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February 15, 2008

Any comments, links, etc, this is the place to share them. I won’t be checking in a lot today, so you’ll forgive me if I don’t reply as much as I usually do. You know you’re my peeps, though, don’t you?


  1. I can’t decide whether the product name is intentionally, er, mischievous

  2. Not sure if you lot have seen this, but it’s really quite amusing…

    The Guardian’s nepotist recruitment tactics: rumbled. The comments are great:


  3. Thank God. Mine is still safe!
    God bless you Mr Graham Linehan.

    (This refers to a mysteriously vanishing GIF I had up. Very odd.–Graham)

  4. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Aaron Wakling

  5. Arse antlers – say no more…:-)



  6. Some hilarious pop-culture pieces on this website. I also like the way that political issues are leftish and libetarian at the same time.

    I’d recommend this website:


    ID cards are a recipe for disaster.

  7. At the cashpoint, what’s the acceptable distance the person behind has to stand when you’re typing in your PIN?
    I say two metres. Any closer than that and you’re well within your right to beat them around the head and neck for your own protection.

  8. As little as I usually like funny animal videos…


  9. If you’re in city centre over the next while look out for a comic called ‘Fugger’. It’s a freebie – I picked it up in Tower Records yesterday. I’d say it could be the first issue. I liked the opening story on a girl called Beatrice Delahunty. To give an idea of the type of stuff it covers, here’s a sample of one of the ads in the ‘Situations Vacant’ section:

    “Career in Arts Administration:
    Jobs in admin vis-a-vis the arts re: the supervision/commissioning of works of excellence apropos the aesthetic evocation of the ineffable etc. No arty types need apply.”

  10. Image is:

    That works for me.

  11. To think I’d wasted so much of my life on East Coast Hip-Hop. The Polish sound is where it’s at, fa rilla.

  12. Thanks, Lutin! ‘Fugger’ sounds great, I’ll look out for it. Guardian thing, hilarious. Love that Speak video (posted it when I was on Livejournal). All hail the tiddybear. Right! I have to work!

  13. Hi Graham. Great blog. I’m tempted to rob your links most days! Re: The Scientology protest… I love Scientology. I think its our best friend. It’s so ridicilous that it shows up religion for the farce that is. I reckon Hubbard was secret genuius athiest.


  14. Video of Austrian guido dancing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxQAgZIo-Ds

    Improved version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3ovGvHgjE8

  15. I can’t stop laughing at this colin farrel interview on Charlie Rose, the second of In Bruges director
    Martin McDonagh scowling looks like it’s been edited while witters on about his poetry ‘I don’t journal’


  16. Not sure if this has been on here already:

    Almost makes reality tv seem worth…no it doesn’t

  17. Good piece by Andrew Murray in the Guardian, but also slightly dismaying that he singles out Murdoch for criticism (“It was also a march against Murdoch and his mendacious press”). Unfortunately the “mendacious press” extends to all corporate press and that includes the Guardian itself whose support for the war (and many pieces since which have excused, justified and looked the other way) also enabled this crime to take place. The Guardian’s general lack of objectivity and courage in reporting the war and its after-affects have served to ‘normalise’ the invasion just as much the red-tops have. I’d personally come down harder on the ‘liberal’ media precisely as they are perceived to be liberal and when they capitulate to governmental and commercial pressures, then where can you read the voice of dissent, or at least honest criticism?

    But enough of that, everyone really, really needs to read the Max Gogarty blog (posted above) and all (ALL – no skipping) the comments on the Guardian travel website. My bladder muscles are critically weakened as a result.

    Messing with your head, yeh?

  18. Oh no, hang on, screw the Guardian blog – watch Dave’s YouTube clip about the God Warrior instead. Fiercesome.

  19. An item of cutlery for the macho chef: http://tinyurl.com/2sb7rg

    Not sure whether it’s meant for slicing or spreading, but very handy all the same.

  20. I remember The Observer came out in favour of the war, something they still haven’t apologised for, to my knowledge. God Warrior! I know! Hasn’t everyone seen this? Should I post it?

  21. Hi Graham. I’ve just got the old ‘Partridge’ series 1. You all look so 90’s!
    I was wandering if you knew what made Arthur do a commentary for Hippies. You mentioned on one of your ‘Ted’ commentaries that it wasn’t his thing.
    many thanks

  22. I dunno–he relented.

  23. German authorities want to ban “The God Delusion” for kids!


    Hopefully it will appear in english soon. I might even have kids if it does.

  24. Hi Graham,

    Thought you might like this excellent music video:


  25. why is it so funny?

  26. “The Big Bang Theory”, which you wrote about a while back, is being billed on 4oD as ‘a new US drama’. Which leads me to believe it’s not funny.

  27. I have recently added a “my band” application on facebook and have named them “The joshua trio”
    I just wanted to apologize.
    Thats all.

  28. derry city play at the brandywell.
    “we built this city” was a song by starship

    but what if these facts were somehow brought together.
    I wonder………

  29. And what a song..(and video)

  30. classic! the flutes in the derry city version are definately an improvement though, lol

  31. Andrew, I don’t recall the Guardian ever coming out in favour of the war, and they have certainly carried plenty of first-rate anti-war commentary over the years. Of course The Observer, its sister paper, decided to back the war, and has been taking a progressively more mental editorial line ever since. It has so many “former liberal” columnists (Nick Cohen, Andrew Anthony etc.) at this stage that it’ll soon have to add a new monthly colour magazine.

  32. There’s got to be a book in the madness that took over a fair chunk of the liberal left when it came to Iraq, although Nick Cohen and Andrew Anthony did both get books out of it themselves (ker-CHING!). I guess when you’re THAT WRONG, it takes a lot of prose to clarify your position.

    The position of the marchers five years ago can be summed up thus– we were right.

  33. Graham, you’ve probably seen this, but it’s worth mentioning anyway: Fatal Deviation, the stuff of legend, and the daddy of all the self-produced martial arts epics from Meath – finally online for your cringeworthy enjoyment.


  34. Don’t know if you’ll find this amusing, but i certainly did. Nothing like a good chuckle at the expense of republicans to warm an otherwise dreary Saturday at work.

  35. Ryano – I agree that the guardian weren’t outspoken in their support like the Observer. However, you don’t need to state, “We Are For The War” in order to sanction it. Very often it’s what’s left unsaid, reading between the lines in a subtle lexicon of approval. For the most part, the Guardian’s output on the war has been, to date, that of approval and support, with the very occasional exception*.

    For example, Jonathan Steele – one of the more outspoken journalists – memorably called Iraq the “greatest British foreign policy blunder since Suez.” The problem here is that this looks like criticism. But isn’t the labelling of ‘the supreme international crime’ as a “blunder” actually endorsing the status quo view of: ‘whatever we do is essentially right; we just need to argue over how we do it and not make as many ‘mistakes”. In other words, our actions are generally benign, although, in our eagerness to do charitable deeds, we might make the odd error of judgement but you can’t question the underlying motivation = good.

    I’m sorry, this is my personal beef. It’s like a 72oz steak of bitterness that I cannot even begin to digest. Imagine opening a history book and seeing Nazi Germany’s invasion of Poland described as a “foreign policy blunder”. You can’t – it would be ludicrous. Don’t forget, the 4 million displaced Iraqis and the 1 million (plus?) dead are a result of an *illegal* invasion. I might be tempted to give these cowardly journalists the benefit of the doubt if such behaviour didn’t fit so neatly into a pattern of excusing our appalling and illegal behaviour in poor, far-away countries for the past 70-odd years.

    *dismounts from beef-horse-box*

    * I recommend MediaLens for a more detailed analysis. These two pieces are the pretty revealing:

  36. How do those ‘Guidos’ get laid?


  37. Dear Graham,

    you said once about The IT Crowd that one would have to “1. Get them out of that basement. […] We can’t change the location of our set and we’re stuck with our problems.”

    But you can!

    If you want to get the IT team out of the cellar, then just do it. You’re right, more foot traffic would be great; and it would allow stories to mainly take place within the company environment, too! (Which I personally would prefer to them running around outside all the time ;))

    Imagine there is some building going on in the cellar. The IT team’s office is a construction site! This could be due to an golf accident (fire accident?) or due to pollution (asbestos?) or maybe Douglas Denholm really just wants Jen physically near. They would have to be shifted (temporarily… or “temporarily”…) to another location.

    Imagine their workplace is now on the top floor, in the management area. Not much else going on up there, so no… imagine them next to the cafeteria. Or in a cubicle inside the cafeteria. Actually, in a cubicle anywhere. Imagine them cramped together in a really tight place while there is a large, never used gym next to them.

    Imagine what would happen if… Jen came back to work from holiday and no one had bothered to tell her that her team has been relocated (happened to me)? Imagine the IT people, in the new office space, have to compete for the best seats – as no one wants the monitor that faces the door / glass front (happened to me)? Imagine they totally forgot to move Richmond, too… (happened to someone I know)? I suppose none of this would be very funny… if it didn’t happen all the time.

    I think there is still a lot of potential there for new IT Crowd episodes, especially if they were moved within the company building. And luckily, due to the recognisable assets of their office space (the posters, stickers, toys, tools…) you could really put them anywhere – viewers would always know it’s the IT team they’re seeing on screen…

  38. Hi Graham,

    Convincing but thankfully not real country song supporting the troups in eye-rack. It’s about a lady missing her man, don’t miss the closing refain “We’ll be getting freaky like in Abu Ghraib”


  39. Hey Graham,

    Take a look at this ‘Mrs. Doyle’ inspired video on a mad pack of eccentric tea ladies … http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBa4mxdDeKs

  40. Also

    Dan Simmons compared attacking Evangelical Christianity to skewering a sea slug.

    Its true, its far too easy, but this was a laugh:


    A cross between Pat Robertson and Garth Marenghi, this oaf thinks he’s pulled the carpet from under evolutionists’ feet. How? A masterpiece about a mad scientist who crosses chimpanzee DNA with human DNA, and creates a monster. Mutations don’t work guys.

    Take that Richard Dawkins.

  41. Check out this low-budget remake of an Irish horror flick from the 80’s, Rawhead Rex.


    Love the Ed Wood style fimmaking. Has anyone seen the original? Looks awful…

  42. The original Rawhead Rex is execrable. Though, not as bad as the 2008 version of Day of the Dead. Hideous.

  43. A couple of funny videos here;
    firstly the brent-esque driving instructor
    And the butterfield diet plan

  44. Don’t be too hard on the kid from The Guardian. Nepotism is SOP for the media.

    My favourite example comes from The Sunday Times. For years I wondered who the fuck India Knight was and what qualified her to have a column in the paper.

    Turns out step-daddy sits on the board of Newscorp alongside Rupert Murdoch.

    It’s a longshot, but maybe that has something to do with it.

  45. As long as people are posting amusing videos, here is a little known Steven Colbert classic.
    (Full Disclosure: This might be extra funny to me because my husband is a professional bassoonist.)

  46. Just seen the trailer for C4’s new programme ‘New Heroes of Comedy’.

    Do you or Arthur get a mention? I’m guessing that you don’t as writers always get ignored in favour of performers……..which is an annoyance.

    Out of interest, may I ask who you rate as contemporary stand-up’s?

    Stewart Lee, Daniel Kitson and Simon Munnery for me.

  47. Hi Graham! Just a quick one: what do you think about “look around you”? I find it extremely funny…
    When I saw this:

    I just could’nt stop laughing, pure genius!



  48. According to the Observer today, young Max is not related to anyone at the Guardian, and the whole thing is an unfortunate example of the blogosphere at its worst.

    Contemporary stand-ups–I love Munnery, really like Lee, can’t wait to see Kitson’s stand-up (I took my wife to see him once, and he was doing a slideshow performance art thing, which I didn’t really enjoy). Aside from them, I don’t see enough stand-up anymore to really have an opinion.

    Thanks for the Colbert clip, Adrienne! And yes, I’m very familiar with Peter Serafinowicz–I’m married to his sister (more nepotism! Don’t flame me!)

  49. Hi Graham. Longtime lurker blah blah blah. Congratulations on being shortlisted at the upcoming Irish Blog Awards.


    I can now die happy that I’ve been in the same category as you for anything. In my life. Ever.

  50. demtetri martin is a standup who i rate highly. if you arent familiar with his stuff i urge you to check him out. Heres a funny clip of him appearing on The Daily Show.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpcvR1tIBfQ

  51. I’m as shocked as you are. What a lovely thing!

  52. I love Demitri. If he had been one of the writers on the American IT Crowd, I’d have been delighted.

  53. saw this on http://helloscum.blogspot.com

    it’s a Polish ‘rapper’ called Speak, trying to bring a bit of love into our world…featuring the ugliest boy band in Poland on backing vocals.

    I’m still laughing as I write this..

  54. Looks like Speak is having a mini resurgence.

  55. Hi Graham,

    I’m glad you said that about the Guardian blog thing. I mean, the blog Max is writing isn’t to my taste, but then, it’s not aimed at me. I’m a grown-up.

    I’m not offended by it in the same way I’m not offended by Teletubbies, even though all that “eh-oh!” nonsense is, like, SUCH a cliche these days…

  56. “There’s got to be a book in the madness that took over a fair chunk of the liberal left when it came to Iraq, although Nick Cohen and Andrew Anthony did both get books out of it themselves (ker-CHING!). I guess when you’re THAT WRONG, it takes a lot of prose to clarify your position.”

    I wonder is Cohen starting to realise the sort of company he’s keeping now he’s moved to the right – the original title of his stupid book was What’s Left? How Liberals Lost Their Way but as you can see, the paperback changes the subtitle to How The Left Lost Its Way (or rather “it’s” way, because apparently correct grammar and proofreading are signs of political correctness gone mad). Obviously he still doesn’t approve of “the left” (or the lefty straw man he’s constructed for the sake of his arguments) but perhaps he’s regretting dismissing all “liberals” now he’s realised that his companions in liberal-bashing are the likes of the Daily Express and the Mail (who just got busted trying to pay Polish drivers to break the law so they could write about them. You couldn’t, as the lovely Littlejohn would say, make it up).

  57. Did somebody just post a link to my crappy blog?
    I think OFTR is the only person that visits it (even though I sent a link to everyone I know…)
    That Speak video is slightly old but has anyone noticed his backing vocalists seem to include Chris de Burgh? And the guy with the spikey hair is almost certainly a vampire.

  58. Holy Moly, had a hallucination in the middle of Rathmines last week, saw you in a vision, now I find out I’m going to Kilfenora for the Fest – spooky!
    Anyway, I love all the music links that get posted here, so here’s one for anyone who likes their rockchicks very, very shouty.


  59. “Imagine opening a history book and seeing Nazi Germany’s invasion of Poland described as a “foreign policy blunder”.”


  60. cool glad your aware of Demetri Martin, hes just my favourite standup..In relation to the IT Crowd you onces said in an interview “It is a reaction against how crass a lot of television comedy has become, really vulgar and crude and unpleasant. I do think one thing that comedy should be is sweet.” I couldnt agree more and i find the same could be said of Mr Martins standup style..Its like a breath of fresh air compared to lots of other standups.

  61. New to me, maybe not to ye:

  62. You mentioned the Chick Tracts. There’s an amazingly, eh, good one:

  63. Anyone else watching ‘Designer Vaginas’ on TV3?

    Did any of my licence fee go to towards making this?

  64. I’m only saying, because if it did I want the credit.

  65. 40 Cigarettes a day, 365 days in a year, 10 years, plus 2 days for leap years = 40*3650+80 =146080 not 146002.

  66. Pidge….that’s brilliant.
    I love the inclusion of the leather clad biker.
    All of my friends dress like that! I wish they wouldn’t make it so obvious.

  67. Hi Graham,
    I recently saw something on Irish TV which I thought would be right up your street for it’s heinous crimes against journalism and for it’s sheer ‘That could only happen in Ireland’ brilliance.
    Are you familiar with RTE’s Nationwide? It’s the most boring show known to man and is essentially news for viewers around Ireland who can’t process the real news. Kind of like a kids news, a special news broken down in simplified language for (nasty slang for people who live outside Dublin. Naughty, Tia!). Anyway they generally go to a provincial town in Ireland and report on something so inanely boring, like an aul fella building a wall or an aul one hanging out her washing- that viewers who still have a functioning brain are usually be left chewing their own hands, or switch the channel.
    Two weeks ago- nationwide hit on pure comedy gold without even knowing it, a subject so father ted- when they visited the Irish Undertakers Conference in Cork. It’s simply amazing Graham. Here’s the link:

    Go Here:
    and then click on the heading ‘Irish Undertakers Hold Conference’

    You will not be disappointed!!!!!!!!

    Here are my favourite bits:

    1. Reporter Rowan pops out of coffin and casually starts reporting from inside ‘yes I’m here under the most extraordinary of circumstances at the great undertakers conference’. Then he creepily lays back down in the coffin!!!

    2. ‘The whole rage at the moment is the eco coffin’ he says. What is this- designer fucking coffins??!!!

    3. The Lady says ‘you can decorate the coffin with things you like- perhaps putting flowers from mums garden on her coffins or maybe dad was a keen gardener’ – at which point Rowan interjects- ‘you could put a big swede or turnip on top?’ – what is this man on????

    4. Next up innovation in coffins. – The undertaker dude says ‘People want more than just a coffin nowadays- they want to leave this world in style’. This gets more absurd by the minute! They are essentially pimping coffins! Shot of Undertaker opening one such ‘pimped’ coffin which has a painting of the last supper inside the lid!!! For feck sake??? Are they avvin a laugh????!!

    5. Also what is with the twee music- is it supposed to be soft and gentle to deal with the delicate subject matter? It’s just weird and adding to the creepiness.

    6.Holy shit these coffins are six and a half grand! – ‘but what price should we put on death,’ says the undertaker, with a keen sales pitch.

    7. Christ! He’s doing it again. He’s reporting from a coffin! Who told this guy it was acceptable to report from a coffin if you are not in fact Dracula or a vampire but a middle aged reporter on Nationwide? ‘Just to prevent the valuable ashes slipping through the weave of this eco friendly urn, it also comes with a special cotton bag!’ he tells us. These guys have really thought of everything!

    8. Next up- pimp my herse. Look at these guys go. No sign of flames on the side- but it’s probably only a matter of years before thats ‘all the rage’.

    9. And finally that errie shot of the horses pulling the ‘death carraige’ or whatever it is off. One question- is rowan hand in that coffin? – I sure hope so.

    Simply. Amazing.


  68. Any update how the IT Crowd series is coming.

  69. Just finished first draft of episode one. Have to get five more drafts done in ten weeks. I think it may be possible!

  70. Hey Graham ! I’m a huge fan of your work and can’t wait for IT Crowd 3 ! be sure to get Douglas more involved ! he’s the best ! x

  71. linehan, man, was trying to find an email for you, found this instead.

    so yeah, just 10 minutes ago, i was watching black books. needed a smoke and my pack of tobacco was down to that icky dust at the bottom. so i was kind of poking/measuring it with my finger to see if theres enough there top make a nice sized smoke. an hilarious bit of the show happened (big violent fucker comes in and bernard has sold his book), i do a big snort of laughter and all my golden virginia dust flies into my right eye, stinging ferociously. i hobbled, half-blinded, to the kitchen and spent 5 minutes firing a huge spray of freezing cold water directly into my socket. it still hurts like shit.

    nice job, bastard.

  72. Kevin – A funny scene, but Graham didn’t write season two of Black Books.

  73. I agree that Douglas is funny, but no one is as funny as Richmond. He steals every scene he is in!! Considering the rest of the cast that is a difficult feat.

  74. Here’s an anti- piracy ad I did for my band once:
    This was before the IT Crowd one, so please don’t sue.

    Without trying to sound too much like an annoying fan, I have nothing but respect for your amazing body of work Graham, and I think it’s really admirable that you try make time for people in your blog. Thanks!

  75. You had me worried when I saw the pic of Frank K on the blog. I thought for a moment he had passed over, like to the other side. I was trying to get my four-year-old into the TV of my own youth and dug out the Wanderley Wagon DVD where Frank does a turn as Doctor Astro. Wobbly sets, long one-take scenes to keep the budget down, the cheapest props available… it was magic. needless to say, the young’un didn’t appreciate it. Ungrateful little bugger.

  76. be thankful michael, i was given the bosco dvd and my stupid child loved it .. my wife is really not impressed with my heritage.

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