The Creepiest Gamer

January 16, 2008

Gaming itself was an astonishing horror. Normal people fled in our
wake, leaving behind only those who could stand a 24/7 stream of game
talk. Any interruption for normal subjects of conversation were quickly
assimilated into an idea for a new character. Let me give you an

Friend: So my grandma died not too long ago.
Me: Oh, man, I’m sorry. Was she sick?
Friend: No, she was just old, you know? We were expecting it.
Jake: Well, it’s gotta happen sometime. I mean can you imagine if you were
immortal? It’s for the best that we’re not. I’ve thought about it and
decided that’s not the superpower I’d want. Too hard to see the people you
love die.
Friend: Yeah… yeah, I guess.
Me: I think he knows how hard that is, Jake.
Jake: Yeah, definitely not immortality. What superpower would you have, if
you could have any?

Read on.

(Sorry, this bit too…“This conversation lasted until about 2 a.m., at which point he gave up trying to “talk sense” into me, and started angrily rolling dice. Have you ever heard angrily rolled dice? It is a sound you will never forget, it’s so small and sad.”)

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