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January 18, 2008


  1. Bottle Rocket is a great film. I don’t how Luke Wilson came to be the go-to guy for the non-descript love interest in bad romantic comedies. Owen Wilson as Dignan is a great performance. Though everything seemed to go a little wrong for Wes Anerson with the Life Aquatic.

  2. You might find this a nostalgic trip down memory lane, or not. RTE’s christmas special from 1970; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8RoKVwfK0A&eurl

  3. I love Bottle Rocket. I’ve loved all of Wes’ films so far, although I haven’t seen “The Darjeeling…” yet. Thanks for that link, Graham.

    By the way, I thought you might want to know that CafePress is selling IT Crowd shirts. I know because I got one for Christmas – “0118 999 881 999 9119 725 3” It does attract some puzzled looks here in the U.S.
    You don’t seem the type to be overly concerned with that sort of thing, but here’s a link:


  4. He’s playing the Soho theatre next week. Woo.

  5. Not sure I agreed with Tom Hodgkinson’s attack on facebook. He doesn’t agree with the politics of the owners? Neither do I, but facebook isn’t paid for so moral code is being broken by using it. As for the advertising, best just to ignore it, surely?

    But I have met him and he is a nice man, so we shall let him off.

  6. For your information: They stopped the german iTeam after two episodes. I don’t know if I should be happy or sad about it – better performed it would have been a real chance for quality humoristic content on german television.

  7. I’ll say sorry…
    but I’m not taking of my glasses.
    Want one.

  8. “Bottle Rocket” is a fantastic film, easily one of Luke and Owen Wilson’s finest. Before they started making blandly generic comedies, that is.

    And that RPG gamer story is quite possibly the most utterly insane thing I have ever read.

  9. I miss Mitch Hedburg, too.

  10. I had no idea you frequented the RPGnet forums, Graham. The most disturbing gamer threads are a mixture of great fiction and horrifying truth, right? Hopefully I never make their list (yeah, I’m a gamer.)

  11. Speaking about games and addiction, check out this forum board,
    It’s about people addicted to World of Warcraft (popular
    online RPG):


    It’s full of that kind of creepy stuff…
    I’d like to see some of this stuffed into an IT Crowd episode;
    like Moss getting a World of warcraft addiction … and
    he plays all day and night … and then Roy comes and
    say something funny about this.
    God I’m so good at writing scripts.


  12. Well, thanks a BUNCH for dragging me back into the pit of despair that is the RPG.net “creepiest gamer” threads…

    But seriously, if you’ve not had a look at the AL Bruno III horror stories (ab3 on RPG.net) they’re the most extreme, funny, wrong reports of actual roleplaying I’ve seen: [url]http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?t=117862[/url]

  13. Fred Armisen is the only reason I watch SNL these days. I’m so glad you like him too. His parrot and Franklin the Cat sketches are brilliance. The youtube police appear to have snaffled them though.

    Here he is explaining the writers strike: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9rkoalWJtI

    This is an earlier version of the political comedian, before he reduced it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7RoLe2doNk

  14. Oh, my God, he’s my new hero. Thanks, Lem. And thanks to everyone else for the links comments and whatnots. xxx

  15. You know, Fred didn’t come out of the gate this good when he first started on SNL – but he’s really improved over the last couple of years. Maybe he’s actually been given decent material to work with, or a chance to work his own into the show.

  16. It’s tough because I never see SNL over here, and the ‘Best Of’ DVDs are usually terrible (aside from the TV Funhouse and Phil Hartman ones).

  17. i saw mitch hedberg live once with dave attell and louis black, and he was just absolutely amazing. he was more forceful than i had heard him in the past, but amazing all the same. he didn’t come out afterwards to do the meet and greet, and about six months later he was dead.

    SNL has a lot of people that are very talented that don’t get to display that talent. fred is a great example of that.

    i also wish that most of the people who DO watch SNL could know the real genius of amy poheler. someday, someday.

  18. Fred Armisen has been wandering around quietly yet brilliantly in the background of a number of things for a number of years and also has some not-so-shabby music creditials. He’s amazing, all the more so because he’s so understated.

    A heartfelt thanks for the link to the early script for one of my favorite films–Bottle Rocket. I love all the Wes Anderson films, but Bottle Rocket seems the purest. If I was trapped on a desert island and could only have one film, I think it have to be that. Well, maybe “Manhattan”.

  19. You’re not missing much by not getting SNL. It used to be great, then it turned into 15-20 minutes of good surrounded by 80 minutes of suck and commercials.

    It’s better now, but still mostly a waste of time. I can’t watch more than 30 minutes before giving up…

    I loved Norm MacDonald, the king of taking a joke way too far, so it passes from funny to not funny, to doesn’t he get it’s not funny, to this is painful, to this is bloody hilarious!

  20. @ James

    “everything seemed to go a little wrong for Wes Anerson with the Life Aquatic”

    whaaaaat? opinion I know, but how can anything go wrong when you have Ray Harryhausen doing your animation??

  21. Yeah, it was the other two hours and a bezillion minutes I had a problem with.

  22. Fred’s “Prince Show” stuff on SNL, where he plays the musician Prince, has always been excellent.

  23. Abstinence Makes the Church Grow Fondlers

    Kudos — made me spit out my tea, (which seems to be the only way the screen of my G4 gets cleaned…). You were right to wait.

  24. Graham, who d’you prefer: Oasis..or Blur?

  25. What’s wrong with ‘Life aquatic’? I rather liked it.

  26. Just wasn’t for me, I guess. ‘Bottle Rocket’ is my favourite thing of his by a country mile.

  27. Hurray for John Cusack. Hope he kept his cool throughout the rest of that painful interview.

  28. Hi Graham, I thought Father Ted and the IT crowd were brilliant :) but how do you get a new sitcom produced? do you write a script and send it into a channel?

  29. Yup. Or a production company, along with a nice (funny) letter, and a bit of research into the person you’re sending it to.

  30. I can’t figure out how to link to the actual video page, but here’s where I embeded a funny vid:


    Watch this guy bomb HARD at standup:

    And of course, some rad Wiccan spellz:

  31. I hope you were well rewarded for the use of the “Can I just stop you there”
    line used in the trailer for Run Fatboy Run.


  32. Graham, please please please put some reference to Linux in the next series of the IT Crowd. You know you want to. :) Have Moss running Ubuntu or something…

    BTW if series 3 is anywhere near as good as 2 then its going to be awesome. I’ve always been a massive fan of Father Ted and now the IT Crowd. Cheers mate!

  33. I owe a whole load of kudos to you all.

    I’d never even heard of Fred Armisen before now.

    As for SNL? I remember as a teen when the Paramount channel announced that they were going to start showing it in Blighty. Comedy anorak that I was (and still am) got very excited at the idea of finally being able to watch this doyen of American comedy.

    I don’t think that I’ve ever felt that disappointed before or after.

  34. Man, so glad to have discovered you keep a blog.
    IT crowd is amazing, SO glad we’re getting a 3rd season.


  35. Hi Graham

    Paula, my wife and Woody Allen obsessive, is currently watching “Anything Else” on RTE. Only person I know on Earth who has watched this thing more than once. I think it’s his worst and I say this with a heavy heart, as you did with Anderson and the like. Interested to know what’s your best/worst Woody movie?

  36. Best… toss up between ‘Hannah’, ‘Crimes’ ‘Annie Hall’, ‘Manhattan’, ‘Sweet and Lowdown’ (criminally under-rated) and the early funny ones. Worst, ‘Melinda, Melinda’.

  37. Graham,

    On the sketch comedy topic, did you like Mr. Show with Bob and David? I’m not really a big fan of either guy when they are on their own, but I thought the show was brilliant…even if they did steal this from Father Ted:

    I think it actually ran around the same time.

  38. craggy island? ramsays got a craggy face.

  39. Hi Graham,

    Not sure if you’re into Flight of the Conchords at all but Kristen Schaal, the girl who plays Mel, does some pretty odd stand up. Thought you might be interested…

  40. Is there anything more painful than watching a stand up die on his arse?

    Not in my book. But here’s a fairly painful clip of Tom Cruise’s recruitment video for scientologists worldwide. Not sure if this has been around for a while but it’s new (and amazing and hilarious) to me.


    Ting tings are great alright. I saw them one night in Crawdaddy on the same night as the amazing band Jape. If you don’t know them, bask in their Crumlin glory, 2008 is their year:


  41. Melinda and melinda the worst? – you’ve obviously never seen small time crooks or picking up the pieces. Completely agree with all your top picks, though I’d add Stardust Memories too. You can only get that on DVD from the US (same goes for Hollywood Ending and Scoop, why?)

    Check this out the Woodmeister interviewing Billy Graham. Worlds are colliding!!

  42. Hello,
    Is that real? http://community.livejournal.com/calmallamadown/399008.html
    I thought it had been abandonned…

  43. Thanks for the link to the Dominican Fr. AJ Cote…I guess rearplay and rumour makes for hearsay and humour. His career would make an awesome movie. Seriously, can Sean Penn be too busy for this?

  44. I don’t believe that Bob and David copied ‘Ted’, and I don’t think that the line in ‘Run Fat Boy Run’ is a steal…it’s just coincidence. (But thanks for looking out for me). Big fan of the Conchords, so thanks for that clip, John. Love Jape, don’t know what’s going on with U.S It Crowd. If it’s been resurrected, it’s probably only because of the writer’s strike. As soon as that’s over, the show will be too, I imagine.

  45. Man, that Life as a Short Film thing was freaky. I thought I could totally handle it in the early stages, then I got freaked out the closer it got to the end.

    EXACTLY like life!

  46. I wasn’t really suggesting Bob and David lifted it from Ted. Poor choice of words on my part, sorry.

  47. Just to let you know, the ‘Diet of Worms’ crowd are putting on a monthly night in Bewleys Cafe from feb. Haven’t seen them live yet, but friends in Galway did and are addicted to them on Youtube since.
    “I know, wierdness”

  48. Howdy.

    I know it’s not the right forum….but it’s worth a shot.

    I’m trying to find an online piece of ha-ha funnery. It was a bogus letter to a newspaper that spans out to be the premises of the theme song from ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’

    Anybody know it?

  49. Is there any way we can send an apology from all of us?

    Watch Pat Kenny interview Jerry Seinfeld (“It’s Jerry SeinFIELD!”) and not have any clue who he is.


    Cringe inducing.

  50. Interesting, Johnny L.
    Larry King was the same.

  51. Oh God Johnny that was a very uncomfortable experience.

  52. Hey Liam,

    You mean this one?:

    I think King was just doing a lazy interview, and Seinfeld ran with it. At least Larry didn’t have a lame gift of whatever was lying around for him either!

    Just finding some interesting Late Late Show related clips on YouTube. Who the hell booked Pop Will Eat Itself for instance, and one audience member takes interactive TV a step too far…


  53. thanks for all the comedy goodness recently, I think I can now add mitch hedberg, to the Hicks and Pryor panethon, when asked what stand ups like they are usually dead ones.

    The discrepancy between the comedy that gets on RTE and the Diet of Worm’s is amazing, part of me would love to see them do an RTE show, but I think their youtube stuff would always be funnier. I can’t stop sing ‘i’ve got a dollar hey hey hey’ to myself.

    Have you heard of Lasagne cat? live action reactions of Garfield strips in all their unfunniness with an accomanpying song, it’s just an amazing use of the youtube format

    ‘ohh la la now that’s a fancy meal’

  54. p.s. figured how to embed youtube on blogger and celebrated by collating three great virginia plain’s


    the big train has given my many hours of happiness…’chairman mao…don’t sing…hot legs etc.’

    related amazing Eldoness


    “Kevin Eldon is one of the UK’s finest comedy actors. For this exclusive series Kevin has written a series of monologues, lectures, soliloquys. All of which, no doubt, squat toad-like upon the cusp of delerium.”

  55. Hey lorc, there is a chance you will see the ‘Diet of Worms’ lads on RTÉ soon – they’ve been shooting stuff the last while for them. Whether its a pilot or a full series thats been commissioned I dont know.
    Oh and thanks a lot – I had just managed to knock that song out of my head last Friday. Firmly lodged back in there and its only Monday… cheers!

  56. I am sure you have seen most of these Graham and Co. In case you haven’t:

    There are other vids to check out.

    Also, here is a nice article that makes a statement about us brits! Does this conform to your perception of us? Trying to figure out if it’s true.

  57. Careful now… Father Ted’s milk float is off Craggy Island and may be making a delivery near you…


  58. Anyone beat my high score of 1200 on the library of congress classification game?

    I think the user interface needs some tweaking to make filing more intuitive. After that, I think we have the next Tetris on our hands.

  59. This is apparently quite old but I’d never seen it before. Though knowing your love of US politics and bad TV news, chances are you’ve seen it:

  60. The Bottle Rockets:


    The “Songs of Sahm” album is a real joy.

  61. I felt queazy just reading it.


  62. Similar to the post you have on Jack Nicholson…
    What a horses ass.

  63. Not really for stamp collectors…

  64. Those wacky goths! Goth couple kicked off a bus because the boyfriend led the girlfriend/”human pet” around on a leash. Best quote in my opinion, “I got a bit angry and called him a fascist pig.” Fight the power, young goths! WWRD? (What Would Richmond Do?)


  65. Huge thanks on the pointing out of the Ting Tings (terrible name mind….still same could be said for Bogshed). I don’t know how these passed me by , but damn they are good from what I have heard . You should try and check out “Great Dj” by them as well . More ridiculously infectious stuff . Don’t know why , but it reminds me of early years The Fall . You can shoot me down on the last statement.

  66. I want the easter bunny to bring me a ticket to Dubai too.

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