“Pat Kenny, another reason I’m leaving Ireland”…revisited

January 28, 2008

No conspiracy theories, please, but I just deleted a bunch of posts by mistake, including the Pat Kenny one. Here’s the Seinfeld clip again…

And here’s the text…

“Johnny pointed out this extraordinary example of Pat Kenny at his hilarious worst. The audience obviously knows who Jerry is, but Pat doesn’t. His researchers have dug deep and discovered that Jerry likes Superman! Pity they didn’t tell Pat how to pronounce ‘Seinfeld’!
Pat spoke to me, Arthur and the Ted cast once and I have never seen an interviewer so dependent on his list of questions, so lost when confronted by an answer he wasn’t expecting, so incapable of turning an interview into a conversation.”

Sorry to have lost all the comments that were attached. I lost a few other posts too, including the link to the “all work and no play page”, but I couldn’t be arsed posting that again.


  1. OhhhhhhhmyyyyyyyyGODohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod…I didn`t see that before…oh. my. God. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  2. You could always get them from the archives of the RSS feed at places like Bloglines, if you want ’em back.

  3. Any idea how I do that, Chris? I’m registered with Bloglines but I can’t seem to find any ‘archives’…

  4. you should see the uncyclopedia.org wiki entry for pat kenny. Includes such gems as
    “In December 2007, he performed a one-man musical version of Pulp Fiction in Dublin’s Olympia Theatre. Unfortunately, he neglected to tell the theatre’s owners when he would show up, which led to the sight of Pat in blackface shouting “English Motherfucker, do you speak it?” during the ballroom scene of a pantomime version of Cinderella.”

  5. I sometimes feel sorry for Pat Kenny. He’s not stupid, so he must be fully aware that he’s a terrible presenter, and that very few people actually like him. He must dread Friday nights, knowing that there’s a good chance that he’ll be making thousands of people cringe, while awkwardly interviewing British ‘celebs’, most of whom he’s never even heard of.

    I have this horrible, sad image of him collapsing to his knees, putting his hands over his head and crying after every show.

    But then I think of his €899,000 salary. Fuck ‘im.

  6. Everyone has their detractors but I doubt Pat is sitting brooding like Tony Hancock wondering why no one likes him. In fact I’m sure he is well aware of his skills and limitations, but like most things in Ireland, people and sevices only seem to flourish when some competition stirs them. When Eamon Dunphy had his rival show on TV3 he outdid Pat on the ‘cringometer’ and forced Pat to raise his game, which he dutifuly did. His viewing figures are still pretty high so I’m sure he feels he is doing something right. Tubridy is much worse I think.

  7. The old Irish Independent wasn’t too happy with you eh? I can’t believe their reporter didn’t put words like ‘writer’ and ‘Graham’ in inverted commas, the whole piece was very disappointed with you and the last bit about you leaving Ireland…you could almost hear him saying ‘and good riddance’ – quite a funny piece as it goes! Cheers!

  8. I missed that clip the first time out. I can’t believe the face on Jerry as he walks away, Jerry is even a bit snippy when he refers to how hard it is to find a superman toy.

    I didn’t realise that it was from the Toy Show. I always felt that Kenny performed even more poorly there than his regular duties. They should get a guest host in that is more children friendly.

    Instead of leaving Ireland because of bad hosts maybe you could get a job as one. Ireland is one of the few places that doesn’t use comedians are talk show hosts. I believe the comic timing (which Kenny only has by serendipity) is vital and especially helpful when things go off topic. If not yourself maybe, Dylan Moran, Ardal O’Hanlon (not that they are looking for that type of work) or Colin Murphy, I thought he was excellent on the Blizzard of Odd.

  9. Yeah, they could hire a comedian to do the job. Or just someone who’s actually heard of Jerry Seinfeld.

    On the subject of inept RTE presenters screwing up flagship shows, did you see the New Year’s Eve Special on RTE1?

    A group of borderline-celebrities competed for a couple of hours to see who could do the best parody of an Irish dance.

    Then, as the clock closed in on midnight, all Marty Whelan had to do was announce the winner and count in the New Year.

    And he fucked it up.

    He gave out the wrong result, handed the winner’s prize to the guy who finished second, and had no time left to clean up his mess before the clock struck twelve.

    There’s an old joke – and it must be an Irish one: It’s hard to get on TV. It’s harder to get off it.

    Ain’t that the truth.

  10. The thing about Pat Kenny is that he’s a smart guy, and could have been our Paxman, but respect wasn’t enough. He wanted to be loved the way they loved Gaybo, and that just doesn’t happen. Gaybo was actually a world class performer. Just watch footage of Johnny Carson in the 1970s (Can’t believe I’m writing this either, but there you go.)

    Maybe Pat didn’t get enough hugs as a child. Or maybe his parents MADE him act out mock presenting of a middle brow Friday night chat/variety show, questioning teddy bears, the cat, milk bottles, etc, and it scarred him for life. ” Patrick! What sort of way is that to come out of an ad break? Do you want to be a loser? Don’t cry boy!Get up those stairs, put on your pyjamas, and when you come down I want you to take that cat through his career, latest projects, and at least two amusing anecdotes, or no Rusk for you!” Could’ve happened. Just look into his dead eyes during his opening monologue: Don’t tell me you don’t see a pleading child looking back, screaming “Please! Mammy! Love me! Look at me!I’m presenting a middle brow chat variety show just as you wished! No! Not under the stairs! I’ll do better! I promise! Please! All I have to work with is Ronan Keating and some piece of fluff from the Sindo! IT’S NOT MY FAULT MAMMY!”

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