A secret history of cinema

December 30, 2007

Shadowplay is a fabulous site and you should add it to your bookmarks immediately. David Cairns, talented film-maker and a commenter I always read with interest when he drops by these parts, is uploading his brain onto the internet and the result is just fascinating. His is one of those sites that doesn’t just regurgitate what’s going on elsewhere on the web (like some I could mention), but instead adds to it with fascinating, unique discoveries of his own. Where else would you find something like…oh, Quincy Jones talking about Ingmar Bergman? “I know Ingmar Bergman is supposed to knock out his pictures in two or three weeks, but I’m sure that underneath he chews up twenty tons of rug. He won’t even leave his own city, so don’t tell me what a real secure cat he is.”.
Elsewhere, he’s either digging up some unknown gem and lovingly holding it up to the light or he’s revealing new aspects to films we all feel we know backwards. Today, I’ve found out that Richard Widmark is still alive, seen Audrey Hepburn’s screentest and found out who Henri Alekan is. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

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