“Immunity? For us? Uhh…Thanks, I guess.”

March 3, 2008

Two items on the whole ‘American Government illegally spying on its citizens’ storm in a teacup you guys had back there. First, James Risen, the man who broke the story, might go to jail. Punishing whistleblowers is bad, obviously, but sort of par for the course with The Chimp’s boys. The story on why the telecom companies don’t seem to be all that arsed about immunity, however, is even more interesting.

“There’s some guesswork in what he says, but he’s an attorney with
considerable experience dealing with wiretapping cases and he suggests
that the reason the telcos don’t care all that much about the lawsuits
being pursued against them is because they almost certainly signed
indemnification agreements with the feds back in 2001.”

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