It’s Friday! It’s Crackerjack!

March 7, 2008

I am so old.
However, I did finish the first draft of another episode this week. So, hurray for that and boo for my decrepitude. (Next script is due Friday, so now I’ve told you lot I’ll have to do it by then.)


  1. that chess comment completes me. another week of balls-deep-awesome links…

  2. Crackerjack was awesome. But it wasn’t balls-deep awesome.

  3. Should I Buy “Well remembered days”, Is it super?
    Have you ever thought doing of something like that?
    I suggest a Victoria Beckham style glossy with you on the front giggling into a naughty eclair.

  4. It’s by Arthur, which should answer your question as to its quality. (That might sound like I’m dodging the answer, so I will make it clear, it is very super indeed).

  5. I would say, though, it’s not a book to dive into and read from cover to cover. The level of invention is such that you need to read it in a casual way just to properly absorb it.

  6. I am tempted to pretend I wasn’t lurking around for a reply, but nevermind. Am I not supposed to mention that 1200 page epic you are working on?
    Will it turn the world on its arse?

  7. Thought you’d like this

    Have a great weekend…

  8. So we’re edging closer and closer to a series three IT Crowd? Little bit excited by that.

  9. Hi Graham, I wondered if, as a sitcom writer and director, you could answer a query of mine that is always bugged me…

    I’m not sure the technical name for it, but there’s a certain type of visual gag that resurfaces in loads of sitcoms. It’s the ‘reveal’ gag, where you start with a close up of a character speaking or whatever, and then cut to a wider angle to ‘reveal’ something hilarious about the situation. An example from The IT Crowd would be Richmond telling the gang about the raven he saw, and then turning around in time for a wide angle shot to reveal they have all left the office.

    My question is: On a live studio audience set (like with the above Richmond gag), how do you get an audience reaction from something that would have been obviously set up in front of everybody? Is it as simple as dubbing a laugh track onto the edit or do you try to go for a genuine reaction somehow?

  10. I presume that some kind of cattle prod is attached to every person in the audience that fires up when a laugh is required…no?

  11. “I’ve been worried a lot lately about chess getting too easy for me” – lovely stuff.

    Sweet little comic involving giant squid


  12. The three-way chess thing reminds me of three-way football, pioneered back in the 90s by the London Psychogeographical Association. It could get messy.


    I’ve been sick from work today and I’m catching up on my Series 1&2 boxsets of Saturday Night Live. ( I’m up to Desi Arnaz on series one.) I’m assuming you have them and wondered what you thought. The shows are uneven but hugely compelling, but by far the funniest thing has been Michael O’Donohue’s impressions. It’s interesting how Chevy is put forward as the star of the show and how Garrett Morris is given nothing to do. Anyway, thought I’d canvas your insight. Regards…

  14. And, by the way, a dear friend once found herself in the staggeringly awkward position of her aged mother demanding Well Remembered Days for her birthday, under the mistaken impression that it was a genuine Angela’s Ashes-style memoir of Catholicism-tinged poverty and ghastliness.

  15. “My question is: On a live studio audience set (like with the above Richmond gag), how do you get an audience reaction from something that would have been obviously set up in front of everybody? Is it as simple as dubbing a laugh track onto the edit or do you try to go for a genuine reaction somehow?”

    You ready to have your mind blown? We pre-record it and show it to the audience on monitors.

  16. Come to one of the next recordings and all the tantalising secrets of studio sitcoms will be revealed.

  17. I’ll tell Arthur that, Simon C!

  18. Consider my mind well and truly blown, thanks Graham!

    Where and when is the next recording and how do I get in the audience? I’m certain you’ve mentioned it in a previous post but I’m at work and can’t go scrolling past pictures of erotic fancy dress and the like. :(

  19. I second that question (are you able to second a question?). How do us groupies get into the filming? Where and when etc.

  20. I actually don’t know, but there should be something on this site


    …when the time draws nearer (anytime from August on)

  21. Graham, did you know you’re in the Urban Dictionary?


  22. Ahhh ‘Hairy Japanese Bastards’… I’d completely forgotten about that joke until I was at a friend’s house last week and we watched that episode, of all episodes. I’m grinning like a loon now, thanks :D

  23. Nooooo! Graham! Does not compute! You’ve broken the fourth wall!

    ….What is to love?

    Adored the squid comic by the way.

  24. In answer to the question about how to get in to a taping of the IT Crowd, I got 4 tickets to the taping of the German Cannibal episode from http://www.sroaudiences.com — their website lists shows as soon as taping schedules are known and they provided the tickets via email. There is a difference between Priority Tickets and Regular Tickets, though (the difference being that Priority Ticket people got called to line up and go into the studio first). But all the tickets are free.

    We were in the front row! And because they were taping some of the bits for the dvd that night, my goofy mug is consequently on the special features of the Season 2 DVD — SORRY ABOUT THAT, WORLD!

  25. “..have to… stop crying… must… conserve… moisture…”

    We’ve all been there

  26. Yes! Excellent squid comic!

  27. thank you for the comic recomendations! – they were all great. im scraping together my pocket money with one hand and typing this with the other right now.

  28. Re the Ting Tings song.

    Such a crappy song, and such a crappy video. Yet, I really like both! I saw them on Later… a while back and they seemed quite good.

  29. The Q&A you did with Arthur was delightful, Graham. I must make my way to that one year. Sounded fantastic.

  30. I found it quite wierd – I work for one of the world’s largest IT companies & when I tried to tell my colleages about the loss of the great E.GG NO-ONE KNEW WHO HE WAS!!

    Run out of hit points at last, Gary.

    I must admit I shed a tear.
    Thanks for all the fun in your worlds.


  31. More comics recs:

    Fun Home by Allison Bechdel
    The Rabbi’s Cat by Joann Sfar
    Perspepolis by Marjane Satrapi (now a film)
    Gemma Bovary by Posey Simmonds
    Cancer Vixen by Marisa Acocella Marchetto
    ** plus anything by Julie Doucet or the amazing Lynda Barry, Carol Lay, or the fabulous Mary Fleener

  32. Oooh can’t wait until series 3 ! i want to be in the studio audience for this one ! x

  33. I’d quite like to be in the studio audience, but two things prevent this; I have a loud, bellowing laugh so I wouldn’t want to turn it into a scene out of Cape Fear. Second, first and last time I was in London was when I was 15, stayed in a hotel in the middle of the red light district and couldn’t move for hookers. Only time I’d ever felt homesick.

  34. Thanks for making me laugh so hard I passed out. When Richmond was stuck to the ceiling, I nearly wet my pants. When Moss was behind the counter as a bartender I could hardly see for the tears. Thanks for all of it. (maybe I’ll take a peak at Father Ted one day)

  35. Sacha Baron Cohen doc on C4 – not sure he’s worthy of comedy hero status..(unlike yourself graham) vulgar, repetitive and exploitive..a trendy 90’s jeremy beadle type taking the piss out of people with a ‘crazy’ accent.. Im sure he is really gifted but he’s just performing the same old joke which isnt to my taste….im sure ye’all will disagree and say im taking out of my arse.

  36. The comics recommendation-fest was invigorating. I’m relieved to know that I’m not the only comics fan who doesn’t rate Preacher, Sin City, or Transmetropolitan.

  37. I’ve been meaning to say a big THANKYOU for introducing me to the wonderful world of Michael Kupperman. I read your recommendation when you started on word press, but have only recently purchased the three Tales Designed to Thrizzle comics. I laughed so much my partner thought I was having an epileptic fit! I have ordered the Snake ‘n’ Bacon book and am waiting for my postie man to give me the goods. Can’t wait!!

    So thankyou.. thankyou … thankyou x


  38. Either I’m exceptionally stupid, or it would appear that the “My friend has this, we play” comment has disappeared from the chess page. Li’l help, anyone?

    (Oh wait, it could be both.)

  39. Some balls…

  40. Oh, the guy just went on to call the game “balls deep awesome”. I love that anyone who plays any kind of chess would use that phrase.

  41. Has anyone seen this before?

    People have too much time on their hands!

  42. Stupid reviews. I just saw this one and it made me smile. I suspect there must be a whole range of silly reviews on the interweb somewhere and they must be unhelpful to the honest consumer. Perhaps it job for someone with too much time on their hands.

  43. Much has been made of whether or not Daniel Day Lewis bases the voice of his Daniel Plainview in There Will Be Blood on John Huston.
    I think this is an important clue..

  44. Thanks for putting the MGMT link up, I hadn’t heard it before and I have to say I’m now hooked.
    You’ve probably seen this already as you seem to have your finger on the pulse of most of what’s going on, but i’ve just seen the video for Los Campesinos! You! Me! Dancing! and thought it was rather good –

    Is this old news?
    anyway, hope you like it

    if not here’s a different tangent, 70s spoof Italian spiderman

    or the fantastic Japanese take,

    some lovely embellishments

  45. MGMT’s Time to Pretend is brilliant ! and their song Kids is good stuff too ! x

  46. http://www.b3ta.com/links/Giant_white_glove_experiment

    The work that’s gone into this is, frankly, frightening.

  47. That Harry Potter Puppet thing … 35 million views! “Funniest thing on You Tube”, “Genius”, “‘It’s a pipe bomb’ – LOL!” ARRGGhhh! things like that send me into a misanthropic rage and I start despairing in humanity. 35 MILLION views … and the average Chomsky video gets a few thousand, if you’re lucky. No wonder we’re fucked.

  48. i could crush a grape

  49. @ Andrew Sheerin

    Maybe old Noam should think about introducing some puppets into one of his lectures, like another philosopher of our time Brian Connelly. It could be like Punch and Judy but with less domestic violence.

  50. The kid who does the Potter Puppet Pals is amazing. His name is Neil Cicierega.
    The Ultimate Showdown is probably his best known,

    but I really like this Word Disassociation song.

  51. While we’re posting youtube links, I know this is old but it never fails to make me smile: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2cYWfq–Nw

    1) those are some of the mankiest hands I’ve ever seen
    2) the clumsy, blurry, uncoordinated ‘hand boogie’ in the first 40 seconds
    3) the combination of 1&2 setting you up for extreme disappointment and then it starts getting interesting, then awesome and then more awesome and more until there’s no more awesomeness left in the atmosphere

  52. Wrong Headed – I like it. If I were a BBC4 exec, I’d be working up a ‘Puppet Philosophy’ series pitch. But I’m not, so I best get back to work.

  53. Graham,

    Congrats on getting through another draft, and good luck on your impending self-made deadline!

    Check this Star Wars/Saul Bass intro. It’s been doing the rounds, but its worth it if you havent seen it.

  54. Well Remembered Days is hilarious. There are about 3 laughs on every page.

  55. oh god- I would give my right arm tattoo to be able to be in the UK for an IT Crowd taping.
    Ah where is my magic money machine???

  56. Thanks, Paul K for the Star Wars thing. Brilliant!

  57. By the way, hasn’t anyone discovered what the IT Crowd DVD is yet? Or that there’s an amazing prize involved? I’ve said too much

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