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December 14, 2007



  1. That guitar video was hilarious. I laughed so hard I actually got heart-burn afterwards.

  2. I love (love LOVE) that Hitler video, but some of the YouTube comments are very scary and opened up a whole new world that I never knew existed on YouTube.

  3. Oh, the people who comment on YouTube are insane.

  4. OK – I hate to be a shilling bastard but I think this is something Graham and the readers can appreciate.. also bear in mind that this is of no profit to me whatsoever.


    I’ve started a campaign to get Tom Waits’ “Christmas card from a hooker in Minneapolis” to number 1 in Ireland for Christmas. It’s partly for the fun of it, partly because the song is superb and partly to stick it to the boring ballads of Westlife and X-Factor etc.

    The campaign’s site is here – http://waitsforchristmas.blogspot.com – and you can buy the track on iTunes, Eircom Music, EasyMusic, Wippit and Sony Connect for anywhere between €0.99c and €1.30.

    You can buy any time between now and Thursday next to get it into the Charts in time for Christmas.

    C’mon, it’s a few pennies for a good cause (forcing cheesy DJs to play the song and sticking it to Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell etc.)

  5. The guitar clip is brilliant, I love Ozzy clapping along. If you check the homepage for the clip on youtube, the Carlos Santana clip is also very good.

  6. That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in ages, cheers, Gra. Have a look at the Clapton one.

  7. This one had me in tears

  8. Newsnight tonight should be good, hope they lead with this:


  9. Another excellent week of blogging, though I’ve been sorely disappointed there haven’t been more pictures of the lovely Sherri Shepherd. Sorely disappointed.

    The aforementioned Waits campaign is pure genius, by the way. If only I was eligible to vote… I just hope it remains disruptive. Not like the campaign to name a whale Mister Splashy Pants. I hate being suckered by clever virals. There’s now got the Mister Splashy Pants logo, the Mister Splashy Pants ecard, and soon, courtesy of the Japanese government, the Mister Splashy Pants whale meat broth.

    As for YouTube. People are indeed bonkers on there. But I find the same tends to be true of people who leave comments on websites.

  10. Graham, what do you mean the *next* President may not believe in evolution? The current one doesn’t even really believe in it.

    In 2005, George W. said that while states and not the federal government should decide curriculum, “intelligent design” should be taught alongside evolution. “Both sides ought to be properly taught…so people can understand what the debate is about.”

    See? And this presidency turned out just dandy! Oh wait…

  11. The Sabbath one is the best of the series I reckon. Ozzy’s clapping elevates it to gut-bustingly funny.

    That story of the e-scammer was frickin deadly too. I half though he was going to break his own leg in the end just to convince Fr. Hackett.

    I often wonder about youtube commenteers. It must be a fulltime job flaming all over the randomest clips. Even the lowliest of unwatched rubbish descends into a shouting match of offensive comments: ‘Behead Americans!’, ‘All arabs should be rounded up and shot’, ‘Stop picking on Joe Pasquale’

  12. What are you suggesting? That Joe Pasquale should be beheaded and then shot? As it happens, defending that poor misunderstood man is a full time job and it’s a duty from which I shall never flinch.

  13. Much as I like Tom, I’d be happier if y’all were pushing something more current. ‘We’re All Going To Die’ by Malcolm Middleton is the Christmas No.1 in my heart.

  14. Just read this on the Irish Times letters page and had to post it. My blood is boiling. The last line makes me think (or hope at least) that this is some sort of broadsheet joke. The typos all belong to Mr. Crawford.

    Madam, – Given that your Letters Page is usually a sounding board for topics of major interest to your readers, you may consider my gripe to be a trifle trite. However, can I possibly be alone in the opinion that your Doonesburycartoon is a load of absolute tripe?

    While it is clear that Mr Trudeau is casting a jaundiced eye on the US presidency, politics, public morals, education system and foreign policy, his varied topics are treated in such a puerile and idiotic manner and have such little relevance to Irish readers that I cannot understand why you both to syndicate him.

    We were also treated recently to the indignity of a second showing of the ridiculous Turgisticmenistan episode in the space of a few weeks. So, dear Madam, to preserve my equanimity, will you please trash Trudeau, dump Doonesburyin the dustbin and give us a decent cartoon like Hagar the Horribleor even Andy Capp? – Yours, etc,
    Offington Lawn,
    Dublin 13.

  15. Really like your blog. Our sense of humor seem alike. Sent over via Merlin Mann. Keep posting. Tom (www.pwnership.com)

  16. Victor Lewis Smith used to do the same idea as the guitar thing on one of his shows. VLS In Pieces, maybe? I remember he had Roger Whittaker whistling out of tune. There were others but I forget them now.

  17. A woman walks into the kitchen to find her husband stalking around with a fly-swatter.

    ‘What are you doing?’ she asks.

    ‘Hunting flies,’ he replies.

    ‘Oh. Killed any?’ she enquires.

    ‘Three males and two females,’ the husband responds.

    Intrigued,she asks, ‘How can you tell?’

    ‘Easy,’ the husband replies. ‘Three were on a beer can and the other two were on the phone.’

  18. Re: shredding, This legion of rock stars video is pretty damn classic as well

  19. glad you mentioned joe mathlete explains marmaduke graham. there are some moments on that blog that are the funniest things i have ever read.

  20. Funny in a strange way…

  21. Thanks for bringing TINIHBF to my attention…great in itself but also because it mentioned the Something Awful (which I’ve not visited recently) Photoshop Phriday challenge to come up with the world’s most boring video game. “Nighttime Mutton Census” has had me crying with laughter for at least 10 minutes. Don’t know precisely why but it’s just pushed those personal comedy language buttons and really, really tickled me. Life has been shit of late and anything that can make me laugh like that is most welcome. So thanks for the link to a link.

  22. Very happy to see you trying to balance out the ridiculous anti-Chavez propaganda. Someone pointed out in a recent BBC news piece how protests were broken up by “Chavez’s police”. It passed me by at the time, but of course, we’d never refer to “Blair’s police” or “Bush’s cops”.

    If you haven’t already, I can strongly recommend “Hugo! – the Hugo Chavez story” by Bart Jones for a excellently written, truly objective biography.

  23. A buddy of mine and his brother did this:

    Also, http://www.kittywigs.com/wigindex.html

    That Sherri Sheppard thing was bizarre. It was like she was desperately trying to sound serious but wasn’t concentrating on what the topic was.

  24. Hey Graham, since you posted about it recently, I just wanted to let you know that I saw There Will Be Blood the other night and it is indeed incredible. It’s not as good as Boogie Nights, it’s ten times better.

  25. That is very, very exciting news, Noah.

  26. “It passed me by at the time, but of course, we’d never refer to “Blair’s police” or “Bush’s cops”.”


  27. Okay, so I just read the whole two pages of pranking that guy with the tattoo. There were sections of it that were hilariously funny, but then by the end I had the very serious question of “Has this guy been killed by gang lords?” I guess that’s why the counter-pranker ended up dragging it out for so long. If I was in his position I’d feel pretty guilty when there was no response after a week or so! That said, the seven questions asked were a masterstroke.

  28. That Al Gore looks like a failed practical test for a mortician’s qualification exam. I *have* seen better corpses in me time.



  29. Graham, the bit on the Nigerian scammer is perhaps the funniest thing I have read on t’internet in a long, long time. It almost inspires me to do something similar :-)

  30. Those rock videos are hilarious! Awesome!

    Not much else to add. Really looking forward to “There Will Be Blood”. We should enjoy the new movies coming down the pike. If the writers strike continues, that’ll be it for Hollywood. We’ll have to start having reality movies. The big screen version of Big Brother is probably in development as we speak!

    If that doesn’t shove the fear of Huckabee up you, nothing will.

  31. Loved the Ozzy bit Graham, the words Derek Smalls and Jazz Odyssey spring to mind. Happy Christmas to you and your family.

  32. The writer’s strike is STILL going on?? Oh my god, I’d forgotten about that.

  33. Oh yes, still going on, and talks just broke down again.

    Of US TV shows, “The Shield” has the most episodes left, with 13 in the can. Multiple shows have no new episodes left in the can.


    The first 8 episodes of S4 of “Lost” are being burned off next month apparently, despite the creators objections that the final one of the eight is a lousy season finale.

    This keeps up much longer, TV is doomed. (Not that I’d really care. 99% of US TV is utter garbage anyway.)

  34. The final episode of Garth Marenghi was on Cartoon Network tonight. I managed to come home from work in time for Graham’s cameo. “OH GOD…I forgot to flush!” :-)

  35. The final episode of Garth Marenghi was on Cartoon Network tonight. I managed to come home from work in time for Graham’s cameo. “OH GOD…I forgot to flush!” :-)

  36. That Weng Weng clip is bizarre… I remember seeing a little clip from the show before on youtube and not knowing what it was – I’m not a little wiser and a little less sure of the world.

    The terrible solo clips are great too – I particularly liked Ozzy’s clapping and mooing sounds from time to time. Slash’s one was good too.

    Back to Waits – hadn’t heard about the campaign to get Middleton to no 1 in the UK before I started this one but even had I I still would have gone ahead with Waits.

    For one it wouldn’t have been very worthwhile to just copy what someone else was doing wholesale. Not to mention the fact that “Christmas card…” is a brilliantly crafted song that people should be reminded of / introduced to at all opportunities!

  37. Hi Graham. I’m the author of the Girl Porn Internet Comedy Book thing. If you email me an address, I’ll send you a couple of copies. With pleasure. Glad you liked it! David

  38. As for 419 baiting, I was rather surprised to come across Josepth Mallozzi (exec. producer and writer of Stargate/Stargate Atlantis) who baits them using various aliases such as Baron Destructo, Marvin’s Kidnappers and various others. Quite amusing – although most of his scammers never bother to respond. I wonder why? :)


    and a good example:


  39. Hi Graham. Persepolis opened the 21st Leeds International Film Festival last month, and was lucky enough to see it. Will be keeping an eye on it’s progress, it’s an amazing piece of work.

  40. I was just playing Guitar Hero and I had this really funny image of Roy playing Guitar Hero on his PSP with a tiny miniature guitar. It felt like something that you’d find amusing!

    Also, any chance Psychonauts could get a heads up in Series 3 via this ultra cool reference t-shirt?


  41. In the words of Homer Simpson, “Heh heh heh, that crazy Marmaduke…”

    Oh, how I enjoy this blog!

  42. Hi Graham. Don’t know if you’ve seen this already, maybe you’re due some royalty payments?


  43. Just listened to We’re All Going To Die, it has to be no.1, the video cracks me up…
    Is it bad that it takes a drunken Santa vomiting in the streets and harrassing women with tinsel to give me festive cheer?

  44. Oh, the pain of it! That said, we’ve really been enjoying the dual commentaries on series one of IT Crowd — infectious fun.

  45. Oh my gosh. Just checked theinternetnowinhandybookform and it’s got a clip of one of my favourite Seinfeld scenes. The double dip. Classic.

  46. Oh good god… The US IT Crowd will end like the US Red Dwarf did I think. (Painfully and in flames. They’re even following the pattern of having one of the originals involved. ARGHH! Of course if they steal the UK scripts, it handily circumvents the strike.)

    Question for Graham: I’m curious what you thought of “The Larry Sanders Show”. I recently watched the entire run of the show, and I’m interested in your thoughts on it.

  47. Father Ted, Father Jack and Father Dougal are clues in this puzzle:

    It takes a while to get there, though. Just thought I’d share the way I’m wasting my weekend away. :-)

  48. Well hello,

    Sometimes I find myself listening to In Sight Radio at work and I thought you might like it. It is basically RNIB radio and can be found on Sky channel 0188. It is…good but rubbish, and surreal and Scottish. I don’t think it’s supposed to be any of these things – except maybe Scottish and even then…

  49. Larry Sanders? Stone cold all-time classic. Shame you can’t get them all on DVD.

  50. Here here. It’s a disgrace. I’ve watched Series One on DVD until the discs are nearly worn through. It makes a case for bootlegging the bloody things if the studios can’t take their responsibilities seriously and make these masterpieces available.

  51. I just wanted to say I saw a premiere of the Persepolis film and it was incredible.
    The animation is gorgeous and there are few things in this world better than watching an Iranian girl doing kung-fu and singing ‘Eye of the Tiger’ with a French accent.

  52. We’re All Going to Die is my new favorite Christmas song. Thank you.

  53. I bootlegged Larry. They put out “Not Just The Best Of” over here in region 1 which had 30 or so episodes and I was going to pick that up, but then I read the B3TA newsletter one day and it said they’d just watched them all after getting them off Pirate Bay so I thought “Screw it” and got them there. Though the set is tempting to pick up for A) the picture quality upgrade and B) the extras. But it’s missing some key episodes.

    If anyone is interested, I recently actually finished the first entry on my blog (started back in August when I was mid way through the show) regarding why I was loving the show so much. I’d be awfully appreciative if folk would go and read it.


    If folk want to read it and leave their thoughts, that’d be great. Hey, even bookmark the site if you want. I plan to post stuff regularly now. I just haven’t decided what definition of “regular” I’m going to be using. It won’t be three months until the next update though, I assure you.

    My favourite non-traditional Christmas song right now is “Gangsta Wrapping” from “Tony Da Money”. (It’s on Cassetteboy Christmas”.

    “I’ll rain down the blows as you cling to your teddy, you’ll swear boxing day has started already”.

    And the immortal line

    “I’ve seen christmas future, I’m going to shoot ya”

    Merry Christmas to all.

  54. Just watched the video Graham posted. Man that’s ten kinds of great! Bits of the video remind me of “The Day Kilroy Lost His Mind” from the first episode of “Jam”. (Easily my favourite segment from “Jam”).

    And the description of Walsh is spot on.

  55. Good news on the Sanders front: Shandling has said that all seasons are on their way. It’d be nice if there was new transfers, but I’d take the quality of season 1 again simply because the show is so f#$king good.

    Red Dwarf USA wasn’t that bad, in fact it was quite good. No idea why the fans were so against it. The creators liked it, too. Shame Chris Barrie didn’t take up the offer, but oh well.

  56. Want all the episodes of Larry Sanders? Bittorrent, people. If you think that’s a bit naughty I suppose you could just send Garry Shandling a cheque.

    This issue of evolution and the presidency is interesting. People seem reticent to point out how ridiculous it is for a candidate to think that a deity blinked us into existence yet they were quick to rip into Dennis Kucinich for saying that he has witnessed a UFO. Just read the first paragraph of this news item and start asking some rhetorical questions http://www.smh.com.au/news/world/democrat-candidate-saw-ufo/2007/10/31/1193618973316.html

    And to fulfil the comedy quota of my comment. Here’s a clip of Kimmy Kimmel roasting Flava Flav


    … and the new Richard Pryor turning up in London



  57. Rob Llewellyn was the only Brit cast member in it wasn’t he? I’ve never actually seen it. I only know it by reputation and from Rob’s biography.

    Sanders is coming? WOO! I always figured it was most likely music clearance issues that held it back.

    If I have two complaints about Larry, they are:

    1) The series finale was VERY weak.

    2) Not enough Janeane Garofalo. (I may have just mangled her name.)

  58. You may have seen this. It’s the video to go along with the article about the Kindle from Cracked.com.


  59. The Kindle is a lot more interesting now the DRM has been hacked.

  60. Graham, turn off the snap shot thingy on wordpress (you know, the absolutely pointless pop up preview of the page that appears when you hover over a link)

    its mindbendingly annoying.

  61. The “Not Just The Best Of” set of The Larry Sanders Show is a very good buy. They really went to town with the extras. There’s loads of good interviews with folk like Judd Apatow, Jerry Seinfeld, Alec Baldwin and Sharon Stone.

  62. Hi,

    i had a short glimpse at the upcoming German version of the IT crowd – it’s horrible. Worst adaption ever, it’s literally translated to German and just sounds wrong, and don’t get me started with the actors … sigh … another great series butchered just because German mainstream TV is not ready (yet) to show series in original language with subtitles.

    If someone wants to have a look (the IT crowd part starts at 2:04):

  63. Roosta, how dare you tell Graham what to do? I like the snap shot thing – Keep it Graham!

    I’m putting the kettle on – anyone fancy a brew? x

  64. Snap shot preview? I didn’t know any such thing was on–doesn’t come up on my computer. But I tend to agree with Roosta, I’m afraid, Debs…can anyone tell me why I don’t see it?

  65. Graham,

    It doesn’t come up on my computer, but here’s the link from the FAQ about how to handle it:


  66. thanks, sir!

  67. You’re very welcome, sir! I should add that Adblock apparently blocks the Snapshot thing, so those of us using Firefox probably can’t see it.

  68. That’s it….by the way, thanks also to Flo and Kate for the German and US It Crowd links (on the latter, so nice to see uniformly positive things on a site that I’m not moderating).

  69. Malcom Middleton deserves to be christmas number 1.
    Really wish he is.

  70. oh dear jesus that german it crowd looks atrocious. the report doesn’t even mention that it’s not original either. i hope the whole thing isn’t just a translation.

  71. hmm…i use Firefox, but i still get the snap shot thingy..

    Didn’t mean to sound bossy ya know…most people arn’t aware its on their blog but its pointless. It gives you a tiny little thumbnail of the site its linking to. it serves no purpose. argh!

  72. A video of graham speaking! I hope you’re not offended, you’re wonderful!

  73. I highly recommend checking Adam’s website out just for the Radiohead videos on there. (The one with bits from “Se7en” is genius.)


  74. I hope Malcolm Middleton gets the UK Christmas No. 1 (and Tom Waits gets it here in Ireland). Deep down though, I just know it won’t happen because us weird internet people are in a tiny minority.

    Btw, that Adam Buxton interview clip thingy was excellent. I now think I might ask Santy for the IT Crowd DVD.

  75. Adam Buxton is overlooked, I hope is his MeeBOX thing takes off.
    Surely a small Scottish ‘Robbie Williams-Does-Sinatra’ Wannabe can’t beat a bearded, drunken, brilliant miserablist to No.1

  76. I had never paid attention to Buxton until I saw “Hot Fuzz”. Then, rather like Matt Berry in “The IT Crowd” I’m seeing the bugger everywhere!

    I miss the Christmas number one. Over here in Canada the music scene is a joke, the charts aren’t an intrinsic part of culture, and nobody gives a crap about what’s number one at Christmas. (I wouldn’t even know where to find out!! Or if there even IS a suitable chart.)

    I’d go crazy without the internet and torrents being able to give a taste of home at Christmas. Been gone 11 years now, and I still get homesick this time of year.

  77. I forgive you…


  78. http://www.rte.ie/arts/2007/1217/artslives.html

    aww (:

  79. did anyone find a US IT corwd clip that works? the NBC link didnt have video…that curiosity just led me on a half hour tangent looking at all the series one outtakes on you tube – makes me really wish I could get to a screening of S3!!! Looks like brilliant fun

  80. Oh I adore those guitar shreds. My favourite is the Santana one – just superb.

  81. Adam Buxton is genius! I love what he’s done with A New Pope:

    and then there’s the Star Wars version of the Crystal Maze:

    But the best, IMHO, is Snatch:

  82. the guitar videos are amazing. thankyou!

    you might like this – http://www.thesuperest.com – only a few traces of larsonitis, too.

  83. go you’ve tangented me again – the adam and joe videos were brilliant

    but the superest is hilarious – it lead me totally off on one for a while to here; http://www.bearskinrug.co.uk/contact.php

    to kevin cornell’s site who was one of the cartoonists on that superest site – the guy;s amazing!

  84. Chimps…doesn’t surprise me…



  85. Chrononauts sounds awesome! Too bad I’d have nobody to play it with. (Wife is a miserable… Well you know what, who has no interest in pretty much anything I’m interested in. It’d be one game, and then she’d never play it again. Like Magic The Gathering, Risk and so many others…)

  86. You can’t call your wife ‘you know what’, Drood!!!!

  87. I’m leaving folk to fill in the blanks:) But yeah, I was probably a bit harsh. It’s been a rough year. I’ve been happily married for 11 years. Sadly my wife was only happily married for about nine of them. *sigh*

  88. Having re-read my earlier post Graham and thought about it some (through this blinding headache I have), I think you may be inserting a word that I really REALLY didn’t mean!!! I wasn’t censoring it because it was too harsh. I left it blank because I couldn’t think of the right word, not because I had thought of a very rude one!!!

    Just wanted to clarify that!

    Never post when your brain is mangled by a migraine or similar. That’s todays lesson.

  89. IT Crowd quotes are defacto on the Register comments pages…


  90. Merry Xmas…this is my gift for you!!!!!

    luv yas!!


  91. Thanks for that Sarah. Just wish YouTube didn’t screw up aspect ratios so horribly.

  92. Hitler the killer could have been stopped.

  93. Sorry.

  94. Merry Christmas Graham. God bless us, everyone.

  95. Merry Exmas, Graham Linehan!

  96. So .. this is how Microsoft sees the people that support it’s broken, bug ridden products does it? The irony!


  97. One more for the road before I shut up for a bit..

    Good grief – I didn’t realise that us Brits would be “re-imagining” a US TV show – particularly one as big as Bewitched:


    Can’t see it working myself.


  98. what Microsoft wantses Microsoft getses

  99. Douglas Reynholm has today appeared in court accused of blackmailing an unnamed member of the royal family.

    Seriously mind boggling picture. I’m starting a one woman campaign to get Monsieur Berry to play him in any film adaptation…

  100. Here’s an NPR story about towns/cities like Pittsburg/Pittsburgh trying to get back the “h” at the end of their names. The unfortunately named hypothetical example:
    “Suppose I’m in a town called Fecksburg and once upon a time Fecksburg used to have a silent “h” at the end, and we Fecksburgians all agree we want our “H” back. What should we do?”


  101. Fatthhhhhhhherrrrr!

  102. I don’t suppose it’s too agreeable of me to say so, but Doonesbury hasn’t been funny since about 5 minutes after Garry Trudeau thought of it.

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  113. Here is the worst song ever recorded. Witness the shitness.

    I’m sort of midly obsessed with it now.

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