Nice scarf, shame about the mutant teddy orgasm guy

December 6, 2007

My wife got a brochure from Brora, a knitwear company, and if you feel the same way about knitwear as I do, then you’re probably waking up after reading the first part of that sentence an hour ago. Now that you’re all rested, the reason for my post….

Most of the brochure is perfectly normal. Lots of pictures like this.


Nothing out of the ordinary there, you say, and you’re right, but then you get this one…


An artist type, it would seem, but WTF is he painting? What IS that? It appears to be a man-teletubby thing either making his O Face or being crucified. You may not be able to make it out, but he is also wearing pink lipstick and his front teeth are broken. Is this entirely appropriate for a knitwear brochure?

I tell you what, if I didn’t want those handwarmers before, I double-don’t want them now.

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