The generally poor quality of erotic costumes for men

February 25, 2008

Gentlemen! Need to make things ‘happen’ in the bedroom? Why not dress up as an ATM machine? That’s right, an ATM machine.

It has somehow come to this. There are apparently women out there who would enjoy having their boyfriend stick his penis out of a slot and pretend it’s money. (I mean, I think that’s what what you’re supposed to do, but really, who knows?) I will say this, it’s lucky he has a hat saying ‘ATM’, because if he didn’t, then it would be really difficult to tell what he was actually supposed to be, and he might have ended up looking a little foolish.

Or how about surprising her one night by sneaking into bed, dressed as the wolf from ‘Little Red Riding Hood’? Because women love it when you make them shit themselves with fear while dressed as an old lady!

I don’t really know what’s going on here.

And this made all the blood in my body run into my hair.

(Link, in case you think I took these photographs myself.)

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