Oops! Nearly forgot.

December 8, 2007

Thoughts, tips and links, gratefully received.


  1. I am so drunk right now.

  2. Maybe this is old news you but i recently saw this clip of a bumbling cop managing to not arrest a guy matching the exact description of a just escaped convict who gives him 2 different names and lots of nervy vagueness.

  3. These Zuiikin English videos have been giving me a good laugh. They’ve been going around the internet for a while, so you may have seen them. The show was a spoof of early morning television programs in Japan.


    Some of the best:

  4. Just wondering, perhaps it’s already been pointed out but did you ever hear of Jaime Sin of the Philippines. He also happens to be a Cardinal!


  5. Sorry, I should have said Happened to be……

  6. I have seen an internal trailer for The Real Father Ted today. You have nothing to worry about; it’s complete bollocks.

  7. maybe I can recommend you some music. If you like modern classic/avant-garde/rock: check out this very underground band from Boston, called Kayo Dot. insanely great. hard to get into at first, but maybe you’ll like it.



  8. That guy in the catalogue with the red lipstick, broken teeth and teddy bear body? I’m pretty sure that’s my dad.

  9. Will you receive any royalties from the makers of ‘The Real Father Ted”?

  10. I just wanted to thank you for that picture of Sherri Shepherd. It has given me very great pleasure.

  11. http://richardmadeley.blogspot.com/ makes a funny read, Graham.

  12. I want to know who the woman in the knitwear picture is. I want her. No I do not mean in some sordid, ten minute biblical fashion. I want to marry her. I want to cook her dinner.

    And here’s a link. Don’t know how many had seen this, but it’s from a pro-wrestling convention.

  13. Again, forgive me if I don’t get back to individuals, but everything here noted and appreciated. xx

  14. When to start flexing those newfound powers?


  15. I think I may have dated that wrestling fan from that video in high school – he’s a dead ringer for the guy I’m thinking of. He broke it off with me. Not a proud moment.

  16. RE: “Again” Suicide attempt………..suspended!

  17. So do you listen to your own commentary on DVDs?

  18. Wow, Graham posted the vid I linked. Excellent:) I’m a wrestling fan, but it never WAS real to me (dammit!) as I’ve known it was worked since I was five years old. (Friend of the family was a wrestler.)

    I consider it performance art with stuntmen:)

  19. […] Oops! Nearly forgot. [image][image] Thoughts, tips and links, gratefully received. […]

  20. Oh yeah, I’ve watched this video multiple times this week. Why? I have no idea. I find it funny every time I watch it.

    And in case you’re one of the seven people in the world who has never seen this one… Behold this mighty light display! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!

  21. Currently enjoying The Day Today and Black Books DVDs. I had forgotten about your cameo appearances in the ‘Big Lock Out’ episode and the ‘SORTED’ sketch in the Day Today.

  22. Can’t believe nobody’s mentioned the painting BEHIND the strange knitwear guy. Another candidate for the Real Father Ted?

  23. Probably the best obituary ever.


  24. @ Rachel – those zuiiken English videos are great!

    “the climax scene really got to me” beggars belief


  25. BTW – someone posted this link to a Big Train sketch about Jockeys and T.A.F.K.A Prince

    is this one of yours Graham?

    hillariously warped! ;-)

  26. oops..link!

  27. Yeah, that’s one of ours, Craig. Much copied (by pricks in advertising who need to steal ideas and even then can’t make it funny), never bettered.

  28. 16 days to go.. and not one present brought..

  29. Father Ted may be made into a casual game on reflexive.com or bigfishgames.com, seriously, watch this space.

  30. You mean that Playstation advert, Graham? I always assumed they’d asked you for the right to use the sketch, it was so obviously the same concept.

    Jesus. The parasitic wankers.

  31. Just thought I’d post this link for any Star Wars fans… actually, even a non-Star Wars fan surely wouldn’t mind a 2:1 scale R2 unit with built-in projector, DVD player and more? Utterly delicious. http://www.firebox.com/product/1760?src_t=cat&src_id=boystoys
    Altogether now… “Santa baby, slip an artoo under the tree, for me…”

  32. My previous comment appears stuck I think, so I’m trying again. This video amused me greatly for some reason.

    As for advertisers… Well Bill Hicks was right IMO. Just Google bill hicks advertising, and you can find the transcript and the piece itself.

    I’m a writer myself, and I’ve been told by a few people I should try and get into advertising, but I just couldn’t do it and live with myself at the end of the day.

  33. ee’ gad’s…you blote’s look like a bunch of pregnant Goebles…go figure?…

  34. About the knitting catalogue ‘art’ photo. That painting in the background. A peacefully slumbering altar boy clutches a severed penis. This surely is one of our recent Irish masterworks. Or a kind of summary of the movie ‘Sleepers’.

  35. Here’s a really funny clip, see if you like it

  36. oh bum bags, i hope i’m not too late to post here.
    Graham, you know how you’re a bit gay for Micheal Cera? I got to go to an advanced screening of Juno last week and pretty good is was too. You can read my badly written review on me blog http://thebangersonthat.blogspot.com/2007/12/other-day-i-got-to-attend-bloggers.html

  37. Hi there,
    just finished watching Flight into Terror; that was funny as hell, let me say it.
    The whole Father Ted thing: just brilliant!
    I saw you played Father Gallagher in that episode, is that a reference to the Oasis? Just for curiosity.
    Oh, and the other “Oasis vs Blur” gag in The Old Grey Whistle Theft… again, brilliant.
    I’m very looking forward for the third season of the IT Crowd…
    Good Luck!

  38. Wasn’t Persepolis already released? I saw it at the cinema a few months ago, it was really good.

  39. What, it’s been and gone?!! I must remember to have no more children.

  40. Nice to see another fan of Mathlete’s site. I love that site as I despise Marmaduke.

  41. I think you’re being a bit harsh on the Onion, it’s arguable whether it’s declined recently, but their end of year best of’s are alway great. Anyway, it’s hard to post something original and hilarious everyday – i should know!

    We’ve been trying to do own Onion-flavoured site for the last few months now – well, like the Onion but from an Irish perspective. Here’s an example:


    Hope you like! Any advice for budding comedy writers would be greatly appreciated!

  42. Just put a tick in one of my regular festive boxes. That being watching “A Christmassy Ted”. Seen it god knows how many times now. Never get any less funny.

    And I like the Neil Hannon is namechecked in it as well:)

  43. I don’t think Persepolis has been and gone, as there’s a trailer on iTunes that’s only a couple of weeks old.

  44. Just wondered what your thoughts on this bizarre one panel strip are;

  45. Well, it’s not that bizarre…joke’s pretty clear, and pretty weak…

  46. Perhaps some of you can shed some light on whether this episode of Rainbow really aired

    oh dear

  47. and one more

    the effects of scary masks on sheep


  48. If you liked the tattooed scammer, you are going to love the one they got to jump off the roof and set his feet alight.

  49. I found Gun Porn interesting. I’m weird when it comes to gun. As technological devices I find them fascinating and like them. However, I despise their application in the real world.

    Guns should be accurately modelled in video games, and banned from the real world. BRING BACK SWORDS FOR PERSONAL DEFENCE!

  50. Oooh, exciting. I’m writing the billing for “GRAHAM LINEHAN, LAUGHMAKER” that will go out to Irish Times, RTE Guide, tvnow, Sky digiboxes and so on. I promise I’ll try and make it sound better than a thousand superbowls!

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