That time again, folks

January 11, 2008


  1. Graham, your ‘Gutshot Poker’ link, over there on the right, seems to be broken. I think if you take ‘index1.php’ off the end of it, it will start working again.

    Thanks for the Peter Bagge link – splendid.

  2. I think you might like Midlake, if you’re not already familiar with them.


  3. I read your last post about comics and I was too late to comment…silly me…
    I have a similar view on this whole high art malarkey –

  4. Hello,
    it was nice to unexpectedly hear “Game of Pricks” by Guided by Voices in the I.T. Crowd (new year reruns)..

    so uh, yeah.

  5. Chris O’Dowd does look a little like Robert Pollard. And that GBV t-shirt he was wearing in one episode ? That’s a lot of references.

  6. Please can I have a free copy of the Father Ted box set as I am skint….ta.

  7. So, what’s everyone making of the election stuff back in the UK/Ireland? I’m stuck over here, in the middle, trying to get my work done and unable to vote, my Green Card rendering my impotent. Who is the funniest candidate in the eyes of my island folk?

  8. (US election stuff, I mean.)

  9. Still getting into the Midlake album…it hasn’t sunk its claws into me as yet, but I haven’t listened to it enough.

    Game of Pricks, yeah, I was very happy to get that in.

    Thanks for that link, Annie! very funny.

  10. THANK YOU for introducing this American to Hot Chip.

  11. Hi Graham. Has anyone given you a hard time about the first episode of Series 2 of the IT Crowd? The whole gay musical and narrative thread could be seen as passive aggressive homophobia. Not by me, I haven’t laughed at anything so much in ages, and I love willys too.

  12. Nah, I think people took it in the spirit it was meant.

  13. 1. Great documentary on Graham on Telly Ireland the other night. If anyone wants to see Graham at work, I have it on DVD.

    2. The “novel in mugshots” was very sad, thought-provoking and compelling. But be very careful of that “Dead Bodies” link at the bottom of the page. Too much information…



  14. I second that comment about the documentary. It was informative, compelling, funny and charming. Well done to all concerned.

  15. Have you seen the recent(ish) one-off issues of Hate, Graham? They’re a bit disappointing and it kind of feels like Bagge is going through the motions. Still, I will always love him for Hate in the ’90s. There are a few things that make me laugh out loud just thinking about them, and even though in general I prefer the black & white-era Hate, for some reason Buddy’s nephew singing “A tale as old as time” from Beauty and the Beast while wearing a slip and a witch’s hat is one of them.

  16. I know what you mean, Stella. I actually like Bagge less the older he gets, and I once wrote to him and found him disappointingly pompous. Still, though, as you say, ‘Hate’ is classic stuff and I’ll always treasure the Buddy Bradley stories.

  17. Hello Graham.

    T’was a fine documentary those RTE boys threw together in your honour. I was quite impressed they got Jesus to take time off his busy schedule to praise your work, until I realised it was Steve Coogan. Which left me more impressed. However, I was hoping for more of a Panorama-type exposé. You know, one that would link you to the rise in gun-crime in Ireland and portray you as a media-terrorist secretly working for an Atheist Fundamentalist Group, complete with scenes of you attacking cameramen and hiding your face with your jacket. But I guess the direction they chose to take worked just as well. Now that I’ve watched you on TV for a WHOLE HOUR I feel like I know you as if you were one of my oldest and closest mates and will treat you as such if I bump into you, say, in the middle of a trendy indie gig or on the small-world streets of Dublin. Plus, I have this idea for the I.T. Crowd that I’m sure you’d be interested in hearing…

  18. Probably a bit late but I dedicate the posting of this link to all those in previous comment pages who argued Evolution and Creationism should be held in equal esteem as one is as valid as the other as they are both legitimate opinions (beliefs? faiths?) to subscribe to.


    Alas the onion, like Viz, isn’t as funny as it used to be. Maybe this article is more valuable for it’s logic more than it’s humour.

  19. Thanks for posting the Hot Chip video. It was skill.

  20. The magician’s gesture looks remarkably like what Brendon Burns describes as a ‘seagull’. Funniest comedian I have EVER seen.

  21. Re: magician video. I felt bad for the baby tiger. Now I get why they like to maul magicians.

  22. re: midlake.

    Listen to “Kingfish Pies” (track 3, bamnan and silvercork). It’s very, very strange.

  23. hey been reading the blog for a bit now and have to say it’s really good. unfortunately missed the doc thingy on rte but mayeb they’ll repeat i dunno.

    anyways you didn’t have an email and a part of this thing always reminded me of the japanese buisnessman bit in the it crowd for some reason so i thought i’d send it to you.

    it was made by these kids up in dublin and won at the fresh fim festival in limerick last year.

  24. Hey Graham,
    I bought Chrononauts per your suggestion, and my group of nerdy cartoonist and science fiction friends and I have been playing it— it’s extremely great, and makes for lots of fantastic overheard threats,

  25. Some great links this past week, Graham. I especially loved the David Lynch video. Seeing the poster boy for Transcendental Meditation getting even the slightest bit angry is always amusing, and I especially liked the fact that it was an extra on the Inland Empire DVD. I’ve always been a big fan of his work but that movie is unwatchable on any screen, big or small.

  26. I know…he’s disappearing up his fundament, like Wes Anderson.

  27. Hey, was wondering if you would be interested in some scenarios that I would like to see the Characters of IT Crowd get into? This comes from a U.S.A. perspective so might not work. I think humuor from the UK surpasses that in the U.S.A.

    I like the set design as much as the show. I sometimes stop and look at items in the background.

    Great work, Love the show.

  28. Hey Graham! Longtime fan here–

    just noting that the Peter Bagge comic was not on Salon, but rather Reason, the misnamed journal of libertarian screeds…i.e. the “I’m rich, so why should I have to pay to support the rest of society” club :)

  29. Hi Graham,

    agree with above about how good the documentary was. Nice to see all those old issues of Hot Press as well. I’m old enough to remember many of your record reviews at that time and the fact that you were bang on about most everything (Mary Margaret O’Hara was a particularly good tip. With the added genius of referring to ‘A New Day’ from ‘Miss America’ as so joyful that you spent days wandering the streets, unable to remember who you were until someone read your name on the back of your shirt label…)

    Such enthusiasm for music is rarely as genuine as this. And, indeed, when one “reads” Hot Press or any music rag today, the musos all seem so pointless and tired.

    So, thanks be to the Gods of popular culture that this blog exists and us older fanatics (with energetic children) can keep up with what we knew before and what we need to know now.

  30. hi, just wondering: do you play any video games? PC, console, whatever? online or single player? shooters, puzzle games, MMOs (although i doubt you have the free time for that), anything?

  31. It never occurred to me that showing my date my comic collection was a way to get laid! Has it ever worked for you? And which comics would you recommend for the task?

  32. Nothing really to do with anything mentioned here or any of your own posts, but for daftness sake here’s a site I came across that I’d say people here will enjoy… (unless this is oooooold news)
    Or just google U2charist to see even more of the same.

  33. I had to giggle at the Bagge comic. I’m in my last year of Illustration school and there is sort of a seething rivalry between the Illustration department and the Fine Art Department. And half of the time it’s the Professors talking the harshest shit.

    I don’t know if anyone’s been reading this already, but it made me think of Spikes comics. You can read “Templar, Arizona” here: http://www.webcomicsnation.com/spike/Templar/series.php

  34. Oliver, I use comics as a Dealbreaker. If the date in question isn’t interested? THEN I AM NOT INTERESTED IN HOT LOVINGS.

  35. […] That time again, folks [image] […]

  36. I’ve been rereading my old issues of Neat Stuff and Hate. I feel so bad for what’s happened to Buddy. And, I suppose, Bagge.

  37. P.S. Thank you for mocking Ron Paul. I don’t think you and I line up much politically, but I think most reasonable people can agree that he is a fucking kook.

  38. You know, I don’t think this scheduled slot for comments is working for me. I like to comment as I see things, not when I’m told I can comment. I’m going back to lurking. Good luck in all your endeavours, Graham. Thank you for the laughs.

  39. Oliver, for what it’s worth, I first noticed my now-boyfriend in the Lecky Library in Trinity back in 1995 because he had Arkham Asylum, Sandman and Love & Rockets comics all over his desk. I admit that if he hadn’t also been, well, very attractive, I would have just thought “oh, that boy has good taste in comics” rather than “rowr!” (or words to that effect), but the quality comics were definitely what gave him the romantic edge.

    I’ve always been more into supposedly indie/alternative comics, so loads of Marvel comics wouldn’t have impressed me one way or another, but they wouldn’t have made me run for the hills (unlike, say, lots of Dave Sim). I spent much of my library time back then producing my own crap graphic novel, which was, shall we say, heavily influenced by both Jamie Hewlett and Sandman and was about an indie band who sold their souls to the devil, so my desk was covered with that as well as my own copies of Sandman and Hate, and the L&R-reading-boy and I would gaze at each other’s comics over the desk dividers. Obviously our ridiculous teenage posturing made a lasting impression because we’re getting married in two months, and we’re making a comic book for the wedding invitations. Comics are the food of love!

    just noting that the Peter Bagge comic was not on Salon, but rather Reason, the misnamed journal of libertarian screeds…i.e. the “I’m rich, so why should I have to pay to support the rest of society” club””

    Yeah, I always found Peter Bagge’s libertarian politics pretty off-putting. It didn’t come up too often in Hate, apart from the odd autobiographical page after the Buddy story, but although I haven’t seen his work in Reason I’ve seen some of his one-off political comics and they were unappealing. He doesn’t seem like the most likeable man – I’m sadly not surprised to hear of his pompous reply to Graham. My favourite critique of libertarianism was the Onion’s story whose headline was something like “Local libertarian doesn’t pay firefighters for saving his burning house”.

  40. As far as the US election is concerned, I want Barack Obama to win, purely by default, I can’t stand Hilary Clinton, she’s started banging on about computer games again, singling out Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto titles as a “major threat” to morality (God, I can’t wait for GTA IV!)

    “Children are playing a game that encourages them to have sex with prostitutes and then murder them,” she said in a statement on the issue. “This is a silent epidemic of media desensitisation that teaches kids it’s OK to diss people because they are a woman, they’re a different colour or they’re from a different place.”

    Hilary Clinton: Just say no, America.

  41. Just letting you know, season 2 ep 1 it crowd jen turns to see moss bartending. I lost my voice and had chest pains and athsma for three days after i laughed so hard. Im pretty sure im still recovering from it. Get the season in australia now… no i mean right now.


  42. re: hot chip – new album at start of Feb, and if you haven’t got it, get Warning from last year – if only for the wonderful Over and Over……..

    (Love your blog, although I’ve had my internet access at work revoked – I was caught howling at the ‘Surely these people must be dead now’ picture instead of audio typing. Where on earth do you find this stuff?!!)


  43. ‘Warning’ is the album that keeps on giving, all right.

    Congratulations on the wedding, Stella! It sounds like you both struck gold.

  44. Libertarian Reluctantly Calls Fire Department

    CHEYENNE, WY—After attempting to contain a living-room blaze started by a cigarette, card-carrying Libertarian Trent Jacobs reluctantly called the Cheyenne Fire Department Monday. “Although the community would do better to rely on an efficient, free-market fire-fighting service, the fact is that expensive, unnecessary public fire departments do exist,” Jacobs said. “Also, my house was burning down.” Jacobs did not offer to pay firefighters for their service.

  45. has anyone in the UK managed to find the original version of chrononauts for sale anywhere?

    i tried to buy it for someone as a christmas gift but the shops only had the early american one…

  46. I liked the new Batman poster as well, simple, here is another I liked

  47. Ron Paul 2008 !

  48. Hi
    Thanks for introducing me to Peter Bagge – ive just spent so much on his stuff i cant afford any sweets!!

  49. Re: Obviously our ridiculous teenage posturing made a lasting impression because we’re getting married in two months, and we’re making a comic book for the wedding invitations. Comics are the food of love!

    Cool story, Stellanova! I love the idea of comics invites. I might as well roll out my comics/love story, which is that my husband proposed to me with a comic (yeah, on his bended knee in our favorite Indian restaurant). It’s now framed and hanging on our wall along with the wedding painting of a calaveras couple eating viscera cake, painted by Steve Bissette (we were married on Halloween).

  50. Oh well, to tell the truth, and drop the sarcasm, I introduced my (now) wife to my comic collection early in the relationship, and since she had read comics when she was younger, it was a hit. As I remember it was X-Men Dark Phoenix saga (which had just come out). I have a near complete set of Love & Rockets (no Peter Bagge), but she’s never been terribly interested in them.

  51. Evening Graham,
    Ive just finished reading –
    Lawrence Donegan – No News At Throat Lake

    Cant reccomend it enough, I had to keep reading it in small doses as I thought I was going to be sick with laughter, his humour is fantastic.

    All the best with season 3 of the IT Crowd.

  52. Thanks for the tip, Kevin!

  53. Hilarious Lynch link. I watch David Lynch movies the way one watches a loved one surrender to the cruel ravages of alzheimers. It’s so sad because Eraserhead is his masterpiece and it’s been a long slow decline ever since. Wow, Inland Empire was an extremely tiresome abstract mess that should have been exhibited in an art gallery (something he did in his early career) not a cinema. Flashes of brilliance aren’t enough to keep you watching for 3 hours! He needs to infect mainstream Hollywood, for god’s sake give the man the next Harry Potter movie so we don’t get anymore digital curate’s eggs posing as cinema.

  54. Graham, is there heat with you and The League of Gentleman cast? Just listening to audio commentary of their series 2 and an irish giant came on and someone in the cast said something like:

    “Graham Linehan was going to play the giant but he pulled out at the last minute for some reason” *all laugh*

    You would have made a great Irish Giant!

  55. Benefits of a Catholic Education? How did this guy get away with it? Thought you’d like.


  56. Juno, saw the movie last night, totally loved it. Funny as fuck with a kickass soundtrack containing not one but two Belle & Sebastian tracks. There apparently is hope for American cinema!

    Noticed that UK TV seems to be having lots of shows about alternative eating lifestyles. The woman who drinks her own pee being the pinnacle. The American fast food lobby are still doing a great job of keeping such thought pieces off the air over here.

  57. Hi there Graham, I thought you and all the readers would probably love this fresh folk-parody act out of New Zealand – Flight of the Conchords.

    Check them out on youtube:


    PS: any word on season 3 of IT Crowd?

  58. Graham, were you aware of the fact that a contestant on the Australian TV quiz show “The Einstein Factor” made it all the way through to the grand final (the show runs over the course of an entire year) with her special subject being “Father Ted”?


  59. Hi Graham,

    Just so ya know the new Hot Chip album is out in Ireland on Feb 1st and Feb 4th in the UK..they are great aren’t they?! I saw you at Animal Collective in Tripod a couple of months back..what did you think?
    Thanks for the laughs:D

  60. Animal collective were amazing–sad they had to cut it short although I was happy to hear some songs from Person Pitch…

  61. I just know, days from now, at the worst possible time, the image of an ape mocking Jesus will spring to mind and I’ll have to stifle a laugh.

    Speaking of film makers losing the plot, have you seen Death Proof?

  62. Congratulations on the wedding, Stella! It sounds like you both struck gold.

    Aw, thanks, I think we did, if that doesn’t sound hideously smug! There is, of course, a downside to going out with a fellow comics fan – I finally got my copy of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Black Dossier yesterday and every time I put it down for a few minutes – like, to go to the loo or make a cup of tea or something – it was grabbed by my future husband and I practically had to wrench it back from him. The book’s absolutely freaking amazing, by the way, right down to the 3D glasses and the Tijuana Bible written in newspeak. Also, it prominently features a now-fairly-obscure literary universe which I loved so much as a ten year old that I actually wrote to Blue Peter to suggest they do something about it and won a Blue Peter badge. Is it actually possible to write a more geeky paragraph than this one? I’m afraid not.

    And KA, I think a comic proposal trumps a comic invitation! That’s brilliant.

    Also, I didn’t realise that crazy creationists not only didn’t believe we are descended from apes, but that apes are instrinsically evil! That’s not very fair to the poor old apes. Unless they were thinking of the tragic but undeniably sinister Oliver the Humanzee

  63. No. Tarantino, Rogriguez and Wes Anderson, are three film-makers I’ve sort of given up on (although it breaks my heart to admit it).

  64. Thanks for the Christian quotes post, it brought lots of laugh :)

  65. I’d be curious to know if anyone has ever seen a better photo than this….

  66. a good companion piece to the fundamentalist christian quotes is to be found by taking a stroll through the stormfront.org forums. white nationalists are another group that do such a good job of making themselves look stupid that they don’t any of need our help.

  67. “No. Tarantino, Rogriguez and Wes Anderson, are three film-makers I’ve sort of given up on (although it breaks my heart to admit it)”

    Hi Graham, it is sad but I fear they could be gone too. Wes Anderson’s loss of form is particularly hard to deal with. What’s happened to him? If PT Anderson’s There Will Be Blood isn’t any good then they might as well shut down American cinema, oh wait they kinda have already. The documentary on RTE was great by the way. Very inspiring. If you have a chance check out website http://www.brenb.net, i have some comics on there you might like. Keep in mind I did say ‘like’. Keep up the good work!

  68. Hi Graham,

    First off, sorry to foul up your blog with a straight request, but I’m currently in the middle of writing a history of toilet books in britain and I was wondering if you might be able to spare a few minutes to answer a couple of questions about the Father Ted book. superadviceperson[at]hotmail[doot]com if you can. Sorry about that, everyone. And now back to the wall.

  69. ” this short clip gives me a lot of pleasure for many complicated reasons”

    You can’t just leave a juicy dangler like that, can you?

  70. Have you seen this clip from an Australian news programme?
    It’s the funniest thing I’ve seen on YouTube.

  71. That John Cusack thing is great.
    I’m from Chicago and I know a lot of people who have seen him around town and everyone says they were amazed at what a tremendous prick he is.
    It seems like everyone has a ‘who knew John Cusack was such a jerk?’ story.

  72. That Australian clip is embarrassing!! A Current Affair is a shocking programme with appalling stories (think The Sun on screen) but that kid….. I wonder if he’ll be that coy when his parents arrive back from holiday.

  73. If that Australian kid was my son, his glasses would be on Ebay and he’d have a summer job with a migrant farm. He reminds me of Jeremy from “Peep Show.” Thanks for the laugh!

  74. funn, re: facebook – I did exactly the same thing just recently for exactly the same reasons and also am guilty of turning some people on to it

    funny enough it reminded me that the REASON I often dont keep in touch with people from the past is because the only emails I get from them are those stupid, hateful virus-mails that tell you if you dont send it to everyone in your adress bok 7 times then you’ll get run over by a train or whatever

    people from the past are usually in the past for a reason and so they should stay there

  75. OMG! I just watched the party kid vid – the guy is classic and she deserved everything she got!!!!!!

  76. It’s nice to know that drinking tea and reading comics with your feet up is finally getting the recognition it deserves. It’s work. Hard Work. Well done Graham.

  77. Thank you, but remember, it’s only work if you have a six-episode comedy series by the end of it.

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