Let’s be having you!

March 14, 2008


  1. That ‘make a movie’ video will give me nightmares….ta very much!!

    I must have been edited by Mr. Morris.

    Nice loch Ness monster at the end. Puts a cherry on top of the creepy touch :-S

  2. An oldie but a goodie…

  3. Why did you delete the “just the run -of -the-mill-burglary” story? I’m extra curious?!

  4. Oh, just because I immediately spotted it on Boing Boing after I posted it. I always presume people have seen it if it’s on Boing Boing.

  5. Graham, have to ask. Have you heard anything about the so called attempt to adapt Father Ted for US tv? I can’t help dreading to think what would happen to the characters my entire family loves so much were that to happen.

  6. Watching IT Crowd series 1 on Virgin On Demand for free, I hope they pay you a few quid for the rights.

  7. Dear Graham, thank you for entertaining me so thoroughly for so long.

    I thought you might enjoy this blog about the ridiculous things people post in the comments portions of news websites:

    (helpfully categorized by style of ignorance)

  8. graham, I’m beginning to think you should put some kind of permanent disclaimer on your site. It seems you get asked about the US version of Ted pretty much evry week! (no offence Mary!)

  9. Dear lord! could they be any more Canadian!

  10. Dearest Graham
    This is marvellous stuff.The US Chronicle of Higher Education asked readers to sketch their own visions for the George W. Bush Library. The result was some highly entertaining entries. Check them out here.

  11. check out these fucknuts, will senfeld even be rememered 10 years from now? Well yeah, by people with memories and brains

  12. Hi Graham…In relation to MGMT, i bought the album last friday, went to see them on saturday and saw your post on sunday, nice bit of continuity to the weekend! The gig was the best I’ve seen in a long time but the album’s better, there’s a great sense of adventure and confidence and Dave Fridmanns production is spot on.

    Best of luck with the latest draft.

  13. i had been been posting funny videos all wekk and for some odd reason youtube chose to put them all up at once viddy this


    1. elliot gould on the john kerwin show
    2. Robert Loggia!
    3. The famous RTE Bush interview…’let me finish’
    4. Raglan Road (sniff)
    5. Ian Paisley Heckles the Pope (possibily the best youtube video title ever)

  14. Anyone watch Delia last week?

    I’m still in shock… i mean… FROZEN POTATO and TINNED MINCE

  15. Hi Graham,

    I wondered if you could link to my blog, http://www.TheTannoy.com. I’ve been writing it for the past few years. Frank is my Dad, if that makes a difference.



  16. Hi Graham,

    I’ve linked to you btw.


  17. Just a suggestion – Fred and Sharon + S3 of the IT crowd? HMMMMMMMMMMM?

  18. Nice to hear from you, Emmet! I’ll have a look when I get a mo. Give my love to your Dad! (Did he see the post I did about him?)

  19. Do you think Fred and Sharon are a genuine couple?
    I like to think its a VERY well done bit of youtubery
    Have you seen the sky-octopuss hugging him?
    I have now watched that video nine-hundred and four times.

  20. I think you guys might enjoy this…:-)




  21. happy pi day.

  22. It’s also steak and blowjob day! What a lovely thought


    Graham I think you, as someone with a good public profile, should get behind this and help get it recognised officially. I for one can’t wait to receive my first Steak and Blowjob Day card

  23. @Darren

    Send me your details, mate – I know a few nice chaps who’d be more than happy to oblige you! ;)

    Mikey XXXX

  24. Hey graham, just wanted to say im a massive fan, im based in Derry…just up the road ha…and theres a whole base here in derry of your avid watchers (i think ive watched all of big train and father ted twice in the last month personally!)

    just droppin a line of gratitude.


    (P.s. we also own a theatre company and have written our first play…ill find a way to drop it to u if you fancy givin me pointers…we’d pay for your advice! Craic Pack Productions)

  25. have you seen this? too good for words…

  26. Whilst its quite old now, these updated propaganda posters are hilarious. I especilly like the one ‘wasted your life’.


  27. Hope you don’t mind me posting this here Graham (and please delete if you think it’s an inappropriate use of your message board) but I recently finished a silly short film and wondered if you or any of the good peoples here might like a look.

    By way of introduction, it’s six and a half minutes long and very sweary.



  28. Hi Graham,
    I never look at Boing Boing!

    I think your readers deserve to be exposed to this little piece of home-grown insanity :

    Maeve V

  29. You should–it’s excellent.

  30. […] Let’s be having you! [image] […]

  31. If Hitchcock had directed Star Wars, this is how it would open:

  32. @Mikey.

    I’m gonna hold out a little longer for a woman, but if I grow impatient, I’ll be in touch ;)

  33. http://www.rte.ie/arts/2008/0314/tubridytonight.html

    Are you ready for the grilling of a lifetime?

  34. I’ve long been a fan of the punning shop or business name and I stumbled across this humdinger the other day – perhaps you’re already aware of it, Graham?


    (scroll down slightly)

  35. Hey Graham, what happened to the external links on your blog? I used to use your site as a jumping-off point to other riches.

    Now I just stumble around blind.

    Still, I found these definitions of luxury from Red Ferret, compare and contrast (and enjoy):

    US http://www.redferret.net/?p=10164
    UK http://www.redferret.net/?p=10159

  36. Graham! Nice job on Tubridy Tonight tonight. Tonight. I was truly hoping he would draw a parallel between the Eurovision episode and John Waters’ effort.
    And was Carol Vorderman slightly drunk?

  37. Shane – Carol Vorderman *definitely* laughed an awful lot… perhaps she’s just a unnaturally happy person outside of Countdown? :D

  38. did you ask Turbidy how many of those books that make up his set has he read?

  39. She was very jolly. I forgot to mention the bit on Ted where Dougal says “Put your clothes back on Carol, I can’t concentrate.”

  40. That video-making couple are too funny. I reckon they’d make a great music video. Unless your budget was actually that low. Maybe then it wouldn’t be so funny.


  41. Oldie but a goodie

  42. Actually, this one is funnier:

  43. Graham,

    Thank you for bringing that movie making video into my life – you made my day (possibly my week). I’m now going to proceed to annoy/confuse the heck out of people by phrasing questions in the form of “How aboot a…”.

    So, how aboot a fantastic animation involving a bear that everyone’s probably seen but still makes me chuckle? http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=FiARsQSlzDc

  44. Impressive song and dance

  45. Hey Graham and everybody,

    Considering the day that’s in it, here’s a piece of St Patrick-related naughtiness for y’all…


    Happy boozing!

  46. Hello Mr. Linehan, I’m from a newspaper, would you like to write something about being Irish for us?

  47. Hi Graham,

    You may remember Noise to Signal when we did some reviews of our favourite Father Ted episodes. Here’s our review of TedFest ’08; http://www.noisetosignal.org/live/2008/03/tedfest-08-its-great-being-a-priest-reprise.php

  48. Hello there,
    this is where i shamelessly promote the video i just knocked up in work.. I’d feel bad, but its just so bloody good…

  49. ouch! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0uMoXMA75E&feature=related

    It has a slight air of being staged – does anyone know any history behind this?

    Loved the anchorsaurus fighting.

    And the Bush-RTE interview – I think it’s a sad reflection of how free of scrutiny Bush is when this gets so much excited coverage. It’s actually a pretty lame interview and she lets him get away with murder on many points, but it’s still notable for how different it is to the usual “address”-style interviews he gives where most reporters are obviously listening more to the screaming demon in their head shouting “YOUR CAREER’S ON THE LINE! YOUR CAREER’S ON THE LINE!”

    You know, I think Bush handled himself quite well. Total lies and deception, but delivered convincingly enough to fool everyone who is already pro-Bush. This interview gave him the opportunity to get an awful amount of propaganda out, under the veneer of a “critical interview” so I don’t think the White House will be at all unhappy about it.

  50. What amazing news that was, though that reporter has no understanding of the hierarchy of a newsroom.

    Surely the anchor should have complete control (and no backchat) from his or her minions?

    This is how its done: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDKQliH1awY

  51. listen to neon neon. it’s this years number one John deLorean related concept album.

  52. Graham, where did you read what exactly about Playin’ Games? How bad is it? That’s sad news if they really are in trouble.

  53. Cheers!

  54. Thought you’d like this:

  55. Hi Graham,

    You should check out Gang Gang Dance, as recommended by Hot Chip.


  56. Andrew, I just dropped in today and the place looked a bit sparse. The guy behind the counter told me that times were rough…

  57. That’s sad to hear about “Playin Games”. Brings back memories of all the board games I used to play. The ones you quote look interesting so I might just pop down and reaquaint myself to an alternative to TV and the computer.

    By the way, Graham if you’ve never played Cosmic Encounter then I think you should try and get hold of a copy … I suspect you’d really enjoy it.


  58. Its a competitive world out there, your brand needs all the help it can to succeed in the marketplace, in fact it needs God’s help. No, really, it does:http://christvertising.com/who.html

  59. Ha, gotta love the Japanese.
    Have a look at this japanese advert for pizza…


  60. Hi, here’s a link to what RealitySandwich has to say about schooling.

    Graham, on the Definitive Ted box set, which series have commentaries?

  61. a sketch from Australia’s “Newstopia”:

  62. Here’s an blog entry I stumbled upon about internet contrarians. It’s a good read.


  63. Hey Graham, here’s a video commentary on the mindset of the majority of Australian teenagers which I found amusing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_veIGGP1Uh4

    What I want to know is how they managed to sneak a camera into my house… that guy is practically me!

  64. More great Fred Armisen:

  65. I will explore those links this weekend. Thanks everyone!

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