A mixtape for you!

March 28, 2008


Graham’s March Mixtape.

(I don’t know what the legal position is on posting this up–I hope most of the bands involved would see it as the act of a fan, and not someone trying to destroy their sales. Needless to say, if you like any of the bands here, please show them some love.)


  1. I’m not 100%, but I think they’d struggle to prosecute because you’re not actually distributing them, you’re just promoting them. That’s the defence I’d go for anyway!

    Nice choices by the way, Brakes are great.

  2. Mr Lineham an XTC fan? Bravo, Sir!

  3. That Girls Aloud song is shit hot. Nice one Graham.

  4. It’s cracking, isn’t it?

  5. Great mixtape Graham! Possible Beirut’s finest moment in there, and Mint Royale’s. Did you go to the Leonard Cohen tribute in the Point? Mary Margaret O’Hara was there – she’s wild!

    And thanks for the idea…
    Here’s mine (with one of my remixes at the end, plug plug):

  6. Nice work. Judging by that you may like these guys in their songier moments, especially Campaign For Real Bread


  7. […] Why, That’s Delightful once more. Graham Linehan’s is […]

  8. Good to see ol’ Galxie 500 in there man, nice…

  9. hello graham, here’s the link to my own mixtape. Not one of my best I’d say, but not too shabby!


    Hope you enjoy.

  10. Mixed tape! RAD! Thank you!!!

  11. http://divaschematic.muxtape.com/

    I wonder how long it will be before this website is smacked about the head with a writ.

  12. I made a pretty rad birthday mix for my sweetie on this site just yesterday. http://formicey.muxtape.com/

  13. Ah! The Bird and The Bee! Fine choice, sir.

  14. http://poople.muxtape.com

    mine, all mine.

  15. From Beirut to Girls Aloud to Blue Thunder – superb stuff Mr Linehan! Fr Ted is easilly my most favourite TV programme ever, Istumbled across this blog on a google trawl.

    Weirdly I havent seen The IT Crowd – I’ll make a point of getting hold of it.

    keep up the good work!

    John D.

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