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January 25, 2008


  1. If you insist.

  2. I was only obeying orders

  3. I recently saw the on the bbc site two shows I would LOVE to see, Can Fat Teens Hunt? and Fat Men Can’t Hunt. The premise behind these show, geez. I would have loved to have heard the pitch for these.

    A while back you mentioned wanting another Cheers or Seinfeld. Have you seen 30 Rock? Tiny Fey is a genius and Alec Baldwin has never been funnier.

  4. “BBC3’s controller, Danny Cohen, said the five-year-old channel would ditch the animated singing blobs that appeared between programmes”

    Dammit, the singing blobs were the best thing about BBC Three.

    Wow, though. Five years is 430 odd thousand hours of programming filled with shite presented by Anthea Turner (I’ve roughly deducted the length of the Mighty Boosh’s 3 series from that total)

  5. Can you please post the link for the erect-Jesus-cock-of-light switch? Where can I get one of those babies? Not even half joking about this. I’m all over that shit.

    For said info I am prepared to offer this: The recent Radiohead Radio 1 DJ set thing, complete with track list…


  6. A heartfelt thank-you for the Bob Odenkirk clip. If I were king of the world I would make have made Bob my queen long ago.

    So, Graham. Do you keep up with American election news at all? Do you have any opinion on the candidates? I’m curious about the overseas view.

  7. Agree re the priapic messiah lightswitch. Where can I get one? Where where where?

  8. No idea as to where you can purchase a turned-on Jesus, sorry. As for the candidates, I dunno…I really don’t like anyone when they’re running. Out of necessity, they have to walk right along the middle of the road, and it gets pretty dreary listening to the same platitudes.

  9. BTW, the Shrek image which is supposed to be under the Jesus Light Switch image doesn’t work, because it’s referencing a local file instead of a file somewhere on the web…

  10. You know what I did, Vic? I didn’t think it through.
    – thank you! My short sharp burst of laughter actually shocked me it was so unexpected. Brilliant.
    LOVE your blog. Don’t stop. Well, not until you’ve had enough.

  11. Sorry, sprug. Nothing disgusting on the site. x (damn, meant to just delete the clip. sorry)

  12. what shrek image, Louis?

  13. did you see the Drunk History clip? i am finding myself liking just about everything that Michael Cera involves himself in.

  14. Yeah, it’s funny!

  15. Hi Graham

    two things this week…

    New Hot Chip record can be listened to in full on ireland.com/theticket (doing that right now)

    Heath Ledger death covered perfectly by Joe Queenan (Top Stories, guardian.co.uk, January 24)

    Why so serious? Indeed.

  16. What’s the comment post all about?

  17. There have been rumors that The IT Crowd was supposed to come out on Region 1 DVD on the 22nd and now it’s nowhere to be found. Alas! Do you know anything about it?

  18. Thanks for the Jesus switch – even when you’re turning him off you’re turning him on…

    Thought you might like this:

    (spotted here – enjoy!)

  19. Graham,

    If you didn’t know already, your show was voted readers’ favorite on this site:


    I’m sure there are greater trophies in your collection but I voted for you so I wanted to share.

  20. Wow. That’s amazing, Sub. Thanks for voting and thanks to everyone else who did so. Really chuffed about that.

    Andym, this is just a place for all the comments that people may have on things I’ve posted during the week.

    Can’t get over that British Sitcom Guide thing. First nice thing I’ve seen about the show that wasn’t from fans writing in here. Really means a lot.

  21. Hi Graham! Totally off topic whatever the topic was but I’ve just been taking part in a conversation on the Guardian’s Comment is Free board about Muslim Comedy and the relative absence thereof. (I’ve entered the URL for it in the box above). Someone brought up Father Ted in the conversation and made some observations I suspect are pretty inaccurate. I remembered that you are pretty web-savvy and thought you might be interested in reading and perhaps answering that yourself, à la Marshall McLuhan in Annie Hall…

  22. hello graham,
    i don’t know if you’ve seen the first episode of iteam entirely, but i noticed a strange difference from your original. in the last scene, when bornholm/denholm tries to talk to the computer, you see his picture in the background moving. i don’t understand it. do you have any idea why they did this in the german version? you can watch it in the final 10 seconds of this clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9RLaKUiiqk
    baba, julia.

  23. I was vaguely disappointed in the second season of the IT crowd, since it seems have become not about IT. The best episodes had at least one plot that was something vaguely to do with IT, but this seems to have gone. When are we going to seeing some of the things you’d expect to see in a large firm? IT reorganisation? Major new projects disrupting everything? Discovering there is another IT department somewhere else in the firm? Mergers? Total network failure? Oh well, its still a great show.

  24. Not sure if you’d seen this. But this is right up your alley. I so love American Politics. The best Horrow Show….EVER!


    I love Harper’s…they’re so mean. Kudos to ’em!


  25. Graham,
    perhaps this should have been in last weeks comments, but I feel moved to thank you for the Uncle Gabby talks link. I nearly woke the house with belly laughing at “zee tide of battle, she turn again. Ohh La la.” and the use of the word “vigorously”.

  26. Cheers, Graham, glad I could make you smile (call it returning a favor…though you make me laugh so let’s say I still owe you one).

    As a side note, I am American and I see The IT Crowd in a manner that may not be acceptable to some (clears throat). However, all of my friends love it and we would ferociously devour proper DVDs for Region 1. I need to find out if my player will show region 2 DVDs.

  27. Graham,

    I thought I’d bypass the whole agent thing and speak directly to you – a fine comedy genius. I freelance for various British and Irish tabloids and broadsheets and was looking to interview yourself for a feature on great writers I’m working on. Perhaps you could drop me a line and I could explain it a bit better? Rodney, 21, Co. Fermanagh.

    Many thanks,



  28. Apologies for the gross out link Graham. I didn’t know the house rules. It won’t happen again. I bet you smiled a bit when you saw it though.

    Partly as apology and partly to prove that I’m not just about the puke clips here’s a song you might like:

    And another Michael Cera clip, seeing as we’re all a bit gay for him:

    Now….I’m off to the plastic surgeon to have my brow lifted.

  29. Sub, the US version of the show was supposed to be out Jan 8…so I guess it’s not. Sigh. Another bullshit thing I have to do this week.

    Oliver, I understand your frustration with the non-IT storylines, but I’m afraid that’s how it’s going to stay. I never wanted the job to be the focus of the show. You don’t see many mergers or network failures for the same reason you didn’t see anyone saying mass in Father Ted. Plus, it’s a bore for anyone who doesn’t have any interest in computers. Also, sitting down at a computer to fix it is not the most cinematic (or televisual, to be precise) activity in the world, so I tend to avoid it when I can. Sorry, man! I like the idea of another IT team in the building, though! I’ll have that one if you promise not to sue.

  30. You want ideas? I got ’em coming out of my ears!

    1. Roy dates someone who looks and acts exactly like Jen (but only Moss notices the resemblance.)
    2. Jen’s overbearing mother visits (played by Julie Walters!)
    3. Moss gets a pet monkey, who he names Pajitnov. But Roy calls it Mini Moss.
    4. Richmond almost dies, leading to a strong, albeit brief belief in religion.
    5. Roy is mistakenly thought to be a hero; he doesn’t deny it until the guilt builds up and he confesses at a public ceremony in his name.
    6. The gang make a bet with the stipulation being they have to sing naked in front of the office building. Jen wins, because she is a woman.
    7. Roy witnesses a gangland murder and has to dress in drag as an impromptu escape from the scene, only to bump into Moss, who takes a shine to him.
    8. Same as 3. but this time with a parrot who can ride a unicycle.

    All golden. And you can have them, for a small fee.

  31. Thanks! No more ideas, please!

  32. My idea is to ignore those just listed.

  33. I really like the non-IT related storylines, I thonk you’re right, not too many people have a great interest in network failures and the like. The episode where the team visit the musical is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time. Highly underrated stuff!

  34. NPR interviewed “The Bush Tragedy” author Jacob Weisberg. I noticed the NPR interview after I read that interesting story you linked to about Bush and the horse thief painting, which cited to Weisberg’s book. The excerpts from the book actually look pretty good even though I’m about as bored as anybody with U.S. electoral politics.

    Here’s the link:

  35. Feel free to any of my ideas (such as they are). I wouldn’t like to see a major project being done, but I would like to see the ramifications, recrimnations, legal cases, chaos etc. These things are never pleasant.

  36. Vlad (nice name, by the way) – I made the War on Terror! If you have eagle eyes, you’ll be able to spot a game of War on Terror in the background of the IT Crowd (series 2) set and in fact Moss and Roy even play it briefly in one episode… which just goes to show that everything is connected.

    Also, if you have eagle eyes, you can spot a rabbit from a distance of over a mile, but that’s by-the-by.

    Anyway, cheers for plugging the game.

  37. How about the whole team go to the the moon?
    Or a spin off series where the whole cast is replaced by small children…..’I.T. Crowd Babies’.
    Or even better, how about we just let you get on with it as you’re the writer and creator of the programme.

  38. I hope people realise I was joking.
    Hang on, didn’t that IT Crowd rip-off have a monkey?
    So did Friends, but they joked about it in one of the later episodes.

  39. I meant to post about ‘War On Terror’ but I wanted to wait until I played it…watch this space!

    It Crowd Babies…hmm…

  40. Just in case they didn’t tell you: that sorry german excuse for IT Crowd (“iteam”) has been cancelled just after two episodes shown. Reason for this seems to be that it proved to be quite a ratings killer for the channel.
    More information can be found on http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_IT_Crowd (scroll down the hole page to read an extremely short information on that topic) and on http://www.quotenmeter.de/index.php?newsid=24747

    Both sites come in german, but the last one also provides pop-ups.

    I am not quite sure whether this is supposed to be a relief or just shows once more that german channels don’t have the guts to show… unusual stuff. I think in this case, it’s both.

  41. … the *whole* page… don’t you have one of those neat edit-buttons?

  42. I love the idea of another IT team – we had one at work for a while, they were called “System Architecture”, chinless twunts to a man and they all left within six months to go consulting using some devious strategy called a “career”.

    I looked that word up in a dictionary and apparently it means “Wildly out of control”

  43. ps Andrew – my pleasure

  44. You should ask for a few euro from the Sunday Indo tomorrow morning, Graham! They just cut-and-pasted your post about Kenny and slapped a headline on.

    Meanwhile, the Sunday Tribune offered Why, That’s Delightful! as evidence that blogs are not stupid.

    Finally, the News Of The World reports that singer Mel B and funnyman Eddie Murphy had sexual intercourse three times.

  45. I love the way they printed mine and Pat’s photographs on either end of the piece (in the print version), like we were two prize-fighters about to rumble. And printing my subject heading as a direct quote was a typically disingenuous bit of journalistic jiggery-pokery.

  46. The consistently eye-opening work of http://www.medialens.org and my own (ultra) brief brush with the MSM are the two main reasons why I can no longer believe anything I read in the corporate press (which absolutely includes the BBC). It’s all utter fiction – not always maliciously so, but fiction nonetheless. Journalists are, after all, experts in nothing.

  47. I’ve seen that Blog-dressed-as-interview trick a couple of times before. Do you think a sting operation like that might make you worry about posting on certain topics or saying certain things in the future?

    Who’s that Jerome fella anyway? I thought that that foreheadless Brendan O’Connor monster wrote that rag single handedly ever week.

    Now I’m off to wonder who’s going to win this pay-per-view prize fight between yourself and Pat. No knives, no chains.

  48. did you know that IT Crowd just won an award? :) http://www.sitcom.co.uk/features/awards2007.php

  49. While I agree with Montel and I admire his balls to do that on the Fux network, maybe someone should ask HIM why he lets the repulsive man-witch harradine Syliva Browne on his show.

  50. i did, kia, earlier in this thread. but thanks! And as for Sylvia, isn’t calling her a witch giving her too much credit?

  51. I nearly laughed aloud in Spar when I saw that Marie Cassidy headline yesterday. It’s so incredibly awful that it’s kind of brilliant. Although for sheer awfulness the super soaraway Sindo will find it hard to top their nomination of Lisa Murphy and some stupid rich solicitor as their “people of the year”, despite the fact that these people are unknown to anyone who doesn’t read the Sindo, the only media outlet that ever features them. The “sexy and sophisticated” photos of these two dreadful yokes and the accompanying article (by Barry Egan, natch) were among the (unintentionally) funniest things I’ve ever seen.

  52. Who is Lisa Murphy?

  53. What am I talking about? I’m sitting at a computer–I’ll find out myself.

  54. Actually, I’m still none the wiser.

  55. “My Mommy hurt my head”


  56. Lisa Murphy is the ex of Micheal Flatley, now doing a turn with a gormless chinless solicitor, Gerald Kean. They could and should be another reason to leave Ireland, only promise you will bring me with you.

    link 01: http://www.tribune.ie/2006/12/17/80285.html
    link 02: http://blogorrah.com/lisa_murphy/

    now you are no longer in the dark, aprt from the black cloud that is now over your head now that you know who she is.

  57. wow lots of ‘now’ in that last sentence, no edit function, bummer.

  58. We can all chip in and hire a bus…let’s all go!

  59. can’t we just drive the bus off a cliff?

  60. Lisa Murphy used to go out with Michael Flatley and is regularly photographed in her pants looking orange and botoxed in the Sindo ‘Life’ magazine – this seems to be her fulltime job. I only know of her existence because my boss sometimes brings all the Sunday supplements into the office of a Monday. I just tried to find that hideous “people of the year” thing on the Indo’s site and failed, but here’s a typical B Egan report about the loathsome duo – note how the whole ridiculous story is based on the assumption that the general public are on tenterhooks waiting for the next item of news about this preposterous pair, despite the fact that they are totally unknown to anyone who doesn’t read the Sindo (and when I saw the People of the Year piece, I knew about her because of all the unavoidable underwear photos in the stupid Life magazine, but I’d never even heard of him).

  61. That is the strangest piece of journalism I have ever read. What on earth is going on there?

  62. While you discuss leaving Ireland, my wife has always had a dream of retiring to Ireland. That is until I took her on holidays and she met my family still in Ireland, and visited the ‘ancestral homes’. Now she agrees that it’s a nice place for a holiday :)

  63. Just winging this on in case you missed it.

    It made me drip ready brek down the front of my protective smock.

  64. Excellent, Coleslaw! I think you have to be a really great actor to act that badly.

  65. That is the strangest piece of journalism I have ever read. What on earth is going on there?

    I have no idea! It’s insane! Are there really “Ger-and-Lisa addicts”, apart from mad Barry Egan himself? I refuse to believe there are. I mean, I’m a journalist and I didn’t even know “Ger” existed until I saw his horrible smug face gurning out at me in that “People of the Year” thing. But I think it’s clear that the Sunday Independent operates in a mysterious parallel universe, so we shouldn’t expect anything in it, ever, to make any sense at all.

  66. Graham there is so much more ‘bad entertainment’ over here in the UK than the ol RTE. Hardly fair to pick on a media company with the budget of ‘QVC’, and the constant comparison to the neighbours across the border/water. Is the telly one the main reasons to move? Surely you have access to cable/satelite liek everyone else at home?

    But I realise you want to vacate the ‘Isle of Guiltarianism’ to be closer to the hub of it all in London Town. You didn’t come across as the type to hang out in the Groucho Club-types.

    BTW how are you getting on with Series 3, is it ok to comment that you seem to be spending some time on here…are you on ‘the self-distraction’ stage?

  67. I agree that RTE have a tough time of it, and I never compared them to the neighbours. Plus, it doesn’t cost any money to watch a few episodes of ‘Seinfeld’ or do a bit of research on Google, two things Pat obviously couldn’t be bothered to do in the week leading up to the interview.

    When I see a clip like the Seinfeld one, I just want to die of embarrassment. But it’s not the reason I’m leaving Ireland. Once again, my original headline was a joke, regardless of how the Indo used it.

    And yes, I’m procrastinating like mad.

  68. Sorry Graham, I wasn’t suggesting that you were constanting comparing the two nations’ media. Though it does read that way…

    I have to say that the clip, was moderately embarrassing for Pat, but I’ve seen so much worse on Ch4 as presenters try to ‘out-cool’ their guests on trendy pop shows. I watched a piece on Ben Elton last night, and his interviewing technique, I believe he was interviewing Emma Thompson…now that was BAD! He didn’t ask a question and just rambled on and on and on.

  69. Well, Ben Elton…don’t get me started…

  70. “I Hate Ben Elton!” Graham Linehan, co-creator of Father Ted in an extraordinary outburst, exclusive (see page 19)

  71. Just read your “Prepare to have your minds blown” post and it reminded me of an incident that occurred quite recently:

    I was at a party and someone regurgitated that hackneyed piece of trivia regarding stamps as legal tender. Having heard this, one of my friends excitedly responded “wouldn’t it be really cool if there was a place where you could exchange all your money for stamps”.

    I took him to the Post Office the following day, and he turned redder than the mail boxes.

    And before you ask – yes, I am in the process of looking for new friends.

  72. I like BBC3s ‘shit telly’

  73. Graham I saw that ’88minutes’ trailer the other day. Sounds like a bit of a ripoff. IF you’ve seen these…’Copycat’ and ‘Nick of Time’. And is it me or does Al Pacino’s hair get gradually ‘bigger’ as the trailer proceeds? The character’s bodily reaction to impending doom…genius.

  74. re: 88 minutes, lets not forget the wonderful D.O.A and the awful Dennis Quaid remake (he didn’t even shrink or anything).

    The problem with these ‘time-trap’ movies recently is that they won’t let the heroes die. How may ’24 hours’ will the blonde fella who blows up things and tortures people go through? It should be caled ’88-Minutes-with-a-two-minute-reprive”

    (as much as I can gather will serpico really die at the end of the 88 mins?)

    And isn’t the guy from Minority Report?
    and You’re Killing Me

    what if blade runner was narrated by a retard bladerunner deckard? I plan to watch all of bladerunner and do an action live commentary

    unless I get the ride in the meantime
    bye for a while

  75. and then i didn’t leave a link like a mook


    shameless self promotion and I’ve got about 112 minutes to go

  76. Where is Graham’s favourite places of London? That sounded like it could be delightful.

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