March 28, 2008

Commenth, linkth, thuggestionth.


  1. How are you today? :)

  2. Don’t know if any of you lovely people watch the Apprentice, but my review of episode one is here:


  3. Not sure if you know of Limmy – Scottish youtube phenomenon. He has posted on recent news about the Cardinal who has been vociferously objecting to the proposed embryo research bill receiving a pacemaker at http://www.limmy.com/blog/?p=569


  4. Hi, is it socially acceptable to promote one’s own website on this page? It’s a comic that I draw. If not, please accept my sincerest apologies.

    all the best,

    bird: http://bird.jocote.org

  5. upsetting advertising as seen in london.


    Its the oft used Naked Lady/Tinned Mushrooms in brine gambit.

    Reminded me of that bill hicks bit.

  6. Short film festival based in Belfast.


  7. I often see those lorries featuring pictures of semi-clad vixens and inappropriately dull groceries outside the Commonwealth Secretariat HQ on Pall Mall.

    Perhaps it’s a hiding-in-plain-sight espionage outfit along the lines of the Ace Tomato Company in Spies Like Us.

  8. sorry for the repost, but I wanted to put this link up again. I stupidly put it on the tail end of the last comments page, and posted the wrong link, and pretty much generally made an arse of the whole process.


    It’s music and gig reviews mainly for those who like those sorts of things.

    Incidentally, i stumbled upon a repeat of the Father Ted episode “The Passion of St. Tibulus” the other night. Marvellous stuff. It reminds me why i bother to have a TV (other than for attaching to my playstation) .you;d never guess i worked for a TV company. Most of the time my TV is off or my wife is watching some shite where one idiot is trying to out compete another idiot for some reason. usually with a panel of smug bastards who humiliate them before crushing their (foolish) dreams and spirit.

  9. Further to the youtube link posted today, see the wonderful remixed version:

    “Thanks Arthur”

  10. Please watch this advertisement. Am i the only one that wonders what the conversation was like in the meeting they thought up this one?

  11. Came across this absolutely insane instrumental piece performed by The Edgar Winter Group on the Old Grey Whistle Test back in the early seventies. He may be a devoted scientologist, but good god he knows a filthy riff when he sees one! Keep an eye on the bass player(i.e. not the one packing some kind of black pudding in his ludicrously tight white jeans), his facial expression is gloriously self-satisfied and screams “I can’t believe we’re this cool!!”. Apologies if you have seen this already, I think Matt Berry may have parodied it a while back.

  12. This was sent to me the other day. I’ve only recently discovered this site so not sure if this has been posted before or not. Pretty convincing.

  13. Wow, I haven’t posted here in AGES.

    Firstly, Graham, your interview on Turgidy Tonight was lovely. And how sound of ye to tag along to Tedfest. Just one point – you said that you didn’t want to have a load of Irish accents on Ted, but there were plenty of Anglo-Irish accents in the show! Not that I have any complaints.

    This is a great take on New Jersey governor Jim McGreevey’s resignation; the chef is excellent, especially at 1:00, which is just magic:

  14. The global warming argument seems obvious to me. Pity it’s too late to do anything.

  15. Cheers for the best video clip in the world :)

    Did you see the excellently disturbing remix?

  16. Hey Graham – just read your interview in Mustard mag – really illuminating. Surprised to hear the cast of the IT Crowd occasionally write their own gags…is that normal in your experience? For the performers to contribute to the script I mean? And if you didn’t like the stuff, wouldn’t that kind of put you in an awkward position?

    Just curious.

  17. Have you heard “drive your car” by Grovesnor?
    If you haven’t, you should. Imagine “band” doing a cover of “band” and you’d be halfway there.

  18. It’s true that it is pretty obvious but pleasantly concise. Incredible how many don’t realise though.
    Just wanted to show something else that truly is incredible. Forgive the poor quality but I’m pretty sure his hands would be a blur no matter how sophisticated the equipment. Hope your weekend is top drawer.

  19. If you think Pro-life Wilkinson is scary – have a look at this – evolution according to the creationists – it might be funny if there weren’t children involved – little George W. Bushes in the making

    Maeve V

  20. Wow. Great links everyone. Thanks so much.

  21. “Pro-Life Wilkinson” made me think of “Computer Jones” and “Synthesizer Patel” and thus inspired me to put on my Look Around You DVDs, so he’s not ALL bad.

    So, Graham, are you just a lurker on Metafilter, or do you post?

  22. This is priceless –


    And check out the comments section – a fine example of a single joke being repeated over and over and still being funny.

  23. * Thank you! What a lovely and thoughtful gift of the mixtape! You must really like us!

    * Have you seen this guy? He’s great: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4vD1Ets2OA

    * Man, please don’t say it’s too late about global warming. That attitude ultimately makes it ok for people to be passive about the situation and thereby contribute to it yet more and, more importantly, it makes my job at (at The Nature Conservancy)redundant. And baby’s gotta eat.

  24. Thank you so much for the mix tape! Everything is great, and I’m always in the mood for XTC.

    I stumbled upon this. http://www.dirtycarart.com/
    The guy lives on a long dirt road, so he started creating artwork on his dirty rear window.

  25. Toilet humour has struck c-beebies!!!

    I saw an Episode this week of ‘Pingu’, where the little plasticine penguin (pingu) hops out of bed in the morning and goes into his bathroom and has a massive piss into his toilet which is a brave distance away from him. It was very realistic, kinda like my husbands quality) The little penguin then proudly goes back to bed and pretends to be sick to get the day off school.

    I had to check that I wasnt looking at BBC 3. Wonderful viewing for toddlers.

    Love the MGMT alblum. TK 8 has a monumental instrumental 2 mins into track.

  26. very good choices on the mixtape graham, that’s definitely the track i would have gone for off of mgmt’s album (after Time To Pretend). Many thanks! I made a mix playlist recently i don’t know what to do with, so i may put it up here. i will post the link if i do! cheers again

  27. The Mighty Boosh Special – A Journey Through Time And Space:

    Available on the iplayer:

    Has some nice interview footage of the boys including a certain Matt Berry (Douglas Reynholm IT Crowd)and Richard Ayoade (Dixon Bainbridge in Boosh pilot).

  28. unusual xtc choice :) since you’ve brakes in there, what d’you think of the british sea power? and if you’ve ever heard of them you’ll be delighted to know the feelies have re-united!

    are there any decent radio comedy shows being made anymore? up til maybe 5 years ago bbc got almost all their shows from radio shows but it seems to have disappeared of late, or am i just crap?

  29. Graham – if you liked that Neocon cartoon, this one along the same lines (and also by TT) is even better:

    And judging by your mixtape, you might adore Fanfarlo as much as I do.

    Night night.

  30. Oh my gosh, you’re an XTC fan! Christ, I love that band. Their albums – apart from Waspstar – are bloody awesome. I still get constantly amazed at the freshness and originality of Drums and Wires. How can that album have been written in 1979! Tell me, please, as I’d really like to know.
    My personal faves from Black Sea are probably No Language in Our Lungs and Burning With Optimism’s flames. Simply magical music!

  31. You march to this music? Graham, you crazy!

  32. Wow, this is becoming THE place to get the best links and the coolest music.

    Graham, I am forever in your debt for introducing me to the Ting Tings and the majesty of MGMT’s Time to Pretend video. Thanks for the mixtape too, although I’m not sure about the inclusion of the horrendous Girls Aloud Blondie rip-off.

    As a small way of trying to repay the favour, here are two tracks I’m loving at the moment:

    ‘Peacebone’ by Animal Collective: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxvGHQHiY70 (the video sets a startling new genre of romantic horror, or ‘romhor’ for short) – although almost better than the official video is this unofficial tribute; a brief glimpse into the world of a very confused, but inescapably lovable chap: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53LhgP2DqGU

    ‘Patty Lee’ by Les Savy Fav: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_VGcXmTDFo (compared to the previous two videos, this one’s rather dull, but the song is a corker)


    P.S. If you’re new to the Animal Collective, remember that the path to accepting them into your heart is similar to the seven stages of grief. You’ll start off in disbelief, you’ll move to denial, writing them off as sub-beta band nonsense, you’ll progress quickly through bargaining (“surely there’s got to be something I’m missing?”) to guilt and anger that you haven’t known of them before, including depression at the thought of infinite amount of possible magical moments that you might have missed out on … and then finally acceptance. Welcome, you have made it into the Animal Collective.

  33. Bah, I just posted a diatribe about Animal Collective and it’s vanished…

  34. Why boycotting the Olympics would be a bad idea:

  35. re: mixtape

    Good to see there are still fans of Mary Margaret o’hara out there somewhere!

    she did the soundtrack to a crap-looking canadian rom-com called ‘apartment hunting’ a few years ago, which is basically 12 new MMO’H songs – worth getting although nowhere near as good as Miss America

  36. “are there any decent radio comedy shows being made anymore?”

    The Best Show on WFMU is genius. Go to friendsoftom.com or subscribe on iTunes, seriously!

  37. Granny Mar has arched her eyebrow at me Graham and tagged me with the 6 word memoir meme. I do hope you’ll come out to play …


  38. Not radio, but audio–Kasper Hauser are hysterically funny.

  39. I made my own March Mixtape after my previous links to LSF and AC vanished, but now it’s returned AND I have a mixtape. So sorry for the music overload. Here’s some of what I’ve been listening to this month: *


    Sorry also if this sparks a flurry of similarly poorly-cobbled-together mixtapes. My bad.

    * Actually, if this were truly representative, it’d be 80% MGMT, but I feel they’ve had plenty of exposure of late, so this is controversially MGMT-free

  40. Great mixtape! Anyone who likes Mary Margaret O’Hara is close to god in my eyes!

    Here’s a selection of some of my fav tracks from 2007.


  41. preaching to the converted on AC and Panda Bear, Andrew…

  42. And thanks for the mixtapes! I will listen to them next time I’m avoiding work, or working.

  43. Have you seen the Irish song for the Eurovision competition? It’s a puppet. I guess they still can’t afford to win.


  44. You know AC and Panda Bear? Awesome. Sorry, they’re a relatively recent revelation for me and I keep assuming it’s the same for everyone else.

    I’m going to see AC and MGMT in Leeds in May on consecutive days. Holy fuck, I can’t wait.

  45. http://www.myspace.com/fleetfoxes

    ‘white winter hymnal’ is particularly good

    And Rachel – its not just “a puppet”, it is the probably the most important puppet in irish history since Bosco, responsible for politicising and radicalising a generation of irish youth more than any politician, musician or journalist could ever hope. Dustin also helped me through some dark days during my college days. Big shout (or hoot) out also for Don Conroy. Respect!!!!!!!!!

  46. Fleet Foxes! Yes!

    I need to get off here and get a life. It’s Saturday night, for Christ’s sake. Damn you, Linehan!

  47. I’ve the cold, the girl friends at a work do and i’m bored so thats my excuse. And Andrew, if you like Fleet Foxes then try Grizzly Bear . . .


  48. My apologies, Alex!

  49. A pretty funny advert by Irish band Schmackey and the Salads for their debut EP featuring spoofs of Kraftwerk, The Coronas, rappers, metal and boy bands:

  50. Rachel – no need for apologies. Just wanted to emphasis that Dustin is an institution, not just a one-off eurovision novelty. Many thanks for your decency though, and apologies from me if I sounded annoyed or offended.

  51. This is ace. I’m delirious with new music. Jake – the Pierces and Bonde do Rol stand out on first listen. Great stuff. Graham – I instantly fell in love with Brakes and Dead Can Dance – how have I not heard of these bands before?

    You (Graham) also picked my favourite (well joint favourite with A Sunday Smile) from ‘The Flying Club Cup’. Lovely album.

    So, with no justification (or relevance) whatsoever, here’s a link to my blog discussing the recent “5 Years of Iraq War” retrospectives: http://www.waronterrortheboardgame.com/wotblog/index.php?id=145


  52. Hi G,
    Re the (ahem) “reviews” of Wagner. The reviewer does scores of these and was himself reviewed by my mate Campbell Armstrong on my very own website

  53. The most inexplicably joyful 5 seconds on the internet

  54. What do you think of my cartoons? All done using Paint.
    I’ve gotten good feedback so far.
    (click on my name!)

  55. I like em, WH! Chat Room is an excellent idea and the ‘High School musical’ one made me laugh out loud. AND you don’t do Larson rips!

  56. Or strips about computer games….

  57. Old School has been in common English usage since the mid Eighteenth Century. It may be a hip hop phrase to you but it’s distinctly old school to me.

    Still, I didn’t see what context the Heartbeat writers used it so I’ll just shut up.

  58. has heartbeat had any sci-fi element yet?
    when i was little i always thought it was sci-fi somehow.
    home and away always has a certain surreal element, and randomly throws in ancient stories.

    how’d you get that job with hot press in the first place? been told getting into any journalism is a bitch.

  59. Yeah, the context was some old dear saying “He’s old school.” Not “He’s of the old school” or “very much an old school style of gentleman.”. Just “He’s old school.” And I’m sorry, but that’s just ridiculous.

  60. Just handed in a few reviews, B. They liked em. You must be thinking of proper journalism.

  61. thanks.
    i thought proper journalism was for retired footballers and failed politicians?
    music journalism’s gone down the toilet, ever read nick kent? brilliant.

  62. FWIW I have to agree with epocalypse … “He’s old school” is a precise phrase my 75 year old Mum uses quite a lot … just don’t tell any hip hopsters (I’m old school too!) or you’ll burst their street cred bubble …

    And watching Heartbeat on a Sunday night? Now that is old school … :-)

  63. Click any number on this page to see a funny short between 5 and 30 sec long:

  64. But Jake, Heartbeat is set in 1969.

  65. I know Boing boing is only around the corner from your wonderful blog, but I think this is worth spreading. Concerns the Reverend Moon. If you don’t have the time to watch it in full, DO skip to 7 mins in when Moon lectures the Washington Times staff about the shape of their sex organs.


  66. Graphical Representations of Pop Songs..


  67. Wow. That was great. Thanks, Flann!

  68. Jake, lovin’ that muxtape…

  69. Hi Graham … can’t believe I’m defending the dubious creativity of the writers’ of Heartbeat … but if it’s a form of procrastination to stop me from writing myself then anything goes …

    I’m pretty sure that the term “He’s Old School” would have been part of the hipster slang of the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s much of which crossed over into the UK after the 2nd world war. By the 60’s many hipster phrases were common parlance and unless the old dear was to the manor born I would imagine it’s not illogical for her to use it. She could have had an autumnal fling with a jive talking yank in exchange for an unlimited supply of nylons or maybe her late departed husband was a lover of the devil’s rock and roll and dime store novels? Whatever the case I’m sure the writers’ of Heartbeat have her whole backstory worked out … sorry, I need to take another pill …

    I also spoke to my Mum about it and she says she probably picked up the phrase from her working class Dad and her uncles … who I’m sure would have picked it up during the war. My memory of my grandfather is dim but I do remember him as a strong upright family man with a great love for Bill Haley and Jerry Lee Lewis … the kind of guy I wouldn’t be surprised to have met down the pub in a picturesque village in the North Ridings of Yorkshire!

    Anyway, gotta get back to that spec Heartbeat script now … Abyssinia, Daddy-O!

  70. Hi again … glad you’re enjoying the muxtape. After hearing your muxtape I’ve dragged out my dusty and forgotten Dead Can Dance cd’s and added them to my Music To Work To playlist. Great stuff. Shame Ms Gerrard bogged off to Hollywood …

  71. Why don’t you see the term popping up in fiction or films of the time? I’m not digging my heels in here–I’m happy to amend my post if people can send me examples that prove I’m wrong.

  72. Andrew – re: the graphical representations of pop songs – loved the milkshake one.

  73. lol … you’ve got me there. I did try to find something but failed abysmally. The closest I could get was from a radio episode of Dragnet (1952) – “He was one of the first directors in pictures … really old-school.” But I also tried (not very hard) to find a literary or filmic reference to a similar term when used as an adjective … “Old Hat” … and failed too. I know that “old hat” has been around forever though.

  74. Try these – the wikipedia one is very good.




  75. Actually, that Dragnet one is enough to prove your point. Well, I am a man of my word.

  76. Sorry, forgot to say, loved those graphs, Andrew.

  77. Glad you like them too Andrew and Graham. This is possibly my favourite – and don’t worry, you won’t get rickrolled by clicking on it..


  78. Loved the Penetration of Wagner’s ring…

    There’s a slightly scatological short story I wrote, if you have the patience to read a thousand words…


    This blog is ace, by the way.

  79. i prefer the excel rap graphs http://www.jamphat.com/rap/

    …actually no that rick astley one is best!

  80. No wonder doc needed to get the old chalkboard out in part 2:

  81. Graham,

    ever watched videogaiden/consolevania:


    I’d heartily reccomend it….

  82. Two hours of Animal Collective playing you some tunes


  83. Glad you liked my cartoons, Graham!
    That extract from My First Day In Hell made me burst out laughing. I’ve never heard of him before, going to enjoy reading his stuff.

  84. Did you see what must be the Google April Fools joke?


    Apparently you can not only back date email, you can actually send email back in time using the new tool. It sounds very cool.

    I was almost convinced, but the well worded and thorough instructions gave it away. It was very un-google.

  85. wasn’t googles last year the launch of their broadband service, powered by connecting your router to a circuit reached by flushing it down a toilet while connected to the computer.

  86. holy christ on a bejeebus bike a tron I cannot believe this

    it’s raining mc cain apparently

  87. Me humble Mux..


  88. About google’s customtime joke. I guess mentioning a ‘flux capacitor’ is a big clue.

  89. I came across this band (Maximum Danger Project)


    Is their song ‘I Can Perform Results’ an homage to Dougal McGuire?

    Well if it’s not, then I imagine a montage of Dougal’s japery and tomfoolery cut nicely to it! But then again I have too much time on my hands and a strange imagination.

  90. Hi Graham, love all your shows with a burning passion!

    This might lose a little bit in translation, but I’m sure the phenomena isn’t restricted to Australia: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_veIGGP1Uh4

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