April 1, 2008

I’ve been getting some great comedy graphs recently. These rap graphs are special and I love this one too…

(Thanks, Andrew and B)


  1. Oh like graphjam.com? Love their tagline “Pop culture for people in cubicles.”

  2. Do you ever visit http://www.b3ta.com? Quite purile but worth trawling for the little hidden gems.

    They have a regular photoshop image challenge – the most recent was graphs and some damn funny ones too.

  3. weyhey! a credit!

  4. […] link to this guy too […]

  5. […] VanHemlockAndJonCast last night, and they were talking about SirBruce’s MMOGCharts. I like a good graph, me, so I grabbed the Excel version for some hot spreadsheet action (with the added bonus that […]

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