Waiters who are nauseated by food

March 26, 2008

Another gem from ‘The Dana Carvey Show’. (Anyone know how I might pick up a copy on DVD?)

(Video’s down–here’s a link.)


  1. Hey Graham, you can watch them all on Joost.com but there is no dvd yet.

  2. on an unrelated aside..

    dream casting for the US IT crowd..

    stephen colbert in the chris morris/reynholm role..?


    (it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch from his ken sebbens character on harvey birdman..)

  3. @ Mark

    Only works for Americans.

  4. According to Wikipedia: “As of March 2008, though no DVD release has been announced, Netflix has the entire series posted for instant viewing. Only Netflix members can access the show to watch.”

    For what it’s worth, you might be able to sign up for it for the cheapest subscription, never order anything, then cancel.

    Last ditch? Looks like there may be torrents for it as well.

    Stephen Colbert! OMFG
    Sometimes I think I love him more than anything in the universe.

  5. I’m sure that you could get a free trial at Netflix and then cancel your account before the trial runs out?

    That’s what I’ve done plenty of times with Love Film.

  6. Many (If not all, being that it was a very short-lived series) full episodes of the Dana Carvey Show are available on hulu.com.

  7. I love that show

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