“What Whitehead witnessed was disturbing….”

November 28, 2007

‘Noted Catholic author’ Kenneth Whitehead gets medieval on Father Ted’s ass.

“The second of the three priests depicted on the show, Father
Dougal, is quite deliberately presented as an uncomprehending simpleton, a
cheerful idiot. Father Dougal is the foil for Father Ted; he can always be
depended on to say the wrong thing and, on one occasion, he turns out not even
to know who the pope is. Such a person could never have gotten into, much less
out of, any seminary anywhere.”

Oops! Busted!

(Thanks, Notacrook!)

Update: I’m fond of the way every American seems to think the show is a case of British people making fun of Irish people. Even John Michael Higgens, who is supposedly playing Ted in the American remake, says here “you guys are doing an Irish joke”. The lack of interest in the story behind the show–in the fact, for instance, that it is written and directed by Irish people–is not a very good sign, to say the least

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