. I like the Roy Andersson clip — during the whole prolonged build-up, you’re wondering how he can end it in a way that isn’t just what’s expected. Ande therein, precisely, lies the element of surprise!

  26. Not sure if this is a very decent April fools or just a crap story:


  27. was he not only in the second jurassic park?
    everyone adores freaks and geeks, it was pretty brilliant, pineapple express looks great purely cos it has seth rogan and james franco together.

    just after watching an evening with kevin smith, it’s amazing how much funnier he is than his films, which are okay.

    i cant find his video about prince so here’s the superman one, probably better anyway… quite long but hilarious

  28. What with Son of Rambow and Be Kind Rewind being all the rage at the moment, feel free to have a look at a film I made with my brothers when i was a whippersnapper. It’s ludicrously bad.


  29. you forgot the “.com”

  30. Weird – yet it still works.
    If it doesn’t for you, here’s one with a .com
    (thanks Bill)

  31. And please… someone tell me these subtitles are a joke. Or did he really say this stuff?

  32. the word parody is in the list of keywords suedehead

  33. thank god for that

  34. Freaks and Geeks rocks!! I love Bill and Neil…but Sam is annoying…such a loser! Rosso’s great too! Have been looking all over the place for Undeclared online, can’t stream it anywhere. Link anybody?

    No I’ve never heard american analog set, any good?? Ever heard Foals, a band called Cassius or Chikita Violenta, they are all great!

  35. Undeclared was perfect post pub viewing during its brief 2am run on ITV, Ben Stiller’s cameo’s are much more effective in TV shows like this or arrested development than in his mates weaker movies.

  36. I’m not sure if this is funny, but it is certainly something. Embarrassing for all concerned. Worth a look I think.

    Captain Planet Saves Belfast:

  37. Just popping in to mention that the term “old school” is much more old school than hip hop. Apparently Dickens eve used the term.

  38. Swineshead – I loved your YouTube link, but it was the ending song that made me laugh out loud: “So you have the urge to write a fugue, then go ahead and write a fugue …” Very well done.

  39. hi Brendan — You can get Undeclared on DVD:-


    As Graham says, it’s very good too.

  40. Don’t despair with the headliners. look down the list at Electric Picnic line-up.

    LOTS of unmissable acts like Silver Apples, Yacht, Bright Eyes and Balanescu Quartet. (I’m not joking!)

    Graham, the Korean drummer clip was incredible. How lifeless all these new shuffling indie bands look in comparison…

    Did you see Steve Coogan on Curb this week? Thought Guardian got it wrong (not for the first time) as I laughed all the way through. Any chance of a collaboration between you and Larry David?

  41. Coogan was great on Curb

  42. if you’re looking for a new festival, look no further than the infinitely lovely End Of The Road. small but perfectly formed. here’s a taste of the line-up this year:

    A Hawk And A Hacksaw
    American Music Club
    British Sea Power
    Jeffrey Lewis
    Kelley Stoltz
    Kimya Dawson
    Mercury Rev
    Mountain Goats
    Sun Kil Moon /Mark Kozelek


  43. I was about to post a link to that Korean Drummer, but looks like someone already has.

    Here’s a different one though, hope it’s new to ye, because I was laughing like a fool when I saw it first:

  44. ken’s right about ep, the more i look at it, the more i like it.

    undeclared was on veoh as undeclared at least 2 months ago, may still be there, but it’s not tagged as undeclared on veoh’s search.

    also graham, have you any opinion on all these scary movie-type films like meet the spartans? or do you choose to ignore them?

  45. Graham…

    We’ve been trying to secure an interview with you via official channels, and it’s proving to be an incredibly dense morass. Is there a more straightforward means (he asked relatively ironically) to set something up?

    -Ken Plume
    Quick Stop Entertainment

  46. ken #2, do a king of comedy style kidknapping to force an interview from him.

    that’ll require a crazed female fan too though.

    and a cameo from the clash.

  47. is this the greatest fight scene ever?

    Kind o’ like THAT one shot scene in goodfellas,except with the “wizeguyz” replaced by evil triads.
    Although many would argue for the following:

    they would be wrong.

  48. You might have answered this elsewhere, but since I’m currently working through the episodes, I’m wondering: why did you cut back your involvement on Big Train in the second series?

  49. Loved the Den of Geek interview. What is the point of regionalising DVDs? There’s so much excellent stuff we never get in Australia. If I hadn’t fiddled with my DVD player I wouldn’t have seen season 2 of IT Crowd. I had to order it from the UK along with stuff like “Dinnerladies” and “Garth Marenghi”. I don’t mind paying for DVDs rather than downloading. I want all the features and booklets but apparently the companies distributing the DVDs don’t want Aussie dollars.

  50. Hey, Dalas. I just thought we’d done what we’d set out to do with series 1 of ‘Big Train’. I didn’t feel the need to return to it.

    Speaking of DVD encoding, I believe we’ve had to move ‘The It Crowd’ to a different distributor for the US release. Wheels are in motion, though.

  51. Colm – that is the greatest fight scene ever. The movie it’s from makes almost no sense, but that scene is amazing.

  52. I only found out via your interview on Den of Geek that you were part-responsible for ‘Paris’ – I loved that show – I thought it was vastly under rated, and I’m annoyed that it never got repeated, or a dvd release. Hurmphf. Stoopid channel 4. So that’s yet another in the long list of things you’ve written that I’m grateful to you for. Jeez, this is getting embarrassing.

  53. shhh groc, graham said he hates it himself.

    just put a bet on a horse cos it looked the crappest… if only i done that for euro 04

  54. Hey, Graham. Just wondering if you will be watching ‘Doctor Who’ this evening.

    So… will you be watching?

  55. why do you want to know, Ray?

  56. How do you stop yourself piddling around writing “bits” and actually make a proper effort?
    I am considering buying a laptop that dissolves if thinks you are doing a list of stupid names.

  57. Or a fascist pen.

  58. doctor who was on tonight?

    and did that question have something to do with catherine tate? cos graham’s kinda… responsible.

  59. I don’t know if this link has been posted before. It’s a blog of goofy patents, such as a Christian flash drive and a bong.


  60. Sorry for the double comment. I just wanted to share this other link. It’s a list of the top 10 (actually 11) most incredible recordings. There’s Florence Nightingale, the worst opera singer ever, the last minutes of Jonestown, and the first recording of the human voice for example.


    That’s the last you’ll hear from me for a while! Sorry again for the two posts!

  61. Why would you be sorry, Rachel? The more the merrier!

  62. On the subject of comedy rap graphs, I thought you might like this…


    The ‘simplified map of london’ is also great… http://strangemaps.wordpress.com/2007/11/03/199-a-simplified-map-of-london/

  63. In answer to your question Graham, I wanted to know because I was curious!

    Also, there couldn’t have been much else on that night to watch.

  64. I don’t know why I find this so funny…

  65. Enjoy, please:

  66. Belgium’s best are back:


  67. jacques brel has ressurrected?

  68. Belgium’s best living then.

    And if that gets contradicted, I’ll settle on “Antwerp’s finest”…

  69. damn you! front 242 aren’t from antwerp.

    dEUS are great though.

  70. Adam & Joe played some Guided by Voices on the radio. Where is a good place to start with them? for all the good people..

  71. Wow! So funny you mention that, Damian. Watch this space…

  72. Just wanted say a word about your fantastic taste in music! “Time to Pretend” is a great song, but unfortunately seeing MGMT live wasn’t as good as I expected it to be. Who knows, they may have changed since last November. And excellent mix tape as well–Beirut’s finest work, hands down!

    I’m sure you know about this site already, but they have some amazing performances of a lot of good bands–favorites include The Arcade Fire performing “Neon Bible” in an elevator and Andrew Bird singing in the streets of Montmartre.


  73. Great Bjork remix by Ratatat on this muxtape:


  74. I’m probably preaching to the converted here… have you seen the sitcom ‘Pulling’? The first 2 episodes of series 2 (still up on BBC iplayer) had us crying with laughter. Seriously up there with S02E01 of IT crowd & any Ted (though I never thought I’d say that)!

    You said in your interview that good sitcoms come along infrequently – one’s here now!


  75. damian, best get “human amusements at hourly rates: the best of guided by voices first”… their back catalogue is large and incosistent, frequently fantastic though.

    if you insist on getting an album bee thousand is the place most people start.

  76. “I see famous people…”

    WestEndWookie’s missus isn’t the only one… my friend Garvan sees vaguely famous people all the time. I was dropping him at the airport, just parking to let him off, when he swore he saw the guitarist from Bon Jovi. I looked up just in time to see the
    back of a bleached blonde soccer-mom’s head driving off in an SUV. Another time he saw Ray clemence. On
    a bus. In San Francisco. When challenged about the probability of this, he said that Spurs were
    on a training visit to California. He always has rock solid facts to back up a vaguely famous person sighting so I’m usually very puzzled instead of very sceptical.

  77. I would respectfully disagree with B’dum on human amusements. You’re better off starting with one of the albums. But hold your horses! I’m posting something up later that should help.

  78. I’m excited! I’ve sparked a music debate.
    B’dum, I’ve gone that way with Zeppelin, the Stones, and never expanded from the best of.. Appreciate your advice, I think G’s gonna sort me out on that front.

  79. i wouldn’t go any further with zeppelin, they only have about a hundred songs… same thing happened me with the stones though up til recently though, thank god forty licks done such a crap job by only putting one song from exile.

    gbv might have over a thousand songs released and more lying around tapes. they’re in that lou barlow/r stevie moore(he has over 400 albums) level of obsession.
    that being said pollard from gbv has certainly made a lot better and less samey music than lou barlow.

    best best of ever: the cure-staring at the sea

  80. Hmm, thought about venturing into the Cure at some point..
    Right, Brian Jonestown Massacre.. Discovered ’em recently.. Thoughts? comparion to GBV?

  81. bjm are nothing like gbv in my opinion, also a bit overrated.

    the cure have good albums but that compilation flows perfectly.

    since it’s music we’re on about, may i recommend one of rem’s favourite bands, the feelies, to everyone.

  82. The Good Earth by The Feelies is one of my all-time faves.

  83. Roxy Music’s “Early Years” is a phenomenal compilation.

    I hear “If There Is Something” is going to feature heavily in Daniel Craig’s new film – bravo! What a song.

  84. brilliant! I used to run the almost official feelies page 3 years ago(age 14-16), the official fanpage i was allowed call it i think, on myspace. plugged them to death, to the point i had other fans sending me bootlegs and stuff in the post. reunion about to be announced btw.

    the gbv fans a gonna flock here and slaughter you for making a compilation! …seriously.

  85. roxy musics early years were pretty phenomenal anyways.

  86. I even liked the later ‘sell-out’ stuff. ‘Avalon’ etc…

  87. avalon was last.
    eno’s involvement was overstated anyways.

  88. this is great – Predator in rap form:

    also Star Wars as gangsta rap:

  89. Blur.

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