A few things that needed saying

February 13, 2008

…from the always wonderful Steve Bell. And this piece by Andrew Murray on the anti-Iraq War marches in today’s Guardian is bang on too. Link

“…the millions on the march were right. Not just right on balance, but
right on every single aspect of the question. There were no weapons of
mass destruction, Iraq did turn into a bloodbath, the invasion did not
help resolve the crisis in the Middle East, and it did damage the
cohesion of our own society and imperil our civil liberties while not
making us one whit safer from terrorism. So the people were smarter
than the politicians.
…So perhaps the biggest lesson of February 15 is that it embodied the
failure of representative democracy. It highlighted a gap between the
electorate and the elected, a gap several hundred thousand lives have
slipped down as a result….”

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