Chrononauts– terrific-sounding time travel game

December 19, 2007

Chrononauts a card-based game of time travel, alternate history and paradoxes, sounds like a hell of a lot of fun.

“You begin the game by laying out the 32 historical event cards, in
temporal order; they begin in 1865 (Lincoln Assassinated), and end in
1999 (Columbine High School Massacre). Each card has two sides;
initially, all are placed with the historical (in our world) event as
it happened. During the game, events can be flipped by the play of
Inverter cards; thus, “Lincoln Assassinated” can be flipped to the
reverse side, which reads “Lincoln Wounded.” Some cards have “Ripples”
which result in other cards being flipped–thus if Lincoln was merely
wounded, the 1868 and 1974 cards are also flipped — Andrew Johnson
isn’t impeached (presumably he wasn’t President in 1868), and Nixon
didn’t resign (possibly because no president had been previously

This is the kind of game I like–heavy on concept and strategy, light on mechanics. For anyone interested in dipping a toe in the waters of hobby gaming, Modern Art, Settlers of Catan and Memoir 44 are also very good places to start.

Sigh. When I think of all the people playing dutifully playing Monopoly on Christmas Day as if it’s the only game ever invented…breaks my heart, it does.

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