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February 1, 2008

Comments, links, suggestions–this is the place.


  1. About XP/Vista.

    Im switching to a mac so i guess ill miss out on Vista, but surely itll be like XP – fixed eventually with a couple of service packs?

  2. Wow, Montel Williams takes the moral high ground, shame his own show exploits berieved parents for ratings. I wouldn’t opportunism past him in this case to be honest.

    NEWS FLASH! His show has just been cancelled.

  3. You posted some Adam and Joe clips a few weeks ago, Graham. (NB: I’m trying to justify this comment by reference to something that happened ‘recently’). I found their Star Wars meets You’ve Been Framed spoof very amusing and, in the week that saw the passing of Mr Beadle (NBB: I can be topical after all), thought others might find it diverting enough:

  4. Given Neon Bible plenty of chances but don’t think it compares to Funeral. Get that gall.

  5. Ohhh, ohhh!!! Damnit! It’s time for a Vista rant. It’s now becoming fashionable for so many people to just slag off Vista, and they HAVEN’T EVEN USED IT!!!! I know so many people who were hell-bent on never using it, doing the ‘I won’t touch it until SP1’ thing, yet when they actually did try it, they liked it. Yes, it’s true, there’s very little majorly new in it for the user. There’s a ton of back-end stuff which big businesses will like, but there’s quite a few things at the front end that make it very usable. The compatibility issues are a moot point too, as far as I’m concerned. I had problems with Nero not wanting to run, but it was an old version so I upgraded. Otherwise, nearly everything else has been fine. Oh, there was a guitar tuner app I had. I just ended up buying a new tuner which cost about a tenner.

    Don’t get me wrong though; I’m not pro Microsoft at all. I have both a PC and a Mac, and I like and hate various things about both. I also use Linux regularly. They ALL have failings, but they all have their good points too. Vista is not this evil thing people are making it out to be. Yes, it wasn’t as great as MS said it would be when they were developing it, and it isn’t any major leap forward, but there’s plenty of good little bits in it (the explorer paths are cool) that make it a worthwhile upgrade if you’re upgrading.

    People have also complained about it being slow and needing lots of RAM. I have news for you people – OS X is just as memory hungry. It’s well known that if you buy a Mac, you double the RAM.

    It boils down to this; If you’re buying a new PC, get Vista. If you’re not, don’t bother buying the upgrade.

    Sorry, geek rant over.

  6. Anyone who knows what a Commodore Pet is can master Vista!

    To get sensible security, search for and download Tweak UAC.

    And the great feature for a notebook is the Sleep feature which is quick, and doesn’t drain the battery like Standby did.

    By the way Roosta, I’ve got SP1, and the changes are subtle and all behind the scenes. Nothing obvious is “fixed”, it works exactly the same.

  7. What you doing using a pc anyway? I thought it was in the job description that creative/media types HAD to use macs?

  8. http://www.covenanteyes.com/

  9. My problem with Vista is that it won’t leave me alone! Vista is ALIVE. Its like an annoying child in a restaurant. It irritates me. It won’t stop asking me questions when I’m clearly busy.

  10. Graham: A blog entry about something vaguely technical, followed by an opportunity for reader to comment? You have opened the gates to hell.

  11. I imagine this particular site has been ‘link-posted’ before, or you are well aware of it yourself Graham, but I’d thought I’d share it with you. It amused me anyways.


  12. Solution to your XP worries:


    [full disclosure: I don’t receive commissions for my recommendations, just a sense of righteousness]

  13. What do you make of the Irish Blog awards? Disappointed you were overlooked or glad you’re not associated with a bunch of internet nerds?

    Lets face it, I’m a nerd.

  14. Irish Blog Awards? I just checked and WTD has been nominated. ‘Best Popculture Blog’! Hurray!

  15. Apple dont’t do games. So they’re SO out (except as a laptop).

  16. I liked the fact that despite Al Pacino’s time constraints he still had time to re-style his hair (or is it just me?) But yeah, surely unless the killer has somehow put a bomb inside his stomach, why not just give himself up to the police and sit in a cell until the 88 mins is up. Might not make for a very interesting film but that would be an interesting challenge for a great actor like Pacino. I often worry he seems bored making films.

  17. Plank Kenny. Hadn’t seen that clip so thanks for re-posting it. I’m not leaving Ireland, I’ve come up with what I believe to be a better system. I’m just pretending that we’re still part of Britain. It means you don’t have to get so worked up about stuff. Pretend Gordon Brown is our Prime Minister and it reduces all the political garb over here to what it actually is, local councillors and brown envlopes. It makes Pat bearable because you simply ignore him as he’s on “local public access TV”. Deep Breath. Aaaaaah that’s better. Plus you get to hang on to your artist’s tax break.


    You’ve no doubt come across that site before. I’m quite tempted to do a photoshop of a cat alongside the canned cheeesburger, but I think it would be much better done for real.

  19. I just bought a new notebook and I elected to stick with XP.

    I don’t like change.

  20. I didn’t mean to say interesting twice in one sentence. I didn’t read it back and I’m clearly an idiot.

  21. Hi Graham – another IT Crowd question here, sorry!

    It seems to me from all the comments that the shot of Moss behind the bar in series two is a universal favourite among the viewers. I found it hilarious myself as did lots of my friends who all mentioned it the next day. The thing is, on paper it probably looked like a pretty throwaway gag. When you wrote that one, did you think it would play as well as it did, or were you surprised by the reaction to it in the final programme?

    Whatever the answer, that shot makes you worthy of the joint 83rd most livingest genius in the world title.

  22. hey, anyone else noticed that the wee Masood guy (you know, the speccy brainy one) in Eastenders is Moss’ lovechild? Unfortunately I couldn’t find any decent video clips, but look:


  23. Oh, does html not work?

  24. Hi Graham,

    Why rent books when you can just swap them? There’s a bunch of sites out there that let you do that.

    Here’s an article about it — http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2006/02/15/print/main1319958.shtml

    A couple of sites that aren’t in the article are:

    If you want a brick & mortar solution, there’s always the library. :)

  25. “Irish Blog Awards? I just checked and WTD has been nominated. ‘Best Popculture Blog’! Hurray!”

    Your complimentary elbow patches and pocket pen pouch are on the way.

  26. Surely another candidate for single of the year


  27. 88 minutes? The opening scene will surely be Pacino trying to explain to his daughter that he isn’t a bad man and that the cops have it in for him because other bad men are trying to do him over. This will all be viewed from the near background by a cynical wife who, despite all Pacino’s failings, still has feelings for him.

    He’ll then spend the next 84 minutes proving his innocence while avoiding the chasing cops/ gangs, leading to a barnstorming shouty speech with waving arms and such. Then, in a subtle tone shift, he’ll collapse in the arms of his loving daughter and repentant wife. Violins will play in the background before he….makes…..one……last…..comment…… Credits roll to a rock standard. I’m putting my money on The Clash’s “I Fought the Law”.

  28. If you like Arcade Fire, there’s a good chance you’ll LOVE the even more ambitiously musical Bodies of Water. Check out “These Are the Eyes” here:


  29. Andrew, are you serious? Throwaway? The whole episode was leading up to it!

    Funnily enough, Richard didn’t think he had a lot to do in the episode–he was a little worried about it– but I knew that one moment would make up for it.

  30. Oops, sorry – I didn’t mean to offend you! I just expressed myself badly. I hope you don’t think I was being disparaging about your writing.

    I guess what made me ask is that much more is made plot-wise of Roy being in the wheelchair than Moss being behind the bar, yet Moss gets the bigger laugh.

    That just shows my ignorance of the comedy writing process though and was in no way meant to suggest you muddle your way through – your track record more than speaks for itself!

    I’ll shut up now.

  31. Hi Graham I know nothing of windows vista, but,
    Finnish music, now thats something I wish I knew nothing of… Check this out!

  32. not offended in the least, Andrew!

  33. Personally I don’t get why most people put the Arcade Fire in such a high place. I like them, they are a good band, but I don’t think they are great. I have both their albums and both are enjoyable, certainly a good listen; but I just don’t get goosebumps listening to them, you know, doesn’t raise the hairs on the back of my neck. But I still like them, and I agree, Neon Bible is better than Funeral.

  34. You gotta love Cold Wind.

  35. Graham, I realize you have likely been asked this repeatedly, but are there any plans for releasing The IT Crowd on DVD here in the states? I mean the original, not the (likely) terrible planned U.S. version. I’m just sick of telling my friends about it without being able to loan them DVDs.

    I have the same issue with the Garth Marenghi and Dean Learner shows. I guess I just wish BBC America would get on the ball. (Or maybe introduce BBC America 4?)

  36. i have vista on my laptop too, and its unbelievably lame. its not even a new system, its just a bigger service pack, in my opinion. it bothers me but i don’t use the lappy enough to really justify getting rid of it.

    and to Ryan above me, its pretty easy to make your dvd player or your computer region free. i’m in the states and i buy dvds from amazon.co.uk all the time. i have Darkplace, both It Crowd series, Man to Man, Black Books, all the Chris Morris shows, and lots of others. Its very easy and its completely worth it to take a few minutes to download a program like AnyDvd.


    its a simple, cheap(although not free) way to make your computer region free so you can get dvds of all regions to work on your computer.

    and most dvd players Can be changed to region free, if you can google your make with “region free hack”.

  37. ‘Black Mirror’ is one of the best songs ever. But alas it is the only good song on that whole album, which isn’t a patch on Funeral. So there!

    Also, Olly Farrell, “I can has cheezburger?” was the first thing that came into my head when I saw that photo too. Lolcats are everywhere…

  38. Having seen ’88 Minutes’ and also just moved over to Vista, I find myself uniquely qualified to speak on both subjects.

    ’88 Minutes’ isn’t a bad thriller, though it’s oddly more like 110 minutes long. The 88 minutes, I think, is meant to be the real-time portion of the film. It’s interesting, if only to see the remarkable elevation that Pacino manages to get from his hair. It appears that a new fashion for the midgetly inclined men of Hollywood is to abandon their platform shoes and adopt their platform combovers.

    As to Vista. I’m learning to live with it and not yet hate it. I only use it on a laptop for writing, so perhaps I haven’t discovered its dark side yet. If I have a criticism, there’s not much innovation in it. XP is still my OS of choice. Macs are aesthetically pleasing but I occasionally like to find some new software that I can run on them. I find them very limiting, though I admit I haven’t owned one of the newer machines that can also run Windows software.

  39. behka –

    I do have a region-free player (Oppo FTW!), but my friends and family do not. I purchase DVDs via amazon.co.uk, but I can’t lend them out. I’ve also heard tell that certain unscrupulous individuals known as “pirates” make (illegal) copies available (illegally) over the (not yet illegal) intarwebs, but I do want to reward creators for quality product, so I’m hesitant to go that route.

  40. I liked your post about 88 Minutes, Graham. I saw the poster for it last weekend at a movie theatre and thought, “What’s with all these thrillers with movie stars acting on a time limit?” Bruce Willis and Johnny Depp have done them and aren’t they usually disappointing? Then I actually read the synopsis. Wow. A new low for this genre.

  41. If Al Pacino didn’t constantly appear in polished turds like 88 Minutes and instead waited patiently for decent roles that he could sink his method teeth into, his appearances in cinema would be so rare that journalists would tediously declare it a ‘comeback!’ or ‘a return from retirement!’ every time one of his movies DID come out. Poor old Serpico just can’t win.

    Board games for real men:


  42. ‘Black Wave’, ‘Ocean of Noise’, ‘The Well and the Lighthouse’, ‘Antichrist Television Blues’, ‘Windowsill’, fucking ‘Intervention’!!!! What are you people TALKING about?

  43. ‘It Crowd’ American DVD. Should have been out already but I’ll hopefully have an official release date first thing next week.

  44. Graham, don’t let it get to you! I have both albums, whilst the first album has an edginess to it, I believe the Arcade’s second is a polished piece of work. I don’t have it out of my playlist whilst I write. Its superb. BTW don’t know if you are into, or mind the hippity-hop. But I could give you several fine recommendations which actually don’t involve bling, misogynistic dimwits, nor promotion of violence or hate. Just intellectual wordsmiths. Interested?

  45. Do you think you’ll become risking an SP, and join in the Anonymous 10th February Scientology pickets, Graham? It’s a good chance to bring Scientology’s crimes into public view, since the BBC is now too scared to.

  46. *risk becoming

    I have a cold.

  47. Yeah I recently heard I think it was BBC TV refer to Scientology as a “religion” when I thought the whole deal with that now is that we stick to calling it a cult in this country.

  48. Well Graham, be careful what you wish for…Just got the word from my snoop on the inside…On The Late Late Show with Pat Kenny tonight is the delightful couple Gerald Kean and Lisa Murphy!!!!!

  49. Vista is not a “freaking nightmare”. *sigh*

    It’s either copied from Apple’s “superior” OSX too much, or it’s not as good as XP. Neither are true, it’s decent quality upgrade that does everything it should.

  50. Hi Graham. Did you see Chris on ‘Buzzcocks’?
    What PC might you recommend to play the Orange Box on?

  51. Chris was on ‘Buzzcocks’? I missed it. Any good?

    Hippity Hop recommendations always welcome. Although I’m already ‘down’ with Coup, Common, MF Doom and the Roots.

    Brand new PC, designed almost purely to play games (Alienware), crashes every time I try to play ‘Call of Duty 4’. Never had a single problem with XP. so sigh all you want, JW, but I’ve found it nothing but trouble ever since I took it out of the box.

    If it wasn’t for Vista, I’d say Alienware for ‘Orange Box’, D.

    Scientology demo–If it’s in London I’ll have to attend only in spirit.

  52. You can catch Chris on buzzcocks on the BBC iplayer…

    And on the subject of Neon Bible, that lyric ‘have you any idea where I was at your age? I was working down town for the minimum wage’ in Antichrist Television Blues has been repeating on a loop in my head for about five months now… talk about growing on you.

  53. I had the same problem with COD4 but on xp. Eventually I discovered that the processor was overheating, so i just got a new heat-sink and more fans (around €100) which fixed me right up.

  54. And then the bit where the women start going ‘ahhh ahhh AHH AHH ahh ahh AHH AHH’ like mad harmony seagulls. That song is the Devil’s business.

  55. ‘Tunnels’, ‘Laïka’, ‘Une Année Sans Lumière’, ‘Power Out’, ‘7 Kettles’, ‘Crown of Love’, ‘Wake Up’, ‘Haiti’, fucking ‘Rebellion (Lies)’!!! Graham, what are you talkin’ aboot?

    That’s not to say that Neon Bible is a bad album, nor a bad follow-up. But if you’re gonna compare the two, Neon Bible has stand-outs and it has songs worthy of skipping. Funeral consists of one stand-out after another. Which doesn’t even make sense. But there you go, it’s THAT good. It has that rarely-repeated debut quality of being infectiously bursting with youthful energy and ideas. Neon Bible is all the more impressive for coming so CLOSE to the quality of their first record.

  56. *I have a respect for Montel I didn’t know I could have now
    *That Metronomy was most, most excellent. Thanks for that
    *This was delightful for me, therefore, I share it here: http://www.milkandcookies.com/link/85741/detail/

  57. *I have a respect for Montel I didn’t know I could have now
    *That Metronomy was most, most excellent. Thanks for that
    *This was delightful for me, therefore, I share it here: http://www.milkandcookies.com/link/85741/detail/

  58. …oh, and I liked Arcade Fire. All of it. A lot. They’re on crack.

  59. EatLa, they won’t let me watch it cause I’m outside US. Can anyone tell me the thinking behind this prohibition? I don’t get it.

  60. (Going off on a tangent here but…)

    Most TV shows about video games are rubbish – this one isn’t: http://www.bbc.co.uk/videogaiden/

    Rab & Ryan have been kicking around for a while now, on BBC Scotland and online, and I just loves ’em. So does Charlie Brooker (they were on Screenwipe a while back) so that makes it FACT. Loads more stuff to be found on Youtube (either under Videogaiden or Consolevania). The filler on the shows can be a bit hit and miss but the reviews are great. Show ’em some love, people.

  61. In regards to the Hippity Hop (not Hippity Pop!):

    I won’t make a long list as that just simply would be rude. I would recommend havin a look on Youtube, or your selected ‘sharing sites’ to find said artists.

    McEnroe – 5 years in the Factory(fine Canadian rapper who made one album, but now only produces)
    Lexicon – Two good albums (kinda like De La Soul)
    Blackalicious/ Latyrx/ (excellent wordsmiths)or anything ‘Quannum Projects’ or related to DJ Shadow.
    Saul Williams – Poet. has substance to his hip hop lyrics- though his drum n bass vocals may not be up your street. ‘Not in My Name’ is a classic:

    Well that’s a small selection, again I don’t to make a conclusive list. Let me know if you can’t find some, as I can help you out (McEnroe is hard to find), and of course what you think.

  62. I just saw Volver yesterday (I know, WAY behind the curve – I just hadn’t got round to it). Almodovar is getting to be my favourite current filmmaker, I hope he works with Cruz again soon and she doesn’t go to Hollywood again. Sorry that was a poor off-topic review.

  63. 88 MINUTES does seem like a messed-up idea. If he won’t die for 88 minutes, doesn’t that take the tension out of whatever he’s doing 45 minutes in?

    In DOA the guy KNOWS he’s going to die for a specific reason at a specific time (he’s been poisoned), so he has to stay out of the cops’ hands until he can get his revenge. THAT makes sense.

  64. Wow. That’s crazy. What kind of xenophobic site did I send you to? Try this: http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/c266421443
    Same clip, different site.

  65. funny! there was a daniel clowes script that was similar. ‘Sensual Santa’… really funny…

  66. Nice! The cinnamon body oil’s a fine touch…

  67. Graham,

    Cheers v. much for the Metronomy recommendation – boss tunage.
    Thanks also for the celebrities out of context thing, very funny.
    I think both Arcade Fire albums are great actually, they’re just different, that’s all.
    Also, this may sound like a weird question, but does anyone know how you would go about stopping a sparrow regularly tapping on a bedroom window every Saturday morning without fail? We’re kind of at our wit’s end.
    I wrote a bit more about it on my blog – haveabiscuit.wordpress.com.
    Seriously, if anyone has any ideas, could you let me know? Sorry, know it’s a bit weird.

  68. Have you seen the What I Killed Today blog?

    It’s a fascinating, moving read and hasn’t got any of that Rainbow Bridge shite

  69. ooh – that link didn’t work…

    You’ll have to cut & paste it: http://whatikilledtoday.blogspot.com/

    Don’t bother looking up that emetic piece of arse-candy “Rainbow Bridge” unless you’re especially masochistic.

  70. Streetwritingman, have you tried putting something scary with a face in your window? Like a Phyllis Diller blow-up doll? Seriously, something large and man-like there should help.

    I wonder if Mr. Linehan would consider opening up this blog to encompass more general tips and info for everyday life. As fun as it is, it seems to be missing a whole wildlife behavior aspect.

  71. 88 minutes- looks like a lifetime on the gear is really starting to catch up with Christy Dignam…

  72. Hey Graham, It would appear that Jonathon Ross and/or his staff are fans of WTD. The burger in a can was featured (without credit to this site as far as I recall) on Friday’s show. Cwikey!

  73. The burger can has been literally ALL over the web this week, not just here, sadly.

  74. EaLaSpada, Thanks for the advice. We have a large SpongeBob Squarepants that we won in Southend, perhaps that would work.
    My girlfriend thought that leaning coat hangers against the window frame and strategically draping socks over them would scare it away. Funnily enough, it didn’t.
    What’s really bizarre is that it only does it on Saturday.

  75. I’m glad WTD helped, Street.

  76. Hey Graham,

    I’m sorry that this isn’t really linked to anything you’ve posted, but my house got broken into a few weeks ago and the thieves made off with my laptop, which unfortunately had one disk of the Father Ted boxset in it, Series 2 Part 2. I was wondering if you knew any way I could order that particular disk on its own? I know it’s available in a separate release, but I would rather keep the cool menu and special features. Oh, and my new laptop has Vista, and yes it is absolutely horrible.

  77. Graham (and everyone else), Don’t know if you’ve come across this guy before – he’s kind of disturbing.
    Apologies if the link doesn’t work, I’m no web genius.

  78. As I thought, it doesn’t. I’ll try again tronguy.net

  79. Mr. Linehan, if you haven’t seen this, it’s a Sarah Silverman clip that has to be the funniest thing in the world right now.

  80. Hey Graham, nice to see you are listening to some hiphop greats!

    Some other artists I can recommend in the same vein are:

    – Immortal Technique
    – Talib Kweli
    – Mos Def (especially him and Kweli together in the Blackstar album)
    – Quasimoto (MF Doom’s alter ego)
    – Nas

    @Paul K, I gotta say, Blackalicious are a group that I have a love hate relationship with. I like them, but I just don’t often find myself in the mood for their flavor of beats/rhymes – a matter personal taste for sure.

  81. Try writing to 2Entertain, Neil. You never know.

  82. Odd question – I happened to notice that the sole film credit of lobotomised/institutionalised for-most-of-her-life (and now deceased) Kennedy family member Rosemary (yes, those Kennedys) was in an episode of Father Ted (specifically “Night of the Nearly Dead”).

    An IMDB cock-up, I assume, but it does make ya wonder…


  83. On the subject of bird deterents: a cutout of a bird of prey posted to the inside of the window is supposed to be most effective.

  84. Check out some Aesop Rock on Def jux if you are liking the hippidy hop Graham!
    His gig in Crawdaddy on Saturday was pretty amazing! Animal Collective return in May if you haven’t legged it out of the country away from no personality Kenny:)

  85. Berin – Quasimoto is Madlib’s alter ego – not doom’s. Still a cracking listen though along with most of Stones Throw records other output.

    This is a mix DJ troubl did of Quasimoto stuff and it’s a bit good.

    [audio src="http://www.rappcats.com/journey_into_diggin.mp3" /]

    This is a legit dl – see http://www.rappcats.com

    Graham – I only came across this site a few weeks ago. Been a fan of your work for years. Cheers for all the laughs.

  86. I had to share this with someone. I think it may be the greatest film ever made.

  87. Hey Graham
    Don’t know if you’ve seen this “essay” but it’s pretty funny, you have to listen to the robot lady reading it, the control panel is halfway down on the righthand side. enjoy!

  88. You forgot the link, Clare!

  89. I will spend some of tomorrow exploring the hibiddy hop. Thanks for the tips!

  90. Hope it works this time!

    sorry bout that.

  91. Yay, Lynda Barry! She rules. I first discovered her in Sassy back in about 1992 (Sassy was basically a sort of riot grrrl Just Seventeen, and it was a glorious day for my teenage self when the import section of Easons started stocking it) and I’ve loved her ever since.

  92. Drawn & Quarterly post a new Lynda Barry strip every week on their blog.

    Here’s the archive for those strips.

  93. Two reasons why Funeral is better than Neon:

    – Regine’s singing on ‘In the Backseat’
    – the kettle used as an instrument in
    ‘Neighborhood # 4’

    To me, the only great song on Neon is an old one, and I think Funeral was to 2005 what The Bends was ten years earlier – a landmark piece of music.

  94. Hello again,
    Know this conversation has kind of dried up now, but hip hop-wise I’d recommend Cadence Weapon. Heard some tracks off his new album yesterday – pretty damn good.

  95. Why do I think of Dougal and his list of things that are real/not real when I see this? http://afp.google.com/article/ALeqM5jkhaMzfJ3JEjQsM7DaUlY1PFEU_g

  96. I’m sorry, but if you don’t think that, say, ‘Intervention’ is a great song, you need to get the socks out of your ears. Also, ‘Funeral’ was the first time most people had heard Arcade Fire, so OF COURSE it made more of an impact on everyone. ‘Neon Bible’ is a fine collection of songs and, if they hadn’t fucked up by creating a classic right out of the gate, y’all would be calling it a classic too.

  97. Fair point, Graham. I can only say that Funeral bears repeated listening to my sock-covered ears in a way that Neon Bible unfortunately doesn’t. And that Abba-esque piano chord on Antichrist Television Blues just gets me every time (if the sub-Springsteen vocals don’t manage to first).

    But I still think they’re a great band – I just think that Neon is too much of Win Butler not enough of the others.

  98. Lynda Barry is funk queen of the universe! And a terrific speaker, too — inspiring. Everyone should own a copy of One! Hundred! Demons!

    Her novel Cruddy is amazing, too. Her art is terrific, but it was a surprise to learn that her writing captures that same immediacy. No way to describe it — there’s a map at the start showing “the places where we got high” and “the places we left bodies.” Li’l Debbie — Suzy Homemaker…amazing! chilling! unforgettable!

  99. Tony S, ‘sub-Springsteen vocals…abba-esque piano chord’?

    I would equate the vocals to be more like David Byrne, both vocally and maybe even lyrically. I don’t understand the comparision of the two albums. Both stand up to their individual merits. I think Neon has much more going on with it. It’s more refined and developed, less raw than the first. The first is brilliant, but Neon has that ‘next level’ element to it, and I for one, can’t wait for the next to hear more! And also for the next round of comparisons to this and the first.

  100. Paul

    Maybe it’s weird to say this, but that’s exactly the problem with Neon – it’s too refined, there isn’t the the sense of risk and adventure that was there with the first one.

    I think the songs on Neon Bible were to a degree written with a view to how they would sound live, how they would work in the context of a show, rather than how they would work on their own merits.

    When I saw them first in 2005 they were anarchic and brilliant; they took the risk of starting their shows with Wake Up (and finishing with In The Backseat) and in between they spent their time playing each other’s instruments, acting like lunatics, and creating a buzz like you wouldn’t believe.

    But, as I said already, all I think is ‘wrong’ with Neon Bible is that it’s too much of Win Butler and not enough of the others. They’re still a great band and I look forward to their next record.

    The gig I’m looking forward to most so far this year is the return of the National – in Dublin on 14 and 15 May

  101. Florida delivers the punchlines again, or at least they would be punchlines if it wasn’t all so sad. The spokesperson for the Department of Children and Families (the government organization that investigates child abuse and neglect complaints) has been arrested for child pornography.
    He met his victims on the job:

  102. Thanks Joe, I realized that too later that evening whilst enjoying a peaceful dinner.

    Ahh well.

  103. Word Graham,

    Just been admiring some of the recommendations and seeing as I have been taking a lot I thought I’d give a little. Here you go throwing it out there into the cyberspace:
    I think you and others would enjoy, seeing as you like some of the stuff by Lynda Barry.


  104. Hot Chip are nothing but a bunch of talentless annoying indie jerks. Both hot chip and the arcade crappy fire will be forgotten in a couple of years.


  105. On that bombshell…

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