February 28, 2008

Comments, links, complaints about my behaviour at Tedfest…this is where it all happens.


  1. Garfield reworkings are brilliant and so am I.

    *Author of above comment may not be as brilliant as stated.

  2. Hi Graham,

    I was wondering if I could obtain a contact e-mail address with regard to a Reading Series in Kildare.

    – Liam

  3. I don’t know if it’s the done thing for folks to plug their own attempts at comedy here, but here goes:

    This is a link to one episode of a little cartoon series I’ve been making. Quite a lot of people seem to like it (which doesn’t mean it’s any good, of course – people generally have terrible taste, but I offer it up for your approval anyway).

    The character’s name is Graham, coincidentally.

  4. Just want to back Mike up. I know it already through b3ta.com

    It’s a wonderful and poignant series.

  5. I’m surprised that you haven’t commented on Dustin the Turkey heading off to the Eurovision representing Ireland in your blog. It’s like some brutalised reality of the Ted episode.

  6. On the subject of Garfield cartoons not being funny:


  7. Last week I created a site that stripped Garfield from Garfield comics thinking it would be a funny inside gag between me and a few friends.

    It caught on, the internet went mad, my visitor stats company dumped me saying it had received half a million hits in one day and crashed their server.

    I am now sitting here quietly pooping myself and thinking I should take the site down before I get sued by an irate cartoonist.
    I swear, I’m not lying to ya here.
    What a week.

  8. Graham, I fail to see how you don’t find the Tommy Chong costume alluring…

  9. Graham, you were marvellous at TedFest. Yourself and Arthur handled the question and answer session brilliantly, and I had the pleasure of briefly conversing with you while we touring (when we were leaving the beach) and you were only lovely. Thank you for Ted, and for making TedFest so good!

  10. @ garfieldminusgarfield:

    Oops, sorry I helped crash the server! I did my small part by sending the link to several friends with the subject heading: “Um…genius?”

  11. Hilarious thing about the “erotic” menswear, although I have to point out you forgot to mention the greatest outfit there: the ghost pirate, for the ladies out there who grew up aroused by Scooby Doo. Apparently.

  12. I too loved the “erotic menswear” link. I’m sure I speak for all women out there when I say that the only thing sexier than an ATM machine is a man with a defeated look of resentment on his face dressed as an ATM machine.
    The wolf costume however, terrifies and confuses me.

  13. I’m not sure if you need a fair bit of schadenfreude to enjoy this but, for me, there’s plenty of absurdity and sweetness in the attempts of the perma-grin seven-foot cat to console the dejected young man:

  14. You know the picture of the guy and the girl with the ridiculous oversized underwear (that’s a phrase I would never have imagined I would write)? Am I the only person who can see a fly’s face in that picture??

  15. Although the web-faschist at my work now prevent our access to media files, I can fortunately remember the Woody Allen scene ….

    … and it make me a happy camper! Particularly as the film seems to suffer from underation.

    Thanks for the reminder. And I also like the bloggers remark about ‘sullying the favourite clips forever’, as is too often the case these days. But some, do survive.

  16. Very nice cartoon, Mike…sliiiightly let down by the ‘insertion’ punchline, I thought, but I’ll definitely be tracking the rest down.

    Dustin The Turkey…I’m in favour, of course.

    Thanks, Brian. What a ‘Ted Tour’ that was, eh? Bloody hell…

  17. Apropo of nothing….

    My mum plays golf with your mum.

    We are all huge fans ! Keep up the good work..

  18. 2nd Brian on the thanks for the talk at tedfest, as well as the unexpected bonus of you being there for the lovely girls competition and the tour the next day. Keep up the great work!

  19. Love the Allen clip. Here’s a few of links you may not have stumbled upon yet.
    http://jack-dev.blogspot.com/2008/02/tilly-and-wall-beat-control.html -It’s all a bit sesame street but it’s incredibly catchy.
    http://jack-dev.blogspot.com/2008/02/sylvia-browne-fraud-montage-world-worst.html and http://jack-dev.blogspot.com/2008/02/sylvia-browne-bombs-again.html-Nothing better then seeing psychics get caught out big time.

  20. Graham – I did question whether the “insertion” line was funny or not, but once I’d thought of it I couldn’t not use it. And I have nobody to try stuff out on before it hits the screen.

    Thanks for watching them.

  21. If the folks in those ‘erotic’ costumes ever managed to get it on as a result and reproduce, would their offspring have this to look forward to…? *shudders*

    <a href=http://www.buycostumes.com/Category/0/Product/21169/ProductDetail.aspx

  22. Apologies for my hapless attempt at posting a link (above). Cut and paste it into a new window or something though, it’s worth the effort, honest…!

  23. Sorry, man, it didn’t work.

    Say hello to your Mum from me, D!

  24. Oh, God, the Toilet Child! I have seen him before, actually…yeesh

  25. @Mike – some great ones there – enjoyed it a lot!

    now I have to go back and see what this ‘insertion’ punchline was because I’ve forgotten!


  26. sorry – I meant to say I liked the internet ones the best

  27. You should give up this writing malarkey Graham and get back in front of the camera:

    Only joshing. I’ve been reading an old Edge issue with yourself Simon Pegg, Charlie Brooker and Peter Serafinowicz discussing video games. Any interest in writing for one?

  28. lost me on the ‘baby photos’ one though! :-?

    sorry graham – I’ll stop using your blog to leave comments for Mike now – I would leave them on youtube but all the youtube comments I’ve read that make me think people who post on youtube must be Tom from craggy island, and I dont want Tom to know what I think

  29. Remember the Sorted clip from years back. I always wondered what happened to the guy ‘Crispin’. I seem to remember him being an MTV host for a while.

    Oh well, back to my pies.

  30. Juicy Beans! Science exhibits were amazing. Please don’t make me laugh like that in the college library again

  31. Hey Graham – a while back I heard your piece on “This American Life” about your time in France… did you ever track that kid down and tell him you wrote Father Ted?

  32. i did a personality test with the Scientologists and they told me I was manically depressed, which was quite funny.

    bye for today

    Joe Sorry


  33. Would you kindly give your opinion of The League of Gentlemen? Thanks.

  34. http://whereisthemoon.com/words/15

    This is good fun.
    It’s my favourite internet since Real Garfield.

  35. Oh and speaking of Real Garfield – I have avoided using a LOLCat’d one, I don’t know your relationship with LOLCats.

  36. I think people need to see what music French teenagers are listening to – and how they dance to it:


  37. That’s the European equivalent of para para I suppose…I prefer para para music, so I think they should swap dance styles.

  38. Dave –

    What did that panel of luminaries have to say about video games? I can’t seem to find that article anywhere… it’s referenced in a few blog posts here and there.

    Any word on the Father Ted video game? Most importantly: Will Father Jack be a playable character?

  39. I too would like to read that article, can you scan it or something…?

  40. Hi Graham,

    Not strictly related to tedfest, but was just wondering. If someone had an idea for a show they think you’d be interested in developing, other than getting in touch with your agent (already sent to her PA last month), how would they go about this??



  41. http://www.h-int.net/edge_comedy/

  42. Paul, send it to me via Talkback. Someone will pass it on to me if they think it’s up my street.


  44. paddy, they’re dutch

  45. I love Ted Rall.

  46. Oops, my apologies. I was shown the video by a French friend, so assumed accordingly. He showed me another dance craze, called “Tecktonik”, which is what the cool kids in France are doing in clubs. It really is astounding:


    Graham, really liked your Edge interview thingy with computer games. You seemed to be coming up with point after point on how games’ writing could be better – ever fancied giving it a try?

  47. Can’t believe that Dermot Morgan has been gone for ten years yesterday. What an amazing man.

  48. Graham,

    Great site, love it daily.

    Why have mad professor as a blog link when he only updates every 3-4 months?

    Word to your mother,


  49. Graham–am I on crack or did I just read something in one of the posts above about your taking part in “This American Life”? How isn’t that you manage to be a part of all my favorite things. Like “This American Life,” when you’re not even American?

    Speaking of favorite things, I enjoyed the Woody Allen post. One thing about his physical comedy that nobody ever seems to mention is how much he seems to borrow from a young Bob Hope. If you watch a lot of movies like “My Favorite Brunette” or early Road movies, you can see gestures Allen almost lifts intact from Hope.

  50. ted rall… managed to grab one of those graphic novels “war with brian”…

    thanks for the recommendation, really enjoyed it.


  51. Talking about writing in video games – has anybody played Portal, and if so, didn’t you think the writing and voice acting was brilliant? I laughed a lot playing that one.

  52. Probably off topic(s), but look at this torch (used for taking the garbage / rubbish out)…

  53. I know this goes back a bit but thanks for the Harold and Maude reminder – it was actually a influence on this: http://homefortea.blogspot.com

    love your blog!

    bye for today

  54. I’ve just started reading “Worst Thing I’ve Ever Done!”, arrived this morning, and that Lawn Mowers Union story is shocking.

  55. Love the Garfield as real cat! Apols if you’ve seen it but this oddly fascinating clip examines the theory that Garfield is actually dead, based on a very dark sequence of strips that apparently really did appear in the papers. It got me onside pretty quickly with the statement that “no-one really likes the strip Garfield”. It’s well worth a watch – you’ll forever see Garfield in a whole new M. Night Shamalamalamalayan light.


  56. Mike, hundred percent with you on ‘Portal’. What an amazingly witty game!

  57. I’ve seen it, Elliot! It’s weird. Haven’t had the energy to check out whether it’s a hoax or not. Do you know?

    ‘Lawn Mowers Union’ is one of the most awful things I’ve ever read. I actually should warn people about it because it’s so upsetting. So, this is a warning.

    (I also hear certain not-great things about Ted Rall from people who’ve come into contact with him, so maybe I shouldn’t be plugging him.)

  58. Whether Garfield is alive or not:
    But what if he’s lying….. Wooooooh….

  59. Was going to lurk into perpetuity, but I thought you might like this. Peculiar thing.


  60. I prefer Ted Maul.

    Portal – game of the year for me. Even though I spent the last hour of it almost cacking myself with fear. Shame the orange box didn’t really sell…

  61. “Run for your life Timmy, the great Shellelagh’s gone daft!”

  62. Yeah, those Garfield scary strips are real, I’ve seen them in a book and everything.

  63. That “Asymmetric Warfare” strip? — I thought it was about the Ted Rall v. Danny Hellman battles:


    Rall is the side with all the missiles.

  64. Hey Graham,

    Just interested to know – who did the drawing of you with the pipe at the top of your blog? It’s very good!

  65. It’s by the wonderful Michael Kupperman, who does ‘Snake and Bacon’ (which you should buy immediately from Amazon–I guarantee you’ll love it). Michael was also the man who informed me of the shenanigans Ted Rall gets up to (thanks to Ultralou for providing the specifics).

  66. Hi all,
    A question for Graham, and other graphic novel afficianados. I’ve always lurked on the outside looking in when it comes to graphic novels, but I’ve never had a starting point to work my way in. Would anyone like to recommend a top 3 or top 5 that I could pick up and investigate, so I could take the plunge?
    Cheers all,

  67. Graham,
    in the Tedfest MP3 she mentions your first sitcom being ‘Paris’? Is that available anywhere?

  68. Thought you might be interested in this article about Dermot Morgan.


  69. Also, Johnny, I recommend anything by Adrian Tominne.

  70. OMG I cant believe you (or arthur) just said the sheep episode was a ‘sign of the cracks showing’!! that is by far my favourite episode.

    BTW – I’m trying to google ‘Paris’ and Paris Hilton is making that a rather difficult search to make.

  71. “If you are associated with other persons having this same problem, YOU MUST BREAK OFF THEIR FRIENDSHIP”

    Just worry if you open the door and they’re standing there with a chisel. ;)

  72. Craig: I hope not.

    Johnny–a bit difficult without knowing your tastes in other things. What are some of your fave films, books etc? Do you like memoirs/ history/ repoprtage/ science fiction/ thrillers/ humour?

  73. Re: Masturbation: ‘Never read about your problem (even on sites claiming to be “educational”).’

    Like this one? Oh no!

  74. Richard above – thanks for the Tomine recommendation. I might check out Sleepwalk at random. Cheers fella.

    Graham, ideally anything that plays with my head (but not in a nasty way) is good – so here goes. Movies – Adaptation/City of God, Humour – Mr Show/Seinfeld, TV – The Prisoner/The Wire, Books – Biogs/Reportage good – Jon Ronson’s Them in particular recently, and also fun weird things like John Hodgman’s The Area of My Expertise.

    Hooray, this is great! Many thanks!

  75. Cheers for the q&a! Sounded lots of fun although the audience didn’t like the negative comments about the sheep episode. They reacted like you insulted their mother.

    jonny – personal favourite (though I don’t know much about these things) is Domu by Katsuhiro Otmomo. I think it should have the right amount of head messing for your tastes.

  76. Cheers for the q&a! Sounded alot of fun although the audience didn’t like the negative comments about the sheep episode. They reacted like you insulted their mother.

    jonny – personal favourite (though I don’t know much about these things) is Domu by Katsuhiro Otmomo. I think it should have the right amount of head messing for your tastes.

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