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March 21, 2008

Comments, links, suggestions–you know how it goes.


  1. Wow! I’m the first comment, I think. Pity I don’t have more to say.

  2. Don’t watch Jesus Christ Superstar this Good Friday. Instead, amaze at Mr Linehan’s cameo in Richard Ayoade’s superb nativity centred piss take “AD/BC”

  3. Caught Hello, Friend! on the IT Crowd DVD there the other day. Great stuff.

  4. Ack, I posted a link to your previous open-for-comment post, without thinking to wait a few hours until you started this week’s one. Oh well, go to the last few comments on your previous post, there’s a good link there….

  5. japanese bruce willis!

  6. Sooo…is this kind of thing irritating or Hi-larious?


  7. I have just seen you hulking over some satirists on the friday night armistice and wondered if you knew anything about a novel that Armando Iannucci is/isn’t writing? I read it in an old interview somewhere.

    I know it was ten years ago but you ARE a friend of the stars.

  8. On the subject of Asian people singing well known songs, how about this for the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?


    It’s amazing how in tune the little guy is. My favourite is the “Berrer, berrer, berrer” bit.

  9. First time commenting Graham,

    You may have seen these before, Postman Pat and Fred Flintstone at their funniest



  10. And bang on. I would like to complain about the entirely slack monitoring of the shape of broadcasters’ mouths. As a recruitment officer, I know it is a simple matter when appointing staff to filter out those with unusual or disgusting mouths at the interview stage. Yet our screens are plagued with the likes Gavin Estlar, whose mouth is not only so ill-governed it looks like it is trying to escape from his face, but is grotesquely lopsided. A balanced view from that? In a chimp’s cock. Surely the time has come for the BBC to face up to this demoralising assault and sack anyone… [turns the page] …whose mouth does not conform to a reasonable standard. Perhaps mine. Point at mouth. Regular, neat and I’ve had the stretch marks dealt with. Do it or I’ll ram you up your own… fudge tunnels? Thank you.

  11. Saw you on RTE last week with Arthur Mathews. My mum thinks Ryan Tubridy is dreamy. What do you think? Also, given your recent criticisms of Pat Kenny, was inviting you on a deliberate snub on Tubridy’s part? (for those who don’t know, Kenny and Tubridy are locked in mortal combat for the title of greatest Irish talk show host)

  12. You need to find more bizarre Japanese videos, Graham. That Johnny Depp clip last year, in addition to We Are The World, are among the funniest videos I’ve ever seen.

  13. you’ve probably seen this, but she’s amazing enough to share again:

    Karen in the dorm on FunnyOrDie.com

    and if that doesn’t work: Karen in the dorm on FunnyOrDie.com

  14. I know. Bottom-feeding scumbags (the advertisers who did the Sugar Puff ads). Gabbo, sorry I deleted your post. Stick it up again.

  15. That Karen thing is amazing–yeah, I’ve seen it but thanks for reminding me about it.

  16. Congratulations on your RTS award in the week, Graham. Were you surprised you’d won? There was some pretty stiff competition there. What was your acceptance speech like? Did you cry?

  17. how to handle rejection.

  18. (Hope it’s okay to mention this here, Graham.) …… Huge in-depth INTERVIEW WITH GRAHAM LINEHAN in my indie comedy mag ‘Mustard’ (the Alan Moore interview issue is seen being read by Moss in ‘Moss and the German’.) Get it in Borders or online here (with preview) for about £1. http://www.mustardweb.org/01. Happy Easter!

  19. Actually, this link takes you right to the interview: http://www.mustardweb.org/01/graham-linehan-interview.htm

  20. Hello!
    My mate Claire sent me this link, and I have been laughing about it all evening.I figured you might also enjoy the intentional filth of Sesamae Street.


  21. what do you think possesses some young fella to keep posting videos to an account like this?

    you wrote the matchmaker?!

  22. Hey G – which series have commentaries on the Definitive box set?

  23. Addicted to Wiki-Whacking…


  24. Damo – All series have commentaries. And they are all brilliant.

  25. Re: Film critics.
    Into The Wild was a flaccid piece of nonsense wasn’t it? Some amazing cinematography, but other than that, complete tosh.

    Second up: There Will Be Blood. Nearly three hours of scenery chewing silliness and shouting about, well, nothing in particular. The last twenty minutes are quite ridiculous.

    Graham, any chance of doing a comedy masterclass for the struggling aspirant tv comedy writers of Dublin?

  26. What’s worse is dodgy game reviews, especially considering that they’ll put you back about £45 these days.
    A Gamespot reviewer apparently got fired for giving Kane and Lynch an ‘overly harsh’ review. Even though the game was a load of pump.
    It’s all politics, I tells ya!

  27. I liked ‘Into The Wild’!

  28. thanks Mag..
    Wrong Headed, your news of ‘K & L’ sounds bad. I’m buying a PC just to play the Orange Box on. Apologies for sounding like a troll, but is GTA coming out on PC?

  29. You must have been so preoccupied thinking about your reflection in the toilet that you rented out and watched all of Into The West by mistake, cause Into The Wild is a damn fine movie. After The Crossing Guard, The Pledge, and now this, I think Sean Penn should give up the day job.

  30. The Orange Box is da bomb.
    And GTA IV isn’t coming out for PC on the 29th April but I’m guessing they’ll port it in the future.
    GTA sounds like it’s going to be the best deal since The Orange Box, I mean the game is going to be huge – the online mode sounds lke a game in itself.
    Euphoria physics, in-game internet, movie quality acting and there’ll comedy clubs in there too, the detail is enough to make your head spin.
    I’m buying an Elite and booking a week-long holiday for it’s release!

  31. http://www.escapistmagazine.com/articles/view/editorials/zeropunctuation

    all video game reviewing is irrelevant next to yahtzee. the Uncharted, Call of Duty, and Devil May Cry ones are all must-sees.

  32. Ouch. I quite liked Into The Wild. I’ll admit it could’ve been cut down but I did find it rather moving at the end. But if you’re going to continue the film critic series, please tell me you’re going to include Juno. It wasn’t terrible but it just wasn’t that funny. Totally overrated.

  33. I was considering watching ‘Into the Wild’ the other day, to be honest it does sound fairly dull to me yet I was still interested considering the many good reviews. What exactly didn’t you like about it G?


  34. Noah – I totally agree about Juno – so so so over rated! It wasnt terrible, but it just wasnt that great either. It’s merely the topic of teenage pregnancy that keeps anyone watching, the acting wasnt outstanding, and the main charcter gets on your nerves!

  35. I used to sit and watch every film I saw at the cinema from start to finish. One day I had enough & left half way through some rubbish. It’s pretty liberating if expensive. Michael Clayton & Pirates of the Carribean 3 were the last two I jacked in before the end. With POTC3 I started a mini exodus.

  36. Some links I’ve come across or been sent…

    Pile of Wank:

    “Avoid being alone as much as possible. Find good company and stay in this good company, especially when you are feeling particularly weak.”


    More toilet humour (couldn’t resist, sorry):


  37. I thought Juno was great, but then again, if I was 16 and a girl, I would have been her.

    On another topic, that post about the board game shop in London reminded me of a bar in Innsbruck that’s main attraction is that it has hundreds of board games for customers to play for as long as they want. And it does a roaring trade.

    Oh, and ‘In Bruges’ was shit too.

  38. Please tell us, when will season 3 of IT Crowd air?
    My wife and I have watched all the episodes on the dvds 15 times each. We need a new fix.

    Just a month is fine, or maybe the year. I have looked everywhere, but no one knows.

    It really is one of the funniest shows we’ve ever seen, we hope you keep it going.

    All the best, and do you have anything new you’ve written?

  39. Batman Begins is such a good film!!!

    I was very pleasantly surprised, and my complete dismissal of the post Tim Burton A list only franchise meant i was also unaware it was populated (troy’esq) by mostly Irish actors.

  40. Theres nothing worse then being sold on a bent review. Remember that Guy Ritchie flick Revolver? on the poster for the film they had some blurb from a reviewer saying how it was a brill film and all, credited it to The Sun. Then when some journalist went checking who it was that said it, it turned out to be some page-3 girl who was actually it the film..

    Oh the sham of marketing.

  41. Theres nothing worse then being sold on a bent review. Remember that Guy Ritchie flick Revolver? on the poster for the film they had some blurb from a reviewer saying how it was a brill film and all, credited it to The Sun. Then when some journalist went checking who it was that said it, it turned out to be some page-3 girl who was actually it the film..

    Oh the shame of marketing.

  42. Another thing about ‘Into The Wild’ that might give pause to anyone still planning to watch it– the music is by EDDIE VEDDER!

    Doesn’t someone say the line “Honest to blog?” in ‘Juno’? Even with Michael Cera in it, I will not be able to see this film if this is true.

  43. And don’t get me started on ‘Lost In Translation’, not that anyone has tried to.

  44. Juno is good enough, but it can’t be watched if you try and match the film world up to ours, because everybody in it talks like that kinda kinky girl we all knew at school, and such a society would overdose on irony.

  45. Well that’s another thing. I am no Eddie Vedder fan but I love his song in the film, Hard Sun. But to each his own. And yes, “Honest to blog” is indeed said in Juno. What’s with all these quirky indie comedies? It reminds me of a line on The Simpsons: “How rebellious…in a conformist sort of way.”

    Speaking of Michael Cera, Graham, is it true that he is going to star in Edgar Wright’s next film? If so I can’t wait.

  46. I hope your game store survives. We have almost no good stores within 40 miles of us here in The San Fernando valley and I end up buying too many games I want online. Graham have you heard about the game Pandemic ( http://www.boardgamegeek.com/game/30549 )yet? It’s a relatively quick 45 minute cooperative game that we played Friday 3 times in a row were you are trying to stop viral outbreaks in the world. Sounds geeky for sure but it is a lot of fun. My wife is really hooked on it as well. Keep writing up a storm, we are in love with your show.


  47. Been seeing lots of news reports of IT Crowd being nominated for various awards. Congratulations!

  48. p.s. I recently saw the first series of Big Train and loved it. My favorite bit was the one with the “scientist” who didn’t want any of his apparatus.

  49. Thanks for the Sugar Puffs headsup above – it made me insane with rage…

    There’s more clips and similar of the kind here


  50. Speaking of lazy media thieves, the Sacla rip off of Lasse Gjertsen doing his cut and paste beatbox thing pissed me off.


    Lasse Gjertsen:


  51. What’s with the heated debate about “Into the Wild” when nobody is defending “There Will Be Blood”? Am I taking crazy pills? You may coerce me to agree that the last 20 minutes were somewhat lacking compared to the rest of the movie, but, by god, that was the best thing I’ve seen in years! The soundtrack ALONE was completely mind-blowing. No Eddie Vedder to be seen!

  52. ‘Into the Wild’. Everybody likes a good review of their own stuff though right? I never resent a critic for bigging up anyone’s shite work. It’s still someone’s work.
    A far worse reviewer offense is the habit of borrowing and soiling jokes from the movie and/or giving away the film’s ending….I had to avoid reading two comments right here that talk about the last 20 mins of ‘There Will Be Blood’.

  53. Graham, good call on Field Music. They’re my all time favourite band. They’ve taken a break at the moment to pursue other projects, but have a listen to their first album (self titled), and ‘Tones of Town’ – The best album released last year by miles.

    Then, if you get bored of them, David Brewis’s solo project School of Language is well worth checking out.


  54. Honest to blog, this is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, Star Wars according to a 3 year old.


  55. Well, if we’re talking movies we hated, that critics loved, may I put forward ‘Raging Bullshit’. Beautifully shot and edited though, thelma Schoonmaker’s a legend!

  56. field music remind me a bit too much of XTC.

    raging bull is very nicely edited and all, thats why i like it, taxi driver is terrible though… suppose everyone hates at least one of scorsese’s big ones.
    king of comedy is my favourite though, underrated.

    by any chance graham would you be able to tell me if dylan moran was in knock, co. mayo for rosary sunday last year?

  57. There are so many horrible statements in the previous few posts that I am temporarily speechless.

  58. Pro-life Richardson?
    [bangs head against wall]

    Oh well, kinda reminds me of this wonderful clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uk6t_tdOkwo

  59. Into The Wild was great….

  60. it is not horrible! i genuinely swear it was him beside me at mass in knock, i made a blog about it and everything(http://positiveboredom.blogspot.com/2007/10/religious-highlight-of-yearknock-from.html).

    and sounding like xtc ain’t a bad thing.

  61. Of course it isn’t! XTC ruled! And it was the anti-XTC and Scorsese statements I was referring to.

  62. Hear, hear on XTC ruling. Pity they don’t rule anymore tho’…:-(



  63. aptly described as catalan for panda bear – perfect music for the coming summer


    p.s. there will be blood – sooooo disappointing but not half as bad as i’m not there, where benny hill humour and heavy handed symbolism that wouldn’t be out of place in hollyoaks dream sequence masqueraded as art. wank, wank, wank.

  64. probably old news – the Predator Rap

    maybe we should get the same guy to do one for “Into the wild” – save people from wasting 3 hours of their time…

  65. the Predator Rap

    “The explosion is enormous with a massive blastwave,
    Arnie dives behind a log and is miraculously unscathed…”

    we should get the same guy to do “into the wild”

  66. Fantastically scary picture!

    I haven’t seen all of Episode III so I don’t know who the giant is sneaking up on the Emperor but it’s made me a fan of George Lucas again…

  67. ooooooooh, I like El Guincho!

  68. he’s playing dublin tomorrow night

  69. Is he? Where?

  70. Actually, I’ll google it, but thanks for the heads up!

  71. Papa Benedetto’s got the apocalyptic style down but he can’t appreciate an ill vibe like JP2!


  72. djp, xtc ruled right up to their last album! now andy partridge only rules at re-releasing xtc rarities.
    ever hear danny elfman’s oingo boingo? xtc crossed with devo.

    the last waltz isn’t the best live music film ever either, take that!

  73. Neon -Neon! So good they named ’emselves twice (also to avoid copyright issues).Check out the new lick. A concept album concerning the troubled life and times of gull-wing door tycoon John Deloreon. Contains a funky ode to the city of Belfast and the greatest use of synth since Philip Oakley met Giorgio Moroder.

  74. Here’s a synthy gem


  75. is this thing moderated?
    by which i mean, uh, testing….

  76. Neon Neon – Super Furry Animals + Electro Pop + concept album on the life of John DeLorean. It has to be a winner, doesn’t it?

  77. B,

    I’m with you on XTC’s last album, although bizarrely it sounds better without the vocals/lyrics.

    Take That? Have they made a concert movie then?:-)



  78. Just read an interview with you and you mention the A-B-A structure of sitcoms and it put some questions in my mind.

    The first is to ask you your opinion on Arrested Development? Not sure if you’ve mentioned here before (outside of your Cera loving ways).

    The second is to ask whether you’d agree, though the characters in it don’t exactly go on 90 minute film-type character arcs, that in plotting terms at least, each episode continues from where the last ended rather than where the last began? And whether you think it suffers from this structure (Ron Howard’s voice over summaries etc)? Do you avoid it because you’re happier with, say, a Seinfeld type structure you’ve mentioned you’re influenced by? Or because you think it’s a dead end? When i think of other sitcoms like the Office or Extras or Blackadder IV where the main character’s do on a life changing journey I think there’s a lot of mileage in it that might not be possible with the ABA approach.

    Sorry for such a boring question…I’m a tell-me-about-creative-process junky.

    Oh, and I bought ‘Hey, Wait’ and it’s unbelievable. Amazing Amazing. It made me wonder if you’ve ever thought about writing a graphic novel, perhaps about your school days?

  79. Check out Mr Malakai Battles the Aeroplane, which left me with a warm, fuzzy feeling all over.

  80. the “big dog” military robot in action:

    the buzzing sound makes it slightly nightmarish, though when its walking on ice it looks like 2 mimes carrying a rucksack.

  81. But, Sbrugby, I think ‘Arrested D’ and ‘Extras’ do follow the A-B-A structure. The characters may have adventures and upheavals, but they end up repeating the same mistakes and locked into the same relationships at the beginning of every show (Ricky and his agent for example).

  82. It’s a situational and emotional A-B-A I’m talking about, not a geographical one.

  83. Please, don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot I like about Scorsese… for some reason though, Raging Bull leaves me feeling cold.

  84. that A-B-A system thing is interesting, but do you not find many modern shows are abandoning it(especially british ones due to their shorter length, such as the thick of it or nathan barley)?

  85. Hi Graeme, i know you are like your music so i thought you may be interested in this review blog.


    Incidentally, this blog makes my work days bearable, keep up the good work

  86. Oops wrong link

    try that.

  87. ‘The Thick of It’ adheres to A-B-A, as did ‘Nathan Barley’. You’re confusing a modern/naturalistic style of filming and acting with structural innovation.

    Thanks for the links, everybody! I’m closing this thread down now because there’ll be a new one up tomorrow (already!).

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