Politics on planet Bibblydibblyboo!

December 14, 2007

Mike Huckabee has been slagging off mormons. “Don’t Mormons believe that Jesus and the devil are brothers?

Yes, what a crazy belief! Of course, believing in the devil in the first place doesn’t make you a Grade A wackjob. Oh, no, wait! I just checked! It does! It says here that it does!

Oh, please, please, please let this set the tone for the rest of the race! Let’s have serious discussions about whether the world is 10,000 years old. Let’s have quotations from Revelations, accusations of heresy…would it be too greedy to ask for maybe just one mention of witches? Please, please call someone a witch, Mike Huckabee! Oh, and how many women-hating psychopaths has the guy released now? It’s like a rapist amnesty!

Here is something to chew on. The next President of America may not believe in evolution. The fucking President, people! That is big. That is such a major evolutionary step backwards (ironically), that we may yet survive the climate crisis by the simple expedient of turning into fishes!

I mean, Jesus! 

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