Normal stuff not doing it for you anymore?

December 13, 2007

GunPorn is just what it says on the barrel; pictures of guns, breathless reviews.

Calico Light Weapon Systems introduced the Calico series of firearms with their unique helical magazines back in the early 90’s. The design is very distinct, with a helical magazine mounted above the action feeding either 50 or 100 rounds from above with the ejection port being directly in front of the trigger guard, ejecting the casings downwards. The M-950 Liberty III is a 9mm automatic pistol with a 6″ barrel and an overall length of 14 inches with the 50-round magazine, or 19 inches as shown here with the 100-round magazine. This picture also has a brass-catcher in place under the ejection port. The M-950 was also available in the M-960 variant which included a select-fire mode, making it a machine pistol or light carbine with an impressive magazine size.

Wow! Just think how many high school students/people walking through malls/desperately poor burglars you’d be able to take out with this thing! That’s what the gun control activists don’t seem to understand–how much slower it’d be to kill a bunch of people with, say, a knife or a metal bar. And besides, are there any knives or metal bars that come, like the Calico, with a bullet-collecting bladder? I don’t think so!

A bladder! Why don’t more things come with a bladder?

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